DAY 3: Blog Held Hostage

Still nothing from Mysterymom7. But the latest comment left on my Red & Black Blog by Mari: tells me my identity is already being twisted and passed around. I don’t get it, I said I was willing to negotiate for my identity, the blog is down and I was waiting the demands.

I can’t say that I’m too surprised that Mysterymom7 went to Mari with twisted information about me. This is something quite a few ladies have been doing for a while. Lots of loonies (not my words) have been throwing each other under the bus to be a part of Mari’s inner circle (again not my words). So for my info to be twisted into something malice and then given to Mari is not unexpected. They’ve been doing this to each other for a while. But I am not trying to get close to Mari or this case, I have stated so many times now that I am not sleuthing this case that one more time won’t really matter. Most people who comment here haven’t read much of my blogs. If they did they wouldn’t be fooled by the trixters who want to silence those of us that didn’t buy the games and agendas. Still Mari’s comment troubles me, because I am not trying to get in the way of this case or offend any of the families.

So it is definite that my LISK blog will be coming to an end. After its return I will end it properly. I feel that is best.

It will still remain down 4 more days so hopefully Mysterymom7 will get back with her list of demands on the release of my identity, or actually the non release of it. I’m not happy about you twisting up some tale to tell Mari, but I’m still willing to listen. The last thing I want to deal with is Dorothy putting my family and friends into her endless list of criminals. Or some fake twitter or blog by NERD or some other gamer taking my incocent information and twisting it into something else. You of all people should know what that’s like. Please stop giving out my info and let me know what it is you want in return.

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