The Divided States Of America

divided flag

Before I get started I just want to say sorry about being gone for so long, I’m on vacation (more on that in the next post), and I just haven’t found the time or motivation to get on here.

Now, where do I begin?

Are we really there? Are we finally so divided that states are gonna start to secede? Have are differences finally out weighed our likenesses?

Of course not.

I find it hard to believe that half of America is racist and can give 2 shits about the rest of the world or it’s future (by the way, the future is very close now, more on that in a FUTURE post). Maybe a 3rd, but not half.

We have people so wrapped up in themselves they don’t see our common goals any more.

Since when did caring for the earth or wanting to make it a better place to live become  such a dividing issue?

When I was a kid (a long, long, time ago) talk of new energy sources and ideas was the future that we were aiming for, now it’s liberal fake news?!?

Most of you know where I stand, we have sides that want to go at each other, no one wants to be the bigger one and stop the fight and get shit done (the fight is addictive and a win is why we breath).

The word compromise is obsolete.

I’m no liberal, no snowflake, but I see that things are not just stalling but declining… going backwards (Didn’t I warn about this in the red & black all those years ago?).

I have lots of conservative beliefs, but you know I am not a nationalist acting like entitled spoiled brats because you finally have someone in charge sticking it to those people you don’t like.

People going at each other because they are different never realizing they are sacrificing what makes us all the same.

Nothing really new there, it just seems to have hit a breaking point. Like the dam is ready to bust!

We can blame the internet, the President, or as I do, blame it all on George mother fuckin’ Zimmerman.

Truth is, we are all to blame.  Again nothing new there.

Oh hell, I don’t want to drag everyone’s 4th of July down. So I’m not gonna go into all this shit that we already know.

I’m not gonna get into President Trump’s surprise birthday party for America that is only going to further divide us. But there is a lot to unpack there.

No, I’m gonna stop short, because America is where I was born and it is where I will die. Today is a celebration of why I feel the way I do, our freedom.  In fact it is our freedom that allows us to get so separated. Fucked up huh? We get so lost in our fight for freedom that we threaten to lose the freedom we fight for. I think it’s more individual freedom that we really are getting into brawls about lately. Individual freedom is a much different beast then a blanket of freedom for all. Freedoms divided and ready to go at each other.

Sorry, I said I wasn’t gonna do that.

I will leave the subject with an uplifting speech (no really, no sarcasm there). Just in case I actually have any young people out there who read here (I doubt it, but anything is possible) I will leave with this (Remember this is just for the young ones out there):

Young people, freedom is not to be taken for granted, it is yours, USE IT! Let the dinosaurs (something sadly I, myself, have even seem to become) know that you are looking to be living in the future, not the past, not the present, THE FUTURE! This world may have belonged to the dinosaurs in the past… and they are still clinging to it with dying hands in the present, but there is no place for the dinosaur in the future. That is your world. Get up off your ass and take it!

God bless the youth,

and God Bless America!

There, how was that for an uplifting, inspirational, Fourth of July speech? Much better then discussing the clash of “How much is this going to cost the tax payers?” with “Shut up, I want to see a tank”, right?

Alright, enough already. Go enjoy your freedom! I gotta get going. You know how I love the holidays.  And unlike what Fluke said way back when I first started this blog, I am very patriotic, I’m celebrating 4th of July like all true patriots, Bar b q, fireworks, and season 3 of Stranger Things.

Happy 4th of July!





The Great Smoke Off!


Now in the laid-back California town of sunny San Rafael

Lived a girl named Pearly Sweetcake – you probably know her well

She was stoned 15 of her 18 years, and her story was widely told

that she could smoke them faster than anyone can roll

Well, her legend finally reached New York, that Grove Street walk-up flat

where dwelt the Calistoga Kid, a beatnik from the past

He’s been rolling dope since time began, now he took a cultured toke

and said “Jim, I can roll them faster than any CHICK can smoke”

So a note gets sent to San Rafael for the championship of the world

the Kid demands a smoke-off; “Well bring him on!” says Pearl

“I’ll grind his fingers off his hands! He’ll roll until he drops!” says Calistog,

“I’ll smoke that chick till she blows up and pops”.

