Nut Cracking Time

So Dorothy is back on my Facebook:

zero Fb dph1

Yea, I’m not going anywhere. I have given you all enough time to just go away. I do not go looking for any of you. In fact if you stay off my blogs and Facebook I have been trying to leave some of you alone and move on to other things. I would like to blog about things that others can understand, not just the few of us wrapped up in this mess. But there are some attention loving nuts involved here. And they can’t get enough of me. They come back again and again. I really did try to help some of you see reality, but again as I discovered with Joey and, this Dorothy and Nancy game has been going on for a while and had been dealt with by others like myself, just wanted to help but got stuck in a crazy attention seeking game. Let’s take a look:

That’s something Cristin should have read before she accused me or Linda of using Nancy for fun and games.  Read back, we tried to explain to her. She is the one using us for her entertainment, and I’m sick of all of you doing that. Using others for your lack of lives. But I’ll get to you Cristin in just one ,moment, man why couldn’t you just stay away?

So no Dorothy, I ain’t leaving no one alone now. And this has nothing to do with the LISK case. It has to do with all of you not knowing how to just shut up and stay off of other people’s social media and blogs if you don’t want them to react to you.

So Dorothy wrote on:

zero FB dph2

I pretty much just answered that. I didn’t start this to play games or entertain, I was trying to figure you all out. I did. But none of you like what I think about you. Well to bad, you should have gone away (I’m gonna keep saying that in this blog so that you realize how much you all fu*ked up) But you continue to keep my name and my blog in on your lips and continue to comment on my stuff as if I was the lost nut. You are the nutsos who used all of this for your twisted entertainment.

Back to my Facebook  (lol, I just went to look at my Facebook again to see the order of the comments and Cristin has already removed hers, too late!):

zero Fb cristin1

You are so wrong here Cristin, that I don’t even want to waste my time explaining it to you. First off, I have not spoken to Jen in a long time. But I still have questions about her stories and things she has said, and there is more to that, but it’s not for you or the public, so I’ll leave you lost and believing as you wish. I am guessing you also think Linda is telling me things and how to think. man you are as dopey as the “blunder twins”.  But I don’t need to explain or discus any of that with you or the public either.

As for conspiracy, I don’t believe any of that. You are all loosely connected, not working together, though some of you did, but again, I don’t need to back track here. I doubt Nancy knows Joey, that’s a whole different part to this, like Murt. But it is all connected, but not a conspiracy, just dumb internet games. and I wish Nancy would stop commenting. I have tried and tried with her, but if you read the above blog, you will see she likes to do this. She has to be banned from blogs to shut her up. And cristin, you have not seen the many IM’s i have had with her trying to show her who I  was, before I realized she has done this before. She has seen pictures and yes the Vlog was done in fun, but it was also to show her, I was who I told her I was, again you have not read our IM correspondences, so you should once again, just shut up about what you don’t know about.

Dorothy’s reply to Cristin was the point of no return for me:

zero FB dph3

So I am being mislead by Jen, Linda, and Too Close. This is what I get from these comments. And because this gets into tricky stuff that I can’t put in public, like others I have spoken to or why I the bringing back up of any neighbor other than Joey or Hackett is only gonna strike a nerve with me. I am not the one who is in the dark here or being mislead by others. It’s the nutsos who keep pretending they know things. Cristin of course replied (again it’s gone now, but I got them saved quickly, knowing that would happen):

zero FB cristin2

Are you that dumb Cristin? (Rhetorical question, so no need to answer) You posted the Vlog like I was hiding it from them, but it is posted already, by me. I also told Nancy several times in IM’s to please go watch it, in fact now she says she did watch it, but it hasn’t changed her game. She still wants to pretend I’m someone who  can’t stay away from her, You know what that is like, don’t ya? What you don’t realize, is at first I thought Nancy was being played by Dorothy so in our IM’s I tried to help her and I told her all about me, but she then started saying Dorothy was also fake and we were all messing with her. Then I went to that blog she had mentioned, Joeyisalittlekid, and talked to some others that have dealt with Dorothy and Nancy. So see, blame me Cristin, say I’m entertaining myself with you guys, but it is all of you who keep getting together and showing up on other people’s stuff again and again and when you do it just creating more lies and bullshit. Why are you even in contact with the coo coo club any more?  You should have just listened to your friend MandamusSeven and just left me alone. I was fine moving on. There are other things for me to blog about. But nope, here you are once again, writting things that are so wrong from what is really going on. zero fb

This is how the comments ended and then shortly after all of Cristin’s disappeared. Dorothy, sorry, you are crazy. And Cristin, you made quite a bit of comments long before someone outed you and you were forced to comment under your name. How quickly you all forget things. But I was against all of that, and said so many times. All that happened before I came around though, so stop holding the grudge against me because of what others did to you. Which you obviously keep doing to me, just can’t find nothing to throw out there, huh? You wrote I didn’t have even a ticket, why are you still looking into me? Nutty and stalkerish. But that’s right, no mug shots on me!

Just so we don’t leave Nancy out, here is some of our IMs:

Nancy IMs1nancy ims2nancy Ims3nancy ims4

These are just some of the many. They don’t show how many times she calls me mike and how many times I tried to explain things to her. So  Cristin, Mysterymom7, just STFU already, you continue to get involved in all of this when you don’t know what you are talking about. But you, your old friend Dorothy, and your new friend Nancy are made for each other and you can live as BFF’s on the pages of my blogs and social media. isn’t that what you wanted Cristin? And I’m the one who’s misguided and misdirected. Let’s let Dorothy have the last word here as it sums it all up:

zero Fb dph4

9 thoughts on “Nut Cracking Time

  1. I like how CKB calls us groupies…she was all up on you when u were defending her..yum yum
    Now she’s kissing DPHS delusional ass?? FAKE..


  2. What a phony bunch of backstabbers..HEE HEE

    Meanwhile..NO action..just pathetic whiny assholes..

    Its wild..they come to YOU, FLOOD your shit with comments, spread their fuckin lies everywhere, personal lives a mess, all on blast by THEIR OWN MOUTH..But they’re the victims..

    How freakin WEAK

    Any results…NO “Big new comming” PLEASE get it TOGETHER…lookin like a cyclone hit ya??!!

    If this case ever gets solved, be sure DPH will say it was her effort..

    Feed the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! their freakin starved for attn!!!!!!!


  3. Its the best when they accuse other women of being men…

    No clue what an affront they are to REAL, independent women, MOTHERS.. fucking embarrassing B’s!!…clueless to the outrage their IGNORANCE causes in GOOD people…F*** it, learn the hard i give a shit anymore. Lets go full on, i ain’t on the ‘fence’ no more..



    • Little walnuts for brains. probably got squirrels scratching at there heads day and night, making it very hard to concentrate on anything. fucking pathetic. the lonely hearts club with walnuts where their brains should be.

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