The End Of My Willy Trilogy (hopefully)

So Willy found his way back to my Facebook and some other white pride guy had to give him a little back up. Assholes like them always need to gang up on others, bully’s are cowards at heart. So this guy named David came on and tried to explain to me what races where and why people should be proud of them.

Before we go on, if you want to be proud of your race, fine, I don’t mind that. If you think your color is your race, well I strongly disagree with you. If you also think your color makes you a better race, well again I say, fuck you! You may not like it, the same way I don’t like the things you say.

David came wrote his comments as I was about to go somewhere so we didn’t get to finish properly and while I was out he got a friend of his (when I say friend I mean they are Facebook “friends”) To come on and call me a cracker, while her Facebook “friend” called her a… well here see for your self:

racist nword

Let me just say to all this, you can call people what ever you want, words are words, made up by people, they mean what we want them to mean. Do we say that white guy or that black chick, yes people do this all the time, we see color, I don’t deny that. But to think that that color or lack of it makes you better or if you still feel the need to preserve your color and those who mix it up are somehow wrong, well again, I say Fuck You!

You can see they are trying to bait me here, let’s see how it went on another thread:

Racist w girl1

And they are funny. Let’s read on:

racist w girl2

Wait did David  just threaten to kill me?

racist w girl3

Yes 3 of them, damn that number and how it taunts me! At this point they think I’m gay, so I messed with them a little, I know, I’m such a dick. But to see where that started we gotta go to another thread:

willy dad

Yep, he actually wrote that. So many out there hope someone in my family touched me, some kind of kindred spirit thing I don’t get. But you know I had a reply for this:

willy dad2

So I don’t know where he assumed I was gay, I think it has to do with the Fuck You Song and my support for everyone’s rights to respect and understanding, or maybe it was this song his dopey partner David posted on my page calling me gay. I didn’t hear the song yet, wasn’t about to click on his link, you know me. So I’ll look the “your gay” song up later. Oh these three had me laughing so hard I was in tears. Hard to believe there are so many out there who still need to hate others because they are afraid of being less than them. They have it in their heads that they have to belong to the better ones. Politics, religion, nationality, sexual preference, and the 2 more simpler ones we like to grope at, black or white… man or woman.

You can post your beliefs on these things, you can say “pro white america” or say “gay is against God”… and I can say Fuck You!

There that should end this.

23 thoughts on “The End Of My Willy Trilogy (hopefully)

    • yes, and I’m not always proud of my race, but those are just my beleifs, if someone wants to be proud of being white, fine, but don’t think it makes you better than someone eles, or in my world that get’s you a Fu*k You, but that’s just my world, no one else has to even visit it if they don’t want to, lol.

  1. Zero!! i gotta agree with ya, these guys are hilarious!! Just when you think people cant possibly get any dopier…Almost too easy. I DO however believe these types are now the MINORITY.

  2. I must say, you handled yourself in a very dignified way!! Way to represent Z 🙂
    And yeah, todays youth are so darn awesome, i have every reason to believe love, compassion, tolerance and coexistence are on the rise ❤

  3. so here’s the song that david junior (fuckin juniors, are they all douches?) posted to me on my Facebook. LMFAO. This really takes me back to my old Vlog days. I got called gay a lot on there. But I realized on my old Vlog, I was getting most of my hate comments form preteens (one of the reasons I stopped it,) this guy is no pre teen, just a douche who thinks calling me gay would hurt me. being called gay is not a dis to me, being gay is not a bad thing. I am not gay, but that dosen’t mean anything either. People are people. If you haven’t figured out what makes you tick and you are still acting with yoiur pre teen views of the world, this is not the place for you. You really should just run away. If David or Willy ever do decide to come here, let me just throw this out there. While you both were talking you racial homophobic shit, someone sent me private messages about willy boy. people don’t like to put things in public sometimes, but I’m realizing they love to spill it all in the emails and private messages. Anyways, according to one of Willy’s “friends” it turns out Willy is way into “white power” crap, just like I said his comments and posts suggest. I was also told he just got out of prison for “thievery and drugs”.
    Why did one of your “friends” feel the need to tell me this Willy? Is it true?
    Each new experiance here surprises me a little with A. how dumb people can be on here and B. How much info people are willing to give to strangers, The Stranger, lol. And this year was just the begining. This needs to go further in my opinion. As long as I can keep my Id and Super Ego in check. lol. In between wanting to destroy the world and wanting to save it is a middle ground we all can live , But that’s only if our Egos can do their jobs.

  4. You know what they say about people who are homophobic?? who CONSTANTLY have to remind you (themselves) that they’re straight.??..and he just got outta prison…

    Yeah, its pretty obvious what we’re seeing here…feel me? Gotta go, squirrel fritters a’ cookin…

    • at their core they are, because they missed the real leason, that no matter what we are all the same. we can think we are different and we can treat each other like we are different. But it just ain’t so.

    • TY TINA! And welcome! This is the best!!! I LOVE THIS SONG! It’s being played all day today! of course I will think of a few people as it plays…lol!
      I am really liking you new readers, commenters, and IMers on Facebook. Thanks for reading!

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