So they rent out Yankee Stadium, and the word is quickly spread

come one, come all, who walk or crawl, tickets just two lids a head

and from every town and hamlet, over land and sea

they speed the world’s greatest dopers, with the world’s greatest weed.

Hashishins from Morocco, hemp smokers from Peru

and the Shashniks from Bagun (who smoke the deadly Pu-ga-ru)

and those who call it “light of life” and those that call it “boo”.

See the dealers and their ladies, wearing turquoise lace and leather

See the narcos and the closet smokers, puffing all together

from the teenies who smoke legal, to the ones who’ve done some time

to the old man who smoked “reefer”, back before it was a crime.

And the grand old House That Ruth Built is filled with the smokes and cries

of fifty thousand screaming heads, all stoned out of their minds

and they play the national anthem, and the crowd lets out a roar

as the spotlight hits the Kid and Pearl, ready for their smoking war.

At a table piled up high with grass, as high as a mountain peak

just tops and buds of the rarest flowers, not one stem branch or seed

I mean, Maui Wowie, Panama Red, Acapulco Gold

Kif from East Afghanistan, and that rare Alaska Cold

and there’s sticks from Thailand,

ganj from the island,

and Bangkok’s blooming best

(and some of that wet imported shit that capsized off Key West).

There’s Oaxacan tops and Kenya bhang, and Riviera fleurs

and that rare Manhattan Silver, that grows down in the New York sewers.

And there’s bubbling ice cold lemonade, and sweet grapes by the bunches

and there’s Hershey bars and Oreos (in case anybody gets the munches)

And the Calistoga Kid he smiles, and Pearly she just grins 🙂

and the drums roll low, and the crowd yells “GO GO GO!!”

and the world’s first smoke-off begins.

Well, the Kid he flicks his fingers once, and ZAP that first joint’s rolled

Pearl takes one toke with her famous lungs, and WHOOSH that roach is cold

Then the Kid he rolls his super-bomb, that would paralyze a moose

and Pearl takes one mighty hit, and …… that bomb’s defused

and then he rolls three in just ten seconds, and she smokes them up in nine

and everybody sits back and says “Hey…. this just might take some time”

See the blur of flying fingers, see the red coal burning bright

as the night turns into morning, and the morning fades to night

and the autumn turns to summer, and a whole damn YEAR is gone

and the two still sit, on that roach-filled stage, smoking, and rolling

With trembling hands he rolls his Js, with fingers blue and stiff

She coughs and stares with bloodshot gaze, and puffs through blistered lips

And as she reaches out her hand for another stick of gold

the Kid, he gasps, “Damn it, bitch! There’s nothing left to roll!”



And she reaches ‘cross the table and grabs his bony sleeves

and crumbles his body between her hands, like dry and brittle leaves

flicking out his teeth and bones like useless stems and seeds

Then she rolls him in a Zig-zag, and lights him like a roach

and the fastest man, with the fastest hands, goes up in a puff of smoke.

In the laid-back California town of sunny San Rafael

Lives a girl named Pearly Sweetcake – you probably know her well

She been stoned 21 of her 24 years, and her story is still widely told

how she still can smoke them faster than any dude can roll

While, off in New York City, on a street that has no name

there’s the hands of the Calistoga Kid, in the Viper Hall of Fame

and underneath his fingers, there’s a little golden scroll

that says “Beware of being the roller When there’s nothing left to roll”.

The More Things Change

…the more they stay the same.

Some of you might remember me saying this once or twice. Nancy remembers:

nancy the more things change

The thing is, the past year while this blog was down, life threw some major changes at me. Serious change from just about every direction. It kind of threw me for a loop. I mean we complain about the same ol’ shit, but when different day comes at you with such incredible velocity, well it can leave you a little shell-shocked.

What I am trying to say is while this blog was down, life for yours truly exploded into a million pieces, shattering in too many directions to not feel a little overwhelmed.

This could be part of the reason I started ZW back up. To get some sort of repetition beating again.

A resuscitation of a repetitious heartbeat.

I feel that beat coming back… don’t you?

Want an example? Not as much as I want to give one.

