New Girl Nancy & Facebook

Who is Nancy Evans Figat? Is she real? She first commented on my LISK Blog as “Just Wondering” asking why I wasn’t letting Dorothy’s comments through (I believe this was New Years Eve or the next day) Then they started commenting as nefigat. They also started commenting on my Facebook page. (click on it in My Stuff and check out some of our conversations or just click here: ) Who are you Nancy? You continue to spark my curiosity.

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  1. Not ready to place bets just yet…but my Spidey senses say, if DPH is silent, nancy is her….or my favorite girl of all, Fluke…yeah

  2. I kinda like this john Doe guy…im not about to post on your FB again (remember how THAT…but maybe he has some input/insight?? developing some fan club my friend!! Its all GOOD..literally 🙂

    • The print you use is too small for me to read. alsi, your little peanut, It reminds me of the joeyisalittlekidblog.
      Which by the way,is another one of yours. Whether or not you are concious of it. Many alters you have. My compasionate nature feels for you.

      Your dark side is darkest I have ever experienced. Have you thought about finding a way to dump the nasty LINDA?

      • There was a joeyisalittlekid blog? lmao, must have been good. Well i teel you what Nancy, I’m still not who you think I am, but I am starting to believe your ex might be our NERD. If you are real of course. Hey NERD you still reading here? Is this your girl? Am I close to figuring you out?

      • No. Sorry. Im here to stay. will always challenge BS, and I have my reasons… For whats its worth, i find you COMPLETELY harmless to anyone i care about. Thats good news for you, it means im through with you 🙂

      • except I called her ex at the bank he works at. I asked for him by name and was transfered to him and he told me all about his ex wife and how he had been dealling with her in court, maybe that is why she is no longer here. But if what you say is true, then who did I talk to and why would the bank i called play along with a fake name?

      • Glad you asked that question abt why the bank put Wolff on the ph. Being he does not exist. If you are Mike. I leave room for that. You will be amazed at my recall.
        Ok. Mike used to tell me abt when he was in auto fivertise nuance. The Dealership or Credit Co. Would seek out marginal customers. Why? Because they are desperate.The reason they are desparate is that they make poor financial choices…not too bright. So..the dealership is better able to take advantage of this marginal client. So they place an ad in a local paper. Seeking this clientel. The advertise financing for people w credit problems. They use a fake name such as. Ask for Mr. Wolff fake rep. Now everytime a call cimes in for fake rep. It goes straight to you or Mr. Figat. The man behind the fake name who gets to screw over these customers who can leadt afford to get screwed. Got it? Chris Wolff. You may have asked for been put through just like that Mike.

      • But the call went through 2 receptionist before i got him, so i doubt it is that involved. And you can easily explaine it by saying i am lying, but I don’t care, it is proof for me I seek, not you. I know who i am.

      • I know enough about banksters to know they are Crooks. That is enough to know that they are not what I want to associate with. Not for me. I like to play fair win fair or lose.

      • you keep saying things like Dorothy told you about me etc. then you say dorothy is a fake screen name made by your ex Mike, don’t youn see you make no sense? I think you are a liar. And that is too bad. Still none of these gamers ready to be honest and help end the mess created.

      • don’t worry, i will get inot how you all get your info from god, most people know this about dorothy already, so you , her doppelganger, of course folloes suit. Is it religion that messed all you up?

      • That comment implies that you don’t believe in God Mike. There was a time when you did believe. It certainly helped your Dad in his olfer years.

      • What do you get? lmao. start by getting, the gamers don’t come here. They are afraid. Dorothy gone. Cristin gone. Joey gone. NERD gone. Just about all the gamers are afraid to comment here anymore, why, because i use all your own words against you. I’m still here though. That’s gotta bug some of you.

      • Does not bug me. I don’t care. Once you have faved your worst fears and survived. They lose thrir power over you. Remrmber the Bible story about David and Goliath? Great ex.

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      • Nancy…im quoting

        Feb 05, 2014 @ 13:56:01

        No real deal Dorothy.She is also Mike. She has been writing memos and connecting dots. For 2 yrs. If that were so. Show me the money. Results.

      • yes, we would all agree. show us results, that goes for dorothy, cristin, jen, joey, and anyone knows so much more than LE on this case. Oh yea, you too nancy.

      • It is by no means a matter of not liking LE. What it is, is not liking the behavior of many of them..or for that matter the hypocritical behavior of anyone. Not limited to LE….anyone.

      • Correction…A few of us spoke to chris w……your getting me all confused you nut bag!! DPH is real. So ass. Your ass is fake. DOPE

      • I figured it out. But Like I said, she thinks everyone is Mike, so in her mind us talking to Chris was the same as talking to Mike, lol. Boy are we starting to muck this up, lol. It’s their games we are just trying to figure them out. If nancy and mike are real, i’ll get it straight. And soon there will be no queation about who i am. That i promise.

      • LMFAO hahaha. You made my laugh of the day. WTF is a NUTBAG? I would guess it better to be one of those than an authentic SCUMBAG. Wouldn’t you agree?

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      • idiot… dinh is from the Steven King book series The Dark Tower. You really should wait on some of these things you write. I am going to write a blog explaining the name and then you just look foolish again. So shh about what dorothy told you about me. She has no idea about what she is talking about, but again, I thought you knew that. You are a tuff nutt I’ll give ya that, but I’ll crack ya.

      • Ok mean Mike. You have always projected what you do. Onto me. Your bad stuff. The guilt that is yours gets trsnsferred to me subconsciously. A big part of our relationship was based on this aspect. You probably not aware you are doing this. I know I see it objectively. You continue to do the sane thing in a different way. By having Cops etc charge me w crimes. It deflevts your guilt. If What is in your best intetest is to find a different outlet flr your guilt. What youare doing one way or another will stop.

      • No Dorothy is not me she is Mike a nicer one than you are.Besides I dont know very much abt Manhassett. Mike he getsvaround Hookers, Banks, NewJersey etc. Not me I am content to be unexvited but happy.

      • February 7, 2014 at 4:00 pm
        Haha. My buddy Dorothy already told me ZERO. It means Zerodinhell FYI.

        So you still speak to your ex.?? so confused, yet thoroughly entertained 🙂

      • nefigat says:
        February 8, 2014 at 9:47 am
        No Dorothy is not me she is Mike a nicer one than you are.Besides I dont know very much abt Manhassett.

        Your ex must be crazy in love with you..Why else would he have a house in forecloser in manhasset, and Put a woman who says she’s Dorothy in there, let alone her kids..this guy is GOOD!!! You’re a lucky lady

      • That sounds warped. My ex puts Dirothy in a house in Manhasset because he is crazy in love w ME? Now that is a bit mind boggling itself. This must be contagious.

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      • I don’t think you get when people are using sarcasism and your own words to make you see how foolish you sound or that you don’t make sense. I beleve Linda is implying a. tha some of us talked to Chris on the phone and since you want to say that is Mike, that YOU are saying we talked to Mike. And the house thing again, has to do with the fact that we know Dorothy lives there, but you want to say that Dorothy is Mike, so then who is the lady and kids living there that we thought was Dorothy. Again, I’m just guessing. L:inda can explaine it herself. But this part of the game is boring me. To move on I have to stop going in circles with you. And I will, soon, very soon. But you could stop it, just by ansewring that simple question. Funny I asked you 2 questions. One was how when I called the bank and asked for Chis, how did I get connected to him if he was not real. Now you have no way of knowing the answer to this, but you made up one anyways. The other question was one you should easily know the answer to. You told me you ex Mike was remaried to someone named Andrea:
        How is this possible? How can he be married to both of you. All of you get tripped up in simple lies, I don’t think you are as good at this as you think.

      • Zero, which is crazier?? One with multiple alters, or one who holds nonsensical conversations with ‘alters’…..just curious??

        Very complex….lol

      • Once one is on the trail. They are able to follow what they persue..altets and all. Just have to keep your nose to the wind not let up. Less you lose the scent.

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      • You could be right or maybe you are wrong. That you dont know yourself. Watching Netflix documentary has relevancy. Chicken Marsala on the menu and I am hungry.

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      • Looks like MIKE has moved on….the new Figat sure is adorable…FYI nancy, you might wanna move on, although i doubt you will…lol

      • So you got a lot of comments that just popped up. Going back n forth between 2 IP adresses as well. The new Ip address not coming from Shirley, which is where Dorothy once wrote Nancy was from (man you don’t know how hard it is to look back through all the comments and Emails to find something I remember reading). So this other IP you or someone is using says it is sent from samsung tablet, so mabe you just keep switching devices, I’m not sure, but looking into this new IP address some names come up. Could you help me out with them nancy? James Ubah from Benin and Alex Mele working with a canadian advert agency. Could be nothing, but since you have 2 IP addresses I had to check and these names seem connected to this new one some how. Explain if you want or else i can just make my own asumptions, at this point I don’t really case which way you want it.

      • I rarely if ever post from any place besides my home address. Or sometimes the Library which is nearby.. There are times when my tablet switches to a Netgear that is local. Been doing that for years. Other than that. Not much else. I don’t hide anything.

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      • My divorce was never finalized legally. Never signed by a Judge. It is not filed in the Dept. Of Health in Albany. Been there 3 times. Now explain that DOPE. There are only 2 of us in Town of Brookhaven. Not in Albany. I know exactly what he did. The same thin he always done. One trick pony. Once you find the trick. The rest is just like a word search…easy.

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      • nefigat says:
        February 9, 2014 at 2:05 pm
        Friuts and nuts. Many pots also..calling the kettles black.

        Explain THIS statement, bu ti warn you, you’ve got the attention of everyone now..lets here how WE are hypocrites?? take your time DOPE, this will define your future on this blog 🙂 Yes take your time……….

      • Who is everyone? With the exception of myself.You are talking to me and some pink faced nasty like you are Sock Puppet. Who thinks she can put out a fire without a hose.

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      • why are you so behind in all of this if you say you have been there all along. I did all this already. this whole blpog is based on me figuring out who people are. So just read. No one here has any more to prove to you. You are the one who needs to prove anyting or we will concider you a game player in a game you already lost but continue to play.

      • I will prove who I am soon though. Thanks to Cristin (funny how some of you did this to her, putting her name and her mug shot and her husbands mugshots and she didn’t like it but she has no problem doing the same, same way that when many asked her to stop her slanderous blog she basicaly told people no it was her right to blog about what ever she wantes and yet my blog which does not accuse anyone of anything other than games needs to be taken down or she will sue me) (didn’t you see those mugshots nancy? how are you so behind in all of this to still think people are fake)) my idenity is out there so i have no problem proving you a, LOST and confused, by showing (proving) I am who i say I am. But we do it on my time. not yours. I have a way i want these 2 blogs to go and i’m doing my best to stick to it even though your repetion of BULLSHIT is getting to me a little. Jen, Dorothy, Joey… all quiet now. But Nancy and Cristin must be the dumb ones of the group, gonna be left holding the bag maybe? I’m here till you all go away. So keep the madness coming. Soon there will be some Mayhem to add to it as well. I can’t wait.

      • You are right. I did not follow LISK since 2011. Picked it up again sometime in 2012. Where I came across Dorothy around Feb.2012. Then I gave it up again. Got distracted with mayhem in my own life. So I did miss a lot. I don’t know Cristen or what she blogged abt or Jen. The only consistant was Dorothy. Even though there was a 6 mo. Timespan. That we lost contact.

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      • I don’t have to google, my favorites is full of all the sites connected to all of the names and screen names here. theres one of the many links I have saved about dorothy. There is a ton of stuff out there connected to her name. I mentioned all of this before. In fact me and cristin shared emails about this subject long ago. And yes some of them have different ages,(funny same thing for Joey, differnt things I read has him at different ages as well) some say she has been devorced for a while, are some fake, like it has been sugessted to me, even dorthy acted upset when I showd her there was 2 Twitters with her name on it, but she already knew about it. (lies and games) Again my favorites is full of all of that. And not just her. Like heres your blog you had connected to your screen name: Not much of a writter i guess.

      • Guess you are right, can’t write for shit. But I can sure cook and shop in the top 2 %.  We are all given different gifts. Wtiting must not be one of mine.

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      • Not spending you Idiot. Investing. I guess you have yet to read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Briefly, there are two kinds of spending #1)Consumptive where you have nothing to show for your money after it is spent.#2)Investive spending, self descriptive. You buy something that in the long run will pay for dividends or gain value, better yourself so forth. Only a Dummy would say who couldn’t spend.

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      • Rrad the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Which explains investing vs spending. Consumptive soending vs investing in future gain.

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      • My divorce was never finalized legally.

        And if your divorce isnt REAL, how did your ex re marry?? and why in gods name would you post using YOUR married name..EXPLAIN that to ME?? go for it you desperate obsessed stalker..have some PRIDE, you represent all single women when you speak???!!!

      • I represent all single women. Well how could I be single if the divorce was never finalized.  Cant make sense out of nonsense. Besides I see exactly what you did. If we were legally divorced in 01. Then WTF were you doing. Continuong to file taxes as married 01 and 02. When we did not luve with you? Was supposedly have transferred the house to you. Forgery ofva fake deed.aA double whammy. You seem to feel and behave As if you are entitled to have the best of both worlds. Greed should have been your middle name.Ever given thought to what you plan to do with the proceeds that belong to yohr wife and kids.Even a fatman can only eat so much. Gluttony one if the 7 deadliest sins too. No Heaven for you you my friend.Att that time Ibwill no longer have any contact w you or your little puppets..

