Who Are They Talking About?

OK, that game was self explanatory and was kinda easy.  This one is just a little more involved. I’ll give you three different things written by three different people, and you try to guess the one person they are talking about:

1.He’s a little ADD, definitely could not stop going on about the Hacketts. While their behavior/story is bizarre no doubt, I have to point out that the very last place that Shannan was seen was in front of (???) house?!?!

2. I have to give (???) credit. He throws all this fake info out there because he knows that damaged goods with weak minds like Mysterymom7 are easily brainwashed.

3. He feed BS to Mari cause he knows thats what he says she wants to hear and know. I understand that. Poor Mari is being played by a man who either has something to do with this all or a vendetta toward OB.

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