Drone Hoax

cristin zero4

So that is from yesterday. Cristin, why won’t you just go away. You keep making this worse for yourself, and now you and your friends Joey, Dorothy, and Nancy are going to be exposed. I will not stop until it is done. As for your drone game, let’s put an end to it for good. First off you could answer the simple question, did bomb squad come out to your house to look at the drone? As I have said in my blog and in emails to you, this is my biggest problem with your story. You wrote in your blog that bomb squad came out and nobody knew what it was. You wrote in your blog that you believed the device you found was used to record your phone conversations. If bomb squad came out they would have immediately known it was a toy and could not be used to record your conversation. These are my biggest reasons for thinking it is a hoax. And since I read this from your blog, it is really your fault for me not believing the story, you should clear up what you wrote. As for your police report, I am not saying you faked a police report. Maybe your dumb ass did believe the toy was something used by you imagined stalker. maybe your husband did too. I have no way of knowing what the 2 of you though or believed. But you kept the drone stuff going for a while in your blog, accusing Murt of being the owner of it. One thing you never bring up in your blog is the story you told me about the guy living in your guest house. again that’s up to you if you want to clear that up. I will say I don’t know if you truly believed the drone was used to stalk you or you used it to hype up your blog, but from all I have read on your blog and in your emails, I do not believe it was anything more than a broken toy that you used for hype. I have a right to believe this, because you blogged about it and I read your blog. I have a right to come to my own conclusion on what I read and I have a right to write my beliefs about what I read here on my blog, everyday if i want to. But I’m willing to let this drone thing go if you are. If you did turn it in to LE and they didn’t feel there was anything behind it, why should I?

Besides, there is so much more in your blog I can continue on to. Or I could start putting my opinions about your new piece of crap blog (my opinion of course). You keep the threats coming though, a lot of people I know look at my Facebook page. They find you quite amusing.

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