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      • The funny but also sad part is, if you are real and your story is real and there is a Mike, he could be reading here, lol. And he must be loving this. You might look quite the fool to him. Trust me he is not commenting though. I can see who comments and where they are and all that jazz, didn’t you get all this from when Dorothy and Cristin did it.

      • Linda sounds a whole lot like Mike. Same words,veiled threats. Pretends that others are guilty of what he does.  I dont care what he reads.  He knows my history better than I did. As far as his chsnging my identity goes. In 1992, we briefly separated. He was angry,anxious crazy. Remarked to my sister. That there is something that she…meaning me. Doesn’t know about.  Took me another 15 years to figure that one out. That explains the anxiety the rage. Which was caused by fear of me finding out. Panic attacks.

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      • Linda is linda. One of the few people I spoke with on the phone. Really nancy, you are behind in this, but I’m still curious to the parts of the game you DO know about.

      • I did not speak with her on the phone. But i did speak with Linda, who has met and spent time with jen. Jen has spoke with Cristin, Linda,Dorothy, Joey, and lots of others I’m sure on the phone. Jen has met Joey and Dorothy in person and has been in her house. Then there are those who i can’t mention there names, but have assured me jen is real and they have met her. although my own deallings with jen have only been on emails and facebook, many others have told me they have met jen. So you see, whether you believe me or not, there is a circle of people who can vouch meeting eachother, and though you may want to say it proves nothing, trust me they are all real. You though no one has admited to meeting with. In fact dorothy left so she can’t even back up speaking with you. Cristin is the only one who has heard of you and she though orothy made you up. So. Stop the “I don’t believe any of this is real game” another game already done. So done that people are probably tired of me explaining it to you again and agin. But I am interested in NERD and that seems to lead to you and dorothy at the moment. So i play along. But make sure you check my blog out Friday so i can finally put an end to you game about me being your ex. I guess it’s time for a Vlog. (I actually did a Vlog before, funny with all the searching some of you have done that you never found it, it’s kinda embaresing, so I’m glad no one did) Anyways, look for that special Valentine’s Vlog.

      • I have become a great bullshit detector.Sure lived  with the biggest bullshitter ever to walk the earth. My regret is having not stayed home the night I met that Psycho. My life would have been so much better. My kids too. True about the one bad apple?  Why did God put him on this earth. He belongs in the class of Charles Msnson, Ted Bundy,Rifkin. Such a shame sp many good people hurt by one evil being.

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      • I knew I’d have to explain this too. Vlog, it’s like a blog only done through video. Yes a video of me, blogging about you. Well about all this, but since I just got handed all the info on you, I think the Vlog will focus on you, plus you can see i am who i say i am. as unfortunately are you. I thoght you must be fake, but know you are all you say you are and more. And Dorthy has played you sending you here. I won’t ban ya, like the other blogs,i like this new info, it shows more insights into the type of people who are behind these LISK games. Oh Joey, you have surounded yourself with great bunch of ladies, all off their meds I’m guessing. Dorothy, if you are still out there somewhere, your team is busted, i got all the scoop now.

    • Who thinks she can put out a fire without a hose.

      Speaking of hoses boo, I think you might need one…know what im sayin??


  3. You can go check out Mikes joeyisalittlekidblog. You just might be one of those that disasociate so completely. That one alter does not know what the other has done. Scary huh?
    If you are Mike the host persona. You must remember tellimg me one time. That you were on the plane screaming down the runway about to take off. When you said that you asked yourself. “What the hell am I doing here?”
    I wouod guess that if you dont know. Neither does anyone else know.

    • your only amusing me, no one gives a shit if you think I’m your ex. They have zoned out on you. And by others I mean readers not alters. But since you keep playing this game, explaine why you still use your ex’s last name. If Figat is a real name that is. But if you have moved on and it is your ex that can’t keep away from you, why do you still use his name? How does that fit your little role play here?

      • I will shed the name. The very day that I gain access to a court to do so. When I will also be able to get a true Divorce. Signed by a real judge not Mike Figat using the judges rubbdr stamp. Will begon a new hopefully soon. New last name and new Soc. Sec.#.

      • So like Dorothy, you have a half devorce? lol. You don’t need the devorce to not include hi name on your facebook or these comments, just ask cristin. I don’t think you are confused at all. You know I’m not Mike. Is Mike even real? You and Dorothy seem like you have way to much in common.

      • Don’t need to go to court to legally change your name..both myself and my son did it through an attorney….silly

      • February 8, 2014 at 9:46 pm
        I did try through Soc.Sec. Last yr. They were not cooperative. Try again this wk.

        Why you want your social changed is beyond of shit for tax purposes. YOU NEED AN Attorney and approx $3500 dollars. They give your ex 30 through an announcement in the local paper, if her doesnt protest you can change your name…Ever think of changing it to Dopeass??

        Last bit of free legal advice i give..You should see what lawyers charge, something tells me your all gonna find out sooner or later though 🙂

      • Linda and I have no problem playing along with you, but we and anyone reading this realizes you don’t have to do anything legal to change you Facebook name, just change it. Also you chose what screen name to comment under here. You did not need to choose figit. But it is obvious that you want us all to know that name. NERD did to because they posted that link here to the fake JOEYandDPH twitter account that had the name Mike Figat as one they follow. And looking back in old emails from dorothy, guess what she mentioned you a while ago. So now you got my attention, I saw the name heard the story. Where next? I will tell you. My LISK blog. I am gonna finish it even though you and Cristin are doing a great job keeping me posting about other things. But it will be finished. And then if you all still want to play, this blog will show you how it’s done. My plan is to make you all famous one day. And I don’t care how long it takes. So no hurry here. I can go in your circles learning what I can. I may only get answers for myself, and that will be fine, but I won’t stop. Nope, I will continue with each of you. Exposing each lie you told, each game you were involved in, each connection both the fake ones a few of you throw out there and the real ones you don’t want known.

      • What I will tell you is the same thing that I constantly tell others.”Nothing worthwhile comes easy my friend. If it did. We would not appreciate it. Would not care for it then lose it. Getting a new Soc.Sec.# is a good thing for me. Due to the one that I have been using is not truly mine. That I know for a fact. Good memory here. I remember my IRS employed Mother in Law told me in the mid 1980s. That my # was invalid. Who invalidated my #? HOW AND WHEN.WHY?  So  how did I go from an invalid #. To my current valid #? Which Mike has been doing everything he can to shut down the identity of me using that#. Remember…where there is smoke. You will find fire. Mike can have the #he got for me sneaky bastard using a fake marriage license. Keep it. I eant a new one.Obtained legitimately.

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      • lmfao, yea if you have known this since the 80’s you might want to do something about it. Each of you is like a new layer of a crazy onion. and the deeper we peel the crazier it gets.

      • Had I known what or who I was married to or his motives. I would have paid attention to the remark when I heard it. But I didnt know what invalid #  meant. So I filed but did not forget it. Now I have connected what he did. Accepted it. Just want to leave it and that S.S. With Mike. Where it belongs. Made the circle.

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      • Linda and I have no problem playing along with you, but we and anyone reading this realizes you don’t have to do anything legal to change you Facebook name,

        YES Zero, but this bitch/witch represents everything we’ve been fighting against for quite some may think she’s harmless, I DON’T, but we MUST agree to disagree..”she’s the same FILTH” we’ve seen for years..JMO…

      • Stop being so damn narrcissistic. You are seeing filth due to looking into the pond too much. Staring at your own reflection. Dint do what he did. Narrcissiat drowned that way.

    • Not the place to start. Whether he is remarried or he is not. Is not my issue. That is his. I dont want the ties to him..thats all.

      So you just admitted that u lied about your divorce not being finalized…lol DOPE

      That adorable baby doesn’t look like an “issue”…Looks like you’ve been replaced big time!! yes, forgotten about long ago…Keep lying and avoiding our questions DPH

      • Adorable Baby? Do you mean Andrea? She’s a Babe alright. Or are you making reference to her Grand daughter born last Oct. Not Mikes Grandchild.

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      • Adorable Baby?

        YES…its clear YOUR EX has a new life, how bout you DOPE??? where are your kids/grandkids?? PLEASE bitch, just PLEASE

      • Where are my kids? Held hostage by you due to your stupidity in thinking you could create new ids on us and Greedster keep our originals. Isnt tgat what the OLS Wcircled means? God forbid you take responsibility. Soneone once remarked to me that Mike uses his kids as a shield. True. Still think I am you Mama. Hiding behind my apron too. How about that you F..kin Coward.

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      • Court can’t keep adult kids from seeing you…come on, tell me the Theres more to that story, people in prison have the right to see their kids…what on earth did you do?? tsk tsk dorothy

      • ?Tsk tsk Mike. Deadbeat P.O.S.,”7 don’t give a shit about these kids. I just want MY money.” Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. Of you are stupid enough to think I will own that remark. Project your projector in your own direction. ZERO guilt here. I did the right thing by everyone. No need to jump through any hoops trying to convince something like you of that. Would never ever find me treating ny spouse or child the way that you did. God knows what you did. You won’t fool him either.

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      • Capitalizing is for effect. ZERO you likely are Mike.  That is exactly, what you have done to add good to the lives of your family. ZERO. Too bad you can’t jump into a Time machine and travel back. Been a blessing a good man,father, husband. Someone we could be proud of. It is what it is. Isn’t it?

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      • I feel for you if you are real, cause unless Mike is a reader here he is not seeing anything you write. Trust me I look deep into the cpomenters. One’s like you that I don’t know for sure who they are get made into posts, so the fakes like NERD and the gamers like Dorothy, and the peolpe with agendas like Joey, don’t comment much here. But they probably still read, so maybe your ex will read your rants. but trust me, the people you are projecting at are not your ex. Do you know that, or are you really that far gone.

      • FYI. My ex. Is missing a few items that humans have. One of them is a conscience,also a soul and lacks empathy and insite. So not to worry. If he reads this it would be like is chicken reading it. Won’t sink in or have impact. He lacks the ability to comprehend that others should matter to him. That caring is normal. Doing right by our family is something to be proud of. Would cause him to walk tall and straight.

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      • we don’t know your ex so all we have is what you say, if true, I think most here would agree he’s an ass just like that coward Flukeyou. But you are all over the place, so it’s impossible for us to know what is real with you.

      • The one that needs them most. Wants others to medicate themselves into delusions that cause them to act and think thay you are in the right OK. Not going to happen. Not sorry for your position. You have been given more than enough opportunities to right this situation. Yet you turn left. When a right turn is the only way out.

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      • I think that anyone who wants a brilliant,functional,kind,loving woman like myself ..medicated. They all have something in common. Which is…an association with YOU. Whereupon you and them also share commonalities that I don’t have. Therefore, they

        have alligned yourselves against ME. The innocent order to protect the cost ..of myself my children. Tell me. What was/is right about that? People who would do this  to me. Well…I really don’t know what to say. The one thing that I am thankful for. Is that God has protected me from those who are of Satans rule. What it did was clarify things that were unclear. As I now think more of myself than I ever have. Even though I did not lack esteem prior. Just know how severely dysfunctional my family of origin was. Different from yours., but not an optimal childhood enviornment to grow up in. True that like is attracted to like. Therefore my siblings gained a brother.., in you. Lost a sister…ME. A big loss for them. I lost ZERO. Also even out the boy/girl ratio in my family. Three of  each. You belong together ..same etchics. Me? No..never belonged with any of you. I am Platinum Gold. A rarity. Proud to be me.

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    • Nancy..if i thought you were real, which at this point I dont, Id be honored to be of any assistance to you possible. You’re predecessors left me with a sickening feeling. Thier games were VERY hurtful. Until I have assessed you’re not a dangerous game player, when you start answering honestly..i assume you’re as harmful as the others. I assure you i haven’t lasted this long by being a nasty bitch. I, along with everyone reading/posting here have been attacked and slandered…called murderers. If you bothered to read, you would know Zero did not only just speak to me one the phone, but questioned me intensely…I gave him ALL my personal info…

      I HAD to clear my name. Ive done so.

      • BTW, that included a background check, done without my knowledge by CKBs…Hope i dont get sued now!!!

        Thats right, ALL my personal info in the hands of nutjobs…I live within miles of the murders, as do others here.

        Don’t assume i havent paid my dues. will you?? Doubt it, but we’ll see

      • NERD, where are you, I know this connects back to you. And I’m sure you still read here. So what’s up? Who is George? Who is Mike? It’s all bound to come out eventually. And where is Dorothy? Fishy, gamey, cowards.

      • Sorry but Dorothy is really just you. Put her on the shelf for now. Took out your ZERO,Linda and Dharma dolls this week.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Dorothy, like you are real (Cristin was wrong about you) But she is not commenting so i’m guessing, karma has caught up with her. I really believe all this hard work is paying off. people are seeing all of you for what you really are, and you medeling in real cases is gonna bite you all on the asses real soon. My opinon f course. But i stand it up against all the BS dorotht and joey’s team have been saying.

      • Repeat and reiterate. That I am unable to remain paralyzed in financial and other identity issues. For the sole purpose of covering up acts. That had ZERO to do with anything done by me..ever. Put yourself in my position aka empathy. Think!! Would you do the same had I done something so non teamlike to you? Didn’t think so. Get me out of your b.s. I will move on move forward. Otherwise I will cont. To do it myself. Not the easy way..the only way. New Soc.Sec.#. I DO NOT OWE YOU MY FREEDOM.MY RIGHTS. Sorry for your brain injury,if it prevents you from grasping this  No pun intended. Serious. You have to find a way to get kt. You are wrong,you did wrong. Nobody is going to contort their luves to help you make it look OK. Your turn. Your choice. Eithet way.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • He read it. He is morally responsible to be a man. To Man up and right his wrongs. No other way. No pretending,hiding behind an Alias.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • if you say so. Unless he is NERD, like you original plan with dorothy pointed to, I wouldnt know. But if he does read here, please speak up Mike. explaine to you ex here, that I am not you and you are not me, well except in the whole spiritual thinking of things

      • 😦 Im at a loss myself???

