So Much To Say I Don’t Know Where To Start

I’m at a point where I have so many post ideas that I don’t know which ones to do first. I had planned on the next post being called “Dharma Initiative Has Zero Agenda” those of you who know about Dharma might get the pun. It was mainly gonna be about a couple anti gay Facebook groups that I used Dharma to become a part of and then got into some debates that the members thought was very judgemental, lol. You could look at my Facebook (link in “My Stuff” at right of blog) and see the stuff I used Dharma for if you want.

To be honest I was just having a little fun with people  who like to post their hate and hypocrisies online. Speaking of which, Dorothy wrote on my Facebook yesterday and today (another reason for you to click on my Facebook and take a look, it probably won’t be there long). I’ll get to that in a moment.

So yea, a post about Dharma, a Vlog on my tattoos, and then possibly a link to that old Vlog I keep hinting at. It was a very funny site, and thought I might as well bring it up before someone else finds it. It would have been a little embarrassing for me, but I think a few of you would get a kick out of it. Like I once said, this zero’s world blog was gonna get personal, and I thought I was ready to go all out.

As you probably already guessed, I’ve changed my mind. This blog is part experiment, part zero legacy.  With that I mean I was gonna use it to put all my stuff in one place, from lyrics to stories, from blogs to YouTube channels. A place for all my cramped up and scattered creativity. and the experiment part, well that’s a little hard to explain, but I think some of you can understand the ongoing thread in most of my blogs and posts, if not, go back and read everything again.

Problem is, I’m not sure I am at the place I thought I was (are we ever?). I thought I was ready to move on to things more about me, after all a few of you are using my clues scattered like easter eggs to figure out just who I am (I wish one of you would clue Nancy in). What has changed? Nothing I guess. It’s just not time yet.

What does that mean? That also is not so easy to explain. It means There’s still things left to be said I guess. And as much as I like to blog about me, a subject I know quite a bit about, I don’t think now is the time, and in fact, you may notice some of my personal posts (the ones that were suppose to help “prove” to Nancy I am not her ex) are gone. I was gonna do this anyways, she doesn’t deserve a picture of me or a video she pretends she can’t watch. She’s a Dorothy flunky in my beliefs and has no desire to get well or get truth. Ah truth, does anyone remember way back (about a year ago) when I talked about truth and how that was the only side I was on. Even though this blog got a little sarcastic and satirical, the truth is the still the only thing I ever stand by. Those of you who do not care about the truth even when people are shouting it at you, well then all your other mambo jumbo must not be truth either. Do you get that, or is it a little confusing. Like I give a f*ck. Be confused, or just reread everything tell it finally sinks in. The choice is yours.

Which brings us back to Dorothy. Can you believe she posted back on my Facebook again?!? After she went to all that trouble to get all her old stuff pulled? Is that smart? Crazy? I don’t know, but I can almost promise you it won’t end the way she hopes it will. I’m not gonna copy and post it here because she will take it down, and I’d like it to stay up. It gives Jen and Mr. Wolff something to use if needed in civil cases that I hope happen one day. But it also just shows how desperate she is. Coming back to post her stuff on my stuff once again. No mention of me being involved. No mentions of my name, or my wife’s name, or Fright Dome or any of the other things I know she posted in emails to Mari, and who else Dorothy? No one cared did they? There’s nothing there to flip on me, again remember at the beginning of all this, I told you it would be foolish to include me in your lists or connect me to people I didn’t know. So all that stuff about “zero is connected via porn or snuff movies” etc. seems silly and only shows just how quick you are to lie about people and make things up to fit your agenda and games. (Remember how a few of you didn’t like me calling it “games”? Can it be seen any other way now?)

Yes, so much to say, I don’t know where to start…

14 thoughts on “So Much To Say I Don’t Know Where To Start

  1. Ill give you a place to start…BLACKMAIL.. dopes are tryin to shut me up?? WHY?? you guys think it’ll show my connection to LISK?? gonna follow Z man an see where he takes it..
    promise you this though, it’ll show im a TRUE outsider in this, and have NOTHING TO HIDE..
    haha..neva did

  2. I know..but like we’ve discussed…if revealing WHO i am, and WHAT IM ABOUT, can help one TRUE VICTIM…reveal ALL…I swear on THIS..
    Nobody should EVER waste their time on the likes of an ‘armchair detective’, at best, and i can throw stuff back and forth with those who respect me, BEHIND the scenes if need be.
    you know..we kid around, but ive never wavered on that…you ALWAYS have permission to POST anything ive shared with you…and not for nothing peeps, he moderated quite a bit willing to ‘look bad’, if it helps one TRUE victim sleep easier. NOBODY, no agenda, not ‘connected’ to anyone..i met JG a few times, we parted ways..hopefully, and i share emails with zero and ONE other person. PERIOD.

    • I really think we have exposed all of them to the point where anyone who might have taken any of them seriously would no longer do so.But yes there are still some fish to fry. And yes, this bully tatic that some of them have us messed up and putting it all out there is the best way to deal with bullies like that. But they ain’t got nothing to back up their bully tatics, and they know it. But it’s time for those on the right side of all this to come together and make the next moves, the last moves, the correct ones.

    • Yeah Joe…what’d ya tap into a list of all ex wives on psych meds??.Promise them all a book deal?? PUKE

      little FYI, case you missed the fiasco on FB, DOROTHY PRICE Hill finally admits she speaks to joe..Thanks Dope

    • 3 background checks, and guess what geniuses ?? damn embarrassed for you guys..what up FLA?? got nothin better to do than connect more ridiculous dots?? shit.

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