http://youtu.be/PURM3BfEP74 In honor of the retiring Motley Crue I posted the link above to one of their songs that fits this post. I’m listening to it now as I type this. So where was I? Last week, I was watching a rebroadcast of a 20/20 report called “Faking It”.  I wasn’t paying a lot of attention, but as it went through a quick outline about what they would be discussing, the segment “Warrior Eli” caught my eye. It was about a woman who had made a fake Facebook account for a whole fictitious family. The fake families posts were tragic, from the posts about their son Eli who had spent his young life battling different types of cancer to the shocking and sudden death of the mother in a car accident. Many who befriended them on Facebook were devastated when they read about the accident, but that would change to confusion once the truth started to come out. The whole thing was made up, the family and their story created by a woman who I guess was bored with her own life.  I thought this and the other stories on “fakers” might make a good post for my blog, it’s the kind of thing most of my posts center around. So I turned it up and began to watch, ready to take notes. Then the first segment began and I sat there in a kind of awkward moment. Call it deja vu, serendipity, or some other mystic power of consciousness nod, but I knew this story, I had even blogged about it. It was about a Long Island man named  Raymond Roth who one Summer, went out into the ocean and vanished. As it turns out he and his son had faked Raymond’s death for insurance. And although the segment ends with Raymond being caught and awaiting his sentence, I knew there was much more to this story, because Raymond Roth was someone I had found out about while looking up information for my LISK Blog. I had been trying to find out information about Natasha Jugo, a girl who seemed to have just walked into the ocean near where LISK victims were found and disappear. Natasha’s body has since been found and opens up so many more questions to what is going on in Long Island. But back when I found an article on Raymond Roth faking his death, she was still missing, and finding an article about a local man doing exactly what was believed Natasha had done struck me odd. So I googled the name Raymond Roth and saw he had just recently made the news again. Here’s the first article I found: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/03/21/l-i-man-accused-of-faking-his-own-death-due-in-court/ This article is from March 21st 2013, it says that Raymond was facing a little time and a healthy fine for his “Fake Death” and was due back in court May 21st. So what did Raymond decide to do while he awaited his sentencing? Lay low? maybe try to run back to Florida and hide again? Well according to this next article I found, Raymond went right out after that court appearance on 3-21-13 and tried to kidnap someone!?! chttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/28/raymond-roth-man-who-faked-drowning-arrested-impersonating-officer_n_2972845.html What struck me most when I found this article was that no one else had mentioned it yet. I mean at this time people were posting as screen names from utopia guide and others were commenting about a group of men called the CCC, why no mention of a local man who faked his own suicide off the beaches where these bodies were found and then was arrested for impersonating an officer and attempted kidnapping. Shouldn’t there have been some fake “Raymond” screen name or something popping up in the comments. Shouldn’t someone mention it at least. But no one did, I had found it on my own as I explained. When I bought the whole thing up in my blog, no one said much about it. Some one said that Raymond Roth was too disorganized to be involved in the LISK murders. I think that was the general idea, and no one seemed to think Raymond was worth me even bringing up. This confused me, people put their own ex husbands into this, a local guy who killed himself was thrown into it, someone who once was working with families was later turned on and placed into the suspect pool, many Oak Beach neighbors were brought into the gossiping comments, and bloggers and commenters were also called out in crazy lists of POIs. And yet this guy, this Raymond Roth was not even considered to be connected. Maybe he was part of the CCC or posted on Utopia Guide, or maybe he had been to one of Brewer’s parties, or played poker with the Doc. I mean I could not understand why no one went to him at all. But I wrote it off as just one of the crazy things in this case and its ripples into social media that didn’t make sense. And then last week while I was staying away from my laptop for a little while trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my LISK Blog, this  episode of 20/20 was on the screen in front of me with the story of a Long Island man who tried to fake his own death. Everything from the case and the blogs went rushing through my head. Why was this case so confusing, and why were so many alright with keeping it that way? I looked over at my new copy of “Lost Girls” and decided it was time I tried to understand the case better. Not the games, but the actual case. I knew a little about the case but most of that was about the night Shannan disappeared and all that came after. I picked up the book and read it. And that is where we will stop, at least here. This needs to continue back on the LISK blog: http://liskdotcom.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/lost-girls/ I know why I was first drawn to this case, I know why I first decided to blog about the things I read on LISK.com and Catching LISK, but there is something else that keeps me involved here. Something I can’t quite explain. For those interested in the 20/20 “Faking It” episode here is a link: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/01/faking-it-elaborate-fakes-secret-lives-and-big-fat-lies-on-2020/