        You’d think this case would make people appreciate what they DO have, instead of living in the past…its a choice.

  4. I play along w the Dorothy thing. Mike may not even be aware when he switches himself into Dorothy. Not the way Superman does his Clark Kent thing in a ph. Booth.

    • If Mike switches into Dorothy or ZERO petsona. At that moment. He may really believe that is his reality. So when she/he says something. It is coming from the Dorothy persona.That is how I refer to it. Thats why I may say Dorothy said this or that. Got that? If not..dont worry.My mind is more complex than most.

      • Gerry  Spence famous atty.Says that you have to get into the hyde of the Perp.. So I figurativly get into the hyde of Dorothy.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • So who is the DPH living in manhasset, with an ex named chris wolf??…see some have been to her home..In fact thats one of the first things she ranted about, JG visitined her more than once?? FACT

        I know om gonna regret asking this….

      • Regret no way. Show me the money or Dorothy. I know whete you got her from hahaha. So on to you. I know what youre up to. Sometimes better than you do. How about that?

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • she has nothing to prove to you, we are not accusing people of things other than games and lies, it is all of you who need to “show us the money”, because all of your stories are no longer being bought. None of them.

    • Your kidding right, all the info you need is on Zero’s blog…you really dont know shit!! Why should i bore everyone to death with OLD BS, see you cant claim to know shit, and your looking pretty dopey right about now…this is ALL old news. And its not even relevant. You go chasing the other assholes around. Not our interest. They brought it to us, and talked and talked…any great detective like yourself can search all this out, maybe get a 10yr old to help??

      • I’m sorry Linda, she’s a nut, all her stuff is the worse slight of hand tricks yet. They are all pretty dumb. Something even some of there friends have told me. LOL. You can ignore her if you want. She is a lot nicer then the rest, she dosen’t accuse people of being serial killers or child molesters. Just wants to keep beleiveing her ex is so wrapped up with her he would create all these blogs and screen names just for her. I kninda like her. Like you said, she seems harmless. But even with her crazy nonsense I have learned a little from her. NERD needs to come defend themselves though. What do they know about these Figats? LOL.

      • I know enough about these Figats. To know that I dont want to be one anymore. Going to be Nancy Eleven maybe. Don’t want to know anymore abt them. Know more than I want to already.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Whatever you say Boss…

        Cause at any time im ready to say: “Guess who’s back, back agian”

        No prob…..for now

      • lol. to bad you don’t have a Facebook, things are starting to heat up on there again. Cristin is just unreal. As for nancy, her games will only go as far as I let them, lol. I could stop letting her comments through and she’d have to at least try to come to terms that this is not about her. LOL. They all think it is about them. But I’m kinda ready to play now. I mean they want attention and I want to give it to them.

      • You could very well do that and I very well would not care. Overcome the thinking patterns acquired living under oppression. Liberated and do not need your dumb blogs abt nonsense. Talking to yourself. Have your own Peanut Gallery. Adios Amigo.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • I know you dont need my help here, really. But i trust NO ONE anymore…She seems harmless enough, but ill be reading..

        Funny thing is, you KNOW i would love to welcome anyone new here, to help with anything. I just dont feel like this one deserves to get to know me (or you, since i see how honest your being)…at least for now. Im feeling you. TRUST

      • you don’t have to do anything, you can reply anytime. If you don’t mind I don’t. Just have a feeling she will never stop her delusions. Soon though, she will not be able to deny some things. Well, that happened already, Still no reply on how Mike could be married to 2 people. Man some of these people need to start taking their meds again.

      • I say KEEP TRYING. Two at least maybe more. Try again. To Turn this around on me. The truth is the one thing that all your lies and fraud can’t change.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

    • .Deal or no deal?

      Please, make a deal with the Devil?? I detest DPH, but Id never give out personal info on another..

      Not only would i never make a deal with the likes of you, In the words of my man Marshall “wouldn’t piss on fire to put u out!!” 🙂

      • Who is Marshall? If you were really a girl. How would you piss on a fire? With what penis? DOPE,NUTJOB. On to you. Good at word searches too.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Feminist women love Eminem
        “Chigga chigga chigga Slim Shady, I’m sick of him
        Look at him, walking around grabbing his you-know-what
        Flipping the you-know-who,” “yeah, but he’s so cute though”

      • I don’t consider myself a feminist. Just a human being. I think both sexes are well qualified to succeed in life. If they want to. Burning my bra has nevervcrossed my mind.

        Sent from Samsung tablet


        Yeah, I probably got a couple of screws up in my head loose
        but no worse than what’s going on in your parents’ bedrooms

      • I don’t consider myself a feminist

        sigh…..yes nancy i kinda figured that..Can’t you at least make this fun?? Im atheist, but im starting to think i might need confession….lol This is too easy….can u at least PRETEND you’re following…PLEASE??

      • No. Leave the pretending to you and your friends. Based on observation. Too much pretending. Looks like it can lead to false beliefs. Start confusing the real w the fake. Bad habit to start. I see what happened to you. Learned vicariously.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Nice, i was singing it in my head when i wrote that! Thank you nancy for putting the cherry on top of this crazy sunday i’ve been trying to understand!

      • February 12, 2014 at 10:14 am
        You are not unwanted here. I totally want you to stay. everyone is welcome here! Here is where you belong!

        True!! Nancy, you’re getting me one step closer to a little plan ive hatched, so please dont go?? Help me out girl!! Come on…Do it for me??

      • For you?? Do it for YOU. Do what? Now…you’re hatching stuff. Little plan!! Sounds suspect to me. I am more than ready to get out of my seat and move abt the cabin. About time, something positive gets done. That does not involve innocents sacrificing their lives to make you appear legit. Done with all the b.s.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

    • Cristin is just unreal.

      I just cant relay how im feeling about CKB…She seemed very humble and sincere on and off blog. She ‘came back’ to right her wrongs, and she was thanked..of course, this is OUR first time seeing the games on her blog, so naturally we’re gonna be very interested in its content…I thought this was her idea…she couldve left on a high note, knowing she made amends to the best of her ability…other than that, anything i say will have NO impact…i realize that know

      • another thing that makes me not believe her is she goes back n forth, my blog is real and i was being stalked, my blog is crap and i was played, and I then back to she was stalked and defamed on her blog. If she would stick to one side it would help her. and I don’t think her plan was for me to use her blog against her, it wasn’t my idea, I frist started my own blog it defended her quite a bit. So maybe she believed I would see what she saw in her blog. It is puzzleing though, does she think it was crap or does she think CPH was stalking her? all I can go by is what I read, and do not believe she was stalked by CPH or any one else. Some people played games on her blog. But since I know, Dorothy, Jen, and Joey posted there and I know there were a few others to help round off the screen names, those games do not seem to be stalking as much as a group of people lieng and gaming turning against each other. My belief, who want’s to sue me for it?

      • Most people talk crap about court till they get there…you know what they say about a person who plays their own attorney, right?? its rude so im not gonna finish the statement…Judges have no patience as it is, try representing yourself with this mixed up bag of crap…Judges HATE when [people represent themselves..its not TV…they have NO PROBLEM making a public asshole out of you..

      • In this case judges have already made Asholes of themselves. The lawyers are so dumb that they can’t make their bills every month w.o. engaging in fraud. I think I trust myself. Already paid enough money to bottomfeeding Assholes. Who in all liklihood can’t even spell the word fiduciary.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

  5. I suck at sry…

    Somethings that really irks me, is that you always showed compassion for her (on and off blog), i mean you spoke to a doctor on her behalf (something you shared with NO ONE). ive experienced the kindness of strangers, and it changed my life…softened me, made me a better person…i was so grateful for those peoples support, as no one else wanted to deal with me back then…Called tough love for a reason…Im grateful 🙂

  6. No longer do I get tripped up by trying to convince others. Thst I am right. I don’t even care whether or not anyone agrees with my perception. Other peoples opinions are actually not my business. Unless I ask for an opinion. They should be kept to ones self. That is what I attempt to do. A waste of time to RIGHT FIGHT.
    Do you want to right? Or do you want to be happy? Is the question I ask myself.
    I know and understand the plight of others who function on a different level than I do. Their right their business. As is mine to function as I do. Would not want to trade places.
    As far as Dorothy being real. So you met her and you spoke to Chris huh? That’s nice. Now I repeat. Talk is cheap. Show me the money!

    • No longer do I get tripped up by trying to convince others.

      You already said you were leaving..i knew you weren’t…we’ve HEARD that shit from all the game players that left here..YOU AIN’T GOING NOWHERE..NOW TAKE WHAT U BEGGED FOR…

  7. As far as Dorothy being real. So you met her and you spoke to Chris huh? That’s nice. Now I repeat. Talk is cheap. Show me the money!

    We WOULD…except NO ONE CARES ABOUT DPH BUT YOU..she’s a no one…just like YOU… 🙂 NOT what we’re here for…read the blog you lazy ass nut!!!!!!! lol

      • How old are you, your santa picuture on your facebook says it was taken in 1958 So that puts you around 60 correct? Why do you make child like comments sometimes? Like this one. You talk about the gravitars, who cares about the gravatara that are randomely picked? You are my parents age. Thank god my parents have lives, they don’t even use the internet. Maybe that’s the probem here. Some of you older folk should just not use the internet, you do not understand it. This doesn’t go for everyone, I mean Cristin is younger than all of us, she grew up with the internet she should definately know better. So no offence is made here to the older or younger generations, just an observation.

      • LMFAO, I knew you would say that…lol. it’s the little pictures attached to our comments, if you don’t have a gravatar it randomly picks one. Couldn’t you have figured it out, i feel like i’m talking to a child sometimes and have to repeat things over and over and explain every little thing. Nancy, you have had a break with reality, you need to seek help from your friends and family. You are confused. Like alzheimer confusion.

      • Oh. Is that my problem? Thank You for pointing it out to me. Where did you graduate from Medical School? Interesting..your interest suddenly. When at a wedding. I was told by you.”I never knew that  you liked to dance”. After 20 plus yrs of marriage. know me better than I know me and got a Dictorate in the meantime.  You show a lot of growth. The money spent on your  Med. License . Well spent ..investment spending. Big improvement over eating at restaurants and going on vacation twice a month.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Some things you don’t forget. Mike would always wake up the same routine. Fart three times. Did not need an Alarm Clock. Then he would get up. Stand by the bowl I guess a minute or more. Trying to pee. Then he would pee. Start then stop over and over. Signs of Prostrate issues looming. His Dad had them too. Likely genetic. After peeing. Then the SHIT would happen. Such a smelly creature. To sleep next to. Farts  more than anyone I ever knew. Stinky,rancid smell. Would make me almost have to heave. Snores like a Grizzly Bear,then the Sleep Apnea would start. Would stop breathing for minutes sometimes. Very unhealthy to have Apnea. Many times I almost called an Ambulance.Then he wake up and snort and sputter a bit. Start the cycle over again.

          Sent from Samsung tablet

      • damn, lol. Dorothy gave us stories of her ex trying to kill her, this one talks about her ex farting and peeing. Did someone get in trouble for what they have been writing? Where is Dorothy? Is that why these new “attacks on an ex” stories aren’t as vicious?

      • LMFAO ROTF Tears streaming down my cheeks.  Could you imagine a reality show based on Mike’s body clock? Fart fart fart… pee then peeing like a RACEHORSE. BTW he wishes that is he was hung like one. Might need that Penis Band to keep it in check then. Then the SHIT!!  Laughing so hard I the one who has to pee….in my pants from laughing.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • BTW What’s so wrong with a Penis band anyway? A ring. People put rings in their boobs,eyebrows,bellybutton. Heck why not a Penis Ring or  Band?  Create a new market. Thanks,I am a Genius.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Not funny!! Nancy are you really my mother, punckin me?? NO, you cant have my money…!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy issues

      • Damn there are a lot of comments from you nancy. No other place will allow you to comment any more so you must overkill it here, huh? Tomorrow, I promise you tomorrow reality is being restored, but it’s up to you to see it. So get some rest, stop harping on these comments, and wait for the Valentines Vlog. All will be revealed for you.

      • Please just stop your bullshit.Trying to make me feel unwanted,rejected,inferior,incapable,unloved. The truth is the truth. I Know who I am. What I am capable of. What I have acomplished and how I did it. With who. Who I carried when they coudnt yet walk. Who I helped to their feet when they fell. Who I have forgiven…anyway. When I could have turned my back on them. Who I would step up to the plate for right now if necessary. This is neither weakness or stupidity. It comes from strength,character,integrity and a committed undying love. Sometimes our strength is mistaken for weakness. This I have learned is limited to my family. What gross injustice Soondone. To someone who has always shown up,put up and held up. The many family and false friends. So everyone blocks me. Huh?  Again limited to dysfunctional family and friends who have also been bought. I lost ZERO…Zero. Not a f..king thing or person of any value to me. I have taken myself back. Thank you..I now have that good,honest,caring friend. I am there for myself…at long last. God takes what others mean for harm. He makes it work for good.

