The Following

THE FOLLOWING: Season two teaser art.

The second season of The Following began last night it started off with a bang. If you are a follower and have not seen last night’s episode yet, don’t worry I’m not gonna ruin anything in this blog. Though I am thinking about blogging more about the show. I’ll have to check and see if there are any other blogs dedicated to the show.

If you do not watch the show, you might want to check it out, it’s really good. The plot is a little like the plot from the movie “Manhunter” (the original Silence of the Lambs, if you don’t know it and you do know Silence of the Lambs and it’s sequels then I highly recommend you looking up “Manhunter”) with the works of Edgar Allan Poe mixed in.

It also takes a look at the dangers the internet age adds to the likes of serial killers and cults. An interest I think I share with at least a few of my readers

The show is on FOX Sunday nights.

Here’s a link to the shows website:

And here’s its Wikipedia link:

10 thoughts on “The Following

  1. keep starting to watch 1st season on Netflix…1st two episodes were ehh…does it get better?? No Spoilers please 🙂 Im willing to give it another shot..

    • most people don’t like, but it does get beter. I like the premise of the show, and some of the scenes get pretty scary, so that’s a plus for me. It’s funny because last year I checked out 2 new shows I thought I would love, the first Steven King’s Under the Dome, I just couldnt get into, and the book it is based on is one of my favorites. Everyone I talked to loves it and it gets good write ups on the internet. while the other one, The Following gets lots of bad feed back on the web and I really like the show. That’s the way it goes sometimes. But I know by the views I got on this post about The Following that lots of others are into the show, so i may have to blog about it again as the second season (which is kind of off to a slow start in my opinion) goes on and hopefully picks it up.

  2. Well im a Netflix junkie…ill give it another shot. I saw some awesome series on there, one that comes to mind is American Horror Story…Ill email you a few gems my friend

  3. My favorite in the horror/serial killer/ crime genre is The Killing…must see..check it out!! also love Walking dead and a series called Top of the Lake…but The Killing was awesome!!

    • I started the killing but did not finish. I should watch the rest of the series, it was good. It reminded me of one of my favorite shows Twin Peaks. I’m a big fan of Walking Dead, both show and comic. Don’t know about Top of the Lake, will have to check it out. Have you seen the movie “manhunter”?

  4. second season rocks…im just sayin If i did see manhunter, i forgot, which isnt that unusual these days..I know its on netflix, ill def give it a try

    • it is the first part to silence of the lambs, it was eventually remade as red dragon. But the original is better in my opinion. A different actor plays hanibal in it, and I always like to se how people like the original hanibal compared to hopkin’s.

  5. Saw Red dragon, we’re on the same page..Stick with the Killing, i watched season 1 and 2 in like three days…wouldn’t steer you wrong…not biased, but the lead is a female detective!! 🙂 They leave it open for season 3

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