Little Willy Racist

So my new Facebook friend had some more things to say on my Facebook:

william the racist3

This is after I had written back that white and black were colors not races. You can click on my Facebook over in “My Stuff” at the right side of the blog for the whole exchange.

I wrote back explaining how dumb his ideas were and that he would be better off just leaving my Facebook page now before it all got to involved. From here his comments changed a little:

william the racist4

He almost sounds human again. But this is a trick racist do because they know they can defend their beliefs against logic and truth. all we have to do is look at Little Willy’s Facebook to see what he believes. Shall we?

pro white crap1

This was reposted on Willy’s Facebook. As you can see it comes from the Facebook page called Pro White America. So Willy says “no to America being a white country” and yet he post crap on his Facebook from groups that obviously feel this way. So I decided to take it straight to “the horse’s ass.”

I posted the beautiful Fuck You song by Lily Allen, and what do you think happened. Did I get a response, did they try to explain to me why their beliefs are not shit? Nope, they deleted the comment and blocked me from commenting there again. LMFAO at all the fucked up losers who use the internet to put their toxic beliefs out there, but don’t want to hear any ones response to their hatred. LOSERS! #HellIsForHaters is my new hashtag for all these losers. Hope it catches on.

But as I read more on Pro White Garbage page I saw more and more disturbing comments from people who obviously would be better off someplace else (#HellIsForHaters). So I had to do it again:

pro white crap2

Shit like this puts me over the edge. What a bunch of fucktards. I used Dharma to post the Fuck You song here, but as you can see it is not there. The cowards that run this page removed it (again!) and blocked Dharma from commenting there. That’s fine, I’m sure I can find some others to post the song there for me.

Here’s a link to Pro White America:

I know there are lots of jack asses out there like this, so my #2014Fuckyoutour is just getting started.

By the way Nancy, pay attention, I’m showing you who the real assholes are out there.

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