        Soon my life will have me surrounded by the right people. Those who deserve someone like me in their life.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Maybe you think I belong here or there. But…if I did. I would not be HERE. So I don’t belong. God removed me. He had a divine reason. For a divine intervention.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • To be religious is to be a Church goer. Belong to a Religion. Such as Catholic or Protestant. Which I am not religious. What I am is Spiritual. I believe in God and obey Gods Laws. I feel Gods presence in my life guiding me.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Go check out JoyceMeyer.ORG. She will help you to understand spirituality. Reaf her books. Not too late to turn your life around. God is a forgiving God. But you have to stick with him. Be committed. Not be tempted like in your marriage. In for a penny in for a pound. When you are are in.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • If ypou read my blogs like i keep telling you to do, you will see it is the term everyone here has for each other. Just about everyone I talked to on this calls the others involved crazy. Even the crazy ones.

      • I bet you don’t. I’ll explaine again, and if you read my blogs you understand. This is the word peopple here use to describe each other, but I do believe some of them are right. It comes from emails and comments. Many of you here are described as crazies and loonies. So it’s just hearsay and opinion, don’t let it bother you. I use it manily in satire.

      • yes, i just read some of your old stomping places and that word was used quite a bit already, huh? and so now you think I am them. wow this is twisted.

      • yea, i went on how 5 or 6 screen names were commenting on my LISK blog about Utopia Guide and dorothy and Cristin wrote me emails about how the people on the site were connected to Oak Beach residents (yes cristin that email alone is quite a read, the story of magic you told me, how could you know that story, who told it to you?) so yes I checked into UG and yes all those screen names commenting on my blog were screen names form the site. Now I know no one from that site came to comment here and bring them all into this madness, so who wrote me about it, criostin and dorothy, and who ever tols them about it. Game. I already explained all of this. but there you go that was Utopiah guide from my perspective, of course there is much more to it if you follow Cristin and dorothy’s stories about them, I’ve gone into it a little in the blog you refuse to read, but it is not me who likes to bring it up. Though UG was mentioned in Lost Girls, so maybe there is something to that site or others like it. did dorothy tell you to bring UG up right now? Why bring it up, I’m not gonna go chasing it again, I know all about UG and the screen names and the story some would like me to believe leads back to joey and Dr. Hackett. If they were part of UG then someone else will have to step up and prove it, I can not.

      • Yes, i too have been studing the internet. seems some people have quite a bit of info on you and dorothy, funny how they also know a lot about murt and Michelle, maybe dorothy was the one who helped that connection happen on “Catching LISK”? Let’s see where all these new people lead me. I already heard your Oedipus like history nancy. Seems that Mike is your son, right? yes, and where is he now? This probably will make you think I really must know you and be your ex… but what you loonies keep failing to realize is lots of people out there are more than happy to fill others in on your crazyness.

      • My craziness?? LMAO. I happen to like my style. That some may not appreciate. As they often mistake Genius for crazy.  Not the fault of these average ones. They just don’t get what I get. Due to their having less gray matter in their brains. They can’t help themselves. They don’t understand…I do.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Wrong again! What Mailorder house did you recieve your MD from? Look up this. The difference between a Delusion and a Perception? Get back to me when you get it.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Then you claim to have an MD? I perceive certain traits in others. Often I am right. But would hesitate to label anyone. Without having been tested for physical ilness first and foremost. That type of an error can ruin a life.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • You are right, no one should take my advice, in fact this place is prety much all satire, so… but in the real world, anyone with prescriptions may want to have them filled.

      • nefigat says:
        February 11, 2014 at 2:26 pm
        You might have Mommy issues.

        Damn NanNan, can’t get nothin passed you ;(

      • Not a f..king thing gets past me. Not anymore. I have my nose to the wind. If it looks like a Duck and it walks like a Duck. It is a Duck. Per Judge Judy.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • That’s the problem, your to busy watching judge judy and daydreaming about ducks. get back to reality. Starting with , Dorothy played you, used you tragedy to bring you in on LISK stuff and eventually to my facebook and blog. If your husband reads or comments here I have know idea how he is. But i am not him. Linda is not him, Cristin is not him, too close is not him, and yes dorothy is not him. these are all real people pulled into this for different reasons. some of you are just messed up, some of you are lost and confused, and some of us (yes this is the part I include myself in) are just trying to figure it all out. There are many now who have come to me with different parts to all of this and it’s only a few of you who have to think I’m focusing on you or that i’m somehow obssesed with you. i am not. Hopefully you will someday see this.

      • Don’t know what a sith is anyway. So I hold my absolutes.Absolutely. It makes sense to me. Judge Judy would agree. BTW . You POS were Bill Skinner too. No wonder it was the smallest Real Estate Commission I ever recieved. No conscience.Tsk Tsk.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • I knew you wouldn’t, lol. it’s a star wars thing. no wonder you don’t read my blog, you wouldn’t get it anyways. maybe we are not so much a like after all.

      • B.S. You could visit one of your many fraudster Doctors for a PSA test. Or do they scare you even more than the test?

        and FYI. Now I know why it pissed you off so much. When I wrote a Rebuttle to Glen Sturms letter re.his closing on his Pine Gate house. You sent that letter and the chk to Irenes office as broker. How was I a nornal thinking and acting wife. To have ever guessed you were suchba cruel,mean sadistic Scumbag…always. Behind the curtain. CHICKEN SHIT too. Might I add.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Sorry but I am so on to you. It was you. You were Bill Skinner and to take it back to 87. You S.O.B. ?, You probably had this problem long before you even met me. So it has ZERO to do with me.  Gee Why didn’t anyone get you follow up  care. After you got the head injury at 5. A lot of people dropped the ball on you. Lead to you doing the same to your own family. I can see the whole pic.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • My mom, my mom
        I know you’re probably tired of hearing’ ’bout my mom
        Oh ho, whoa, ho

        Read more: Eminem – My Mom Lyrics | MetroLyrics

      • Don’t listen to Eminen. Did spend this evening makjng Spanish Rice N Beans from scratch. The pink beans from the bag..not the can. Soaked them and then cooked them for hours. Also, listening to Spanish Hip Hop music. Senorita tonight.

        Sent from Samsung

      • I love to cook. Sing and dance while doing so. Rice n Beans from last night Puertorican night. Willbbe wrapped tonight in Tortillas beef,bean and cheese Burittos. Refry the beans wrap and bake. Serve w sauce and sour cream on the side. More Spanish rice. Great dish.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Commonalities? FEW We all eat. Do you make Burritos too? Probably not. We are more different than alike. Your only  attraction to me. Was subconscious. Good Mommy…me. I have what you lack. That’s about it. Not much to base a relationship on. Better where you wound up. More alike than you and I.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Hehehe. You put yourself on the couch from the jump? WTF does that  mean? You run and then JUMP onto the couch. Gee that’s kinda funny.

        My son talks about jumping into the shower But I have never seen nor heard of anyone preferring to jump onto their couch. How do you do that btw?

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • again, if you actually read here (it’s starting to annoy me that you spout off, but won’t take the time to actually read what i have been writting about) you’d see it’s an inside joke. i once wrote a post where i put Joey/Fluke/Junior on the couch, like a skit, you know where he sees a psychiatrist. I took it down though becuase it upset a few people and some of you are quite sue happy. I then put myself on the couch on this blog to show all bets were off on this blog. It’s a joke that kinda fits in with the Eminem theme that seems to keep popping up. Go read understand better. Like I did. In fact my next post is gonna show what i have been reading about lately, but don’t run away, i will still have some sort of Valentine vlog for you tomorrow!

      • yes, i agree. my blogging experiance has seemed to seperate my Ego, Id, and Super Ego and they are all mixed up in these posts. see you should read them, because i’m not explaining this comment.

      • They are all mixed up in your posts. You are right. Asvan objective viewer. They have always existed. Though not in blogs in prebloging days. They were the you that would moan abt money at eight a.m. Then call from work at nine. Asking whete I want to go on vacation. Difficult to maintain balance when that stuff comes at you. I did but it took its toll.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • .Trying to make me feel unwanted,rejected,inferior,incapable,unloved.

        Stay nancy…This helped me through the hard times.

        Dont laugh zero, i just may get my wish…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I never got that reference, a barrel of monkeys would be quite dangerous, and the game barrel of monkeys isn’t that fun, so being “more fun tha a barrel of Monkeys”, doesn’t really mean or imply much. right?

      • She doesn’t have to change her views. They are hers. Not yours. Does it she concern herself w your obsessive behaviors? No she does not. She knows she cant stop you.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Read my “red & black” if you want to “get” somewhere. But this is not about that kind of stuff anymore. This crazy little gang of “victims” you are a part of has brought me back a few steps. So again read my blogs. There was a place for knowledge in them, There was a place for help in them. But this blog was made for the games to overflow into. Which they have. Hard for someone like you to understand. But you should try.

      • It doesn’t matter. If I come or I go. Either way I am OK. Soaking my frostbitten feet in my Dr. Scholls Foot massager. Nice hot water with Avon Double Action Foot Works. Soothes and softens feet. Just the pampering required. Thanks for thinking of me on Valentines Day. This really hits the spot!!

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • and don’t you dog disney land, that is the “happiest place on earth” what’s next Knott’s Berry Farm, you for get i’m a cali boy.(or is it refuse to accept) you may have no interest in them, but I do, and who’s world are you in right now? read the blog title.

      • She knows her shit man. Her ex is one exceptional Scumbag. The trauma he put her through caused her to become hypersensitive to any move he makes. Even if he is in the background. She can feel it. Like litmus test. Turns glowing bright.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Yes. In the 3rd person. Bill and I practiced that a lot. Back and forth emails. In spite of all of his formal education abroad etc. I can out write him. An inborn not taught talent. Gotten genetically from my Paternal Grandfather. Who wrote a book. In spite of not having education past 8th gd.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • February 13, 2014 at 10:20 am
        If it hasn’t begun already. Then yes. That is your future. Don’t look fwdbti it. Consult a Urologist.

        How bout some bio-identical hormones nannan?? woman cant leave on fried beans and rice alone..

        Dont hate us cause we’re still VITAL as hell 🙂

      • Right fresh lettuce chopped tomatoes,fresh garlic onion. No rice tonight. Tortillas instead. Topped w Enchilda Sauce and Chedder cheese. Delicious. Beans you know good for your heart. Four left. Still hot in the oven. Want one? Good for making,you fart too. Like that? Believe me. I take lots of supplements. Many you have never even heard of. Do you take Testosterone Boosters? Great for low T I hear.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Better be a good Valentine!  If its not…just get my own myself. God does provide. Watch n see. God will give me a great gift today. Something special…just 4 me.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Repeat CHEAP FUCK Robbed your own wife and kids. Don’t get any lower then that. Hehehe Robbed his own first born. Stole his id. You are not possesed by Satan. You ARE Satan. I got this special Holy Oil. Gets rid of the Devils effect. Stops him in his tracks. Burn it I my candles.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • nefigat says:
        February 12, 2014 at 5:05 pm
        Don’t listen to Eminen.

        But nannan, what about these words from GOD, Eminem???

        And every single person is a Slim Shady lurking
        He could be working at Burger King, spittin’ on your onion rings
        Or in the parking lot, circling
        Screaming I don’t give a fuck
        With his windows down and his system up
        So, will the real Shady please stand up
        And put one of those fingers on each hand up
        And be proud to be outta your mind and outta control
        And one more time, loud as you can, how does it go

      • Nice song great lyrics. On the other side. Their could beva non slim shady. Who feels compassion for those who have greatly harmed her. Not stupidity. Strength and higher thinking. In the pre frontal cortex. Slom is more of a Reptalian brained. Lower  lymbic brainstem functioning. They truly dont know how to do any better than they do. A reason for feeling compassion. For them. They have missed so much on the inside.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • . see you should read them, because i’m not explaining this comment.

        Stop explaining to her!! She dumb and lazy..

        She aint gonna read a dang word of it…i told you Boss, she’s a stalker, and she thinks you’re infatuated!! Dont fall for the old burrito trick!!! think with your head, not your stomach..must resist

      • Burittos are all gone. Lasagna tonight. That almost gone too. I have this male friend that enjoys a home cooked meal. So once in a while I cook extra and bring it to him.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • I don’t have to read it. Idiot…I wrote it. So keep on talking to yourself abt my motives.  I don’t  care. I only care what I think.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Nice song great lyrics. On the other side. Their could beva non slim shady.

        Yeah dope…i tried givin u Marshal!! You aint worth it!! Sick of all u shitty mothers!! YES nannan, u hit a nerve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Straight up SLIM for u….u make me PUKE

      • you’re back? come on haven’t you had enough? Your dumb games are no longer the subject, I’m moving on to racism, homophobes, and other bigots. I’m prtty sure you don’t want to be part of that. But I still hold interest for your crazy ass and your family of idenity theives (I can’t help shake the feeling someone in that nutty family of yours maybe NERD or some of the other screen name thieves, lol. be careful if you choose to stay. Did you read the about page? You should. Oh and did you pass on my song to dorothy? Isn’t that somg great? Fits you both so well. Stay tuned, I’m gonna over play that song with all the little hypocrites.

      • I am not back Idiot. Which you obviously are. You dont seem to get it. When I tell you thst I cant download your song while I have FB open. Not interrzyed on your trashy fuck you song. Heard enough fuck this fuck that. When we were married. Not , y cup of white trash tea. Got it?

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Thanks but you are mistaken. Not my cup of tea or song. Often you err believe that others are you. As you felt long ago. When you gave Mary B. The porn vidieo to watch. A normal thinking person would not have done that. Embarrassed on your behalf.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • and yet still all these tings run through your mind about him, who is not me. You harbor all your thoughts and memories of him, who is not me. You can’t stop thinking about him, who is not me. And me who is me has become the latest surrogate for him, who is not me. damn you are one twisted b*tch. Should we start the countdown on you leaving with the rest. Lets do that.

