Being Sued By A Not So Mystery Mom

A few times this week I have woke up to emails from Mysterymom7 threatening to sue me. If you don’t know who Mysterymom7 is, she was the author of a blog called “Catching LISK”. In this blog, among other things she claimed she was being stalked by Dr. Hackett. If you don’t know who Dr. Hackett is, he is a POI (person of interest) in the Long Island Serial Killer case. In 2010 a girl named Shannan Gilbert went missing in a Long Island neighborhood and was later found dead in the marsh nearby. But not before many other bodies were found. It is a sad and strange case and if you don’t know the story I highly recommend you check out one of the 48 hours on the subject:

You can also check out my 3 part blog I wrote on the Red & Black when I first came across Mysterymom7’s blog:

Dr. Hackett is being sued by Shannan’s mom for wrongful death.  There are questions of whether he saw Shannan the night she disappeared . I shouldn’t have to tell you that if you watched the 48 hour stuff.

So as you see in my link to my other blog, I saw Mysterymom7’s blog and thought, wow, something is going on here, is she really being stalked. And if so is this guy a serial killer. According to her blog he was.  Mysterymom7 had many posts showing why she was SO sure that not only was he a serial killer but stalking her because of all the info she was finding on him to link him to all sorts of criminal activities.

I started my own blog about her blog as well as the site where most of this really started. after a lot of reading of comments and posts and quite a few posts of my own in my blog, I came to the conclusion that I just didn’t buy her blog. I thought the whole thing was probably a fake. I don’t believe any one was stalking her. I don’t believe in her stories of drones, or phony phone calls. I think it all was a game. And I’d tell you to go read it for yourself and decide for yourself, but she took the blog down once more and more people started calling it a hoax.

There’s actually a lot more to it and I’d tell you to go to my LISK blog (link on side under “My Stuff”) but today I decided to temporarily take it down. Why? Well that brings us back to my email threats. Seems the Mystery Mom who had a blog where she called people killers, stalkers, and other criminal activities is now suing me for some reason I still don’t understand. Here is her latest email threatening to sue me:

It took me 2 hours to find out your real name once I decided I was going to sue you. I had never bothered to look into you, your family, your work, your children, or anything about you until you left me no other choice. I didn’t get any info from anyone else. Since I have your real name and address, it will take a lot less time to bring a lawsuit to court. I don’t have to jump through any hoops.

You know your information could be twisted far worse than mine, and would be in the wrong hands. Sit with that feeling (and add (name withheld for now) into that feeling) like I have for the past year. You have no connection to the LISK case other than curiosity. The same as myself. You’re still sitting with your anonymity online. I’m not. You have the power to stop the name dropping, but you’re making the choice to keep it going for your own entertainment. I’m not a victim. I’m an innocent bystander that jumped in to try to help and you’re allowing to be attached to this case in a way that is false and damaging.

So first off, you wrote a name in your email that I left out of this post, but I’m not sure who or what is ment by it. I know a few people with that name so please be more specific in who you are referring to MM7. And what do you mean by “and add that person into that feeling” I’m very curious about what this means.

Ok Mysterymom7, you want to email me threats and look into my personal life and what ever else because you feel I have wronged you because I did not believe in you fairy tale blog, do I have this correct?

As childish as I think you are being, I’m willing to hear what your lawyer thinks is illegal about my LISK blog or what it is you feel you can sue me over.  I’ve even taken the blog down so in case there is something that needs to be removed it will be done before the blog returns.

How long do you need for you lawyer to contact me? You now have my name, phone number, and address I believe (scary).  So I say a week is good, yes?

I will leave the blog down for a week so you can see your lawyer and have them contact me.


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