My Favorite Comment

Zero, want to start off by sayin im sorry to hear about Motley Crue :(  i can relate and understand completely… This post really got to me, so i hope to be as clear as possible. As you know, im also a huge Eminem fan. The ‘story’ told in his lyrics had a tremendous impact on both myself and my son. So much we can relate to, on so many levels and issues…i know you understand. I too, have played the whole CD to death, as well as much of the older material written by ‘Shady’ lately…My son recently said he notices a change in me when i obsess over certain songs, an angry change. Although he understands where im coming from, he knows im in a better place when im listening to ‘Eminem’/Marshal..as his new stuff comes full circle, revealing he has matured and accepted certain painful things in his life..

i think i understand what you’re struggling with. We have had discussions off blog when we both struggle with our conscience..Its not easy for some of us to say, screw it, lets give em a taste of their own medicine!! even though sadly, it seems to work.

When i was new to all this, beginning on LISK, i was accused constantly of being too nice or phony, i was unaware and unprepared for the insults, let alone being accused of crimes ect..when i lashed out and defended myself, i then got accused of being too harsh or disruptive. i learned and observed however, there were many forms of distraction.  Ok, so some didnt curse or get their feathers ruffled, but i witnessed many arguments over who was smarter than who ect…post after post of arguing over the meaning of mental illness for example, just very nit picky, lots of attitude and strong personalities..I apologized many times on that site, but i actually regret that now, as ALL posting there had their moments and made mistakes..

the fact that is we all struggle with the angel/devil on our shoulders, well most do. I like you even more for admitting to this struggle. I know you are GOOD. I know your intentions were GOOD.  all we can do is learn and grow. i have NO regrets. Im proud to ‘know’ you, as well as quite a few others ive ‘met’. i hope you will not spend too much time struggling with yourself ZERO!! Just don’t.

Linda, thank you for your understanding. In the beginning I was one who found your comments on the harsh side, but I have come to appreciate your honestly so much, that if you were the only one reading my blogs I would continue to write them. As we all know, blogs are often misread and misunderstood, and it goes double for comments. It is so nice when someone gets what you are saying. And I can see that there are some of you out there that get what I am saying. I only wish I lived closer so that I could meet some of you personally. I’m sure we’d hit it off and we’d have plenty to talk about.

Thank you, Linda, this comment meant a lot to me. And now in the words of Motley Crue, it’s time to go “On With The Show”!


And yes, I just may put Motley Crue in every post.

Motley Crue Retirement

Just read this:


So I have to take a moment to blog my feelings here.

Motley Crue was my first concert. Years later I took my younger brother to his first concert, Motley Crue. And even more years later I took my daughter to her first concert, Motley Crue. I have dressed up as Nikki Sixx for Halloween more than any thing else (if you don’t count The Stranger) I have been a die-hard Motley fan since I was 13 years old!

This somber mood I have been in today, just got a little more somber.

The Bitter Pill

Have I mentioned my passion for music? It’s my philosophy, my religion, my life. Because of this, many of my jobs were in music stores. I worked at Tower Records, Sam Goody, and Warehouse Records during my twenties and I built up quite the collection of CDs. Even when I no longer had employee discounts or access to promos and the rest of the world started getting their music in downloads and MP3s I still am at the record stores buying the newest release. There are certain artists that I can count on to put out an entire album of music I will like. In fact if you look at my CD collection (thousands of jewel cases along the wall from ABBA to ZZ Top and everything in between) most of them I can put in a CD player and listen to the whole thing without having to skip any songs. Now I say most of them, because there are still quite a few there that I like only 1 or 2 tracks from it. I guess it’s albums like these that this new age is for, because no one puts on an album anymore and just listens to the whole thing from start to finish. Well I shouldn’t say nobody, because I do. I love to get a new CD that the whole thing speaks to me from beginning to end, I put it on in the car and just leave it there for weeks listening to every track over and over each day.

