Top 10 Fuck Yous Of 2013


#10. Fuck You to anyone who posted “Team Zimmerman” on social media.

#9. Fuck You to Klowns with big mouths.

#8. Fuck You to @RustleFriends and all their friends.

#7. Fuck You Paula Deen!

#6. Fuck You Dorothy Hill!

#5. Fuck You fake anons! You ruined a good thing.

#4. Fuck You to Florida including George Zimmerman, anyone who still suports “stand your ground”, the 3 M’s: Murt, MandamusSeven,  and Mysterymom7, Allyssa Pack,  Matthew Supran,  and all the other crazies down there. What is in the water?

#3. Fuck You Flukeyou!

#2. Fuck You Westboro Baptist Church!

#1. Fuck You Ariel Castro! Rot in hell!