Banned From Zero’s World

I hate to ban or block people, but as many of you know, sometimes there is no other way. So now I have joined many of you and blocked Dorothy on Facebook. Well, it was from a page and not an account, you block people from your account, instead I banned her. So yes, Dorothy is now banned from Zero’s World’s Facebook page. Shall we take a look at that last thread. Of course we should:

DPH on zeros world1

Well, there you go, DNA tests thanks to Dorothy will finally bring this all to an end. There was a p.s. to this that complained about Robert Kolker and used Jen’s full name while once again accusing Jen of criminal activity. But I’m not gonna post it because I’m just so tired of Dorothy putting names to her made up stories. But I will post some of the stuff she said about me, to further prove Dorothy makes everything up.


She starts off by asking a question I have answered sooo many time now. She writes “we all want to know” but there is no “we” or “all”, anyone who reads this knows why I took interest, but I’ll say it one more time, as simplified as I can make it. I took interest in all of this after reading crazy comments online left by the likes of you Dorothy, and others you are somehow connected to. She uses my name here, figures it will upset me, but it doesn’t as much as her bringing up my children, which she did twice in her comments yesterday, the second time she says something like “shouldn’t you be busy reading your children bedtime stories”. I guess she’s a little jealous there. And as for her “we know you live in Vegas” part, I feel I must explain. This blog is satire, so I went over the top with the truth, get it? I’ve been kicking a lot of dead horses lately to show just how foolish some of you are, like those of you who think people are CPH or your ex husbands or that anyone is stalking you…  And yes part of that was harping on the fact that I am in Vegas. It was mostly for Nancy, who as you can see still doesn’t get that I am in Vegas and there for I don’t know her nor am I stalking her. Sorry to explain, when most here get it, but I want even the dopes to understand what has happened here, so that they understand what happens next… but I don’t want to spoil any surprises. On to Dorothy’s next comment: dph zero lisk

Here she goes back to calling me zero and actually praising my last post on my LISK blog, which is funny because I basically say people who say they know who the killer is or have info that never leads anywhere is making things up to be in the lime light, and I guess she agrees with that.

DPH r3

Back to calling me Richard, letting me know she knew who I was and then once again making her self out to be the hero and on the side of TRUTH & JUSTICE meaning, I guess, that if I stood against her I stood against TRUTH & JUSTICE. That’s when Linda showed up and rattled Dorothy’s cage. I didn’t save any of that, but it was quite entertaining. And it got Dorothy to divulge some privileged information. DPH fbi

What? The FBI is reading my Facebook page? That’s news to me. She once tried to tell me the FBI was reading my blog as well. But I just find that hard to believe, but she insisted:

dph fbi2

Ok fine, everyone is watching me. I mean I’d be a fool to think differently.  LE, FBI, and yes even friends of Dorothy, if you are reading this, thank you for reading.

This next one is where she said she got a call from our fishy fluke:

DPH js

So there you go, follow the connections of everyone who has misled this case and slandered everyone in their way. And even though Dorothy had just complimented me on my LISK blog, after seeing I was not gonna allow her to post her crap without calling it crap, she jumped back on to more made up crap about me:

dph r4

First off, please don’t pray for me Dorothy. Seriously, don’t do it. In fact as I have said before, try to keep my name from your lips, why is that so hard? And please, please don’t call me Richie, I didn’t save that one, you were banned right after it though, that was just to far, you know? LOL, but seriously this comment about me making BDSM torture movies shows again how Dorothy makes up stuff about you to “get even”. She resorted back to it when I wouldn’t just side with her and TRUTH & JUSTICE. Proving to me, and hopefully everyone else reading, that nothing she says can be believed. She likes to “get even” with people, and connecting you to the LISK case is her favorite way of doing it. So should I wait for the FBI to come knocking down my door? ROTFLMFAO, literally. Wait, she called me Richie yesterday (something I suggest no one else does, lol) but that reminds me of another comment of her’s…. hold on…. found it:

dph vegas2

How did I miss this name drop. I did though.  But since you called me Richie yesterday, I guess the last part on this comment was supposed to be about me, right?  If so, I’d love to know what former NYPD Detective you are willing to blame this lie on. Keep making up stories about me, it only shows once again, what you do, make up lies about people and then try to slander them on social media and in blogs, hoping to get some other slanderous coo-coo birds to follow suit. Say what ever you want about me, just for the love of all that is good, stop calling me Richie. So good-bye Dorothy Price Hill. You are running out of places on Facebook to spread you made up stories. But don’t worry if you find any, I’ll be sure repost them here and then watch them disappear. LOL

Before we leave Dorothy for now I have a few older comments of her’s that I feel need to be shown, this first one just makes me laugh and I have to point it out:

dph z fb1

She calls me Zero-Red-Shoes, that’s so funny. This is because I wore red shoes in the Valentine’s Vlog I made. So I guess Dorothy watched it, too bad she couldn’t get her friend Nancy to watch it.

Now this last one is from a little while back when Dorothy first found out who I was and tried to bring up names of people she thought I knew. She brought up the name of a horror movie producer. But it was a fail, since although I have met this person, I do not know them. Yesterday, when I brought this up to Dorothy, she said she never mentioned this person before. Did she forget doing it, or does this just show how easily she will lie when she thinks she can get away with it? But of course I saved those comments, here’s one of them:

DPH forbes

My favorite part is the mention of a “stupid Valentines’s Day Party”, she really hates that Day.  Dorothy brings up Mr. Forbes, a horror movie producer, why? Because she thinks I know him. And why does she now deny bringing him up, um because he’s a movie producer and she could step into a whole new mess by doing that. How many fans does the Saw and Collector movies have? I also have an idea who she means by Gary and Jimmy. More names from my life Dorothy tried to put into her made up stories. This is something many people who know or have come in contact with Dorothy have been through.  But it won’t work here Dorothy, not in my world.

28 thoughts on “Banned From Zero’s World

  1. She calls me Zero-Red-Shoes, that’s so funny. This is because I wore red shoes in the Valentine’s Vlog I made. So I guess Dorothy watched it, too bad she couldn’t get her friend Nancy to watch it.

    Z!! she probably watches it ten times a day…and I GUARANTEE, you post that pic you sent me, you’ll neva get rid of her…very nice.
    haha…awww you coulda shown my so easy!! so much fun..

    • I didn’t get them, lol. it all went kind of fast…lol, there was a lot of good stuff i wish I had copied before I banned her. Like where she called you CPH. I seriously don’t get how she is part of the financila world… wait, *thinking*, maybe i can.

      • I seriously don’t get how she is part of the financila world…

        ill tell you WHY…she on commish!! lol…its cost DPH money to go to work!! right baby girl?? Shit she’s a dime a dozen commission bitch…she betta reach her quota soon though, rite DPH??

      • z?? you haven’t heard how the current economy affected the banking industry??
        HAHA..tsk tsk tsk..hee hee
        You jest’re a SMART preacher man..don’t eva doubt it..or

  2. Wonder why her FBI buddies cant find her ‘not so missing’ “fugitive ex”…wouldn’t she want to take care of her own?? Her own kids?? Get that back money?? Oh DPH, you shouldnt lie..tsk tsk…some people might actually call you to task ya little wencher..
    Ok…i just cant spoil the upcoming fun!!

  3. Oh if only she did really know you or any one of your family she would KNOW that this is the type of person you are someone who likes to investigate and read interesting things. Life is deep in all sorts of ways and you have a real interest in looking into ALL sides of everything and into all kinds of things. It’s too bad that some people live in the make believe world of the Internet and don’t have a life without causing drama when it’s not needed.

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