      • oh and this one. Yes you did leave him or he left you, but believinh everyone you talk to is him meand you never really said good bye. You should now though, say good bye t the guy you so desperately miss, and hello to me, zero, the guy you are transfering all your hate to.

      • You might think I make you puke. But.. FYI I am never was or will be YOUR Mother. Never signed up to be your Mother Surrogate.  Grow fucking UP.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • You know wrong if you think I saw a Vagina Log you made for me. Never into that pervert you know. Too sleazy for me. Sex is not to be made into something sleazy. It loses both meaning and beauty if you desecrate it. I am enjoying the footsoaker though. This will  be great after a night of dancing. But…as of right this second. Water is cooling down. Was too hot at first. So I turned the heater off left the massager on. Now time to dry off my feet .Then polish my Toenails.  PS: ▪Thanks for the new Nail Polish too. ? Ove all three. Can’t decide which to use first.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • nefigat says:
        February 19, 2014 at 11:10 am
        No interest in Magic Mt or Kingdom. Been there done that.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

        zero dinh says:
        February 19, 2014 at 11:25 am
        yes, but as i told you, it has changed. I go every 3 years at least.

        PLEASE…look who your talkin too!! How could an UPTIGHT, RACIST, who’s uninvolved with her kids(grand kids) relate…dont waste your breath….SHE DONT GET IT DUDE…
        LOVE U HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA…life is so beautiful, but u venomous, bitter bitches are missing it all…My heart goes out to the kids though, for real!!!! Assholes..

      • yes, and I have mine to take and have fun with and so I take them to theme parks. Ouch! look out nancy, your friend Dorothy and her emails about me have made my sting a little umore dangerous.

      • Being you and Dorothy are flip sides of the same coin. I am unconcerned. My protector is more powerful than anyones. Put me on this journey.  With a ride like this. Theme Parks pale in comparison.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Being an upfront individual. Heads is my choice. No problem with facing anyone. “I AM THE HEAD..not the tail”. Quote from Scripture.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Unfortunately, you might be correct. As iy takes one to know one. As far as being Assholes? Yourself or were you referring to the kids being Assholes? Do clarify. As they ..sadly might he Aholes. I hope not..but there may very either a learned or a genetic component involved. Something that I have never witnessed outside my own family. .I MUST BE MARYLYN FROM THE MUNSTERS. A genetic fluke. Thank God, it bypassed me. I got all of the good stuff from my parental linage. The others not so. Sorry to say. You I believe are the long lost 3rd son in Spirit. Not me. I did not belong with that Pack of Wolves. Do not feel sorry for the kids. As the made the choices that they made. God gave them brains and free will. Genetics? Likely!

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • this says so much (love the fluke reference, not fishy at all) But yes your kids can take their own blame, is that what you are saying, you waist of space who should have never been a mother. This comment is sad and disturbing, but shows how some of you blame everyone else for you problems, everyone around you is responsible, but take no blame for you own mistakes. I’m sure you are lying about not watching the different videos, you have seen them all. You know who I am, just as Dorothy does. But you enjoy being able to blame me now, you need someone to blame, don’t you? twisted minds of the super lonely.

      • Waste is spelled waste. Meaning rubbish,extra or unused. Your waist.That is where you put your belt. To keep your pants up. Right. I do not take the responsibility for the choices of adult children. I gave them roots and I gave them wings. My children are not held as Hostages of phony identities that I  Created. That is not something that would ever have crossed my mind. As my children are people in my eyes. Not objects to satisfy my compulsive urges. The attempts at guilt tripping me. Not working anymore. As I said previously. Over the years. I have been busy  done the work on me. You need to obtain a new bag of tricks. You are very outdated.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • and with that, time out Nancy, you are abusing the form, lol. I had to skip around and pick and chose those last few. I will miss you. TTYL

      • Firstly, I don’t recall filling ou any form. How then. Did I abuse one? 2nd Of course you miss me. What’s not to miss about me? Your own words “Nancy, you have always been a positive in my life. 3rd.Nancy, always my favorite dinner partner. 4th. One of the biggest reasons for my success. What is there that you enjoy about  my absence? Hmmmm!! Don’t have to face me.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • you might be correct. As iy takes one to know one. As far as being Assholes? Yourself or were you referring to the kids being Assholes? Do clarify. As they ..sadly might he Aholes. I hope not..but there may very either a learned or a genetic component involved. Something that I have never witnessed outside my own family.:


        I LOVE kids…my own and everyone elses’ for that matter…ITS PIG ADULTS THAT I HATE!! Poor kids had three strikes against them as soon as they were born!! It goes by so fast, doesn’t it Zero?? how any of you can look yourself in the mirror amazes me…
        Nurture is such an important factor in raising kids, way more than money or appearances!!…they aren’t born screwed up..NO!! For the most part, they are a direct product of their upbringing and environment. Bitches like you wanna blame everyone else when it comes to your childrens lives and well being…Too late!! and how VERY SAD!!

        You SICKEN ME

      • I was watching Criminal Minds about someone like yourself. That have not dealt with their Childhood Sexual Abuse. Causes them to act on on women. Especially Prostitutes. Nothing swept under the rug. Just stays under the rug. It rots there.Gotta clean it out disinfect it..intense counseling. Not by acting out. DOPE.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • one of my favorite shows, watch blocks of it on Ion TV all the time. But take this warning, unless you want another time out, stop joining that childhood abuse storyline that just isn’t right. My childhood was great, so it dosen’t really bother me, but I feel some of you are projecting. You had such rotten childhoods that you wish we all had it so bad. Well we didn’t. Sorry, move on.

    • So cranky, this early?? Oh well…coulda showed how to do ‘single’ the right way 😉
      You stay all bitchy and angry if u want babe,Yes!! fight EVERYONE, enjoy.. as for me, life is toooo short..

      • Yes Nancy, if you are truely looking for help against dorothy or other gamers, you are in the right place, but since you are gamey and fishy and can’t stay focused with what we ALL already know to be reality, you are only gonna get lumped in with the ones you wish we were (becuase then this would all be about you)

      • Truth is. Nobody knows what anyone else is thinking or feeling. Except themselves. Others can only guess.Can often guess wrong.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • You are far off the track there Toots. I am not angry. I am proud of who I am and how I have with Gods help handled myself. Always one to be proud of. Realistically speaking. The best one of my parents six kids. I was the best. Brought positive into their lives.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Truth is. Nobody knows what anyone else is thinking or feeling. Except themselves. Others can only guess.Can often guess wrong.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

        Wrong agian….when u have friends, and you’re not ashamed of who u are, people DO know how u feel…angry wench..MUAH!!

      • Don’t know what that is. But i went to that Joeyisalitlekidblog, and I had no idea what the place was about. And now you say i write that blog??? i’m close to being done with you nancy. LOL I will chase you away, the same way i did everyone else who is full og shit!

      • See, now that was a big mistake my girl?? Did you check out my song to you…matter a fact all u bitches kids will be singing it one day…way to prioritize..’mommies’…make me hurl..PLEASE

  8. Waving at Nancy!!
    Look! I traversed the blogsphere all the way from Joeyisalittlekid to waaaaaaaay over here! Amazeballs, huh? I know, I know…I’m Mike! We’re all Mike.
    Hey, Zero? I’m trying to catch up, here! Interesting reading, if & when wading thru the NanNan comments is done!
    The regular commenters over at Ginger’s Joeyisalittlekid refer to NanNan & her ‘type’ as CROSS POLLINATORS.

    NanNan is a doozy. Good luck shaking her! She is tenacious!! We’d half assed wondered what happened to her… Now? We know! She’s over here, hagging you & claiming that you’re stalking HER! bwahahahahahahahaha

    ***leaving extra tinfoil behind***
    ℗ ♛

    • yea, I figured that might be the case, that’s why i lest a comment there hoping someone would come see her here. You might also want to check out my facebook page located in my stuff at the right, she wrote a little there. Her buddy Dorothy i think sent her here. I don’t know about that blog or who is envolved there, but if it helps me to understand Nancy and dortothy eb=ven a little bit, i guess i’ll read a little.

    • Giggle Snort to you too. Why not enlarge the circle. Invite the joeys over here. Could make integrating those many alters easier. Just a passing thought.

      Sent from Samsung tablet

      • everyone is invited here, but most ran away. I wish you were right about everyone being alters for someone, but each time I look into another one of you are real. Who would of though nancy and Mike are real? but they are, just like Dorothy and Chris, Cristan and Dan, And Joey and his mail order brides. You are all real. I know, who would have believed it? I need to make a post about this.

      • I know, you and dorothy have been busy, right? I’m talking about you nancy, and your son Mike, and your husband you claim stole his idenity and lied about your son causing him to go to jail. That’s the story i’ve been reading about. I was trying to save this for the Vlog, but since you gotta keep the chatter comming, I thought we’d all get on the same page.

      • I did a very in depth study on my son and the rest of my kids by MF. Their identities. There are obvious problems created by my EX husband.., not my husband. The paperwork may not be legally filed. But…in the eyes of God. We are Divorced. I mean,can you imagine how God felt. Knowing Mike used his Church to commit fraud. How much worse can it get? Lawsuit filed against the Rockville Center Diocese. I know info. On my son Mike Jr. That you dont think I know.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • I told you what i know about it, your son went to jail, you think your ex set him up, so I’m sure you know a lot more than me. I just am hearing all this for the first time. But i see it is the case of your son and not your devorce that brought you to Lawless America (can I menton that without more threats of lawsuits?) and that is where you probably met Dorothy. And together you shared your delusions, a very dangerous thing, people should keep their delusions to themselves. And we all know Dorothy, Jen, and Cristin met on Mari’s private facebook page (so I have been told) And then Joey was introduced (but you were left out of most of this, I think Nancy, maybe Joey felt you were just to far out there, i don’t know) But there we go a bunch of people with delusions and relationship problems together in their own little bermuda triangle. This isn’t the first time i heard of Lawless America, who else besides Nancy and Dorothy went there I wonder. Oh well this shold be a post. now what will i have left for my valentine’s vlog?

      • No. Satsn according to Nan is. An evil spirit or force. Satsn is just a name used to define that evil force. Like Cupid defines love. Happy Valentines Day BTW I hope you did not forget your lived ones..

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • nope, got a whole weekend planned for my loved ones. Thanks! Hope your VD is going well. (valentine’s day, by the way, so i don’t have to explaine it later)

      • I have recieved a very special Valentines Day gift. That will make everything OK. Not store bought either..priceless.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • You sent one of your Scumbag murdering criminals to live in my house . YOU R AN ASSHOLE Worse than the Unibomber. Canable..attack your own. Sicko

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • No not Joey. The Mexican Texican. With the black Ford Truck. Whose first language is Espsniol. One of yours. Handwriting on the wall…or the Brookhaven Town papers and the Fed X box. This stuff does not go by me like it did when I trusted you.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • not one of mine,but this does concern me. I’m on the west coast, so I have nothing to do with any ‘REAL” stalking or anyone truly messing with some of you. But I have reason to believe that it is happening. So those of you in new york area, please be careful!

      • Anything that goes wrong is immediatey attributed to you and your EVIL DOERS. Had to be you who sent the Mexican Cartal to my house. Not to worry. Gid had my back. Maybe he will slip and fall on the ice rink that is my front yard. Ya know how KARMA works. I hammered wood and nailed it across the door leading from my house to him, The other door has a hutch up against it, He won’t be here much longer.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Umm duhh I am not Linda DOPE wake up.

        Ahh yeah, no shit..Zero’s seen my pic…damn straight i aint you…some set!!

        I may have to post a pic one day…Group photo maybe 🙂

      • Well DOPE it says “Linda Commented”. Where I live. That means that it was in fact Linda.duh Gotta go wrap the Burrutos While I talk to myself. You dont know everything.Dummy.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Don’t know. Don’t care. Boy I am so glad that I did the work onme way back. That there is nothing I can’t handle. Left all the junk behind me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see how much progress I have made. I see you as who you are. Not who I used to think you were. If you had not bern so hard on me. I would not have become who I became. Every cloud has a silver lining. Tough yrs full of horrible memories. But also full of even more wonderful memories. Thank you again. For allowing me to experience so much exhilaration.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • oh just watch the Vlog already. I am growing bored, and it’s too bad, because since I have no real agenda here, and i obviously believe that you could be right about dorothy’s “lies and games” (I just don’t know what else some of you want me to call these things) you could get to the truth here. Buty it sounds like you are happy in the lies and games.

      • What I think? Since when does that matter to the likes of you? Go enjoy the moment,enjoy the day. After the Daytona Race is over. It is tight back to your miserable insides. Don’t WASTE your time  on me. Not worth least to you.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Been riding rollercoasters and enjoying the cali sunshine. Leaving hotel to head back Six Flags in just a moment, adn i will enjoy my day, like I do everyday. because I am so happy and content with my life, hell, “I’m Living The Dream”. But I’m here for ya if ya need me. LOL!

      • Need you?? No…I associate the likes of you with Tyranny. It was the opposite. You gained yor altitude based on me. Now that you don’t have thrust anymore. Pay your flight plan. You are thevCaptain of your own Aircraft. Nobidy responsible except yourself. Enjoy the trip.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Again perception comes into play here.

        OOh i hope MS. ZERO posts here one day…if she can stop laughin long enough!!

        I must admit though, nannan..You’re smokin 😉

      • I don’t smoke. Quit in Oct.1984. Wow Virgin Lungs by now again. No wonder doctor said my pulmenary functionnwas excellent. Can dance all night.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • No wonder doctor said my pulmenary functionnwas excellent. Can dance all night.

        Thats HOT!! if ur over 65??


