Am I Evil?

Some of you out there (I think like 3 of you) think I am evil and this blog is the work of the devil. You are lost in you religion and bad relationship choices. Some of you have made blogs or commented on other people’s blogs showing these “breaks” with reality as you got lost in your own madness. But if it’s easier to demonize me, a stranger, who got into this to try to understand each of you better (a seemingly impossible task since new crazies keep popping out of the woodwork) then so be it. Again, make me your bad guy, turn me into your ex or the screen name that got the best of you. Take the one who has been honest about themselves the whole time and make them the one responsible for all this. Put me up on that cross and crucify me (though you are giving me quite the God complex).

Hmmm, a pattern that has been part of humanity for a long time, demonize your enemy, crucify them, watch them become Gods for the next uprising.

I though about just banning some of you, but I want EVERYTHING to be seen for what it is and not what some of you see it as. I will however put some of you on time out, like I’ve done with Dorothy in the pats and Nancy right now.  I don’t want to do this, but some of you can’t help putting people’s last names in your comments and accusing them of crimes. Also some of you like to repeat old crap that we already covered and put out to pasture. Then there’s the spam posts, repeating yourselves over and over about crap no one cares about. So yes I will put you on a time out if you can’t keep your comments sane and not so repetitious. And you may act like you don’t care, but I know how some of you don’t like it when I don’t put your comments through.

I’m about to take Nancy off time out and put all the comments she has sent since I stopped letting her through last night. I do this for 2 reasons. First, to show again that it is not me with the compulsive, stalker like mentality. And second because when I stopped letting her comments through it was at 666 comments on the post she was commenting on right now:

lisk 666

I keep seeing this as I look at my comments, and though it is amusing, it also scares me a bit. I may not be evil, this blog may not be evil, but evil could be out there lurking.

Naw, I’m just fuc*ing with ya. LOL.

But seriously look at all the comments flooding this blog from Nancy even though I was not letting her through. Very NERD like.

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