During the last year of ZW I received a shit load of cryptic messages from some one called Ivan Serrano. I mentioned some of it in the blogs final days. I know some of you out there have had dealings with them as well. Weird does not begin to describe some of our correspondence. Back in August of 2017 I shared one of the most recent and strangest comments Ivan sent my direction. I was hoping he or anyone else could explain it for me. No one did.

In fact after I posted the last post for ZW I did not hear from Ivan again. I mean it, Ivan was sending me all sorts of stuff, most of it I didn’t understand, but they were relentless in sending it to me. I stopped blogging, Ivan stopped sending me stuff. Recently though, Ivan popped back up. He shared the comment I shared back in 2017:

ivan shares zw post

I dig it! But what does it all mean?

So back in July of 2017 Ivan sent me this strange comment, a month later I shared it on the ZW FB, and now, shortly after I brought the blog back up, Ivan shared his shared comment. Strange, right? This gives me the impression that Ivan was sending me all that stuff hoping I would blog about it… which I never really did. When I stopped blogging, they stopped sending. Now that the blog is back up and running… Ivan returns. Thank you for that Ivan. No matter how things seem to change, the same ol’ same ol’ is still there beneath the thin veil of that change.

Oh and don’t worry Ivan, now that ZW is back I plan on getting all that you sent me out there. Don’t know what good it will do, but that repeated beat is thumping.

Ivan of course will lead us back to Plot Master which connects to Leanne and Lindsay Henry, stuff I was reluctant to blog about before, but SS brings DD.

Speaking of which, remember a few posts back I said someone had written me about being trolled by those mentioned in this blog? Yea, that seems to connect here as well. In January (shortly after the blog started back up) I was contacted by someone who has asked me not to mention their name. I know what some of you are thinking, but believe me when I tell you I have left many names off as requested. Others… well.

At this time I don’t see any reason not to concede to their request of anonymity. They explained they found the blog through Google (that repetitious beat of deja vu definitely seems to be returning). From what I understand they had some issues with internet trolling. They mentioned 3 names that are familiar here. Leanne, Jenny Salazar, and Malik Boodie were brought up. Again, from what I understand, this blog was brought up and here we are. Now I have a hard time believing any of them would want me mentioning them again here, so I’m not sure who is really all involved here and until I do I think it’s best to approach it all with caution (by making a post… yes at least some (most) things never change). The whole thing brings back in a butt-load of trolls and sock puppets… including Jerry Halech. You read that right.  Very intriguing. At the end of January when this all came up I was like “FUCK!”

Does anything ever really change? Just as I was getting this place back up (just one month of new posts), I went running to the ocean to contemplate why I would ever want to do this blog again. Another sign that no matter how much seems to change… same ol’ same ol’.

Then last week another mass shooting. Christians killing Muslims, Muslims killing Christians… it’s been going on in different ways since the beginning of time. I just can’t even … yea, I just can’t.

So does anything ever really change?

I don’t think it does. Not really.

You see this post was not supposed to be here. I came back to Vegas ready to tell the person that wrote me, asking for my help, that I really didn’t think I could help. I doubted any of those 3 people would have brought me into the mix. I thought maybe this was all a coincidence (that dreaded C Word). Then I got a “friend request”.

Now this new person did not ask me to “not mention their name”, but I’m not gonna at this point. And not just because the account is an obvious sock puppet of some sort, but because after I asked them if I knew them they said they were a reader who was looking into Trini Anja aka Jenny Salazar.


OK, there is coincidence and then there is connections. And I’m starting to see connections.

At least I think I do. Maybe I just want that repetitious beat back too bad. Maybe I’m just afraid of all the change surrounding me. So much so I will see controversy and conspiracy where it is not. Damn those fucking C Words!

I should just let it go. Hit delete on this post and blog about Trump instead (see… no change… only same). But something is screaming at me about Jerry Hallech. Was he connected to all this in ways I didn’t see. Man, I feel I always knew that.

So what? I should still let it go. Right?

You know I can’t though.


Alright, so maybe this new person (who I am calling Bunny) will read this and get back to me because I have a million questions now.

Or maybe a third person will contact me now and explain once and for all that change is really just that same thing I forgot was there all along.



I Spoke To Soon…


Just when I thought we had successfully started back up with out demons from our past returning to posses us once again.

