Say My Name, Say My Name

So many of you want to look into my personal life. How nice. Dorthy Price Hill, listen up! You have finally found what you have been looking for, someone to keep you relative. I will post about you as often as I can. I will look into every part of your life and I will comment on everything you have to say or write. Yes, your wish has come true Dorothy.

Here’s what I don’t get. When you find out who I am, why does my wife’s name have to be one of the first one’s you mention, in fact why are any of you talking about my wife. I can only gather that some of you are jealous of her because she found a good man, and most of you, well we all know your relationship history.

But know this, if bringing up my name get’s you a life time mention here on my blog, what do you think sending my wife’s name around in emails will do? From what I gather Dorothy, you sent some of this stuff to Mari and who ever else you thought would care about my identity. So now who knows who is passing around stuff about me. I don’t know if you found stuff on your own Dorothy or if you had some help (but once again I say, my identity has been there all along, I have been honest about who I am and gave all the info out to find me if you wanted to, Dharma had a big zero as it’s cover screen when I used it and does again) I told most of you about The Stranger right away. So now that some of you have taken the info I put out there ALL along and looked up me and people connected to me, Dorothy, do you think it makes you smart , not really, huh. I told you who I was all along, you are just now coming to believe it, and if you were smart you would not be mentioning all these names.

Let’s get this straight, yes I work at Fright Dome, I’ve said that before, right? But that does not give you the right to mention the owner’s name on social media or in emails to anyone you think will still listen to your garbage. Also I do not know the producers of the Collector movies, I see you must have read that we worked with them and that movie last year at Fright Dome, we did, the Collector mazes were awesome, but that does not mean I know them personally. I am just a hired scare actor for the month of October. So bringing up these names and saying things like “these big boys playing in hollywood sandboxes” or suggesting any of them are connected to anything criminal is probably some of the dumbest things you have done. See, dumb, not smart.

I’m just your average joe, but if you want to name drop people who you don’t know, you should be careful of the ones who have lawyers that can put an end to your name dropping games once and for all. I promise you, this is the road you are now heading down.

Did you read your email, Dorothy? My wife tells me she wrote you. Congratulations! You are the first to get her interested in this, I couldn’t even get her to read here, lol, she thinks this is all crazy bull shit. But you did it Dorothy, your emails mentioning her name brought her in. And I’m pretty sure you will regret that move. Obviously you haven’t investigated her team.

What is wrong with some of you? I have been trying to move away from the LISK subject and the games I feel I long ago proved being played by some of you. Dorothy, I was done with all of you, everybody saw you for what you were and I was moving on.

Is that what is prompting some of this. Joey’s email said to “put the blog back up”. Are some of you afraid I was gonna stop and your names would no longer have a place to be seen, your comments would no longer be read, you would once again become irrelevant?

Keep saying my name. I’ll keep you relevant.

You know you love me!

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