While trolling Dorothy and Nancy I came across this Facebook page.

I posted Dorothy’s comment left on this site in my last post. Yes she actually warns other women to stay away from her ex because he is a serial killer. And there are other ladies on here all too quick to post their ex boyfriend or husband’s dirty laundry. This one is a thief, this one cheated, this one is a serial killer. A site complaining about your past relationships could be cute if done tongue  and cheek and people don’t take it to seriously. And a site exposing dangerous people could be helpful if it doesn’t get used to “get even”. But combining these things and then letting any troubled lady with a bad relationship in her rearview mirror, post their pent-up hatred, well you are just looking for trouble, and if you aren’t careful a lawsuit:

I understand it’s hard to get over a bad relationship, hell it’s even harder to get over a failed good relationship. But the point is you have to get over them. And throwing out someones mistakes in a relationship tend to get one-sided when in reality most of us know it takes 2 to keep a relationship going good and it takes 2 for it to go bad.

Go ahead and tell me, “but my ex is evil”. I bet you think he is, and in some cases you may be right, but unless you can prove others are in danger from this person, then you might want to lay off blasting them on social media. You just might get seen as the evil one.

While dealing with the LISK stuff, I saw this time and time again. It is so unhealthy for you ladies to harp on your ex and what happened while you were together, and it is unfair to post lies and half-truths about your ex just to get even.

GET OVER IT! If you can’t, get what ever help you need to get over it, but stop with the public slander, you are just hurting yourselves, again.

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  1. I posted Dorothy’s comment left on this site in my last post. Yes she actually warns other women to stay away from her ex because he is a serial killer.

    While reviewing all of DPHs comments, I couldn’t agree more. Also note, if she was TRULY terrified of her ex, she wouldnt use all her ridiculous acronyms to decribe him and his job…NAME HIM, GIVE HIS PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT!! How else could a woman possibly avoid this ‘dangerous’ man…some advocate…PUKE!!!!

    BTW, dont lump ME in with those chumps, my stuff got exposed….Never made that mistake again, Good men ONLY 🙂

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