Alright, as returning readers know, over the years I have heard from different people who have dealt with some of the people mentioned in the posts of this blog. From simple back n forths  to toxic troll tactics to slanderous destruction of friends and families. I am not exaggerating here.

Most of the time there isn’t much I can do to help other than explain things that are already all over this blog in black & white… and red. The best advice I could ever give is to ignore them, most feed off your attention like a flame feeds off of oxygen. I know that isn’t always easy. But trust me when it comes to dealing with these types of things it’s better to do as I say and not as I do.

I know, lame. But it is true. It is just not worth it. And to be honest, when I stopped blogging I stopped being their favorite punching bag.

I bring this up because shortly after posting the last post I was contacted by someone who says they were attacked online by some familiar screen names.

Not only that, but yours truly and the ZW Blog were somehow mentioned as some ploy to bring us into the games as well.

Are you fucking kidding me?!?

Don’t worry. I’m on it. I’m looking into the situation and I can tell you it looks like a big fucking mess! You will not believe how far this one seems to have gone.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I knew bringing the ZW Blog back up could open wounds and bring back the puppets.

I just didn’t know it would be so quick. Like it was just waiting there for my return.

Wow Bob Wow, is an understatement.

Welcome Back

Alright, the ZW Blog has been back for almost a month and so far so good.

I was so torn about coming back. As we know this place is organic, so it didn’t die just because I stopped posting. The question is, where has it grown to over this past year? I’m not sure. I’m not even sure yet which direction we will go. But for better or worse we are seat-belted in once again.

So far it has been nice though. Three nuggets for the noggin in a row. Nothing to heavy and yet still things in there to take away from.

Yes so far so good!

I would like to end this post with a song some one sent me a month or so ago. If you read this, thank you. I play it every day.

Healter Skelter

As returning readers know, I had an early fascination of sorts with The Manson Family. This came from an article I read on them back in 1984. The first time I saw the name zero was in that article. So yea, that article had an impact on me. I’ve written about all this so I won’t repeat old posts (I would never do that). It is also known that I am a pretty big Beatles fan. This is due to many reason separate from Manson, The Family, or that article, but Manson and The Beatles were kind of connected in my teen and early adult life. This is primarily because of The White Album, which we’ll will get to shortly.

Rewind to 1979. I was just a kid, just beginning to find my own music. I saw the movie Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I loved that movie. I know, Bee Gees doing The Beatles in a corny movie, not the coolest way to get into The Beatles,  but this is how it happened. Besides my other favorite movie at the time was Grease. Makes sense, no?

Getting side tracked, I know, some things never change.

So a friend of mine’s older sister had a copy of The Beatles‘ Sgt. Pepper and played it for us. I still remember looking at the cover for the first time.

sgt pepper cover

I didn’t know most of the people on it at the time so I didn’t study it too much. Definitely not like I would do later with my own copy. Then I opened the cover and looked at The Beatles in their bright uniforms just like from the movie (I know the movie was just like the album, this is just how I was seeing it then) I thought it was cool but it was not the big bang. That came when I saw the back cover..

sgt pepper sleve


I was sucked in. She played it from beginning to end and I read along beginning to end. This was the first time I had ever done that but is tradition now. All my favorite albums were first listened to this way.

I can picture the 3 of us sitting there in her bed room listing to it on her record player with such, what’s the word I want? Nostalgia? Well it definitely is a an easy memory to dig up.

The following year while staying at my grand-parents, I learned my aunt had Abbey Road on 8-track and that thing got played and played.

I fucking loved that album. These just happened to be the 2 albums where most if not all the songs from The Bee Gees‘ movie came from, but I was really hearing some of these songs for the first time… obviously.

It’s not like I had never heard The Beatles before 1979. Of course I had. On the radio or my parents playing them. That was kind of why I liked the movie so much. Seeing the characters in the songs brought to life was fun.

But as I said this was the time of me finding my own music, The Beatles was not that. The 80’s had kicked in and I was on a ride that would detour through new wave, punk, hip hop, and metal.