As I mentioned before I recently got the new Eminem album The Marshal Mathers LP 2 and it has been being played over and over since I got it. Starting with my favorite track “Bad Guy” and ending with ‘Evil Twin” then starting back over again. Some days I may repeat a song like “So Far…” a few times in a row before going on to the rest of the album. But basically it’s all I have been listening to since I got it last month.

Now of course when I get stuck on an album like this, my daily attitude can reflect from it. I learned this also showed true in my blog. During this last month my blogs have gotten quite a bit more cocky listening to Eminem on a constant. Then the other day I made the song dedication on here posting Green Day’s “Restless Heart Syndrome” from their album 21st Century Breakdown. Then when I headed to work, I took that CD instead of the Eminem. The cocky zero that some of you have come to love or hate was taking the back seat again and the open more caring part of me wondered if I was going about all of this the right way still.

Then I came home and watched some television.  A show about being “FAKE” on the internet came on, which was good, because this was one of the things I had originally started blogging about in my “Red & Black”. But as I mentioned, the show brought me right back into thinking about my LISK blog and all the circles my curiosity had brought me to. I will get to more about that. But first…

I headed into work today and reached for my Eminem CD. Then decided to grab something else. A CD called “Dog Eat Dog” by the 80’s hair band Warrant. You might remember them as the guys who sang “Cherry Pie”.  “Dog Eat Dog” came after their pie success, and to be honest I do not like the album too much. It’s one of those I have for just a couple of songs. When I play the album, I’ll play those 2 songs a few times and then take it off. The rest of the album just tries to hard to be different from “Cherry Pie” and in my opinion gets lost because of it. But I do really like those 2 songs on there, and today I played them both at least 3 times a piece. They are both ballads, though they are not your typical ballads.  One of these 2 tracks is called “The Bitter Pill”, it’s a love song, but it’s about more than that. At least to me anyways. It has always been a song I put on when I don’t understand this world of ours. So I played it and when it was done I replayed it. In fact I played it at least 3 times in a row listening to the lyrics wanting to understand people better, wanting to understand myself better.

Though I said I stand by my blogs, all of them, I realize I may have lost my way a little and maybe got caught up in the craziness. I mean I put myself on the couch, right?  Am, I here to play games, am I here to help, am I here to make sense of a world that seems to not understand itself?

All good questions, that I just don’t have the answers for yet. But as things keep changing and evolving, it is becoming clearer to me what I should do. What I want to do. The question is, will I do it?

I’ll start here with an apology to all those on my LISK Blog that I wrote about. Everyone. Right or wrong, I know some of my posts and comments were not always well received. My intensions were never to hurt anyone.

I would like to once again post a link to a song and hope you all listen to it. The song I played several times today in my car, wondering just what is the purpose of our lives. I know some of you don’t care what I have to say any more and I’m sure most of you don’t want to listen to a love ballad by Warrant and try to find a philosophical middle ground to our differences and misunderstandings in its corney lyrics. But I put it here any ways.


Once Again Things Change

Even before I took my LISK blog down for 7 days, things started changing again. Which is strange, because I was in the process of creating this new blog and trying to edge away from my involvement in writing about the LISK case.  Though, let’s face it, I did very little about writing about the LISK case, most was about others who wrote about the LISK case. Funny thing is though, it seems like every time I start to back off of that blog, something new pops up. In this case it was the Figats. I’m not ready to get into all that comes with that craziness, it would only confuse things more at this point.

Next was the lawsuit threats and all that came with that. I didn’t care about the threat of being sued, though it did get old email after email. The thing that got to me was my name being thrown at me along with my wife’s name. Some may say everyone involved here was involved in that kind of thing and therefore when I stepped in and started sorting it out I became guilty of the same type of crap. So therefore we all get what we get. (yet I’m still waiting for it to get back to the person who started all this, and I’m sure it will)

So do I shut it all down? Turn and run and hope none of the crazier ones involved in all this gets my info and then who know’s what? Why? My info was out there. Even if MM7 didn’t pass it around, someone else might find it, a few now seemed to be looking into me. And I had given quite enough info about myself throughout all my blogs. So no, I just decide to totally run with this new blog. Make it as far out there as possible and blog about what ever the hell I want to.

First step, expose MM7, the lawsuit etc. Second through all sorts of my own info out there to show I didn’t care who knew what about me. I’d make this blog all about me.

