Nancy & Dorothy Part 2

So just about everything I posted in the first part of this has pretty much been removed from the internet. Dorothy’s rant about her ex on “”… gone. The thread where Nancy mentions them writing a book… gone. Wow, once again, all I have to do is post it here and it disappears from the internet. This kind of thing has been happening since I started blogging about the LISK site and some of its commenters. Sites, blogs, Facebook pages, they just seem to disappear, not always because of me, I know, but still it’s happened a lot since I started blogging last year. But not with the same quickness as things I repost from Dorothy. They are gone almost immediately.  Kinda makes me feel powerful. If I want something of Dorothy’s crap removed, all I have to do is post it here.

Let’s test it. There is still plenty of stuff  that Nancy & Dorothy commented on together out there, let’s look at some more:

DPH & nancy FB1

DPH & nancy fb2

dph & nancy fb3

dph & nancy fb4

dph & nancy fb5

dph & nancy fb6

dph & nancy fb7

Most of that discussion took place on Valentines day last year. Again, in my opinion, that’s a hard day for them both. After reading so many discussions between these two ladies, the phrase “thick as thieves” comes to mind. For multiple reasons that I won’t get into, but they definitely seem to be closer than nancy would want us to believe. The fact that Nancy now wants to try to convince me Dorothy isn’t real, cracks me up. But I probably shouldn’t continue to make lite of it. The things they write about other people is just so disgraceful and there is nothing funny about it. But let’s see how long it takes for this to be gone. Not that it matters, it will be here.

So how long have Nancy & Dorothy been working together and has it always included LISK connections? I’m not sure, but I found an old tweet of Dorothy from December 2012 that shows at least since then:

DPH tweet nancy

Dorothy always drags someone else into her posts of about “evidence”, I’m sure even Nancy would say “what evidence?” There is none. And those who keep getting sucked up in this crap need to see it. This is a game to Dorothy and she has no problem dragging others down and linking them to her made up evidence. I mean doesn’t even Dorothy realize that after years of promising everyone links, evidence, and arrests that you have to show something to back up your false promises or people will stop believing. Nancy even said something like that once.

While I was writting this post Nancy decided to start commenting on the blog again. Still claiming I’m her ex husband and that I faked my picture. Fine, everyone online is a guy named Mike and is stalking you everywhere. That makes much more sense then we are who we know are selves to be and you are stuck on your ex and see him everywhere. Yea the game is kind of one sided, because though none of us who you(Nancy) bring into this know who Mike is, we all know who we are.

The blog called joeyisalittlekid, which I have mentioned before, and I must point out again, it has nothing to do with a little fish discussed here, is quite a good read and has some things to say on the on-goings of Nancy & Dorothy. Although Dorothy is not mentioned as much as Nancy, there are some other commenters there who had things to say about their dealings with Dorothy:

on DPHon DPH2

I don’t know who Connie is, but there seems to be an epidemic of people out there making things up and then turning those who read the made up crap and don’t believe it into part of their delusional stories. Oh yea, my opinion of course.

Again, I recommend the joeyisalittlekid blog to see just this. I like the regulars there and feel a somewhat kinship to them as these somewhat parallel Nancy posts might explain:

Are they both crazy? Skipping meds? They both accuse me and many, many others of being their ex husbands (though they both say they are not really divorced). They both accuse their ex husbands of not only being abusive to them, not only guilty of some kind of bank fraud or money laundering of some sort, but also of being part of a serial killer gang that LE, Oak Beach Neighbors, and online bloggers are trying to cover up for. You see they are still so jacked up on their exs, they are so obsessed with them, that they think the rest of the world is also in such awe of their ex husbands that everyone around them let’s them get away with all of this. Hmm, I think I stumbled onto a deep and telling thought. Both Nancy & Dorothy feel they have figured out how evil their ex husbands are and now feel the rest of the world is blind to it and have to be shown the truth. Yea, my vote’s crazy.

But they are persistent little loonies, I’ll give them that. So Nancy, Dorothy… go ahead and post your slanderous lies and made up stories, and I’ll keep making posts like these.

31 thoughts on “Nancy & Dorothy Part 2

    • right?!? And dorothy wrote last night that Joey had just called her. If that’s true, man what a joke. Anyone who can still give any type of credit to nancy and Dorothy’s delusions is either delusional thenselves, or a real messed up type of person.

      • Hah!! I just posted that!! Ahhhh so handy we’re dealing with such ‘high’ intelligence.

        @TC, please DTA…including me, if u must??!!