In 1984 my new-found interest in The Family brought The Beatles back into my life. Well with the help of Motley Crue.  Later that year  I got the Motley Crue picture disc for Helter Skelter.

motley helter skelter pd

Inside on the record sleeve was this:

motley helter skelter sleve


But this time there was more.

Now I had read the Manson family article but I did not know all the details of the murders, my mom filled me in. My mom was a little taken back by the picture of the bloody refrigerator. After explaining that The Family had written on the LaBinca’s fridge in blood my mom expressed how she thought Motley’s album sleeve was sick and disrespectful. I thought it was cool. We were both right.

There was no internet to chase back then, but I chased anyways. I talked to anyone I knew who knew about Manson’s fascination with The Beatles. Plus we had the library. My dad bought me The White Album on cassette and I wore it out.

What a master piece! Still one of my favorite albums long after my interest in The Family fizzled.

Back then though The White Album and Charlie Manson went hand in hand. I even had it playing while I read Helter Skelter. It helps set the mood.

From the idea that The Beatles were The four Horsemen from the bible speaking directly to Manson through their music to the idea that Helter Skelter was a call to war of the races that Charlie and his family would hide away from in the desert and return to rule over this end of times survivors. It’s just some freaky shit.

While reading in Helter Skelter about how Susan Atkins is the first to admit to The Families infamous murders to a cell mate while sitting in jail (at the time the family was only charged with some stolen vehicles) and started the whole investigation into Charlie and The Family connection to the murder cases (all separate at the time since cops had not relied Tate and LaBinca murders were related), I was listening to Sexy Sadie.

I think most people know Susan was known within the Manson family as Sadie Mae Glutz or Sexy Sadie. And the lyrics are:

Sexy Sadie, what have you done
You made a fool of everyone
You made a fool of everyone
Sexy Sadie, ooh, what have you done
Sexy Sadie, you broke the rules
You laid it down for all to see
You laid it down for all to see
Sexy Sadie, ooh, you broke the rules
Coincidence?  Of course. Don’t make it any less trippy.
After reading Manson In His Own Words, Charlie becomes a lot less of a big scary boogie man. Yes, Mansson tries to down play himself, but still you can see that there is a middle ground between the ultimate evil described in Helter Skelter and the average criminal some other accounts paint. You can see how most of the madness did not start to create some race war but over money Manson thought was owed to him by Gary Hinman. The Family was trying to scare Gary into paying up when he was killed. Family member Bobby Beausoleil was arrested for that murder. So the Tate/LaBinca killings were done and then staged to look like the same person responsible for the Hinman murder was still at large therefore forcing the release of Bobby Beusoeil.
Most people know all this and really it don’t have much to do with the topic of this post. I am just pointing out that as with most stories we all tell and hear, they are not always as real as we make them. Was Helter Skelter the story line that inspired The Family? Maybe. But they didn’t even get the spelling correct:


Hence the misspelled title of this post.

None of this is is needed to go into this post’s topic (I thought some of you might find it interesting though), because we have the internet!

No need to rely on my memories or those I got my stories from. If you want to know about the connection of Manson and The Beatles you can chase it on the web!

I suggest you start with this:

It’s all there.

By the way, this post was actually began long ago and was meant to go up in the first year. So much was going on that it just got pushed aside and forgotten. It seemed to fit well with the previous posts so I sat down and got it out.

Hope some of you found it a fun read.

Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey

Has anyone heard about the Ingersoll Lockwood (author) conspiracy theories floating around out there in the wild, wild web?

I guess it’s been out there since 2016, but I just heard about it.

So you know I went chasing.

If you don’t know what I am talking about read on, it’s quite interesting.

So in the late 1800’s the new York born author Ingersoll Lockwood wrote three books that at the time were not very popular (for reasons we will get into in a moment), but gained internet stardom over 100 years later thanks to our current President. I doubt anyone would have called it a trilogy back when they were written. The first 2 were children’s books and both had the same main character: Baron Trump. The third was not a children’s book and is described on Amazon as follows:

This little booklet was penned at the end of the 19th century, and ostensibly involves events mere years later. A work of political satire, it chastises the rise of socialism and populism, inferring their fictional rise here as disastrous and leading to chaos. It is of note here that this work, along with others by Lockwood, appear to prognosticate the current political climate of the United States and West at large- and for an apparent religious Catholic of his era, it is not altogether impossible that Lockwood- wittingly or unwittingly- tapped into some mystic forces. Regardless, it is an interesting little political story from its time and is reflective of some of the social ideologies and movements of the age

It seems this third book called 1900 or The Last President was about an unpopular President (from New York) who the people of America rise up against in destructive riots. Wait are we sure this isn’t a trilogy?

