DAY 2: Blog Held Hostage

Two days have gone and still no new replies from Mysterymom7. My LISK blog remains down. I am still unsure about what it is she feels is worth suing me over. I state many times in the blog that it is based on opinions and hearsay. And even then most stuff I post is straight out of, Catching LISK, or emails I recieved. So I didn’t really expect to hear back from any lawyer because there is nothing criminal about my blog. And to be honest I did not take Mysterymom’s threats to sue seriously. But her last email to me (the one I posted from) was diferent.  She now knew who I was, and at first I didn’t care, but after reading and rereading her last email I realize maybe I need to take this more siriously. This is the part that really has me thinking:

You know your information could be twisted far worse than mine, and would be in the wrong hands. Sit with that feeling (and add xxxxx into that feeling) like I have for the past year.

The name I have replaced with xxxxx’s is my wife. Now I find this whole line to be somewhat threatening. Especially because it had my wife’s name in it. But I’m not gonna cry “stalker” or yell “I’m suing”.  In fact there is not much I can do about her digging info out about me. I put my Secret Blog up the other day before she found it and put it out there and said I was hiding something. And then I keep thinking “you know your information could be twisted far worse than mine“. And maybe she is right. Do I really want to take a chance with what ever MM7 has found out about me?  What if she twists it and tries to make me seem like someone I’m not. She has done it before.

So now I realize that it is not a lawsuit I need to worry about. And the blog being held hostage is just the beginning. My identity is being held for ransom! I am not sure I can take a chance with my identity. There’s no telling what Mysterymom might try to twist things. and if she gives info to Dorothy, I could really be dealing with a mess. I don’t think I need to tell anyone reading this that. (well unless you came to the blog because of the Cicada posts, then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but don’t worry a Cicada update is coming soon!)

I know Mysterymom7 may no longer be reading here so I have sent an email asking what she wants removed from my LISK blog. And depending what they are, I may have no choice, and not because of any lawsuit, but because I don’t know what twisting of my personal information Mysterymom7 or her buddies might do. If any of you are still reading, please send me a list of demands for the safety of my personal info. I’m willing to negotiate, please don’t use it to twist stories about me.

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