Song Dedication


It’s time for some more serendipity! I took the album “Chinese Democracy” by Guns N Roses with me in the car today. Most people do not like this album, but I strongly disagree, if this album had come out when it was written it would have been way ahead of its time, but because Axl Rose took over 10 years to finnish it, it would never live up to its hype. But I think the album is beautiful and today a song jumped out at me.  Track 10, “Sorry”. It made me think of Nancy, and then Dorothy. Then I realized there were lyrics here for the whole group of you. And I know most of you don’t want me lumping you into a group. But once upon a time you all worked together in some way, and yes, some of you are still working together. So here’s the song for you all to listen to:

It goes out to Nancy and Dorothy, but also to Flukeyou, Jen, and Mysterymom7.  As well as those like NERD and Susie, and others who have been apart of the game.  So listen to it, read the lyrics . There’s something in it for all of you.



You like to hurt me
You know that you do
You like to think
In some way
That it’s me
And not you
(But we know that isn’t true)
You like to have me
Jump and be good
But I…
Don’t want to do it
You don’t know why
I won’t act the way
You think I should
You thought they’d make me
Behave and submit (submit)
What were you thinking
Cause I don’t forget
You don’t know why
I won’t give in
To hell with the pressure
I’m notcavin’ in
You know that I
Got under your skin
You sold your soul
But I won’t let you win
You talk too much
You say I doDifference is nobody cares about youYou’ve got all the answers
You know everything
Why nobody asked you
‘S a mystery to meI’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You don’t know who in the hell to
or not to believe
I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You don’t know who you can trust now
Or you should believe
You should believe
You don’t know who you can trust now
Or you should believe

You close your eyes
All well and good
I’ll kick your ass
Like I said that I would

You tell them stories they’d rather believe
Use and confuse them
They’re numb and naive

Truth is the truth hurts
Don’t you agree?

It’s harder to live
With the truth about you
Than to live with
The lies about me

Nobody owes you
Not one goddamn thing
You know where to put your
Just shut up and sing

I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You don’t know who in the hell to
Or not to believe
I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You choose to hurt those that love you
An won’t set them free
Won’t set them free
You choose to hurt those that love you
An won’t set them free

You don’t need
Anyone else to be
Sorry for you
You’ve got no heart
You can’t see
All that you’ve done for me
I know the reasons
You tear me apart

The Following, The Walking Dead, & Motley Crue

Alright, a little breather from the DPH madhouse. For those of you who do not watch the show The Following, I just gotta say, the last 2 episodes were 2 of the best. The show is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I know there is a lot of criticism about it but I am enjoying where it is going, religious cults clashing with serial killers… (sorry for the spoil there) well I’m enjoying it.

It’s not my favorite show on right now, but it’s definitely growing on me, my favorite show on right now would be The Walking Dead. I wish it was on every night (ok I would never be able to keep up, so no I don’t). I’m a fan of both the show and the comic, and I love how both have similar storylines at times, while total different ones others. Characters who die in the comic, don’t always die in the show, and vice versa. Plus there are characters in each that are not in the other, which leads to never being sure what will happen, even if you think you know. Like with TERMINUS, (SPOILER ALERT) I have an educated guess on what is going on in TERMINUS and whether it is truly a sanctuary. those who read they comic know the group is chased by cannibals after they leave the prison. Also that they come to a church at some point. My guess is these 2 plots have been mashed together and the outcome is TERMINUS… makes you wonder about that Bar-B-Q Mary is cooking.

I could be right, but maybe not, I guess will see next week on the season finale. What ever happens I’m sure it will not disappoint!

And one last thing, I got MOTLEY CRUE tickets! Motley Crue and Alice Cooper!!! Final Crue tour, here I come.


Who Is Dorothy Price Hill?

So I removed the ban on Dorothy on Zero’s World Facebook (located at the right in “My Stuff”) so that I could get a copy of the whole thread that ended in her ban. Here was the exact comment that did it:

dph richie kids

I cringe just reading it. I’ll say it again, jealous much?

