Race For Enlightenment: Cicada 3301


Yes, the world is watching, and those who don’t know what Cicada 3301 is all about, they (like me) have been rushing to the internet to find out. Those who have known about the 3301 from last year or the year before were waiting, and the wait seems now to be over and now the race is on. Who will find their way through the labyrinth of clues first and discover the enlightenment promised?

I’m guessing the first 2 years recruited some people with skills that will help make this years search for the holy grail even more in-depth. And with so many more typing Cicada into their Googles and Bings, it will have to step it up to get trough to those who truly are needed.

Needed for what? Good question. But if this is not some evaporite internet game or hoax, and at this time it seems there is much more to the 3301 then that, then it’s a waiting game to see what this is really all about. Is someone building a Super Anonymous? The more I look into it the more I wonder about that. If so let’s hope this new way of club membership pays off. Anonymous went from champion crusaders to bickering and gaming children all to quickly. Doxing each other and everyday nobodies just for the fun of it. I have hopes this is different. Maybe this time the right people will come together and do the right thing (Not a Spike Lee reference, ok, not just a Spike Lee reference).

But what ever the 3301 are up to, a new part has begun. And a hope that a few chosen ones will get the golden ticket into… enlightenment. How can you not love that?

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