      • Maybe he will slip and fall on the ice rink that is my front yard. Ya know how KARMA works

        LOL…Can i slip on it??…I SMELL homeowners INS!!!
        Good thing your a GENIUS when it come to renters rights..

      • Correct. Yet you got rid of the good you had. How smart was that?

        My love, if this were true, why go through ALL THIS TROUBLE?? Why remarry?? Dont ya think he’d be back if he’s as miserable as you HOPE he is…YOU GOTTA GET A GRIP SISTER!! for real hun

      • That have not dealt with their Childhood Sexual Abuse

        What an evil thing to wish on someone, YET you believe your ‘god’ will reward you?? Keep lying to yourself…
        Ive said it before, and ill say it again: people that are TRULY good, compassionate and humble, dont need to CONVINCE people of it!! In fact its quite conceited to BRAG of your GOOD DEEDS, and defeats the purpose (i KNOW you’re just tryin to convince yourself..ha)…how pathetic!! God must be so proud of you all

      • Don’t forget to bring Robert Cookout. I love a good barbeque. Oceans, Gingersnap,nbtdt. You will all get along fine. Same Masterboard.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Duhh. Self centered asshole. No only comments to you. Other comments about you. Don’t you love the attention? Part of the Narcissistic thing.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Again it is an opinion. Narcissistic behavior. No blood test to confirm its existence. Not curable I hear. Only in few select cases.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Dick,Prick,Asshole,Scumbag… Whatever it is is  or you are. Maybe there is a Penisband that you could have blessed. Where it could ward off evil spirits.  A new twist on my patent.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Nothing better to do today. Ya know how that feels. I took a shower,made Lasagna Paid a visit to a favorite friend,Hit the Dollar Tree, Love Dollar Tree. Bought some Chicken Eggrolls they are great. Bought a new clock that had frames in it for pictures. Also a new pair of shoes. Did laundry,mopped the flr,cleaned the fridge,watched Joyce Meyer. Fed the cat 3 x the birds too.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Lol, made it yesterday, just watch it! been very bust today, that why I couldn’t get this blog up till now. the video was posted earlier. but this day is a busy day. And bout to get busy, again. Enjoy the video. happy valentine’s day nancy!

      • Happy Valentines Day Nancy Here ya go. Heres one kf my Mobster Crooks seng to keep an eye on ya. Well ya know whst Fuck You Dope. Asshole. Going to go over to Face Book. Give Dorothy all this Co hort of yours info. She willbget it straight to the FBI RIght? Got the plate no. S.S. #. THE TELL. Always a Tell Only one pathological liar that I know. Who consistantky brings up the topic of A lie detector or polygraph. That shit dont come from the wild blue yonder. CREEP! It comes from YOU. Take your Mexican Foot Soldier. Stick him where the sun dont shine IDIOT! Tell your Jewboy Neil to move over. Hes  got a room mate.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • LMAO. You…take racism seriously? Thats news to me. I recall you often used the N word. I am the one that believes all are equal. Until they do something that is said to be typical of their particular rsce. Such as Cheap Jew, a hot headed Italian,a HOT Spanish or Latino Lover. Some stetotypes are good.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Do I detect some rage brewing? Are you trying to frighten me? Well you are not able to do that anymore. Getting ugly here? Everything you do eventually turns that way. Not surprized at all. It was expected. That EVIL side has the power and it ultimately controls you. That is the side that gets out of control. So are you. It is your boss.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • yea, that was harsh, but as I mentioned, my family tree is full of ethnicity, and that was just what runs in my blood, not what is in the entire tree itself. So I find racist remarks troubling same goes for homophobic statements and many other hypocrite remark that ignorant people like believe in. satire and spoof is one thing, but if you have these ideas in your heart, well then no offence, dinosaurs eventually become extinct, and the sonner the better in my opinion.

      • Who you calling a DOPE?? not for nothing, im embarrassed FOR you…If it wasn’t for Zero, you’d have know one to talk to, pray to your god he doesnt block u…except DPH, who is your ex…i got that right now i think??..DOPE!!

      • PLEASE Bridle your tounge DOPE. Do you really think for even one sec. That you have more power than God? That a fake profile is the only outside communication that I have. You jest. People seek me out. Doesn’t matter where I am. I A TRUE LEADER. Try to stop me from doing what God has created me to do. Lead. It won’t happen. So kick,scream,unbridle your rancid tounge,hurl your dung my way. If that is what impulse directs you to do. OTHERWISE..make a grown up choice this time for the first time. Control those unbridled impulses that are destroying YOU.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • FYI God is figurative speaking. Not a religion. You are confused. God is the Spirit of Goodness. The Devils opposing force. Don’t you see what draws us? Opposing forces trying to outdo one another. Good vs Evil. Hardly Religion.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Well you are mistaken. Not one bit confused. I get all the attention that I require. Repeat..nobody knows what another is feeling or thinking…except them.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • but i’m not an asshole, i’m a dick… again read my blog get all the inside jokes.

        Oh how id love to post the chorus…haha…then again, would it matter buddy?? Clueless 🙂

      • That you have more power than God?


        Eminem-=GOD….but who knows, I used to think that about Howerd Stern Too…hmmmm

      • Why are you never done w me? Did you send that Asshole to my house? Going back under the ROCK he crawled out trom under.

        Getting pissed at the likes of you. Is like doing the same w a tree. Emotionless feelingless like stone.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Not wT hing shit you ahole. Did you send one of your dirtbag cronies to my house to rent from me?  Going to go check out Americas Most Wanted. Has your Id thefting Dead People M. O. I can feel your evil.  Looks like he got spooked today.Maybe the FBI found him and he will leave. Did you give him the Ford Truck in exchange?

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Man, the games you have all played with eachother, brought out some nuts… no wonder so many of you want to distance yourself and want me to stop blogging about all this.

      • and his bag of tricks. My sister used to love felix. “when ever he get’s in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks”. wait what are you implying? LMAO!

      • You ain’t gotta be no detective to figure out I’m a dick
        When I hold my privates its your first clue
        Sherlock, prick! Just call me *******

        Far from an asshole though, so TRY sayin it again….see how THAT works for ya!! EVIL, jealous wench..You’re lowering yourself by even talking to a pretend ex thats ‘stalking’ you.(you wish that to be true, but it aint). P A T H E T I C and embarrassingly desperate..a woman would walk away with dignity, not act like a 15 yrs old virgin!! Uhggg fatal attraction bitches like u all, give good woman a bad name, guys we’re all not like this!!..Luckily you’re attractive, or ud be screwed…

        We support ours here…and you got NONE.

      • FYI. Life is all abt choices. I got exactly what I want. After sampling the available goods. I decided to be my own partner. I am a damn good one too. Not giving me away to some undeserving NUTCASE.. I want better   Much better  Or alone is a good way to live. Sure beats A Horrible marriage. Woundn’t ya say.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • What is that supposed to mean?

        Exactly what i KNEW you’d say…L A Z Y

        “I got u slippin on my swag juice’ haha

      • So she don’t want to admit there is actually other people out here on the internet besides here and her “obsessed” ex husband (what’s there not to be obsessed about?) She likes the attention she is getting here. They all do at first, but then it’s name calling and lawsuit threats, lol.

      • Lawsuits? Will probably settle out of court. Court is a waste of time. Dirty judges. Probabky naked wacking off under those black robes. Let them stand naked. As Gerry Spence suggested.

        Sent from Samsung tabletil

      • WhT justice system are you talking about? We don’t have one, worst Crooks are on the Streets. Also on the benches in Court rooms and dtiving around in squad cars. Breaking every rule they were never taught. an understatement.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Give Dorothy all this Co hort of yours info. She willbget it straight to the FBI RIght

        You mean DPH your ex?? I thought zero, ect WERE you ex??

        ?? Who needs mushrooms when you got a NanNAN??…wow.

      • You don’t haveva nannan. What you git is an anan. Praise the likes of that lady for taking you off my hands. Onto her couch. Fart fart pee pee again shit. Umm Good moning Nancy. I will have Oatmeal w a bannana. Th kind you eat on top if your cereal.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • She likes the attention she is getting here. They all do at first, but then it’s name calling and lawsuit threats, lol.

        Zero my friend 🙂 She doesnt believe herself, NONE of it. You’re dead on…this ones all about attn…sad, really, but f*** it. Im talkin to ALL of UM…Cause they cant get enough of you 🙂

        But they suck cause they’re mean. And Mean people SUCK… DOPES ..EVOL

        But this one Zero……..nothin my man.

        Peace 🙂


      • both days here in my hotel, i woke up to 2 pages of comments to go through, almost all Nancy Girl. yea she is hooked. I don’t think she could handle this though. lmao!

      • No insite into your own behavior Dummy. How  many pages of comments and utubes also songs have I.Just come home to? All from ZERO BOY! I on,y repy…respond.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Did you send one of your dirtbag cronies to my house to rent from me?

        That a LEGAL apt NAN?? hope so…i have some jewish and mexican friends lookin to rent…ILLEGAL to discriminate…I’ll send em by..KK?

      • I am officialu done with these nuts. No more Mr. nice guy. I care not to help them, nore will i ignore any of what they have done. as soon as i get througfh all these comments, 2 new posts will explain.

      • Asshole…do you really think that I was not paying attention  when the teacher in Real Estate School 25 years ago. Taught Fair Housing Law.? Lately I am rapidly losing my tolerance for STUPID people. Who think they know me…when in fact they don’t know me at all. VERY UNDERESTIMATED!!!! A good thing in fact. Can’t predict which direction I am going in.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • I am here, Too Close and linda have been here longer than me and have gone no where. Yea, you have me and them confused with others. and joey is the only coward out there in my opinion. rest of you are just lost, confused, lonely, and have big time issues with men, LE, the legal system, insucurity, and the internet to name a few. If i go away, will you all just find some place else to go? Or are some of you at your last stop, no place else to go?

      • A good thing in fact. Can’t predict which direction I am going in.

        Yeah…real stealth bomber Nan…cant predict you at ALL.

        “She’s Crafty!! and she’s just my type!!”

        member the Beasties nan??

      • I was called the quiet one. Then watch out for that quiet one. Per my Uncle Arthur when I was four. With never know. Not for sure. Far from gutless.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Right! My Dad sat at my kitchen table.On Jan.15th.03. Two mo. Prior to his death. He commented to me. NANCY YOU HAVE GUTS.I  did I do. Glad you also noticed it.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • do you really think that I was not paying attention when the teacher in Real Estate School 25 years ago

        Nan, whose ur broker, usin one to list?? You can trust me 🙂

      • That’s fine w me. Bye Bye. Don’t need anything from you. You gained from me. Not to worry. I am the tree. Not the fruit.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • you should see all the posts she made. lol. same crap mostly, though she brought up some new name she wants to add to my list of alias. Maybe she does believe her own crap. man Dorothy must of really messed her up. And then they leave her as the last crazy talking. Nice friends she’s got there.

      • Not to worry. For I have learned not  to depend on anyone else. An illusion to believe that one can depend on anyone..except themselves. Besides I have yet to find anyone. That is more capable than I am. So suffice it to say that I am curently self contained. Not a bad way to be. You know your limits. Depend on God to give you what you should have. When the time is right. I learned patience. Always been somewhat patient with others. It was myself that I had no patience with. Had find it,do it have it. No matter what. Determined disciplined. oh and never ever a quitter.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • There is no other way to be. Staying in thebcomfort zone. It bores me. So I s t r e t c h the comfort zone. Which is what gives ME . The same feeling of exhilaration. That you derive from deceiving people. Just different results occur.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Ok I’ll let this one through, just this one though, nancy, you are still on time out. No one here is trying to decieve anyone, wait, scratch that, some are and some have, but I hope I have eleminated most of that. I know this blog gives more room for that kind of thing then my other blogs, but if you took the time to try to understand me, the way i have tried to understand you, you would get exactly what my blogs were really about. Me you and Linda are about the only ones still comenting here. I am exactly who I say I am, everyone but you sees that, I sometimes think it is you trying to decieve people here, but maybe you are that far messed up by those around you (again, not me). Linda is not your ex, she is not Dorothy or her ex, she, like most readers here I think would just rather I leave you on a perminate time out and we all just forget about your misguided, sad, self. But I’m a glutten for punishment, plus that Super Ego of mine thinks he can save everyone, yes I know he really has a God complex, but at least he tries. You, like Dorothy, comment like you are doing something productive here and are achieving results that others can’t see. But just because you and Dorothy live in a make belive existance where your own Super Egos have convinced you you are doing good in the world does not mean you can continuly come here and accuse others of doing things they are not doing. No one here is trying to trick or confuse you, Joey, NERD, Dorothy, they all tried that and left unsucessful. You will do the same, I promise you that. Unless you can realize what is really going on here and curb your comments from your out of control Super Ego.
        Some people like to comment that I have a big ego, and I do, if you understood how it really works you’d see that’s a good thing, he keeps that Super Ego and Id in check. Ego helps to keep things straight. my Ego does it’s job as best it can with such a crazy Id and overstreaching Super Ego. Your ego is sleeping on the job and you have lost sight of what is really going on. I can’t help you with that, no one here can. get away from all of us, everyone who has led you to this point. Call your family, tell them you need help. Let them help you. I know you have heard this before, and it will most likely do no good here, but that’s my Super Ego living on hope. But don’t worry my Ego is still running things and I’m not confused or think for one minute this will sink in and you will stop with your delusions, but like i said, at least that Super Ego of mine is still trying.