Before starting the “Red & Black” last year I had written another blog on Myspace. (I’ve mentioned this before and know some of you read some of it, thank you) It is gone now due to MySpace changing its format and well, it is MySpace, does anyone still use that? That blog got pretty personal. Even the “Red & Black” got personal at times.

What I’m getting at is the LISK blog was one of the few things I blogged about that was not personal. It was not about me in any way. I didn’t know the people I blogged about, most were only screen names to me, some still are. The only things I knew about the case were from what I read in news articles or saw on news programs. Most of the time I was playing catch up with those who commented on my blog. Many were locals and new a lot more than me. Other’s were sleuthers who had been following this for a while. Even the trolls (some of who fall into both locals and sleuthers) knew more about all this than me. And yet going back over my blog, it is spot on a lot of the times about many of you. Yes it was wrong as well, but with everyone saying they have secret info etc. I think I did pretty well. I’m not claiming I have everyone or everything figured out, but a lot of what I wrote is collaborated by things others have now said and things I have read.

Again though my point… my LISK blog ,was not supposed to be about me. But because I am so used to getting personal in my blogs when people wanted to start making it about me, I was to obliged to go there. Again this is the main reason I was making this blog, this Zero’s World. I did not want my LISK blog top become about me but here, no mater what I was blogging about it would always be about me.

Still the though of some of these people having to much personal info about me was a littlw scary and my family was a little uneasy about all of it. My phone started doing some wierd things and it was like, is this what otheres were talking about, will my phone become part of spoof calls etc. Some told me it would. maybe i should have been more worried about what i was writing.

Maybe I kept it going to long, I mean I exposed most of the games long ago. But when I went back to writing on my LISK Bloog this third time I learned so much more about what had been going on in those comments of LISK.com. I met a lot of people and learned why they wrote on LISK.com. Then MM7 gave me her blog and boy did I learn a lot about what went on there. In fact I have a half-finished blog still sitting in my LISK blog unpublished section titled “LISK.com & Catching LISK”. I was gonna say my final peace on both these sites that I wrote mainly about in my blog. This would be one of the last posts there. But as I said it sits unfinished. Part is because this whole Figat/Nerd thing is still an unanswered part to this game. And it nags a little at me. But I could continue that here, if I wanted to, on the blog that is tailor-made for games.  In fact I was going to do that, but then I though maybe it was time to leave the game players alone or maybe move on to some new game players (though my try to do that on Twitter over the summer did not work out to well).

The fact that I have had almost no emails lately and no comments on any of the blogs also weighed in on this. I was thinking about how nice it was to not answer emails and comments everyday. No Dorothy crap to search through to try to understand. No one to try and find out if they are a sock-puppet. No one to try and convince I was not a sock-puppet. No wondering who was real and what agenda they were up to. It was kind of nice and I toyed with the idea of not ever posting on any of these blogs. Just leave them sit and move on. So to those few who did send emails I didn’t answer, I’m sorry, I was thinking about ditching this whole thing. To answer one of those emails right here, yes I have removed some comments. Some posts as well.

So it might have ended right here for me. Yes I’d check in on the blogs to see if any one commented from time to time, don’t know if I would have commented though. And yes I would have continued to follow the case or cases. But I was ready to remove zero from the equation. No more blogging about LISK or anything connected to it. Then something happened. I was watching T.V. and saw a program that brought it all right back up to the front of my mind. Everything, the case, the games, the blogs, the many screen names I have read religiously for almost a year. All of it dancing around in my head.

I looked over and there was Robert Kolker’s book Lost Girls sitting on my desk. I had gotten it for my birthday but still had not read it. I decided it was time I did.

I finished it last night (most of it read on Sunday) and now once again everything has changed for me.


Nouveau Parfum (New Perfume)

This is amazing! It is a music video by  French-Hungarian singer Boggie (real name: Csemer Boglárka).  So much said in this simple but mesmerizing video. Have our hangups with perfection and self-image made us fake? How can we tell who and what is real anymore?


Song Dedication



This one goes out to everyone. Myself included. Listen to it, hear it, understand what it is saying.

“So what ails you is what impales you I feel like I’ve been crucified to be satisfied

I’m a victim of my symptom I am my own worst enemy You’re a victim of your symptom You are your own worst enemy——-         

 Know your enemy”

Read more:  Green Day – Restless Heart Syndrome Lyrics | MetroLyrics


Alright, my LISK blog is back up, feel free to click on it over in “My Stuff” and see for yourself what all the crying is about. As I have stated many times I stand by the blog and it will not come down. There will be a few new posts before I end the blog properly. This is not due to any outside pressures, I had already decided to bring it to an end even before I was threatened with lawsuits.