So, just to jump off of Dorothy for a second,  we seem to have some rules in zero’s world, first is one we all are working on, no last names please, that’s a hard one I know, so many do it, I do it myself, but we should really try not to, rule number 2, don’t use my children in some mocking way, that’s just creepy. Oh and #3, the most important one, don’t call me Richie. Other wise, your comments are just for me to read I guess, because they probably won’t get posted. Again, nan nan, no joke there about how it’s “all just for me to read… and write… and read again.” I did the joke for you, move on. As I will, back to Dorothy.

I started this post the other day, and that’s as far as I got. I woke up with a new friend on my Facebook  and I decided to blog about  mark and his feelings he is fighting with instead. And then the next day I saw Dorothy decided to put my real full name out there. I almost missed it because of my block, but my unblocking her paid off and I din’t miss Dorothy’s little warning posted on the “Praying For Shannan Maria Gilbert” Facebook page.  So, now this post is gonna be finished… but I’m gonna take my time, make it a good one.

So for now I’ll leave you with some reading material from another very controversial case, one that Anonymous got involved with as did our good friend Dorothy Price Hill (you don’t need to read the whole thing, just skip down to July 10th 2012):

The case that starts with the divorce of Lori Handrahan and Igor Malenko. It also has to do with Igor’s attorney, Michael Waxman, who we all know made a first time Screen Name appearance here. I don’t know who was really behind that screen name, but since they ran off, I have my ideas, and it isn’t Mr. Waxman. Regardless, it led me to some interesting reading, and I thank you for it. I’m not gonna comment on the case itself, though I did a ton of reading on it, both sides have blogs and commenters who say the other is the one at fault, and if you know the case you know that’s an understatement. But the link above, was the only one that I found that mentioned Dorothy and talked of the type of bully  techniques  Dorothy uses.  Smearing and slandering people on social media is what Dorothy spends most of her time doing from what I see. According to Dorothy’s ex husband, she has done this with many of his friends names just to get at him. He say’s she links him and his friends to crimes and that none of it is true. Here in this link we see an attorney had a much similar experience with her. And lately she has used these same tactics against me, trying to link me to her ex or Doctor Hackett, saying I was abused by my mom, that I have made snuff films and  torture movies as well as child porn… yes all things about me I know aren’t true, things Dorothy, who I admit doesn’t know me, but I still would say she knows these things are not true. No one told her those things about me, and she didn’t read anything like that about me, she just took her normal slander shtick and added my name to it. Something that happens again and again, and no one is surprised to see her try to do it with my name.

All crap, and there are loads and loads of it out there that you (Dorothy) wrote about lots of people. Things about working with LE and FBI, though I have been informed that this is not true, and no LE is in contact with you Dorothy. I have been informed that some people who really are involved with this case don’t even know if Dorothy is real. They know just how many fake accounts were made out there by the likes of people like Joey Junior and Susie S. And I will get to Susie eventually, so if you are out there reading Susie, send me an IM or something, would love to know if you are still a part of these evil shenanigans or secretly really someone else.

Ok… so “Who Is Dorothy Price Hill Part 2“, coming soon, gonna really dig in here. Who all did you influence with your made up crap, Dorothy? Better question, who wants to be connected to Dorothy? I already know the answer to that one.

In the meantime Dorothy keep saying my name. Accuse me of being a criminal. Make up terrible things about me and my friends and family, keep me motivated!

Marky Mark and the Willy Racist Bunch

So, remember my good friend Willy from Missouri? He thought it would be a good idea to come to my Facebook and call me names because he thought I was gay and against “white pride”. When the truth is I’m straight and against ignorant people who spread hate from their tiny little minds that probably are stored in their tiny little pricks (that should go off well). He left pretty quickly even though he promised he would have my page flooded with people  to make me pay for having my own thoughts on the types of thoughts he and others put out there for everyone to have thoughts on:

willy flooded

And there was his friend from Missouri who stopped by to and tell me how wrong I was. But then wrote me private messages that I was right and little willy was “way” into “white power” crap, exact words were: “He feeds into the white power shit way too much“. They also went on for  some unknown reason to let me know he was an ex con,”Will went away to prison, thievery and drugs, and came back practicing that Asatru shit. Before that he was just a godless, lawless man

And let’s not forget some of the nice things Willy commented on my Facebook himself:

willy dad3

willy dad

Yea, that willy is a great guy. I ask again, why do they have to always go to the molestation thing?  It’s a deep underlining theme with some of them. Makes you wonder.

