I Guess It Can’t Wait

Alright, most of this was gonna be covered in a my Vlog tomorrow, but Nancy just can’t stop with her chatter. So here we go:


There’s the article shown to me about your son Mike. It says he pled guilty, but from what I understand you think your ex husband, Mike’s father, stole his identity and set him up. Correct? Your son is actually doing time for “sins of the father”. (damn I should have named this post that)

Now you have been going on about your ex stealing you social security number and I guess you think that he steals a lot of identities. Well let’s hear it form your own mouth:


I don’t know how deep I should dig into this, I have heard that this Bill guy will sue anyone for bringing up Lawless America. And if one more person threatens to sue me I swear to God I just might have a break with reality myself.

But I think it’s safe to say, that this is where Dorothy get’s her team from. I’m sure that Todd guy is in there somewhere as well.

Then as I mentioned in my comment you have Dorothy coming into contact with Jen, Joey, and Cristin and it all just went crazy. (I do use that word a lot Nancy)

Of course as usual, this is how I see it, what I have come to after a year of reading all your CRAZY crap.

Thanks to all those who have been there to help me weed through it all. I know some of you have been out there trying to understand these games and agendas as well. I think most of it is out though. Sure there are a few questions like who is NERD or PS149 (the one who wrote on LISK.com)  but we don’t need to know that part to see the problems and who has created them. I think I have pointed them  all out quite well.

29 thoughts on “I Guess It Can’t Wait


    Two weeks in psych!! thats a far cry from a three day eval holdover!! whoo baby!!

    great idea turning down those psych meds…

  2. Happy Valentines Day Linda and if TCTH is a woman, well Happy Vakentines Day to you as well.

    Zero, I like the valentines day reference. 😉

    I hope you all are doing well. Linda I’m still waiting for an email to discuss the case for real. I would love to kick ideas around with you….like real ideas, facts and theories. Or join WS and check out all of the research there….there is a ton of info there. Some real deal sleuthers there, especially when the case first broke. I love diggin through the archives and my girlfriend yells at me cause ill get absorbed by it and be on the computer for 4 hours just reading the old threads.

  3. Re Miranda Barbour
    Very much like school shootings, this crime disturbs me greatly. Whats causing todays young people to act so violently?? Obviously no simple answers, but lets looks at the facts:

    Amanda suffered repeated sexual abuse beginning at a young age. We see almost without fail, childhood trauma, particularly untreated, is present in many killers’ backrounds.
    By age 13 she heavily involved with what she perceives to be a satanic cult…Where are the adults?? Not easy to be a parent, we ALL make mistakes. But no ones intervening in these kids lives at 6+ yrs old?? I havent read an article yet that says Amanda received therapy or support?? Exactly what were her chances of NOT being screwed up??

    Her and her husband pretty much tortured this guy. His death was violent and SLOW. They drove around while he was gasping for air. JMO, too callous to be the first murder they were involved in.

    LE has been quoted as saying there seems to be validity to her claims, which as we’ve seen, is saying a lot..wont know till they investigate though..

    sad, we always find out about these young lives gone wrong, AFTER a tragedy happens…what about prevention..? Kids arent BORN screwed up.


  4. As usual, I dont know half of what is being talked about here LOL, but on this woman who says she has killed 22 people or whatever…Of course I am only going on preliminary information, so this is a preliminary conclusion, but I dont believe her. I am basing this on the fact that this woman gives some very big flags that point to her being a) delusional, and b) schizophrenic. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of knowing some members of the actual Church of Satan and this is NOT behavior that’s sanctioned. This lady obviously has some issues and I can guarantee that she would have never made it past the preliminary screening to become a member of the COS. “Satanic Cult” is a relative term that people throw around to describe anything that is crude, sadistic, or “evil” in their eyes–and those who profess that they are a member of a “Satanic Cult” are NOT true Satanists. They are posers and usually delusional. Everything about this woman screams to me that she is delusional, not a serial killer. Just my thoughts.


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