I did remove a few things to appease MM7 but obviously she just really wants the whole blog down and that is not gonna happen. She sent me a long email yesterday, here it is:

Jan 22 at 4:01 PM

Since you are afraid to click the links I’ve shared with you, I’ve copy/pasted the content from this website: http://sarafhawkins.com/blog-law-defamation-and-social-media/

“We’ve all heard the phrase “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.” When it comes to social media and online content, though, its seems the phrase is actually “If you can’t say something nice, blog, tweet, facebook, or post it online.” While I shouldn’t be, I am surprised at what people post online. It’s as if there is no internal filter on some people. For others, Shakespeare has nothing on the drama they call life. Defamation has been around for ages and now social media is giving it a new platform. Social media defamation is definitely on the rise and no longer being ignored.

While it may not seem like many, as early as 2007 several hundred bloggers have been sued on a variety of legal theories, with defamation topping that list. And, as recent as 2011 a blogger was held liable for defamation and assessed $2.5 million in damages. Legal liability for what you post (and even comments made) on your blog is not a theoretical discussion. It is very real and is happening more often than you may imagine.

What is Defamation?

Defamation covers two types of communication, written (libel) and spoken (slander). Generally, defamation is a statement that is communicated to a third party and makes a claim, either expressly or implied to be factual, that injures another’s reputation or causes others not to associate with the person or business. Malicious intent is not generally required. And given that few bloggers would likely be classified as Public Figures within the very narrow definition, don’t rely on the “but they have to prove malice” defense.

With blogging, the main concern will be libel. Even if it’s not a written blog post but rather a vlog or podcast or some other type of internet-oriented medium, you’re likely going to be dealing with libel.

How does this apply to bloggers?

Your Own Statements

While 40 states do have Media Shield Laws which protect members of the media and media organizations, not all of those states include the internet in their Shield laws. As such, bloggers are not able to use those same protections when they write negative things about other people or organizations when those statements are implied to be or stated as factual when in-fact they are not.

We’re not talking about bloggers giving a review and sharing their opinion and their personal experiences which happen to be negative. Truth is always a defense to a defamation claim, but you have to have some proof that what you state is, in fact, true.

In addition, one of the key words in the definition requires that the statement be asserted as fact. This is why many bloggers and users of online forums, chats, and social networks and platforms are very clear to assert that their statements are merely their opinion.

For most bloggers, when it comes to their blog the risks of defamation are low. The topics covered don’t generally lend themselves to the assertion of allegedly false statements of fact nor do the comments and discussions move in that direction. However, with the US legal system as easy to use as it is there is a real possibility of being sued. Because being sued isn’t the same as being held responsible, someone can sue you just because they have a good faith belief that you’re defaming them. (Just ask Donald Trump.)

Comments On Your Blog

One of the great things about blogging is connecting with our readers. Engagement and comments are what we live for. In general, bloggers keep an eye on the comments. We need to filter out the junk, make sure people aren’t taking advantage of our generosity with the link juice, and try to keep the haters at bay. Some people moderate all their comments so they can control what goes out publicly on their blog. Others feel that moderation impedes conversation so they allow anyone to comment and it be available in real time.

Are bloggers really responsible for what a commenter says on their blog? As a lawyer, the answer is a resounding … MAYBE! In general, we’re not responsible for libelous statements made by others. So much so that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (47 USC 230) offers protections that apply to bloggers who permit comments on their sites. However, this won’t prevent someone from filing a suit against you or subpoenaing you and/or your blog records, but it will be an affirmative defense you can raise. And while you may not be liable, having to spend your time and money being involved in a lawsuit are often very high costs to standing your ground.

Where Can You Be Sued?

I’ve been asked this a few times. And while the answer is somewhat complicated, at the same time it’s very easy. The short answer is Everywhere! It is the world wide web, after all. And that first word, world, is quite broad. Chances are though, that if you were sued for defamation you’d likely be sued in the US in some state other than where you live. And that creates lots of problems.

