Cicada 3301 2014?

OK so far I haven’t heard anything about new Cicada posts on 4ch or anywhere else. But to be honest, I doubt I’m gonna find anything. Point is I don’t see other’s posting anything anywhere about sightings.

Again, from what I understand the first time this happened was Jan. 6th, 2012. Then again on Jan. 5th, 2013. So many expected something on the 4th which was yesterday. Some thought something today since it happened last year on the 5th.  But so far nothing, at least it seems that way. Maybe tests are done and the 3301 have enough new recruits. Or  maybe with all the new recruits, they have found a different way to get their “tests” out there. They said they were not looking for followers, and let’s face it, most waiting for some sort of Cicada post are more followers than the last two years. It’s become the latest internet fad. But if new puzzles do appear and you are one of the many waiting to chase it, I found this blog that might be of some help:

Good Luck!

And for those of you who already are a part of the 3301, I have just heard of you, but I have high hopes from what I have heard, so do something meaningful, something big,  something that will really matter. Remember the end of the movie “Fight Club”?

Well, what ever it is you are doing, you have the world waiting.

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