So I made a little poster for my new racist friend:

Willy poster

Was that wrong of me to post this on my Facebook? I’m still unsure of what kinds of crap are ok for social media. Well I guess someone didn’t like it. Today (almost a month after I posted it) there is a comment from mark. Mark is also from Missouri, so I’m assuming it is another friend of willy boy. And what did mark have to say?

mark fb1

Um, I’m not totally sure what mark had to say here, lol, but I think he tried to dis me. Oh no he didn’t? Right?  Did he? Or maybe he didn’t? I’m still not sure. I think he thinks I’m  gay just because I stand up for all human rights. And then wants to say some dumb thing like I support STDs because of this, or that homosexuality is what is spreading aids. Damn talk about getting into a DeLorean and heading back to the ’80s. Mark’s next comment is a little easier to decipher, it was on another poster I made about a commenter in a anti homosexuality Facebook group. This guy felt the need to explain to me why God was hurt by homosexuality. So I took his words and his Facebook pic, just as I did willy’s and made a cute little poster:

george poster

Again, was this wrong, maybe a little, but if you put your judgements out there, you have to expect some back, right? And our Marky Mark decided to give some back:

mark fb2

Yes, that is what he wrote. My god is Gay… well, duh!  Anyways, I thought I’d keep the judgements going back n forth and decided to make a couple of posters for him, judging his words , and him a little, maybe, but all in good fun, right? Or is this a more serious subject? I’m afraid some of these experiences are starting to take its toll, and I’m starting to confuse my right from wrong… fitting in finally!

mark poster2

He’s a cutie!

mark poster1

Come on, that’s funny. Right?

Anyways, when willy promised a flood of people on my Facebook, I believed him, I just didn’t know it would trickle in one every month.

joeysalittlekid blog

So while looking at the joeyisalittlekid blog, again nothing to do with Joey/Flukeyou, it’s mainly about Bill Windsor and something called Lawless America, both Nancy and Dorothy were hooked up in Lawless America from what I have read, but I’m not ready to start blogging about Lawless America and deal with all those problems, but yes I have read as much as I can find on Lawless America, wait, where was I, this sentence really rambled on. Oh yea, while reading the blog, this post to be exact:

I came across something I thought some of you would find quite amusing, I know I did.

Nancy was commenting there under the screen name Kittykat, which I was told was a name she used there, but honestly spotting a Nancy comment is not hard to do:

nancy kittykat

Just as she has done here, she loves to talk about the things she claims her ex husband Mike has done, even though as here, she claims everyone commenting there is really Mike. LMAO. Her head works in ways that truly amaze me. But that’s not love Nancy… oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

So while reading through the comments I came across my name, well not the name Dorothy is passing around, but my nickname (and once again may I say the one I prefer online, so even if you now know my name, and other than Nancy, anyone reading here should know it by now, wait what was I saying? These sentences are just taking on lives of their own today, oh yea, show respect, call me zero). So yes I saw zero in a comment. And I fell to the floor laughing, really I did. Here read it yourself and see that you don’t do the same:

Nancy time out

Isn’t that great?!? I love it! And there were some nice words about me as well:

zero praise1

I knew I liked these guys!

Again, I highly recommend this blog if you want to see how others have had to deal with Nancy, as well as learn about Bill and all that Lawless America stuff.

Oh yea,  the love remark, Nancy, just because that screwed up head of yours baffles and amazes me, don’t go thinking you finally found yourself a new man:

Nancy zero loves me

Don’t let those delusions of yours fool ya.

Banned From Zero’s World

I hate to ban or block people, but as many of you know, sometimes there is no other way. So now I have joined many of you and blocked Dorothy on Facebook. Well, it was from a page and not an account, you block people from your account, instead I banned her. So yes, Dorothy is now banned from Zero’s World’s Facebook page. Shall we take a look at that last thread. Of course we should:

DPH on zeros world1

Well, there you go, DNA tests thanks to Dorothy will finally bring this all to an end. There was a p.s. to this that complained about Robert Kolker and used Jen’s full name while once again accusing Jen of criminal activity. But I’m not gonna post it because I’m just so tired of Dorothy putting names to her made up stories. But I will post some of the stuff she said about me, to further prove Dorothy makes everything up.