Jurisdiction, the ability of a court to hear a case involving you and your actions, can be pretty tricky. For example, criminal courts can only hear cases about alleged violations of criminal laws. It can’t rule on divorce or probate or contract disputes. Civil courts, though, hear cases about civil matters. That’s called subject-matter jurisdiction.

With any court, though, they also have to have authority to hear a case involving you specifically. Known as personal jurisdiction, the state has to have some relationship to the parties or the matter to haul you into their system. You can’t just file a lawsuit against someone anywhere in the US. The parties involved have to have some relationship with the state to be subject to their court system. Even in Federal Court, the courts have special rules about which court you can use.

If you blog in California and the person or company that alleges you have defamed them is in Florida, where do they sue? Besides looking at the question of state or federal court (which I won’t discuss), should you have to go to Florida because it’s convenient for them? Why shouldn’t they sue you in California? Afterall, you are there and that’s where the alleged defamation occurred. Right?

As recently as 2010, a Washington State blogger was sued in Florida for defamation. The Washington blogger didn’t think she should have to go to Florida to defend herself because she had nothing to do with the state. Unfortunately, the court disagreed. The rule that came out of that case is that if your posts are accessible in Florida then you’re subject to Florida courts.

That’s not a US Supreme Court ruling and therefore not the ultimate law of the land. However, as precedent it is very strong. As such, just understand that even if you’re sitting in your jammies in middle of nowhere USA you may need to haul yourself into any court in the land to defend yourself for claims relating to your blog.

Comments, Discussions and Updates Made to Social Networks or Platforms

You may have heard that rocker (and wife to the late Curt Cobain) Courtney Love was sued over an allegedly defamatory tweet. In less than 140 characters, Ms. Love made allegations against a former clothing designer she had been working with. And while the case never went to trial so we won’t know if there is any legal basis, Ms. Love settled the defamation suit. However, Ms. Love didn’t think she needed any type of internal filter when using Twitter after that experience and later in that same year she was sued again for defamation, this time by her former lawyer.

While most people aren’t using Twitter or other social platforms to make allegedly defamatory statements, the increase in what are believed to be private discussions within social media and social networks are beginning to pose concerns. A defamatory statement does not require publication to any specific number of people. In fact, all that is required is that such a statement is made to a third-party. One person! A defamatory statement sent by Direct Message on Twitter, the chat feature in Facebook, instant message or even text is all that’s needed. You may wonder how the person/company/business being defamed would learn about it, but really do you.

7 Important Takeaways about Defamation (specifically, Libel)

1. You only have to publish your statement to ONE person! – Contrary to what many believe, you don’t need to tell millions of people to be held liable for defamation. With the ease of screen capping or forwarding a text, what you say to one person can easily get to the allegedly defamed person. As for those private conversations on DM, IM, chat or text, they’re fair game. As are anything said in those “secret groups” on various social media platforms.

2. You can likely be sued anywhere in the US – Anything published on the interest will likely expose you to jurisdiction in courts across the country. Be prepared. Even if what you did say turns out not to be defamatory, it doesn’t prevent you from being hauled in to court in another state to prove it.

3. You may be sued for what other people say on your blog – As a blog administrator, you have a great deal of control over comments made on your blog. And while Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act may protect your from liability, it won’t protect you from being sued and having to defend yourself. Sure you’ll be able to raise a valid defense but you’re still being sued and it sucks.

4. What you write is asserted as fact either expressly or impliedly – Defamation does not apply when the statements are your own opinion. It’s when asserting things as fact that you can get in to trouble. If you’re ranting about someone (or something, or a company) and it’s just your opinion then make sure it’s clear that it’s your opinion. If you’re stating facts be clear about that as well. If you know for a fact so-and-so was smoking weed and you can back it up with either first hand knowledge or a reliable source then write about it. But if you just think so-and-so is a pothead don’t risk it with hyperbole and grandstanding. But remember you can’t shield your source and expect the court to just wave you past go to collect your $200.

5. Bloggers often aren’t treated the same as traditional media – Even for those bloggers who take a more journalistic approach to their craft, many courts still aren’t ready to extend traditional media protections to a blogger. While some states have attempted to close this gap on how bloggers are classified, most have not. But, like traditional media, bloggers should check, double-check, and possibly triple-check any sources they rely on for their information.

