Yes, the Fuck You tour has begun!

The word FUCK is my favorite word:


The word itself can be used in many different ways, and to me that makes it a very flexible and useful word. Of course it is also considered a “bad word” the baddest one in most opinions. I’m not gonna get into the whole “bad word” thing, but to me there are no “bad” words, just “bad” people, words don’t cuss people out, people do. LMAO, I’m right though, huh?  It’s when you add the word YOU to it that you can really upset people with the use of the ‘Fuck” word, and I understand no one likes to be told “Fuck You”, but sometimes there is just no other way. Sometimes people use their own words, “bad” or not, to spread hatred and that is when I like to use that phrase, “Fuck You”. Which is why when my wife turned me on to the Lilly Allen song, it  instantly became my favorite song. And while trolling the internet looking at all the fuctards out there, I decided to go on a Fuck You Tour! So #2014fuckyoutour began yesterday, what is #2014fuckyoutour? Well it’s me passing around my new favorite songs to people who need to hear it, in my opinion.

I sent out the song in three tweets. One to this racist girl who I came across last time I was on Twitter (she goes by SandraAngry (why so angry Sandra?). The second went out to “WhiteResister” (yes, fuck them, bunch of pussies who think they are owed something ’cause of there lack of skin pigment) and the third went to the twit who goes by adair0228 with the phrase “no white guilt” above it. And that’s the one who bit.

He saw his video and tweeted back:


My Twitter is now at the right in “My Stuff” so feel free to go check it out, I hadn’t posted it to My Stuff yet, because, to be honest my “zero’s world twitter” is kind of boring. But this guilty white guy might change that.

Funny thing is I also had a reply on my Facebook from some guy named William:

william the racist2

Could they be the same guy? I tend to think so. But hey, maybe I have 2 new nuts to have some fun with.

William seems to think I am one of those people who hide behind their computers and says hateful things, afraid to say the same things to people’s faces. LMAO, that sounds more like that “No White Guilt” guy on twitter. I have no trouble telling people who spread hate and hypocrisy, to their faces if need be, to fuck off.

Facebook Warrior? Yea that doesn’t sound like a guy in his mom’s basement comment. LOL, Fuck You William!

5 thoughts on “#2014FUCKYOUTOUR

  1. Im so glad you wrote this post zero..personally, im a huge believer in freedom of speech.. So everyone HERE knows im basically a softie at heart..Although Ive shown my harsher side, including using traditionally ‘bad’ words, I know words can hurt..

    So which words are worse?? Curse words or lies that destroy peoples lives?? how bout using racial or bigoted undertones when you communicate? how bout perverting the words of whatever ‘bible’ you follow to promote hate, or in extreme cases, justify murder or war?
    Im interested in how people feel on this topic…
    I hate judgmental hypocrites!! You can DESTROY another without ever using the word F***, or any other so called ‘bad’ word….JMO
    Love some feedback..
    Thats why I LOVE EM….nobody hits this point home for ME, more than him..i hope its always understood by those of you i care for here..

    • yes, and this is my whole point here. so we’ll see people’s reaction as i pass around Lily Allen’s Fuck You song. I bet i’ll get complaints, like this willy guy (by the way he has written a few more things on my Facebook and i will post it all here) but if they can post this crap up for anyone to see why is it wrong for me to post fuck you up there. Is fuck you more messed up for kids to see then the stuff these other’s put up? Once again you got exactly what i was getting at. Thanks!

  2. How bout these kids reading this FILTH about their own parents??? Let family court find out, or CPS…see how that works for ya…A PROFESSIONAL needs to interview these children.
    I got you preacher man…I do. you get me?? lol…Im a lot of work, but i mean no harm 🙂

    • well, nancy’s family seems to be in to all this. Stealing idenities is the family bussiness right? But you are right. I would never want my family to have to read the stuff some of these people have put out there. It must be hard to deal with.

      • without finger pointing or splitting hairs: we’ve all known heartbreak, divorce or not. Its very painful, we know this…But when children, young or old, hear filthy lies about a parent, they can easily believe they inherently are filth too..Hey, sometimes we have to be honest about our ex’s with our kids, thats life sometimes, and they deserve the TRUTH…but even in the worst circumstances, we must try our hardest to shield our children from OUR adult issues…

        family court and CPS are adamant when dealing with this issue…thats why children are appointed their own attorneys (law guardians) in these cases…Brainwashing children to FEAR and LOATH their own blood is EXTREMELY damaging and painful!! Considered ABUSE! It should be avoided at all costs, unless a child’s well being is being compromised. But to make up lies, to mess with the fragile, impressionable brain of a child is UNFORGIVABLE.

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