Cristin,”Bring it on”… Zero,”Ditto”

I don’t know if I’m pissed or amused, lol. Cristin is going off on my Facebook (click on it in My Stuff on the right) about suing me again and that I’m “making a mess for my family”. She is funny though because she calls me foolish while she makes some very foolish comments:

cristin zero2

First off you have nothing to sue me for, so you’re continue threats of lawsuits are threats whether you want me to call them threats or not. Also, your blog, you comments, your emails, all of it has to do with any lawsuit you try to get going, it shows where I got my opinions I blog about. Like my opinion that you’re drone thing was a fake. I don’t know where it came from, but I don’t believe it belonged to someone stalking you. You said that someone from the bomb squad came out to get it, did they? Because if the bomb squad didn’t come out and get it like you originally said, then I have even more reason to believe it was a fake. I’m sorry it bothers you that I don’t believe it , but if you think you can sue me for millions of dollars I don’t have because I don’t believe the drone you posted about was part of this stalking thing, that I also don’t believe, that you blogged about, well then have your lawyer contact me, I can’t wait to blog about it.

For those reading who don’t know about the whole drone thing I am sorry, go read my LISK blog, for those who know all to well about the mysterious drone that could record phone calls, here’s the other part of Cristin’s posts on my Facebook where she explains that she can sue me because I don’t believe her:

cristin zero

The left side is part of an older email exchange between us, one of many where she tries to convince me the drone is real, the right is her explaining why I can be sued for not believing her. I have blogged over and over the many reasons why I think the drone is a hoax and why I don’t think she was truly stalked by any one, I’m not gonna rewrite it all, just go click on my LISK blog in My Stuff on the right and read it, and this goes for your future lawyer.

10 thoughts on “Cristin,”Bring it on”… Zero,”Ditto”

  1. Confused yet again…Doesn’t CKB now think its a hoax, perpetrated by a tenant in the guest house or something?? I dont know what to believe!!

    • that’s what she told me, she said that it prbably belonged to a friend of her husbands that was staying in their guest house at the time who she said was into things like that. I didn’t make that up. Cristin said this to me. Something she never brought up in her blog. So yes I question everything Cristin said in that blog, because enough of it she has admitted was crap and lies. And yet now she want’s to sue me because I don’t believe she was stalked by CPH or anyone else. So she can blog lies and games, but I am not allowed to blog my opinion of her blog??? Do I have this right? Where is this lawsuit she keeps threatening? They all talk about people being arrested, lawsuits being made, but nothing comes from any of it.
      Well, something will come of my blog, I will keep talking about these gamers and liars for a long time to come, let’s see who get’s what results.

  2. a weird thing has happened of which I will not elaborate, however, you have fueled my flame. since I guess you know who I am~~ nothing more to fear. game on bitches. you really really shouldn’t have. my patience has been spent.

  3. TCTH..I want you to understand, i only use stuff said about ME as an example, im nobody….It wasn’t till zero’s blog that i truly understood the full gravity of WHO was actually devastated by theses games..I hope you understand

  4. like I said no worries linda. of course I understand I hope I never got snarky with you…but if I did im not sorry. I know you I think you do. but im never going away. I will now not rest until every single one of these assholes lives lay in ruins. do you hear me loud and clear?

  5. And I DO understand, thats the major reason Im still here…if i bothered you in any way, Id leave, because this is all for people like yourself.. 🙂

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