6. Be careful with photos and images you use – The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words can be a detriment to you if you use a photo that implies a fact that is untrue. Stay away from juxtaposing images with stories to imply something that isn’t there.

7. If you are sued, find a lawyer in your city that specializes in defamation – Don’t immediately take down the post or delete the tweet. You can’t unring the bell, but you can find out how to best defend yourself. If not handled appropriately, removing the allegedly offending piece can make the problem bigger.

While I mention this in the context of a blogger, really it’s applicable to any type of online professional or entrepreneur that publishes content on the web. While the adage is that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”, we need honesty and authenticity. Others may not like what you have to say about them or their product, but the truth of the matter is that we’re all allowed our opinion and the ability to tell the truth.

Disclosure: While I am a lawyer, I am not offering legal advice. Posts on legal matters are intended to provide legal information and do not create an attorney/client relationship.”

Now I don’t expect everyone to read all of that but for the most part it says people can sue you, but either through truth or opinion it is easy to defend, just could be expensive. I have emails to back up everything I said was written to me by Mysterymom7, plus my blog states over and over that the blog is opinion based. Yet she keeps sending me these threats of a lawsuit. She should read the last part of what she sent me there. It says: Others may not like what you have to say about them or their product, but the truth of the matter is that we’re all allowed our opinion and the ability to tell the truth.

She also doesn’t realize that I have other emails to help support the things she has been doing with my identity since she found it.  Something that will be frowned upon if this ever does make it to the inside of a courtroom. Cristin, can I call you Cristin anymore? Cristin, stop sending me emails with threats of lawsuits, again it only does the opposite of what you want. You want me to not blog about you, then don’t pass my info out. Try to lie and say you didn’t but I can prove you did if I have to. I can prove a lot of things if I have to. But for now I’m calling it all opinion, you should leave it at that. If you keep pushing me and harassing me about million dollar lawsuits then I will only pursue this.

For example. Cristin told me a while back she started another blog, said it had to with psychology. Although in my opinion, she should stop with the blogs and get off of Websleuth all together, she has a right to do what ever she wants, and she keeps chosing to be involved in everything LISK. Since I know she has dug up info on me and passed it around to people she knows, I felt maybe I should look into her new blog to make sure she isn’t writing mixed up stuff about me.

I thought it might take me a second to find it, I might have to even use some sort of service that can check IPs and emails for other known sites connected to them. But then I remembered who I was dealing with.

I figured it was still on WordPress, even though it would have been smarter to move on to a different blog host. So the first thing I did was type Mysterymom7 into the WordPress search. I really didn’t expect to find it that quickly, but there under a few of my own posts I saw a blog called CBK Blog. Seriously? She listed it under Mysterymom7? I almost think she wanted everyone here to find it.

But I didn’t go to it, because Mysterymom7 has told me numerous times she can tell who is reading her blogs even if they don’t comment on them, and I was afraid she would say, me going to read her blog was proof I was stalking her. And yet I have to read these harassing emails from her everyday threatening to sue me. Plus I know she has given out my name and number, how do I know that? Um, I received phone calls. So I’m gonna go check it out now.

Wow, it reads right along with each email she sent me. LMFAO. Here see for yourself:


I’m sure this will add to my troubles. But that’s life.  See so often we are our own worst enemies. Something Cristin just can’t seem to grasp. So although I would like to move on from the likes of Dorothy and Cristin, they keep this going. Dorothy commented on my Facebook today, but as she will soon see, her stuff is finding fewer and fewer places to be seen.

You’re welcome.



The east coast got some snow.


I spent one winter in New York, when I was in third grade. I was told it was a mild winter, and to be honest, as a kid who had lived on the west coast before (and after) I had the time of my life building snowmen and having snowball fights. But when I turn on the news and hear about the storm that has hit the Northern East coast, I am thankful to be out here on the west coast away from all that cold.

I know I have quite a few readers from the New York area. I hope you are staying as warm as possible! Brrrrrrr! I’m cold just thinking about it!

DAY 7: Blog Held Hostage

Mysterymom7 contacted me a few times yesterday. First time was another email. It asked me to call Dr. Nucc, someone I have mentioned before in comments on my blog and someone we both had been in contact with (I had shared a few emails with him and one phone call) I was not sure why Mysterymom7 would want to bring him into all this so at first I didn’t call. But then I did. He was busy and we did not get a chance to talk. I was gonna call him back later, but to be honest I have been having trouble with my phone and also, I didn’t see the point in dragging more people into this. I also get the impression he has know idea what any of this is about anyways.