She starts off by asking a question I have answered sooo many time now. She writes “we all want to know” but there is no “we” or “all”, anyone who reads this knows why I took interest, but I’ll say it one more time, as simplified as I can make it. I took interest in all of this after reading crazy comments online left by the likes of you Dorothy, and others you are somehow connected to. She uses my name here, figures it will upset me, but it doesn’t as much as her bringing up my children, which she did twice in her comments yesterday, the second time she says something like “shouldn’t you be busy reading your children bedtime stories”. I guess she’s a little jealous there. And as for her “we know you live in Vegas” part, I feel I must explain. This blog is satire, so I went over the top with the truth, get it? I’ve been kicking a lot of dead horses lately to show just how foolish some of you are, like those of you who think people are CPH or your ex husbands or that anyone is stalking you…  And yes part of that was harping on the fact that I am in Vegas. It was mostly for Nancy, who as you can see still doesn’t get that I am in Vegas and there for I don’t know her nor am I stalking her. Sorry to explain, when most here get it, but I want even the dopes to understand what has happened here, so that they understand what happens next… but I don’t want to spoil any surprises. On to Dorothy’s next comment: dph zero lisk

Here she goes back to calling me zero and actually praising my last post on my LISK blog, which is funny because I basically say people who say they know who the killer is or have info that never leads anywhere is making things up to be in the lime light, and I guess she agrees with that.

DPH r3

Back to calling me Richard, letting me know she knew who I was and then once again making her self out to be the hero and on the side of TRUTH & JUSTICE meaning, I guess, that if I stood against her I stood against TRUTH & JUSTICE. That’s when Linda showed up and rattled Dorothy’s cage. I didn’t save any of that, but it was quite entertaining. And it got Dorothy to divulge some privileged information. DPH fbi

What? The FBI is reading my Facebook page? That’s news to me. She once tried to tell me the FBI was reading my blog as well. But I just find that hard to believe, but she insisted:

dph fbi2

Ok fine, everyone is watching me. I mean I’d be a fool to think differently.  LE, FBI, and yes even friends of Dorothy, if you are reading this, thank you for reading.

This next one is where she said she got a call from our fishy fluke:

DPH js

So there you go, follow the connections of everyone who has misled this case and slandered everyone in their way. And even though Dorothy had just complimented me on my LISK blog, after seeing I was not gonna allow her to post her crap without calling it crap, she jumped back on to more made up crap about me:

dph r4

First off, please don’t pray for me Dorothy. Seriously, don’t do it. In fact as I have said before, try to keep my name from your lips, why is that so hard? And please, please don’t call me Richie, I didn’t save that one, you were banned right after it though, that was just to far, you know? LOL, but seriously this comment about me making BDSM torture movies shows again how Dorothy makes up stuff about you to “get even”. She resorted back to it when I wouldn’t just side with her and TRUTH & JUSTICE. Proving to me, and hopefully everyone else reading, that nothing she says can be believed. She likes to “get even” with people, and connecting you to the LISK case is her favorite way of doing it. So should I wait for the FBI to come knocking down my door? ROTFLMFAO, literally. Wait, she called me Richie yesterday (something I suggest no one else does, lol) but that reminds me of another comment of her’s…. hold on…. found it:

dph vegas2

How did I miss this name drop. I did though.  But since you called me Richie yesterday, I guess the last part on this comment was supposed to be about me, right?  If so, I’d love to know what former NYPD Detective you are willing to blame this lie on. Keep making up stories about me, it only shows once again, what you do, make up lies about people and then try to slander them on social media and in blogs, hoping to get some other slanderous coo-coo birds to follow suit. Say what ever you want about me, just for the love of all that is good, stop calling me Richie. So good-bye Dorothy Price Hill. You are running out of places on Facebook to spread you made up stories. But don’t worry if you find any, I’ll be sure repost them here and then watch them disappear. LOL

Before we leave Dorothy for now I have a few older comments of her’s that I feel need to be shown, this first one just makes me laugh and I have to point it out:

dph z fb1

She calls me Zero-Red-Shoes, that’s so funny. This is because I wore red shoes in the Valentine’s Vlog I made. So I guess Dorothy watched it, too bad she couldn’t get her friend Nancy to watch it.