The first 2 books are children’s books sort of along the lines of Alice In Wonderland. Which from what I have read is why the 2 books were not very popular when they came out. You can’t compete with the best.

Here is a description of the Baron books:

In the 1890s, Ingersoll Lockwood authored a series of children’s books about the escapades of his character, the young Baron Trump: Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and his Wonderful Dog Bulger, and Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey. The series followed a literary trend of the time, which had child protagonists adventuring to enchanted lands and encountering fantastic beings. Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz are two famous examples of this genre.

Lockwood’s Baron is an aristocratic youth bored with his life of luxury in Castle Trump. Searching for adventure, Baron travels to Russia to discover an underground world beneath his feet. He journeys downward and finds himself lost in peculiar settings surrounded by the strange inhabitants of this new world. The stories follow his adventures and eventual struggle to find his way back to the surface he left behind.

And here is some more from Amazon describing all 3 books:

The Last President (or 1900), is a novel by Ingersoll Lockwood, written over a century ago. It became an instant best seller this year, when people began to notice that his author has also written two novels about “Baron Trump”, novels that recount the adventures of the German boy Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, who goes by “Baron Trump”, as he discovers weird underground civilizations, offends the natives, flees from his entanglements with local women, and repeats this pattern until arriving back home at Castle Trump. Chris Riotta noted in Newsweek that Baron Trump’s adventures begin in Russia, and also mentioned The Last President, in which the president’s home city of New York is riven by protests against a rigged presidential election. So, Ingersoll wrote about a president from New York, and about a boy named Baron Trump who has a castle in New York’s fifth avenue… Over a century ago. Extremely interesting books that make us wonder if that something that we call prophecies somehow really exists…

I find this all so interesting.

Of course the internet has run hard and fast with all this, some wondering if Donald Trump has a time machine.

That is ridicules… right?

Just because the first 2 books have a character called Baron Trump which seems to fit into the third story of a President literally bringing on the destruction of America?

That’s enough for me. LOL. Seriously though, there other similarities. Just be careful chasing the internet for them, because there are a lot of made up similarities as well. You know how it works.

If it wasn’t for the name Baron Trump though I doubt these books would have come up at all. And although it does sound like the name of the President’s son I should point out it is not. Baron is a title, not a name. The character in the 2 children’s stories is a Baron, therefore he is Baron Trump. So this could just be a coincidence (the dreaded “c” word) or maybe someone had read the book and Barron is named after the Baron.  Not our President of course, everyone knows he doesn’t read. But maybe Melina. Or maybe someone had brought the story up to President Trump because of his family name being in the stories. Maybe, maybe not. my point is I find most of the connections stem from the character of the children’s book being named called Baron Trump and since that connection is not so mysteriously, impossible as at first glance, the rest don’t really add up to time machine either.

The whole thing reminds me of the Lincoln/Kennedy conspiracy. Remember that? I was just a kid (no internet) when I first heard about that. Freaked me out. I could never get my head around such coincidences.  That could be where I first started having issues with that word.

Luckily today we have the internet and we can seek out the truth of such fantastic legends:

It is the internet though. LOL!

We can do the same with the Ingersoll Lockwood trilogy (heh, heh):

Alright I feel better. Just coincidences.

Actually that don’t make anything better. Coincidences are a fucker.

Anyways, what ever you make of the weird connections made with The Donald and these 3 books, one thing is sure, it saved these old books from an inconsequential existence:

The Baron Trump novels were obscured by the more successful children’s books of the time. Lockwood’s tall tales seemed destined for the literary dust bin, but the election of Donald Trump in 2016 renewed interest in these works due to the President’s youngest son’s name: Barron Trump. Now, back in print, the Baron Trump series is enjoying considerable interest and success.

Interesting, right?

I might have to read these books myself, just to be sure.