      • In a nutshell. To live in the id or Ego is not the way that were meant to live. Therefore now I do understand why you believe it I with the problem. Not so. To live in the Spirit.That is the only way anyone will ever find their way to true happiness. You may not be able to get this.  I understand that. Yet, at the same time. That does not give you permission to cross over the line that divides us. Same for me. Hence I leave you to your Ego. Not my place to turn you around. If you ever want to. That has to be done by you..only you.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Welcome back Nan Nan, was that dificult? probably not, you don’t even care if what you write get’s read by others, do you? I’m not sure when all your ranting will be let through, some time today, I guess. As far as spirit, if you live in the spirit world, you are dead. I’m in the world of the living. What I call the land of the hypo-crites. But I love it when others want to explain how I have things wrong. I don’t understand race or religion. I know, I got it all wrong. And yet, I’m the one you come to read and correct. (same goes for the haters on Facebook) I have no desire to change your small minds, only point and laugh. Yet you silly people think my mind will be changed or shown wrong. To who? Yourselves? That’s it, huh? Some of you are trying to prove to yourselves that I am wrong. Tough one, good luck on that.

      • There are certain rules tgat are considered universal. Necessary for the species to survive. You are breaking every single universal rule. The outcome will not be a good one. For certain. Rules or laws apply to all. Must as Spring turns into summer. What you are doing will by law of the universe. Catch up to you. No doubt. I dont have to do anything. You are doing it all yourself.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Again I agree, we must be on some kind of mind sinq. There are laws being forgotten everyday by some of my commenters. Like the law of gravity: what goes up must come down. A few of you forget this till you are on that downward fall. Or how ’bout the law of motion: for every action, there is a reaction. This is one a lot of you forget as well. Putting your beliefs and ideas, your games and agendas, your lives (and lack of them some times) out on the NET and not expecting something to come back at you. Yes this law is forgotten daily. And of cours theres the law of relativity. I keep breaking that one my self when I answer one of your insaine comments. Because you are obviously not relative in any of this Nan Nan the Hun (ohhh I like that, Nan Nan the Hun)
        Yes, there are rules people, and we are breaking them all. Bunch of rule breakers!

      • Isn’t it Atila tge Hun? I thought. The law goes. For every action. There is an equal and opposite reaction.. I would attempt to explain.but. Been there done that. You know what the definition of insanity is. Fed up with the results

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • ahh, you get the hun thing now? Check out Popey crtoon as well, there was a whole island of Huns if i remember right. And thanks for explaining wher i had that law ALL wrong. lol

      • And then they leave her as the last crazy talking. Nice friends she’s got there.

        Thats how their whole crew rolls…lol Also the reason im proud of that ‘Fla mom’, who took DOROTHY PRICE HILL to ‘school’…a 20 something yr old put that DOPE in her place…LOVE IT

      • Yes, it made others speak up as well I think, and her rants are chosen a little better. But I doubt there is any one left listening to her, even Nan Nan, she don’t believe anyone.

      • Call your family, tell them you need help. Let them help you.

        OR join a 12 step program, you’ll find fellowship and unconditional acceptance…are you already in one? I see from some of your comments you’re familiar with the vernacular…You’re not ‘workin’ the program however, AND YOU KNOW IT..

        The worst lies we tell are to ourselves.

      • As far as spirit, if you live in the spirit world, you are dead. I’m in the world of the living. What I call the land of the hypo-crites.

        Don’t get crazy bitter Zero…thats MY… You have also created something good, attracted GOOD, and made a REAL difference.

        We’re proud of you, and we ‘get it’…

      • oh my views on the hypo-crites is old, yea, I told ya zero is no hero. lol i ain’t here to save any one. Theys gots ta saves themselves.

      • Correct. Yet you got rid of the good you had. How smart was that? Grass greener over there. I sure hope so.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • cleared another morning of babel. damn that can be exhausting. But hey Nan Nan, you brought the comments on your post up over a thousand. Very nice! But it does show you are not very good at moving on (as if this wasn’t already known). There are other posts you know.

      • but those who get it, have probably already saved themselves, that’s why you get it.

        Yeah, some of us get it, however this NOBODY is def still a work in progress…lol
        Good Stuff Preacher!

      • Correct. Yet you got rid of the good you had. How smart was that?

        My love, if this were true, why go through ALL THIS TROUBLE?? Why remarry?? Dont ya think he’d be back if he’s as miserable as you HOPE he is…YOU GOTTA GET A GRIP SISTER!! for real hun

    • Pick your ass off of the couch yourself. Where you have been directed to sleep. Too much snoring,apnea,3 farts,pee no pee,shit. I was a Saint. Andrea probably not so much.

      Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Ya know what nannan?? I think your ex is prob REALLY hot…bet ud let ur son rot if Sr came back to you?? am i rite??

        Hey Mike !!


        Just playin Mike, Chris ect, ect ………………………………………FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Which son? Idiot I have 3  sons. Ex aint ever coming back to my digs. So not a relevant comment. A stupid comment. Projector out again. I never left any of my 4 kids. Not the one who said he wanted HIS money over his kids.  Wasn’t even your money you were prefering anyway.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • This brings up something I have been thinking about. Dorothy and Nancy have lots of Friends and families on facebook. Why don’t they step in and either defend these nuts or try to help or stop them. This goes for more then just Nancy and Dorothy. Where are the friends and families at? Step in and help these troubled, lonely, souls.

      • No. An opinion it is your guess. About me being lonely. To me,the one personally involved w myself. A fact firsthand. Not one bit lonely,bored without purpose. Preferable to hanging out with Aholes. Which is what appears to he out there 98%.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • You must be so very proud of how you chose to be a father to the kids God gave you. Spew it on me  if you wish. That does not change what really happened.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Step in and help these troubled, lonely, souls.

        Im sure they have tried. Cant force adults to do shit…need to hit ROCK BOTTOM sometimes…

      • Some bottoms have a basement. I thought you would hit bottom many years ago. But you didn’t. Kept on going and going. Never stopped…. I understand now. That to acknowledge one truth.Would be like pulling one string…everything you have done,hidden, lied about. Would unravel. You could not handle all of that coming apart. Me finding out what you had done. So there lies the answer. To the why you behaved as you did. Throughout the never ending Divorce Proceedings. You could not turn back…so you turned on ME instead. Took the Cowards way out. Let everyone except you take the one who should have..the one responsible.

        Sent from Samsung tablet 

    • No you don’t love me at all. Even if you once did or thought that you did. That me you might have loved. She was just an illusion. What you prpjected onto me both good then the bad. The me that exists right now. She is not the same. Been formed differently, by experiences. Over the years. I am not the same. Can’t rewind history. Could never feel,act think or behave as I once did. Impossible to put Jack back in the Box.

      Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Olivas you know my sisters Restaurant in Az. Now shows her as sole owner. With her spouse who helped in the start up deceased. Always thought how dumb people can be. They sacrifice their lives and their happiness potential. To wzit for a spouse to predecease them. When it finally happens…even they are too old,sick or feeble to enjoy what is now theirs.

        You were right. I do think different. But I think down the road. What will work best. See around corners xray vision. If it dont make sense. I reframe.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • No I didn’t, but I thought you ment your sister, i have looked at your Facebook, so yes I have seen that name. A returaunt? maybe have to take a road trip someday, next state over.

      • You’ve been there. Olivas was the likely one that you first bought. The mortgage fraud,deed transfers. Olivas Family Trust. Whats this about those IRS Leins. Does that money go to you? Sure looks like your signature on the IRS filed Yavapaii County? Now I get it. Tommy O the house in Tampa few yrs back. Dits line up. Sure glad that I am different that you guys all are. See ya…wouldn’t want to be ya.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Kno time for this at the moment, if you choose not to watch the vlog and continue to insidt on ranting at me about you and your ex’x failed relationship, well I’m not sure my reaction yet. But I think the best you can hope fore is for me to stop putting your comments through and just ignore you. But i can’t be sure that’s how i’ll react. take the next few days to really think about what you want from your appearances here.

      • I don’t want a fucking thing from here. There is ZERO that you have..that I either need nor want. So how’s that? Let’s see how you react to an on purpose narcissistic injury.  Litmis test. Aks Scientific Methos.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • And yet you come here every day. In fact in the short time you have been here, your have as many comments if not more than anyone who comments here. You love it and you know it. You watched my Vlog, did you see my 13 tattoo on my hand just like I said. I gave that to myself when I was 18. You know who I am. Dorothy does to I think. She want’s me to butt out. I think we all no I’m not going anywhere. I’m not the coward some of you are used to dealing with.

      • I think you give yourself too much credit. Dummy.. I don’t know anything about a VLog. Is it anything similar to a G String?

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • nancy, i would leave now, it’s about to get ugly on this blog. it’s about to go on the rag. And you are just not up to it. So run away from the internet, go to yur family and get the help you need.

      • You’re a lot stupider than I thought. The stuf you say makes ZERO sense. My family does not help me. What the including YOU do. Is LEVERAGE yourselves on my solid gold qualities. The rest too weak, in the flesh not the spirit. Have no loyalty,ethics or value. The whole lot of you lumped together like a massive pile of Monkey DUNG. Could not even together..holdva candle to what I am made of. So put that in your Peace Pipe..and blow the smoke out your ass…with your lies.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Olivas head.

        Wait, who’s head?

        Mike didnt have another lover did he?? Im startin to think this guys hose might work just fine!! Swag baby!!

        Nancy, are you sure it was tiny?? mabye it was another case of the HUGE V……Im just sayin, ive heard of this condition…i care about you

      • No you are wrong. He told me and I quote. “I WISH I HAD A BIGGER ONE FOR YOU.

        Funny side story. Somebody was telling me abt his prior sexlife. Being brutally honest. Told me that he ummm put his penis into his girls vagina. And after a few moments. She asked him ” Is it in yet”?

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Yea, that definately wasn’t me.

        You’ll neva get rid of her now!!! great!

        BTW..i want on of those ANON masks…LOVE!!

      • Bought 5 new masks this October, could not pass up getting my own Annon Guy Mask, lol. I got this nun one that was also way cool. wore both at the Dome last season.

      • Better hope your mask doesn’t fall out of the window. Like it did to Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. Loved that movie though.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • I wore one in the vlog I made you. It is the mask from the movie V for vendeta that all the anons (anonymous) wears. Man you really should just watch soap operas or something and leave cyber space to those who understand it and can handle it.

      • So you are saying if I hear you correctly. That I am Internet I? Your opinion. I think I get around in Cyberspace well enough to meet my needs.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Love that name calling doncha? Were you ever taught anything about proper behavior and etiquite when you were a boy? Does not appear so. Puts you at a huge disadvantage in life. Losing control of yourself in public. Abusing and being a horrible example to your children. No role model better than you as one. Demonstrate all bad acts. Talk about getting ugly.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • chis doesnt comment here. but he might still read here. Still i doub’t he is interested in anything you have to say. But I can see you and Dorothy are chatting again, she’s throwing you things to say. and since you are saying them, you obviously don’t believe the crap you are flinging everywhere. GAMES! And I’m ready to play!

      • I gotta get one…I checked ANON out since i learned of them here…Now there in every doc i watch, including last nite….threy’re a huge presence in the “march on wallstreet”, in ALL countries…love

      • as you know i like the idea of anonymous just hate what it has become. any dumb ass can say they are anonymous, plus I just can’t get behind public dOXing anymore, it’s used as a game and to get even, not to expose criminals or wrongdoers. But I still respect the anon core and the idea that is behind it’s creation.

      • Oh that kind of anon. Guess you prefer to just steal a dead persons identity. Yes much preferable to desicrate the dead.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • damn, way to many comments Nancy, I was gonna try to write a quick post before heading back to the park, but I don’t even know if i can get through all your comments.

      • WTF you remind me of my Nutjob sister Pat. Glad you two formed a bond. Like attracts like. She would have me on the phone for three hours. Then complain that I had her on the ph…too long. Give me a fuckin break. Too  many comments you say? Have you taken the time to look at how many you posted. I only answer to each post. Not always every post either.

        Hit delete if you please.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • No you are wrong. He told me and I quote. “I WISH I HAD A BIGGER ONE FOR YOU.

        Nah..not buyin it..

        Harlem Tunnel


      • damn, gotta say something here too, stop with your bible talk, i thought you weren’t into all that. the bible is man made. and in the hands of crazies like you it’s very dangerous, you know, i made a video on youtube along time ago about this. Gonna have to post that here. Look for it later my religious, racist friend

      • no i get it, but to me the bible is on the religious side. and as i said taken literally by crazy people it is used to do bad things. Plus if you were spiritual you’d realize the bible is just one group of many spiritual writtings by many differnt types of beliefs cramed together in one book, then if you look outside the book you see there is other books and other writtings and all of it is people trying to be spiiritual, but are mostly now used for religious reasons. I could get deeper into the subject, it is actually one of my biggest passions.

      • I say Linda is Mike (you). They are ALL you. Just you might not know it. DID.

        You’re right baby 😦 i miss u bad hun…I knew i could only get away with this SHIT for so long..Screw the kids..

        Just me and u baby..i NEED U
        And Im REAL scared now that CKBs back on your TEAM, not to mention that fucked up DPH..I give up!!

        sorry 😦

      • In your dreams. You wish I were weak! Stronger than you. Weakling. Much stronger all ways. Go rob YOUR kids some more.P.O.S.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • yet we are the ones playing games. lmfao

        Yeah, games…remember when CKB was all terrified and paranoid she was being stalked..So concerned for her family!! concerned she bragged about her boob job!!

        on the world wide freakin web..PLEASE
        cry me a river…betta yet..
        tell it to the judge!!

      • Love that name calling doncha?

