Best God In Show

As I must have mentioned a thousand times, before I started the “Red & Black” Blog and got mixed up in all the madness that now is, I did other things online. A Vlog on YouTube, as well as other YouTube channels with music and fun stuff. I even made a few fan type videos where I took some of my favorite songs from my favorite bands and made a music video for it. I was gonna call it Zero T.V. (see I’m such a narcissist, how could any of you thought this blog was about you?) The first one I did got a few hundred views and some good comments. And since the latest comments on this blog seem to touch on the subject of this video I thought it needed to be seen here, on the blog.

As you might have noticed from the Valentine’s Vlog, Zero’s World now has its own YouTube (It’s now on the right, in “My Stuff”) and you can go there to find this video without reading this post. But since you already are reading, here is the link:

For all of you who worship the Bible and think they are going to be saved while their enemies will be condemned to hell, enjoy my video.

Here’s the lyrics if ya need ’em:

I have no consideration Zero mutual respect For billions who suffer from rational thought neglect I don’t wanna waste a sentence I don’t want a conversation That’s gonna end in disdain disbelief and aggravation

And I find it’s getting harder to hang out With grown adults who actually believe In Santa Clause and Noah’s Ark, and Their god is the best My distaste has turned into detest

Who would read a 2000-year-old medical journal? Techniques for blood-letting Advice on trichinosis Would you navigate the globe With a map of a flat Earth? Without DNA testing would you believe virgin birth?

And I find it’s getting painful to put up With grown adults who actually believe In unicorns and creation and god always takes their side That’s when my innocent jabbing turns snide

Thank god for the Grammy Thank god for the touchdown Thank god for blowing up the enemy’s sacred ground So how am I supposed to take anything you say seriously When you swap free will for faith, hope and pre-destiny?

And it’s getting agonizing to hang out With grown adults who actually believe Mythology and history trump physics and science My aversion has turned to abhorrence

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3 thoughts on “Best God In Show

  1. Preach on Zero!!
    And YES, these guys rock!! brings me back to when u turned us on to ‘The Decline”….recommended listening…

    This IS spirituality 🙂

  2. Have I found Jesus? i didn’t know he was missing
    But i’m pretty sure he somewhere in this vicinity listening
    And i don’t know what happens after death or before birth
    But Bob was right about heaven and hell being
    right here on earth
    And if Jesus is lost we should go check outside
    Cause i think i saw him inside of a homeless guys eyes
    And if that is what he is then we should both go help him out
    Instead of sitting here shoving religion
    into eachother’s mouths


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