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So it seems I have a couple of stalkers myself. Cristin and Nancy just can’t stay away from me. I think everyone reading here knows all about Cristin and her stalking ways, she’s accused most of us at one point or another of crimes of some sort. But some of you might not know about Nancy. In her own words she has stayed in the shadows. (that’s where they all start, and yet my blog seemed to bring them all out, that’s not narcissistic, that’s fact… a fact I can’t be sued over, lol)

But Nancy has had a lot to say about the LISK case:

Nancy FB1Nany FB2

Nancy FB5Nancy FB6

Nancy FB7Nancy FB8

So Nancy has been a part of this. In fact one of these shows she was at least aware of I wonder which screen name was hers.

Since Nancy came to my blog and Facebook and accused me of being her ex husband, someone named Mike, and since this accusation went on to includ some of you who read here, I think we should all have a better understanding of this relationship.

Nancy FB4Nancy FB3

A ring of repetition yes. Dorothy is gone and her protégé comes in. Since we know we are who we are, we have to believe Nancy is either part of this big hoax that just seems to spin further and further out of control or she has been played so hard she has broken off from reality. Again this sounds familiar.

If even some of these people are being played and set up to look foolish, then there is someone behind it. Joey? Dorothy? Who twisted everyone up so bad? Or did Joey and Dorothy just attract a bunch of people who were already twisted and broken? Hmmm.

I’m not going anywhere, you can threaten me, confuse me, play all the name games you want. I’m here tell you are all gone from the LISK case. It does not need you and you are all only hurting it, let LE do their job without all the lies and games. And the more some of you keep pushing game, agenda, and confusion, only makes me more suspicious of some of you, thinking you have your reasons for keeping this case in gossip and confusion.

Looking at Nancy’s Facebook and you will also find Dorothy:

Nancy FB Dorothy

Here we have more conspiracy and stalking. But I don’t think these ladies get it yet, they are the stalkers. Here’s the picture Dorothy posted with the above comment:

nancy FB picture

Creepy, stalking behavior.  You are right Linda, none of them are harmless.

18 thoughts on “More About Nancy

  1. Hey peeps…Im being BLACKMAILED..what should i do, swing back?? HIT below the belt and share ALL MY shit?? or let Z handle it??

      • Yeah TC…just a final DESPERATE attempt to show im ‘immoral’ and have ‘questionable personal behaviors’…therefore, i guess i cant be trusted..??

        lol…i LOVE when people judge me 🙂 YES, im praying this gets taken further, lol…Just so many ‘saints and good christians’ tied to this case..
        TC…im not SCARED OF NOTHIN my friend…NOTHIN.

        Z will tell u all..get ready for a good laugh though….very pathetic attempt. people are surely showing their desperation..can u smell it??

      • TC…i HAVE NOTHING to HIDE….especially from you.
        Its NOTHIN i didnt already ‘give’…
        Im not halfway shook girl…i just HATE hypocrites…HATE

      • and they are a bunch of hypocrites… “I’m a victim, stop victimizing me… I’m a hero and will bring justice” which is it? And the men who tried to use your crazy stories for their agenda, Joey and that Bill guy… they don’t dare try to use ya now… lol.

      • Thanks Zero…as for everyone else, pretty much everything to know about me, (of all people), is ALL OVER Zero’s blog…including the Red and Black. I love that blog, and have read it off and on since i 1st came here….recommended reading….

        As far as me, im just a Joe schmo,.well,… imperfections and ALL..YES!!..I HAVE SINNED!! haha

  2. Creepy, stalking behavior. You are right Linda, none of them are harmless.

    Not for nothin DOPE…that house has been rented for over two years…didn’t your FBI friends clue you in…lol
    You DOPE YOU!!

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