Once Again Things Change

Even before I took my LISK blog down for 7 days, things started changing again. Which is strange, because I was in the process of creating this new blog and trying to edge away from my involvement in writing about the LISK case.  Though, let’s face it, I did very little about writing about the LISK case, most was about others who wrote about the LISK case. Funny thing is though, it seems like every time I start to back off of that blog, something new pops up. In this case it was the Figats. I’m not ready to get into all that comes with that craziness, it would only confuse things more at this point.

Next was the lawsuit threats and all that came with that. I didn’t care about the threat of being sued, though it did get old email after email. The thing that got to me was my name being thrown at me along with my wife’s name. Some may say everyone involved here was involved in that kind of thing and therefore when I stepped in and started sorting it out I became guilty of the same type of crap. So therefore we all get what we get. (yet I’m still waiting for it to get back to the person who started all this, and I’m sure it will)

So do I shut it all down? Turn and run and hope none of the crazier ones involved in all this gets my info and then who know’s what? Why? My info was out there. Even if MM7 didn’t pass it around, someone else might find it, a few now seemed to be looking into me. And I had given quite enough info about myself throughout all my blogs. So no, I just decide to totally run with this new blog. Make it as far out there as possible and blog about what ever the hell I want to.

First step, expose MM7, the lawsuit etc. Second through all sorts of my own info out there to show I didn’t care who knew what about me. I’d make this blog all about me.

Before starting the “Red & Black” last year I had written another blog on Myspace. (I’ve mentioned this before and know some of you read some of it, thank you) It is gone now due to MySpace changing its format and well, it is MySpace, does anyone still use that? That blog got pretty personal. Even the “Red & Black” got personal at times.

What I’m getting at is the LISK blog was one of the few things I blogged about that was not personal. It was not about me in any way. I didn’t know the people I blogged about, most were only screen names to me, some still are. The only things I knew about the case were from what I read in news articles or saw on news programs. Most of the time I was playing catch up with those who commented on my blog. Many were locals and new a lot more than me. Other’s were sleuthers who had been following this for a while. Even the trolls (some of who fall into both locals and sleuthers) knew more about all this than me. And yet going back over my blog, it is spot on a lot of the times about many of you. Yes it was wrong as well, but with everyone saying they have secret info etc. I think I did pretty well. I’m not claiming I have everyone or everything figured out, but a lot of what I wrote is collaborated by things others have now said and things I have read.

Again though my point… my LISK blog ,was not supposed to be about me. But because I am so used to getting personal in my blogs when people wanted to start making it about me, I was to obliged to go there. Again this is the main reason I was making this blog, this Zero’s World. I did not want my LISK blog top become about me but here, no mater what I was blogging about it would always be about me.

Still the though of some of these people having to much personal info about me was a littlw scary and my family was a little uneasy about all of it. My phone started doing some wierd things and it was like, is this what otheres were talking about, will my phone become part of spoof calls etc. Some told me it would. maybe i should have been more worried about what i was writing.

Maybe I kept it going to long, I mean I exposed most of the games long ago. But when I went back to writing on my LISK Bloog this third time I learned so much more about what had been going on in those comments of LISK.com. I met a lot of people and learned why they wrote on LISK.com. Then MM7 gave me her blog and boy did I learn a lot about what went on there. In fact I have a half-finished blog still sitting in my LISK blog unpublished section titled “LISK.com & Catching LISK”. I was gonna say my final peace on both these sites that I wrote mainly about in my blog. This would be one of the last posts there. But as I said it sits unfinished. Part is because this whole Figat/Nerd thing is still an unanswered part to this game. And it nags a little at me. But I could continue that here, if I wanted to, on the blog that is tailor-made for games.  In fact I was going to do that, but then I though maybe it was time to leave the game players alone or maybe move on to some new game players (though my try to do that on Twitter over the summer did not work out to well).

The fact that I have had almost no emails lately and no comments on any of the blogs also weighed in on this. I was thinking about how nice it was to not answer emails and comments everyday. No Dorothy crap to search through to try to understand. No one to try and find out if they are a sock-puppet. No one to try and convince I was not a sock-puppet. No wondering who was real and what agenda they were up to. It was kind of nice and I toyed with the idea of not ever posting on any of these blogs. Just leave them sit and move on. So to those few who did send emails I didn’t answer, I’m sorry, I was thinking about ditching this whole thing. To answer one of those emails right here, yes I have removed some comments. Some posts as well.

So it might have ended right here for me. Yes I’d check in on the blogs to see if any one commented from time to time, don’t know if I would have commented though. And yes I would have continued to follow the case or cases. But I was ready to remove zero from the equation. No more blogging about LISK or anything connected to it. Then something happened. I was watching T.V. and saw a program that brought it all right back up to the front of my mind. Everything, the case, the games, the blogs, the many screen names I have read religiously for almost a year. All of it dancing around in my head.

I looked over and there was Robert Kolker’s book Lost Girls sitting on my desk. I had gotten it for my birthday but still had not read it. I decided it was time I did.

I finished it last night (most of it read on Sunday) and now once again everything has changed for me.


4 thoughts on “Once Again Things Change

  1. Are you developing an interest in talking facts about this case? Possibly, shall I dare say..”sleuth” the actual case? Take a look at it man. Block the opinions and just take all the facts in. It’s actually a very bizarre, horrific, and tragic timeline? You got enough people hitting this site…..why not use the popularity? Some of the facts in this case are as crazy as the rumors……..except they are real.
    Check it out dude.

    • You r so smart native, lol. That is exactly the direction I seem to be heading in. Even when I’m not looking into the case it seems to find it’s way back to me. After reading ‘Lost Girls” last weekend much more opened up to me. It wasn’t that I didn’t know the case, but I had been staying away from it in a way. Trying to focus on the game players and not the case itself. So, yea, let’s see where I go from here, you might even notice a zero popping up in websleuth,

  2. LInative/Zero….Its a great idea, and the reason we all ‘met’ to begin with!!! The killer/killers are still out there…Please consider it Zero

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