My Favorite Comment

Zero, want to start off by sayin im sorry to hear about Motley Crue :(  i can relate and understand completely… This post really got to me, so i hope to be as clear as possible. As you know, im also a huge Eminem fan. The ‘story’ told in his lyrics had a tremendous impact on both myself and my son. So much we can relate to, on so many levels and issues…i know you understand. I too, have played the whole CD to death, as well as much of the older material written by ‘Shady’ lately…My son recently said he notices a change in me when i obsess over certain songs, an angry change. Although he understands where im coming from, he knows im in a better place when im listening to ‘Eminem’/ his new stuff comes full circle, revealing he has matured and accepted certain painful things in his life..

i think i understand what you’re struggling with. We have had discussions off blog when we both struggle with our conscience..Its not easy for some of us to say, screw it, lets give em a taste of their own medicine!! even though sadly, it seems to work.

When i was new to all this, beginning on LISK, i was accused constantly of being too nice or phony, i was unaware and unprepared for the insults, let alone being accused of crimes ect..when i lashed out and defended myself, i then got accused of being too harsh or disruptive. i learned and observed however, there were many forms of distraction.  Ok, so some didnt curse or get their feathers ruffled, but i witnessed many arguments over who was smarter than who ect…post after post of arguing over the meaning of mental illness for example, just very nit picky, lots of attitude and strong personalities..I apologized many times on that site, but i actually regret that now, as ALL posting there had their moments and made mistakes..

the fact that is we all struggle with the angel/devil on our shoulders, well most do. I like you even more for admitting to this struggle. I know you are GOOD. I know your intentions were GOOD.  all we can do is learn and grow. i have NO regrets. Im proud to ‘know’ you, as well as quite a few others ive ‘met’. i hope you will not spend too much time struggling with yourself ZERO!! Just don’t.

Linda, thank you for your understanding. In the beginning I was one who found your comments on the harsh side, but I have come to appreciate your honestly so much, that if you were the only one reading my blogs I would continue to write them. As we all know, blogs are often misread and misunderstood, and it goes double for comments. It is so nice when someone gets what you are saying. And I can see that there are some of you out there that get what I am saying. I only wish I lived closer so that I could meet some of you personally. I’m sure we’d hit it off and we’d have plenty to talk about.

Thank you, Linda, this comment meant a lot to me. And now in the words of Motley Crue, it’s time to go “On With The Show”!

And yes, I just may put Motley Crue in every post.

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Comment

  1. Hey ya never know..I have family that spends a lot of time in your neck of the woods, working for Grucci…he’s also friends with metallica 🙂 As you know, ive got more time on my hands than i can handle….but dont worry no surprises or stalking lol

  2. You know, zero, you bring up here some of the things that always baffled me about, it seemed to me that there were just too many times that when it seemed something was being brought up that might actually point to something of value, distraction, diversion, and division began en masse. I find this story you are speaking of fascinating, and even moreso that it was just not brought up.

    And to linda, yeah, there were a lot of people with a lot of issues on that site and I honestly more than once found myself questioning what exactly the point of it was, because more often than not it was more a podium for slander and accusations than anything else.

    • Hey MD. I wondered where you were. Nice to hear from you again. The whole Raymond thing jumped out at me, but no one was talking about it no mentions in anyything I read about it conected him to anything LISK related so i let the subject go. I didn’t want to be someone bringing up unrelated info. But then i saw it on TV the other day and I was brought back to my wierd feelings that not even Dorothy threw this guy into her lists. Again it probably is not related at all, but it did get me to read Lost Girls and look back over my blog.

  3. agreed Ms. MD…im thrilled you’re here!! Not sure how much of zero’s new blog you’ve read yet, but we may very well be able to brainstorm again 🙂 We could do this the right way!! but it wouldn’t be complete with you 🙂 Thank you for the patience and respect you’ve always shown me..Loving your blog as well sista!!

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