Now this last one is from a little while back when Dorothy first found out who I was and tried to bring up names of people she thought I knew. She brought up the name of a horror movie producer. But it was a fail, since although I have met this person, I do not know them. Yesterday, when I brought this up to Dorothy, she said she never mentioned this person before. Did she forget doing it, or does this just show how easily she will lie when she thinks she can get away with it? But of course I saved those comments, here’s one of them:

DPH forbes

My favorite part is the mention of a “stupid Valentines’s Day Party”, she really hates that Day.  Dorothy brings up Mr. Forbes, a horror movie producer, why? Because she thinks I know him. And why does she now deny bringing him up, um because he’s a movie producer and she could step into a whole new mess by doing that. How many fans does the Saw and Collector movies have? I also have an idea who she means by Gary and Jimmy. More names from my life Dorothy tried to put into her made up stories. This is something many people who know or have come in contact with Dorothy have been through.  But it won’t work here Dorothy, not in my world.

Nancy & Dorothy Part 2

So just about everything I posted in the first part of this has pretty much been removed from the internet. Dorothy’s rant about her ex on “”… gone. The thread where Nancy mentions them writing a book… gone. Wow, once again, all I have to do is post it here and it disappears from the internet. This kind of thing has been happening since I started blogging about the LISK site and some of its commenters. Sites, blogs, Facebook pages, they just seem to disappear, not always because of me, I know, but still it’s happened a lot since I started blogging last year. But not with the same quickness as things I repost from Dorothy. They are gone almost immediately.  Kinda makes me feel powerful. If I want something of Dorothy’s crap removed, all I have to do is post it here.

Let’s test it. There is still plenty of stuff  that Nancy & Dorothy commented on together out there, let’s look at some more:

DPH & nancy FB1

DPH & nancy fb2

dph & nancy fb3

dph & nancy fb4

dph & nancy fb5

dph & nancy fb6

dph & nancy fb7

Most of that discussion took place on Valentines day last year. Again, in my opinion, that’s a hard day for them both. After reading so many discussions between these two ladies, the phrase “thick as thieves” comes to mind. For multiple reasons that I won’t get into, but they definitely seem to be closer than nancy would want us to believe. The fact that Nancy now wants to try to convince me Dorothy isn’t real, cracks me up. But I probably shouldn’t continue to make lite of it. The things they write about other people is just so disgraceful and there is nothing funny about it. But let’s see how long it takes for this to be gone. Not that it matters, it will be here.

So how long have Nancy & Dorothy been working together and has it always included LISK connections? I’m not sure, but I found an old tweet of Dorothy from December 2012 that shows at least since then:

DPH tweet nancy

Dorothy always drags someone else into her posts of about “evidence”, I’m sure even Nancy would say “what evidence?” There is none. And those who keep getting sucked up in this crap need to see it. This is a game to Dorothy and she has no problem dragging others down and linking them to her made up evidence. I mean doesn’t even Dorothy realize that after years of promising everyone links, evidence, and arrests that you have to show something to back up your false promises or people will stop believing. Nancy even said something like that once.

While I was writting this post Nancy decided to start commenting on the blog again. Still claiming I’m her ex husband and that I faked my picture. Fine, everyone online is a guy named Mike and is stalking you everywhere. That makes much more sense then we are who we know are selves to be and you are stuck on your ex and see him everywhere. Yea the game is kind of one sided, because though none of us who you(Nancy) bring into this know who Mike is, we all know who we are.

