The Realy Real World

Those who have read my blogs from the beginning knows that when I came into the LISK games I thought most of the people were fake and that it was one big game. There were games going on, and lies and agendas, people can deny it but I have to believe in where the truth took me. And the truth is, most of you are who you say you are as well. The problem is, that makes this even more scary in my book.

I once wrote how when ever I talked to my friends and family about my LISK Blog, they all told me “you know it’s just you and one other person, right?” And commenters like Dorothy and Nancy make it easy for me to believe this. But I had a feeling there was more to it then that and I was right.

As each of you I have spoken to by phone or Facebook know, I am always surprised to realize each of you is a real person, and you think by now I would not be so shocked. But finding out Nancy and Dorothy are both real and indeed not the same person is a little shocking. Still, knowing more about them and how they came together only explains this whole thing much better. But this is gonna wait tell Friday, like I said. A special valentine to my little stalkers. And I’m not saying you are “my little stalkers” like you are stalking me, though you kinda are at the moment, I just mean all you lonely, crazy, asses will stalk anyone who will give you the attention you crave.

That sounded harsh, damn Id of mine, always wanting to take over. It’s not that I don’t want to help here, believe me I have been trying. It’s just that none of you are accepting the help you should be from the people around you. Listen to them. Get the help you need, which for starters is for someone to take away your internet access. Damn there he goes again.

I guess it is possible that some of you could really still believe this is just one crazy person talking to themselves. Nancy seems to think so. I’m not sure what Dorothy really thinks, but she want’s us to believe she thinks her ex is behind all of this, Joey and Cristin used to accuse any one who commented against them of being CPH, and many thought MM7 and Dorothy etc was really all Joey. The other day, the John Doe on Facebook asked me if Joey was real?

But most of us know better now. There are lot of real people out there who have been brought together in a whole web of confusion, linking crime cases, lawsuits, blogs, and some people with some serious reality issues.

And that wasn’t my Id talking.

One thought on “The Realy Real World

  1. It may just be me Zero, but im starting to feel the Good guys are out numbering the bad…
    so glad Fluke drilled that = thing into my head… Dont see him posting it anymore?? COWARD

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