Nancy & Dorothy

Wow, so many people eager to send me links on these two, I don’t know where to start. Oh wait, yes I do:

In case that goes away all of a sudden, here’s what is there:

Nancy crap3

Nancy crap4

nancy crap5

nancy crap6

nancy crap7

So much good stuff there. Nancy mentions their book and Dorothy tells Nancy that she and her son have grounds for a million dollar lawsuit. Books and lawsuits, everyone looking for the pay off, huh? But all this stuff is just about fraud and corruption, wheres the stuff about Dorothy being strangled or mentions of possible connections to serial killers? Here’s something from Dorothy on the subject:

So I guess it depends on where you are reading as to what things Nancy and Dorothy accuse their ex husbands of. I mean there is plenty here about fraud here, but none of the murderous accusations most of us are used to.

DPH & nancy

Although Nancy and Dorothy do hint towards a few things in the comments there. Funny thing is I can not find much on either of these two ladies ex husbands. I do find quite a bit about Nancy’s son though:

Mike Figat

I did find some thing Nancy wrote about her ex:

But nothing else. Am I the only one that finds it fishy that so much is out there by these 2 ladies, but nothing on these phantom exs. I mean nothing other than the stuff Nancy and Dorothy put out there.

Here’s a few other places Nancy & Dorothy pop up: re/p/missing-police-evidence-may-put-the-brakes-on-interna0dfe04da5a

That last one has a comment left anonymously, but I think we can tell who wrote it. And I bet there are probably many places in Dorothy’s rants on my blog where she mentions Nancy, I just didn’t know the name at the time. Here’s one place like that. It was left on this post, it’s towards the end of the comments. (If you don’t know, Dorothy is commenting here as the screen name “Justice Seeker”. She loved to put justice in her screen names. Dopey hypocrite)

It says:

Then Nancy Evans Figat came forward and told us about her ex,
“Neo-Nazi Mike” followed by a spoof call from a guy telling me he lived in German and was bred in petri dish in TX in some US Dept of Defense experiment. One of his alters. Scary stuff. Working on the payroll of Suffolk County and Figat’s not even a licensed or trained police officer. Bellone could have had Mike R do that job (and do it well instead of patrolling MacArthur Airport as he now does). Shame on him and what he did too. 631 phone number.

I’m still not totally sure what is going on with these two ladies. It looks to me like Dorothy was slowly pulling in Nancy to the belief that her husband was part of more than even she thought. But that’s just how it looks to me. If there is anyone still out there who does not STRONGLY question Dorothy and what her agenda is, then let me know, I’m glad to reach into my bag of tricks and pull out tons more stuff about our Dorothy… like these:

7 thoughts on “Nancy & Dorothy

  1. Ahhh, so much info here i could write 800 posts on the above alone. No worries..
    A: Its isn’t necessary, RIGHT????
    B: I am TERRIFIED by Nancy Figats threat to “NEVER OUT WRITE ME”
    A little stream of consciousness though: BOOK, Threats of MULTIPLE LAWSUITS, SHARED HATRED for Steve Bellone, FLUKE!!
    Yes, so much PROPAGANDA..
    Re LE: Need i say a few ‘bad apples’ dont spoil the whole bunch…Every state and every county, have both good and bad employees..Here’s an example, going on in Nassau County on Kathleen Rice’s watch:….Shit happens folks…all over every day..Never forget LE puts their life on the line for us EVERYDAY…screw politics…THINK.

    Hey Nancy!! Talk to Det Mcartle in Southampton, tell him Linda sent you. You DOPE, those men and WOMEN are some of the finest on the force!!

    Dorthy Price Hill=EASILY LEAD DOPE!!

    PS..Nancy HUN, dont EVER try to do my material!! Neva gonna work you, mentally ill pig

    • when you put boh ladies names together in your google, you have days of reading material. Most of it greek to me, because I’m not in new york area but I can see the patern of a not so dynamic duel. And to think if nancy would have just stayed quiet a little longer i would have moved on not knowing about her part in all this. dopes!

      • Yeah..I just cant?? If you cut through all the Psychobabble however, NOTICE the common hatreds they share, you need not be from NY Zero, you KNOW this 🙂 Thats all i got…
        All the rest is Staggeringly DOPEY..

      • Im just SAYIN…..
        No wonder THAT BITCH won’t come here..Do you you think he even realized when he dragged these dopes in, that THEY would destroy whatever SHRED of credibility he had left!!?? WOW DOPE. Probably destroyed the civil case too..which sucks..

  2. Nancy mentions their book and Dorothy tells Nancy that she and her son have grounds for a million dollar lawsuit.

    BOOK?? What, “Connect the Dots for DOPES”..

    Anyone on this crew EVER hear the term ‘loose lips, sink ships’…?? Can you imagine the danger of labeling yourself an INFORMANT, literally putting your family at extreme risk!!..yeah LE must be slick., why don’t you put a sign on your lawn!!??..Guess what dopes, informants are supposed to be discreet for their own safety!! Unfit to care for goldfish, let alone children..How sickening this game has become..These poor kids man..something needs to be done to protect them.

    KEEP TALKING please???

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