The blog called joeyisalittlekid, which I have mentioned before, and I must point out again, it has nothing to do with a little fish discussed here, is quite a good read and has some things to say on the on-goings of Nancy & Dorothy. Although Dorothy is not mentioned as much as Nancy, there are some other commenters there who had things to say about their dealings with Dorothy:

on DPHon DPH2

I don’t know who Connie is, but there seems to be an epidemic of people out there making things up and then turning those who read the made up crap and don’t believe it into part of their delusional stories. Oh yea, my opinion of course.

Again, I recommend the joeyisalittlekid blog to see just this. I like the regulars there and feel a somewhat kinship to them as these somewhat parallel Nancy posts might explain:

Are they both crazy? Skipping meds? They both accuse me and many, many others of being their ex husbands (though they both say they are not really divorced). They both accuse their ex husbands of not only being abusive to them, not only guilty of some kind of bank fraud or money laundering of some sort, but also of being part of a serial killer gang that LE, Oak Beach Neighbors, and online bloggers are trying to cover up for. You see they are still so jacked up on their exs, they are so obsessed with them, that they think the rest of the world is also in such awe of their ex husbands that everyone around them let’s them get away with all of this. Hmm, I think I stumbled onto a deep and telling thought. Both Nancy & Dorothy feel they have figured out how evil their ex husbands are and now feel the rest of the world is blind to it and have to be shown the truth. Yea, my vote’s crazy.

But they are persistent little loonies, I’ll give them that. So Nancy, Dorothy… go ahead and post your slanderous lies and made up stories, and I’ll keep making posts like these.

So Much To Say I Don’t Know Where To Start

I’m at a point where I have so many post ideas that I don’t know which ones to do first. I had planned on the next post being called “Dharma Initiative Has Zero Agenda” those of you who know about Dharma might get the pun. It was mainly gonna be about a couple anti gay Facebook groups that I used Dharma to become a part of and then got into some debates that the members thought was very judgemental, lol. You could look at my Facebook (link in “My Stuff” at right of blog) and see the stuff I used Dharma for if you want.

To be honest I was just having a little fun with people  who like to post their hate and hypocrisies online. Speaking of which, Dorothy wrote on my Facebook yesterday and today (another reason for you to click on my Facebook and take a look, it probably won’t be there long). I’ll get to that in a moment.

So yea, a post about Dharma, a Vlog on my tattoos, and then possibly a link to that old Vlog I keep hinting at. It was a very funny site, and thought I might as well bring it up before someone else finds it. It would have been a little embarrassing for me, but I think a few of you would get a kick out of it. Like I once said, this zero’s world blog was gonna get personal, and I thought I was ready to go all out.

As you probably already guessed, I’ve changed my mind. This blog is part experiment, part zero legacy.  With that I mean I was gonna use it to put all my stuff in one place, from lyrics to stories, from blogs to YouTube channels. A place for all my cramped up and scattered creativity. and the experiment part, well that’s a little hard to explain, but I think some of you can understand the ongoing thread in most of my blogs and posts, if not, go back and read everything again.

Problem is, I’m not sure I am at the place I thought I was (are we ever?). I thought I was ready to move on to things more about me, after all a few of you are using my clues scattered like easter eggs to figure out just who I am (I wish one of you would clue Nancy in). What has changed? Nothing I guess. It’s just not time yet.

What does that mean? That also is not so easy to explain. It means There’s still things left to be said I guess. And as much as I like to blog about me, a subject I know quite a bit about, I don’t think now is the time, and in fact, you may notice some of my personal posts (the ones that were suppose to help “prove” to Nancy I am not her ex) are gone. I was gonna do this anyways, she doesn’t deserve a picture of me or a video she pretends she can’t watch. She’s a Dorothy flunky in my beliefs and has no desire to get well or get truth. Ah truth, does anyone remember way back (about a year ago) when I talked about truth and how that was the only side I was on. Even though this blog got a little sarcastic and satirical, the truth is the still the only thing I ever stand by. Those of you who do not care about the truth even when people are shouting it at you, well then all your other mambo jumbo must not be truth either. Do you get that, or is it a little confusing. Like I give a f*ck. Be confused, or just reread everything tell it finally sinks in. The choice is yours.

