So, I may have mentioned once or twice my love for music and lyrics. When I was younger I thought I would grow up to be a rock star. Nikki_Sixx  from Mötley Crüe was my idol. I was even in a couple garage bands back in the 80’s.

But I didn’t  have much talent other than writing lyrics and an ear for what would become popular. That might have been enough if I really did something with it. But I didn’t  and that is just life.

I never stopped writing lyrics though and I have so many of them that I just think the time has come to do something with them. So I am gonna post some here. And if there are any aspiring artist or accomplished one for that mater, who likes any of them, feel free to use them, all I ask is you mention the name zero on your album jacket if you use them in a song.  And with that I am going to write an original right now . It should be good because my head is raging with emotion lately. ( it might be crap too, I haven’t written a whole song in a while) Here it goes:


The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out.

Why does everybody have to scream and shout

Nonsense and hypocrisies

Blamings of you and me

Forever procrastinating

Deceitful and aggravating

Are we left to what is waiting


or is it just another lie?


I read the news today, something ’bout the human race

Sherlock Holmes is on the case

But no one’s the wiser

When we disguise her

We just get higher

Glass house town crier

Another liar!


it’s all


we fall


and what will become of us?


I don’t want to sound disrespectful

But you have quite a mouthful

It’s time to spit it out

Eliminate all the doubt

Last american boy scout

And find out

What it’s all about


we get


the shit


I get






lust to dust

what’s become of us

4 thoughts on “Lyrics

  1. Not bad at all my friend, and how very appropriate!!!!!!!

    I’d love a copy of the rap you posted on your LISK blog…hint , hint…email me 🙂

    I think you should post it here, I thought it was awesome..
    Rock on!!!

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