So let me make this simple: I am not bugging people for there input or information or explanations, they are taking it apon themselves to do that. Mysterymom7 is one of the ones who loves to send me info though.

First email I ever got from someone involved in all this? Mysterymom7

Who sent me IP address and names I didn’t ask for? Mysterymom7

Who sent me emails about Mari/Hackett civil case saying she was helping Mari’s lawyer “dig” up info on Dr. Hackett? Mysterymom7

Who sent me her entire blog though I did not ask for it? Mysterymom7

Who sent me phone numbers and other personal info I did not ask for? Mysterymom7

When I started a new blog and was trying to blog about other things then LISK who sent me emails threatening to sue me? Mysterymom7

But it wasn’t until she wrote me telling me she knew who I was and wrote my wife’s name in a somewhat threatening way (am I wrong to read what she wrote about my identity being twisted and how that would affect my wife as a threat of some sort?) that this blog became about all of this, it is only then that I decided to continue blogging about what in my opinion is a bunch of mindless meddlers, spreading their disease all over the internet.

I also had some messages sent to me from Mystermom7 on my Facebook page yesterday. The first one was a snapshot of a comment from my LISK Blog. The comment was by me and although I feel the comment was strictly opinion with and open-ended question, I can understand why it bothered her, and made sure that comment was removed. It was actually part of a group of comments that was going back n forth between me, Mystermom7 and a few other commenters. So I removed all the parts of that conversation I think might now bother her. I told her so and asked her if there was anything else. Her reply was:

I’m sure there is 

Anywhere you call me a liar, a criminal, involved with Dorothy or Joe…

Instead of letting your ego blind you, you should read what constitutes defamation, read what you’ve said about me, and read it as if you’re wrong about EVERYTHING about me and I could prove it to a court… and seek counsel

I’m sure I don’t need to point out the irony here. Or the hypocrisies either. Trust me, I would love to move on to something else, and now that the LISK Blog is back up tomorrow and I will be bringing it to an end, I should be able to. This blog, the one you are reading right now is not about you. It’s not about LISK. It’s not about making the world a better place. It’s about me. Some of you seemed so interested in me I would think you would like this new blog. If you want to read more about me and less about you then I suggest you leave my name out of your mouths. Simple enough, right?  I said it at the beginning of this blog, you are now stepping into MY WORLD! If you wish to be a part of it so much, you can see I have no problem doing so.

So Dorothy, putting things like this:

DPH zero2 will only get you a mention every single day!

And Mysterymom7, please stop giving my info out. Remember what you said back when I first told you people had looked into my personal info:

I’m sorry you’re having people bringing your family in it


I didn’t know about the haunt thing until Jennifer’s comment. I don’t go looking into identities without reasonable suspicion. I was never suspicious of you as being any more than what I was… a blogger searching for truth.

And as long as we are bringing up “the haunt thing” again, yes I know you are talking with people about the fact I work at a haunt every October. Your acting like there is something devious about it, maybe even suggesting it be used to twist stuff about me? Well that’s what I heard any way. As I was going through old emails to write this post I came across where I first told you about me working at Fright Dome. It was back in July of last year, I even sent you a picture of me dressed up. Here are some of your replies to that:

Halloween is my fave! I love dressing up and costume makeup!

To me, costume makeup is just another artform. Fun stuff!

This was back in July. You said not to let my worries of someone trying to twist my involvement in Fright Dome to stop me from blogging. Do you remember that? That was back in July! So now you want me to stop blogging and you took the info I gave you and found out who I was. You said it took you 2 hours to find out who I was. Bet you got help from a friend or two as well. I know that’s how you all work. How much did you go digging for, and what did you find? Oh yea, that I work at a Halloween haunt every October and I dress up like a scary person. That’s what you got on me after 2 hours of digging and who knows who’s help? Hell, I already told you that back in July, remember? You said it was no big deal, just a fun thing. So why now try to twist it to the people you talk to about it? Why now is my working at a haunt so bad?

Look this is the last time I’m going to say this (ok, probably not) this blog is about me! Leave me alone and I won’t include you in it. As for the LISK Blog, I will be explaining its future tomorrow when it comes back up.