Are You Kidding Me?

1.The PDF failed to attach. Here is the link to the Google Drive copy of the PDF.

Cristin Kennedy

2.Attached is a PDF copy of a Cease and Desist letter I will be sending certified letter tomorrow. This email is written only to provide a copy of the attached letter which contains pertinent, time-sensitive information.  If you have a lawyer, please advise where I may send the letter. Thank you.

Cristin Kennedy

3.Dissemination of this and all future communications written explicitly or implied, in part or in whole, may incur additional penalties

4.The attachment failed to load in the previous email.

Again, dissemination of this and future communications written explicitly or implied, in part or in whole, may incur penalties.

Cristin Kennedy

5.Cristin Kennedy You don’t have a right to call me a criminal, or in a criminal conspiracy, or a liar in the context you’ve called me so. You should REALLY read the letter.

This is harassment. Stop sending me things, stop telling people crap about me, (everyone who contacted me because of you can also be concidered harassment) just go away or continue to read about your harassment here. Have your lawyer contact me or shut the fuck up!

There that should do it.

21 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me?

  1. Oh, Zero, do you have trouble counting? Those are 3 emails and one Facebook comment. The PDF didn’t attach to the first email, so I had to send a second one. That was taking forever to send so I sent a link to the PDF on Google Drive. It is not harassment to send an email containing legal information.

    You should also not take legal advice from Linda. The legal information is contained in the PDF and was sent as a courtesy. So you really should read the PDF because you’re getting some terrible legal advice.

    • Glad you find this funny, tooclose. Your legal name is going to come up in public records if this continues to a lawsuit. Not a threat, either. That is a FACT.

  2. well now cristin, you sure thought it was funny. what I find quite funny is your desperation. public record…oh no….hey do I get to go to florida too? its pretty cold here…. lmfaorotf…. ill ask you once again cristin to point out any single time I lied. now shall we dissect your lies????

  3. am I chp? am I stalking you? did I send a drone? did I call you aunts phone? are you taking your meds? lol lol lol!!!!!!!! at least we know you are getting some type of psychiatric care, hell zero even spoke to your shrink. don’t ruffle my feathers bitch.

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