What’s In A Name?

There are many screen names involved in my blog, both in my posts and the comments, most come from LISK.com, others were created to mess with the Catching LISK blog (my opinion of course), and others like JOEYandDPH are new and were created by one of the other screen names to comment on my blog. I have heard where some of the names came from, (I think we all have heard why Joey chose Flukeyou) and others I could guess. Still there are some like PS149 that everyone thinks they know where the name came from. It seems that a few of you are curious about my screen name. So let’s clear it up, because some of their ideas floating around out there are just silly. Let’s start with Dinh.

As I already said in comment to Nancy yesterday, Dinh comes from the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, it means, leader or father:


I am what they call a Tower Junkie, which means I am way into the Dark tower series, lol. So back in February when I was making my “Red & Black” blog I had to come up with a screen name, which was easy enough, I have been using zero since 1999 as my screen name, but although back then it was easy enough to use it, now when ever I come to a new site, that name has almost always already been used. As was the case here at WordPress. I was informed that screen name was already being used how about zero221144 or something like that.

So  I thought about what to add to zero to make it my new screen name, zero13, zero333, there are a few I thought about, but then I decided it was time for my nickname to have a last name. And that came immediately. Dinh. It was perfect, Zero Dinh, and if you are in on the meaning of Dinh , you might see it is to be read as Father Zero.  Father Zero, it had a nice ring to it. Of course that was for the “Red & Black” where Father Zero did apply. But on this blog, let’s face it, I’m just zero. And to understand where that name came from you have to go way back to 1984.

One thought on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Dark Tower series rocks…All his stuff is great…”IT” scared the crap outta me

    You’ve certainly took on the role as “father of the people”…WOW BOB WOW

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