Zero’s World On Facebook

Thank’s doc, I’ll try to put my Id on a leash and keep it together. No promises though.

So welcome to any new readers. If some of you are on the Cicada Hunt I hope you are doing well there.

A new place has jumped on to “My Stuff” on the side,, it is the Facebook page for this blog. Check it out, it’s gotten quite interesting in there. At the moment we have 3 (yes 3) people in there who just might need to take a seat on the couch. More skits coming I guess.

We have John Doe, the self-proclaimed fan of the LISK case.

We also have Dorothy Price Hill, the lady who connects anyone and everyone to a serial killer working the east coast.

And last (and probably least) we have Nancy Evans Figat, who, well I don’t know much about her, But Dorothy says Nancy’s ex is involved with Dr. Hackett and Brewer. Something Dorothy has also said about her ex.

Although I will tell you, Dorothy yanks her comments pretty quick so I don’t know how long her’s will be there. Still, if you are looking for more insights on my blogs and the people who are in them, check out Zero’s World Facebook!


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