        NAN..I can relate…may i share?? Cool…

        Linda’s=CPH, Lindas CPS massage therapist, Lindas in organized crime, Lindas Chris Wolf, lindas a MAN, Lindas Mike…LINDA LINDA LINDA LINDA!!!!!!!!!

        Thanks for listening..KISS MY ASS BITCHES…MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You’re catchin on NAN!!

        nefigat says:
        February 18, 2014 at 5:49 pm
        Crude, low class, white trash. Can tell by the way you use foul language especially to a woman.

        Fuck a beat I’ll go acapella
        Fuck a Papa Doc
        Fuck a clock
        Fuck a trailer
        Fuck everybody
        Fuck y’all if you doubt me
        I’m a piece of fucking white trash I say it proudly
        Fuck this battle I don’t want to win, I’m outie
        Here, tell these people something they don’t know about me

      • Can tell by the way you use foul language especially to a woman.

        Yet in RL im a True Submissive…go figure.. 😉

        Oh wait, you’re the only one who doesnt know..


    • I know that you don’t love me, or your idea of love is distorted. Those that throw out verbal abuse. Then say only kidding. They were not kidding? A fact.

      Sent from Samsung tablet

      • NanNAN…you missed yet ANOTHER inside joke…the less you read, the DUMBER you look..

        Dont ya see love?? you GIVE it to me…Ive given u all of me too?

        I think i love u baby,,,im here to rescue you

      • Yeah but I don’t want it. What you call love is different than what I call love. NO SECRET TO DECODE BY READING WHATEVER The entire situation is ..always was SICK

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • nothing to decode here, same as other places you have been. you just have to open your eyes. the internet is huge, it has nore people on it then you and your ex husband.

      • Take your Mexican Foot Soldier. Stick him where the sun dont shine IDIOT! Tell your Jewboy Neil to move over. Hes got a room mate.

        Fuckin biggot!! You sexy girls think you can get away with sayin anything!~!

        ” i got 99 problems and the bitch aint one, shes all 99 of um need a M****** G**”!!!”


      • A Mustang? Was that what you blanled out? No. Mustan is for an insecure man w Dick issues. Bigot? Not quite. Just don’t like thatbtype of whining Jewboy ? You I know are part Jewboy too. Hence the tinybpenis I giess. Are you and Bill Windsor related? You hate the things you see I Bill. As you have them  yourself huh? Love to know how,when and why. You saw his penis? Were you lovers? Now you are a rejected Lover. Stalking caused by unrequited Love. Sorry for that if he brike your heart.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • I’m a mutt, but don’t know of any jewish in me, but could be. I’m mainly Irish and Native American. But there is French, African, welch, and russian in my famnily tree, and that’s just what i know about. so maybe jew as well. I like to think i have the blood of all the people running through my veins… but what was your point again? Something about a mustang?

      • My point? I forgot. So it must not have been important. Just about Jews. Some are Ok. Same with anyone. But those that annoy me are the Neil type. Whining,lying,Crook,back stabbing Scumbag. Probably he would sell out his own Mother, Wife and kids too . If he had them.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • I’m sorry to many coments to read them all. i have to make some posts. Will put all these comments through for now and try to read them and posibly respond to them later. POSTS COMING ATCHA!

      • Great throw a big party. I will provide the Pinautas and the candy. Dorothy says you Linda are Chris Wolff. I know you are all MF. Mother Fuckers.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • MY LICENSE was stolen and switched many years ago Swine. There will be liabilty for what you unwittingly pointed out to me re my license,my Soc. Sec.# orig. Being invalidated by one IRS employee. Talk about sheeps clothing She is as stupid as you are. To think you could pull this off without a wrinkle. If fraud could be made into reality. Why bother validating anything? Just pretend it is real..and it is real.

        Sent from Samsung tab

      • inside joke, love it! cristin is right you are here for my entertainment. though i don’t know ginger snap, just admire some of their comments about you. Good stuff.

      • Dorothy says you Linda are Chris Wolff.

        NOPE…sorry, not enough Petron on earth for me to be one of YOUR ex’s sloppy seconds…yeah, ill pass
        DPH says a…eva have an ORIGINAL thought??

        For shits and giggles, i may throw him a couple grand to invest..


      • I’m a mutt, but don’t know of any jewish in me, but could be. I’m mainly Irish and Native American.

        100 percent Sicilian…but we all married Irish…could you tell from my Pic?? LOL

  9. I’ve been told it’s a lost cause, others have tried to help, but she won’t budge from her beliefs that everyone is her ex.

    No worries..

    Superman aint savin shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey fuckin trash BIGgot!! ima get my mexican friends over here!! BIG mouth, better if u just use it to SHOVEL food in …keep spewing hate..ur gonna choke on it!! God must be so PROUD of u…hey DPH u a biggot too?? You stand behind this filth?? NICE TEAM EVOL BITCHES


    • Fortunate for me. That I don’t take any of your comments seriously.  Wearing my White Coat. Experiencing each of you a broken piece of a whole. Actually,so well adjusted now. That I feel compassion for everyone effected even YOU. Such a sad story. Of two kids who made it..running against the wind…could have turned out differently. Had a happy ending. Nothing like this fragmented mishmash. Choices could have but were not different. I once thought that you were my partner, my trusted Best Friend in all the world. I invested so very much of myself in you. Believing in you…in us  as a team. Go ahead Laugh your fucking ass off. If that is what gets you through the night. I don’t care. Can’t turn back,can’t undo. This story is a tragedy. What could have been…but wasn’t won’t be. And those innocents effected. So very sad.

      It simply went bad. Veered off the road.

      Sent from Samsung tablets

      • Open the flood gates, here comes all of Nancy comments she left while blocked for the past 15 hours. How am I the one obssesed with them? Wicked, wicked, women!

      • A compulsive need to abuse, says I. White Coat on and objectivity turned on. Sorry that you havebthis problem.. Just thinking…how great a life you would have had. If this were not so. My sympathy to you and those whose lives you have contaminated..I mean touched.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • and what do you call someone who has that compulsive need to be abused. They have to have it, they search for those to give it to them. Coming back again and again. My sympathy to someone like that and all those who have to deal with it once that person can no longer get the attention from the one they really wanted it from.

      • Before you go gloating. Don’t go patting yourself on the back.Thinking that there is anything at all about you that I miss.You are wrong if you do.  The only part of you that I ever enjoyed. Was your phony side. Which was never the true you. Authenticly the real you. Is a dispicable piece of shit,a liar,cheat,thief. Who has no respect for his own family. What does that say about YOU? Are you proud of the job you have done as a man? Or a MOUSE? I think you are on the level of a Charles Manson,BTK or Rifkin. Not proud of you. I deserved better. You know I did. Phony!

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Wrong again. AS I said previously. I don’t like fakes who  demask themselves as Monsters.  The wear clothing of a Sheep.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • It is spelled Hon…honestly. A foreign language to the likes of yourself. Again compassion felt even for you. Jesus said “Pray for your enemies”. So God Bless You and Yours”. Haaa choo God Bless me too. Just sneezed. Did you know that the reason we sneeze,is to reject foreign allergens?  Throw them off my sneezing. Trivia.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • I have no idea what email I am supposed to check. If it is just more childish taunting. Try to understand that, I am not interested.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Yet Nan, you simply can’t let him go?? Do you ever have a moment of clarity and realize how desperately you need psychological help?? You ALL live in COMPLETE delusion…Do you really believe this is all a stunt by your ex to somehow win you back?? Dont you think a letter would suffice if that was the case?? HELLO?? NO. I dont believe ANY of you can admit this INSANITY…until that time, I repeat:

      • she know, she just dosent want to be forgotten. I sent her pictures made a video. Hell Dorothy even realizes I am who I say I am, that’s why she is gone. Nan Nan should just come clean and let zero make it all better.

      • Before you go gloating. Don’t go patting yourself on the back.

        Im gloating, i cant help it…probably goin straight to hell hun!!

      • Put your Straightjacket on!

        Can u say theme song?? Guess who’s playin with Rihanna in NY in AUG?? Hee!!

      • yea, I would like to see that show if it comes here. Been a long time since i saw Eminem live. But right now i’m focused on getting to the motley show, last tour and it ain’t coming to Vegas!?! lol.

      • As I said previously. You love those put downs. Little hint, people don’t like them. They drive people away not towards you. Remember more flies dtawn to honey than to vinager.

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      • then why are you attracted so much to it? and from strangers, that’s the kicker isn’t it. You know we are not some old ex husband of yours who long ago moved on. we are people who didn’t know of you tell you came here in search of the “put downs” that by the way your comments are full of as well. But you are begining to bore me nancy, I need closure and not the kind you are looking for but will never get. I need to understand why all of you are doing these things. And why a guy from vegas even matters. I would have been forgotten a long time ago if people didn’t comment of send me emails. Now we have zero’s world. Remeber that though, it’s zero’s world now, not nancy’s world, not dorothy’s world, not even mike’s world. This world is mine and you are just visiting it.

      • But right now i’m focused on getting to the motley show, last tour and it ain’t coming to Vegas!?! lol.
        If they play in NY, you guys should visit 🙂
        and, BTW, i NEVER saw Em live 😦

      • Seen Em twice. First time was the Up in Smoke Tour. Dr. Dre. Eminem, D12, Ludscris, Bustas Rymes. The show was great. Took my 2 oldest to it. It was the second oldest’s first show (my eldests first show was Motley Crue of course, now all of my kids but the my youngest has seen Motley Crue live, took my youngest for his first show, Hollywood Undead, he loves them but did not have fun at the show, he thought they were fake, lol, but that was a few years ago, so hopefully he’ll take to Motley Crue show better, because he has to see it, lol) Again, the Up In Smoke Show was one of the best I’ve seen, everyone joining in on different songs, awesome. Had tickets to see Em again when he came through with the Anger Management Tour with Limp Bisket, but Limp Bisket cancled. It was a big thing here. Raddio Stations here stopped playing Limp Bisket for years, not that it mattered since they stopped putting out good records anyways, and Em had beef with them after it so, Fuck Limp Bisket, lol, there were a lot of us waiting for that show, had tickets since they had first went on sale. But The second Anger Management Tour came through town wit Em and Pappa Roach (we have seen Poppa Roach several times, they seem to open up for a lot of bands we go see, lol, first time we saw them they had opened up for KORN, they are good live) Show was good but they split up the floor, first people who showed up got front floor, and later people had to stand behinf a barrior halfway back on the floor. And we are late for everything, lol. But had our tickets since they went on sale so had no idea we would have to be in the back of the floor. Not a good place to be for a show, so that show was good, but had bad vibes for all of us (some of our friends had been waiting out side for us and couls have been in the front if they hadn’t waited, lol, but again none of us had ever been to a show where they split up the floor like that, and have not been to one since. And that was long ago, so yea we probably wont miss Em when he comes to town. As far as Motley playing in Ney York, lol, I’d love to go, but have to find one a little closer, probably cali since we got those magic mountain season passes. Go see the show and then go to magic mountain the next day. I can’t beleive you havent been to seem him live (then again concerts are my thing, if music is my religion, then concerts are like a religious experiance for me, a big church gathering. I very rarely misss a show I want to see) You really should go see him!

      • Z,,,i was a young single mom then…myself and my son are real close…Just sooo busy workin then, life goes lighting fast, ya know?/ any how, i know he knows it would be a thrill of a lifetime to see that show with him 🙂 he’s such a love! im so into it 🙂

  11. I will provide the Pinautas and the candy. Dorothy says you Linda are Chris Wolff. I know you are all MF.


    • Dorothy and Nancy are like the “Blundertwins” I think your word for them is best Linda, DOPES! I can’t believe Dorothy still thinks telling people you are her ex will workk anymor. Well other then her dumber more racist twinny. And Nancy think’s I’m her ex. We should form a fake ex husband club. LMAO. They no there ex’s want nothing to do with their crazy asses. Seriously, how did we get stuck in ass backward catfishing expedition?

      • Guess the blame lies on WHOEVER brought them into LISK??

        Think i give a F*** what DPH thinks!! Im prayin this hits the news someday 😉 Gonna look DOPEY, probably will get committed…hmmmmm, that gives me an idea…
        Dumb and Dumber..

        But racism??!! nah..

        Im pissed!!

      • There you go again. Fixated on commiting healthy people. Who when compared to yourself. Bring out the truth about who is what..who is not. Oh well! Not my problem. I opted out.

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      • “Am I crazy, or is the whole world out to get me?”

        Why can’t they ever take the simplest answer?

        I read this comment on another blog you used to frequent. it is a great comment and aplies here so well. I would like to make it the motto here.

      • Oh how you wish that were true. But alas its not. You fucked up. I tried valiantly to stop you. Then from your behavior. I knew I couldn’t stop you or turn you around. Win lose or draw. I knew I was on my own. It was the way you looked. Your eyes. You were gone not there anymore. Your Spirit or Soul had left you. Walking dead. I could not bring you back. Had to accept that the man I married. For all intents and purposes…he was gone…DEAD. Not in you anymore. Taken over by an evil stranger. I don’t even know you…any of you.

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      • And what is it that makes you think you have the right. To WARN me? ABOUT ANYTHING. TIME OUT! FUCK TIME OUT. For what?

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • lol, yes, time out, and one of many more I’m sure. Did you enjoy it? A lot came out while you were ranting. Should we disect it, or just send your crazy, racist ass on your way?

      • “Am I crazy, or is the whole world out to get me?”

        Nan you gotta take this to jerry Spriger…Im beggin u??

        i think they might even pass ur bus fair

      • Dont make a play for sympathy nan…
        Just apologize and move on..
        promise you will NEVER hear from us again..
        Its about to get ugly hun..heads up