        @Sneaky B’s…NEVER TRUST ME!! I aint here to make friends no more!!
        Although i have, and im grateful guys ❤

      • Im sure that floppy (hee) fish thinks he knows just what he’s doing…the types he picks, are assured to follow him like lemmings!! No ‘men’ on his
        Im sure TC would agree, reading all this ‘new stuff’, is a joke…these are all Joey’s beefs! all of it!! Always has been…the rants go back years before LISK came to light..
        Too bad there are still some ladies who dont see who the real player is…how HE left you ALL holding his bag (hee)!! yet nary a one will speak out against him publicly, and NO, no ones afraid of him…maybe just losing him/his families ‘clout’ ?? ha..dont get me started!!
        Have the balls and conscience to direct your anger appropriately!! or get what you paid for..

        Time is of the essence however, my ladies..better draw a line in the sand, and figure out what side you’re on.

    • Tcth give me your email address please. I will then forward to you or yous. The email recieved on March 11th.2014. Where Michael R.Figat states. “It’s me Mike . I am DPH TCTH Linda etc.

      • yea like too close is giving you her email…lol. So you got an email caliming Mike is everyone, and that makes it true to you. Even though everyone you accuse (again nancy has told her friend Bill, that all his enemys are mike as well and that’s a lot of people) tells you they are not Mike. But the email must be right. Why don’t you give us the email address that this came from. Fishy stuff people.

      • LOL…oh Nan, just when i though you couldn’t get any DOPIER…
        Damn, lot of people wanting to get close to TC….just…just….
        SIGH…so obvious…so PATHETIC..
        ALL of you…You all DISGUST me so

      • poor nan is referring to a post i made…im sure of it. Yeah, she missed yet another IN YOUR FACE joke..good lord lady. like how do you even manage to tie you shoes??
        Ignoramus…Sometimes, very rarely, i almost feel bad for you nan..Evil people are using you like a puppet…I mean, unless you’re playin dumb. if so, get a fuckin life!

      • she could cut the strings if she wanted to, but she needs this. I just found that her marriage ended in the year 2000??? 14 years ago, and she can’t get anyone to see how evil he is in 14 years nor has she been able to move on in 14 years! Yes, everyone connected to Dorothy and Nancy… I’d want to distance myself too. And so many have. Haven’t they? Dorothy no Mysterymom or Joey commenting on your defense any more, Nancy, Bill has ran as far away from you as he could, he want’s nothing to do with your Mike obbsesion and delusions. And guess what, although the crap you 2 (nancy & dorothy) have been putting out there for years may have gone mostly unapossed, now all of it connects to my blog, where the other side can be seen. I know that might be to much for nancy to understand, but Dorothy, I bet you get it. It’s something I learned during this year of blogging about LISK and people who pretend they are connected to LISK, they were fine with dominateing google lists as long as it went unopposed. But now my blog posts share those google lists. Yes, this experiment has gone quite well. Google your names Nancy and Dorothy… your crap has company.

      • and everytime you post something here or someplace else resulting in me making another post about you, just makes those google lists grow and grow… your crazy stuff both together and seperate, all those promises of arrests, stories of abuse, warnings, you know all that crap you 2 wrote out there, it still pops up, but now so do my blog and other blogs who have prety much said the same as I have about all this… again, nancy you might not get it, nor care, but Dorothy you just might… people who google you for what ever reasons, well, they see a rollercoaster of crazyness.

  1. hey Dorothy, joey, all of you nuts. I will never ever relent and your shit will hit the fan. who the fuck do you people think you are?
    zero- Dorothy is definitely jealous because she lost her children, maybe she should have read them stories instead of making stories up
    dorothy you are an unfit piece of shit! all of you. joey is so fucking disgusting he has to buy a wife(must be that tiny dick!. Dorothy, sorry but if its true your ex strangled you im sorry he didn’t finish the job and I mean that very very much.. nancy – you are old fat ugly and white fucking trash. that’s why mike left you. all of you (except linda and zero) should go fuck each other.
    oh and cristin, your soul is still dogshit…lol

    • Thats right TCTH…defended cristen to the point of ALMOST disrespecting you and MYSELF, and B’s stiil talkin JOES SHIT!!…DO WE KNOW EACH OTHER, TC??
      Hey z, Hey anyone i EVER corresponded with!! YEAH FUCKIN BITCHES, and zero (hee)!! did I ever PRY info from YOU?? bout anyone??!!
      thought so
      Fuckin weak!! and the time is NOW…ready backstabbers??

    • joey is so fucking disgusting he has to buy a wife(must be that tiny dick!

      TCTH, if memory serves: JS bought TWO wives. Comrade sistas. hope they get ALL his “old money”…they most CERTAINLY earned it..PUKE.

      hey mrs Fluke, hit up Manhattan…by yourself, and always have a secret attorney on speed dial..its a BIG Country…LOTS bigger than Oak beach…props ladies!!

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