A New Year

So, a new year and a new blog. Do I really need another one? 2013 was a blogful year for me, I had quite a few blogs going. The Prophet Blog, aka “The Red & Black” is over for now and my “LISK” blog is coming to places where it may also need to take a break. I want to thank anyone who comes here from either of those 2 blogs. I should also warn you that this is not the helping and hoping place the “Red & Black” was attempting to be. This is also not about LISK though I’m sure some of that blog will bleed into this one.

What is it? Well, I think that will become more clear in time to all of us who stick this one out. For now it is a place for me to sort out all the different ideas I have racing through my head.

If you have read both my other blogs mentioned above I want to thank you for sticking with me for so long, I think you will like this blog a lot. It will be more personal than the others, also more fun I think. Not trying to save the world with this one, just running with the scissors with no apologies to who get’s hurt. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

If you have not read my other blogs, they are now up in “My Stuff” to the right. So please check them out. There are others and I will get to them all. But first let’s get this party started with a skit that should create some good ol’ awkward silence.

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