Which brings us back to Dorothy. Can you believe she posted back on my Facebook again?!? After she went to all that trouble to get all her old stuff pulled? Is that smart? Crazy? I don’t know, but I can almost promise you it won’t end the way she hopes it will. I’m not gonna copy and post it here because she will take it down, and I’d like it to stay up. It gives Jen and Mr. Wolff something to use if needed in civil cases that I hope happen one day. But it also just shows how desperate she is. Coming back to post her stuff on my stuff once again. No mention of me being involved. No mentions of my name, or my wife’s name, or Fright Dome or any of the other things I know she posted in emails to Mari, and who else Dorothy? No one cared did they? There’s nothing there to flip on me, again remember at the beginning of all this, I told you it would be foolish to include me in your lists or connect me to people I didn’t know. So all that stuff about “zero is connected via porn or snuff movies” etc. seems silly and only shows just how quick you are to lie about people and make things up to fit your agenda and games. (Remember how a few of you didn’t like me calling it “games”? Can it be seen any other way now?)

Yes, so much to say, I don’t know where to start…

New Lyrics

I wrote this the other day. A little corny, but that’s ok. It’s called:


Chorus: You got to get to know me

   Before you dethrone me

  Come meet the family before you disown me

  Talking shit when you don’t even know me

  So get to know me, and then you can blow me


“Oh what’d he just say?

I wasn’t listening to him anyway”

Bitch you hang on every word that I say

Didn’t understand it? That’s OK

It wasn’t about you any way

See here’s the part you don’t seem to get

Nothing about you comes off to me as a threat

Best thing you could do is walk away and forget

In fact forget walking, run away better yet


You got to get to know me homie

Before you try to stone me

Don’t come at me when you don’t even know me

Like I give a fuck if you don’t condone me

You are you, and that means you’re not me

Moral of the story

In your search for the glory

Watch what you say, if you don’t know the whole story

You’d think you know this, I’m sure you heard it before me

The End Of My Willy Trilogy (hopefully)

So Willy found his way back to my Facebook and some other white pride guy had to give him a little back up. Assholes like them always need to gang up on others, bully’s are cowards at heart. So this guy named David came on and tried to explain to me what races where and why people should be proud of them.

Before we go on, if you want to be proud of your race, fine, I don’t mind that. If you think your color is your race, well I strongly disagree with you. If you also think your color makes you a better race, well again I say, fuck you! You may not like it, the same way I don’t like the things you say.

David came wrote his comments as I was about to go somewhere so we didn’t get to finish properly and while I was out he got a friend of his (when I say friend I mean they are Facebook “friends”) To come on and call me a cracker, while her Facebook “friend” called her a… well here see for your self:

racist nword

Let me just say to all this, you can call people what ever you want, words are words, made up by people, they mean what we want them to mean. Do we say that white guy or that black chick, yes people do this all the time, we see color, I don’t deny that. But to think that that color or lack of it makes you better or if you still feel the need to preserve your color and those who mix it up are somehow wrong, well again, I say Fuck You!

You can see they are trying to bait me here, let’s see how it went on another thread:

Racist w girl1

And they are funny. Let’s read on:

racist w girl2

Wait did David  just threaten to kill me?

racist w girl3

Yes 3 of them, damn that number and how it taunts me! At this point they think I’m gay, so I messed with them a little, I know, I’m such a dick. But to see where that started we gotta go to another thread:

willy dad

Yep, he actually wrote that. So many out there hope someone in my family touched me, some kind of kindred spirit thing I don’t get. But you know I had a reply for this:

willy dad2

So I don’t know where he assumed I was gay, I think it has to do with the Fuck You Song and my support for everyone’s rights to respect and understanding, or maybe it was this song his dopey partner David posted on my page calling me gay. I didn’t hear the song yet, wasn’t about to click on his link, you know me. So I’ll look the “your gay” song up later. Oh these three had me laughing so hard I was in tears. Hard to believe there are so many out there who still need to hate others because they are afraid of being less than them. They have it in their heads that they have to belong to the better ones. Politics, religion, nationality, sexual preference, and the 2 more simpler ones we like to grope at, black or white… man or woman.

You can post your beliefs on these things, you can say “pro white america” or say “gay is against God”… and I can say Fuck You!

There that should end this.