DAY 5: Blog held Hostage

Finally something from Mysterymom7. Although I’m sad to say she does not want to negotiate.:

This is not a hostage situation and there is no negotiation to be had. There are no terms and there are no demands. This is not a game. This is not a ploy. This is not pretend. This is a decision you have forced me to make.

Your identity, by your own admission, is easy to find, as was mine. So it cannot be held as ransom like you are now portraying I am doing- in public.

If you must read the link I left on your Facebook 100 times to comprehend the reason why I must sue you, then you should. It is in your best interest to do so before you continue blogging about me (as Cristin, mysterymom7 or MM7, etc.).

I have contacted a lawyer. It is a holiday weekend. I will discuss a plan of action with a lawyer on Tuesday.


So my LISK blog has been down for 5 days waiting for Mysterymom7 to tell me what is wrong with my blog, what she wants removed, and her reply is she “must sue me”.

Though her first step in all of this was not to see a lawyer, but to tell me she had my personal information and that it could be twisted in the hands of the “wrong” people. She could have just found out my information and took it to a lawyer, but she had to go and threaten me with it first. She may not think what she wrote me was a threat, but I suggest she show that email and all our other email correspondence to her lawyer tomorrow.

And your friend Dorothy is now posting comments all over my Facebook, accusing me of child porn. And if you want to say Dorothy isn’t your friend, I’d have to ask you to show all yours and Dorothy’s email correspondence to your lawyer as well.

Don’t throw this back on me. I didn’t make my blog up. I blogged about what I read. Mainly from your blog. Just because you pulled it doesn’t mean I have to pull mine. I stand by my blog and it will return in 2 more days. So please once again let me know what you want removed, but stop with the narcissistic thinking that my blog is about you. I don’t blog about you. I blog about lots of things, you keep yourself involved here. Not me.

6 thoughts on “DAY 5: Blog held Hostage

  1. maybe she didn’t like me calling her names, poor wittle cwistin…or maybe we should start calling her twistin…. how many times do we say “you reap what you sow”? you did not have to create that blog twistin…but you did. you did not have to play your games. but you..did.

  2. many of us had to discuss cristen to defend the untrue allegations written about us in on her blog/LISK..just sayin..

    Still confused… you began this in defense of her and to uncover the reasons she was being ‘picked’ on. The blogs theme was to uncover games, but while defending her, you discovered who was really playin. At this point cristen had no problem working with you?

    yeah, i’m confused

  3. Oh yeah…i think its time for all those dorothy has slandered, myself included, to ban together and shut her evil mouth..The list is growing by the second…

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