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So while looking at the joeyisalittlekid blog, again nothing to do with Joey/Flukeyou, it’s mainly about Bill Windsor and something called Lawless America, both Nancy and Dorothy were hooked up in Lawless America from what I have read, but I’m not ready to start blogging about Lawless America and deal with all those problems, but yes I have read as much as I can find on Lawless America, wait, where was I, this sentence really rambled on. Oh yea, while reading the blog, this post to be exact:

I came across something I thought some of you would find quite amusing, I know I did.

Nancy was commenting there under the screen name Kittykat, which I was told was a name she used there, but honestly spotting a Nancy comment is not hard to do:

nancy kittykat

Just as she has done here, she loves to talk about the things she claims her ex husband Mike has done, even though as here, she claims everyone commenting there is really Mike. LMAO. Her head works in ways that truly amaze me. But that’s not love Nancy… oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

So while reading through the comments I came across my name, well not the name Dorothy is passing around, but my nickname (and once again may I say the one I prefer online, so even if you now know my name, and other than Nancy, anyone reading here should know it by now, wait what was I saying? These sentences are just taking on lives of their own today, oh yea, show respect, call me zero). So yes I saw zero in a comment. And I fell to the floor laughing, really I did. Here read it yourself and see that you don’t do the same:

Nancy time out

Isn’t that great?!? I love it! And there were some nice words about me as well:

zero praise1

I knew I liked these guys!

Again, I highly recommend this blog if you want to see how others have had to deal with Nancy, as well as learn about Bill and all that Lawless America stuff.

Oh yea,  the love remark, Nancy, just because that screwed up head of yours baffles and amazes me, don’t go thinking you finally found yourself a new man:

Nancy zero loves me

Don’t let those delusions of yours fool ya.

16 thoughts on “joeysalittlekid blog

  1. Hey Zero~ what up? You be good? We’re all good over at Ginger’s Clubhouse (aka JIALK)~
    Now that spring has sprung, come by & I’ll fix you a Lemonaide, Mike’s Hard, of course! We drank those before we ever knew of Nancy or her ex Mike(s).


    ℗ ♛

  2. Now that spring has sprung, come by & I’ll fix you a Lemonaide, Mike’s Hard, of course! We drank those before we ever knew of Nancy or her ex Mike(s).

    Hey, you were rite Z!! There is most definitely a ‘kinship’…lol

  3. kity kat!!! Oh man she’s been around for years, and the JS crew knows it!!

    I knew you still had a thing for NANCY, MIke!!

    Is that mean?? wow.

  4. LAMO!

    You should probably be warned that Bill Windsor is collecting screen names off JIALK to add to his defamation law suit in TX. Though it might not be a big concern, Google won’t give up IPS. And if he can’t find you, he will just pick some random person off the web and say it is you, even though the person denies knowledge of him and Lawless America. Also the case is stayed, waiting on a Federal Judge ruling. But that hasn’t stopped Windsor from filing a bunch more motions and trying to add more random people.

    It’s funny how all of the nut bars Bill collected have brought so many other people together. It is unfreaking believable how widely the nut bars travel the internet. Bill just ignores them. But we’ve been highly amused by Dorothy and Nancy + kept our eyes on several other interesting characters, including Lori Handrahan. Nancy can get annoying but usually she makes me laugh. She’s got to be the brightest, funniest nut Bill picked up.

    Dorothy got the attention of one of the JIALK contributors with this comment about the JIALK namesake. Joey Dauben was sentenced last year to 30 years in prison + 10 years probation for molesting a 13 year old boy. Shortly before Joey was charged, he took up blogging about child porn rings, which he “found” in county government. Some how during that time Joey hooked up with Connie Bedwell, whose case is similar to Lori Handrahan. Connie led us to Bill. Joey’s defense against the charges was that the county was retaliating against his “reporting” of their criminal activities.

    Dorothy Price Hill September 2, 2013 at 1:07 AM
    “No, in the Empire State. But I have many relatives, friends, college classmates, biz associates in CA from San Diego to SanFran. I have followed this case closely as there are parallels in NY and also with Joey in TX (imprisoned by a DA who was angry he was reporting on major human/sex/child trafficking rings that went up to sr ranks of gov’t officials and energy executives). Awful sick stuff. They imprisoned him falsely to SILENCE ”

    I think we can forget all about 6 degrees of separation. The nuts have apparently reduced it to 2 or 3 degrees. At any rate, I enjoyed reading here and thanks for dropping in on JIALK.

    NBTDT aka just another Mike.

    • Thanks for the heads up, I had been warned by some one else and I have looked into the whole thing and know exactly what you are talking about. I have been careful not to mention him or all that, but felt i needed to say a little. If someone one wants to sue me for any of my blogs, i said it before and i’ll say it again, i stand by all of them, bring it on. But still I very much get what you are saying and will continue to leave that subject to those who know it better. Still if Bill was to get my info, and Dorothy does now have it, and any threats of lawsuits come up, well, that would just make sure i started blogging more about this subject. But any lawsuit that would bring the likes of nancy and dorothy into the mix has got to be doomed. Again, I’ve been treaten with lawsuits already, I think we saw how that worked out… ok maybe I should move on… lol. Thanks again NBTDT, the JIALK blog is one of my favorites out there, I will continue reading there. And i hope those there come and check out mine from time to time.

    • I have to comment on the Dorothy comment. again I don’t know about the cry baby joey, (though if Dorothy was for him, I’m probably not) according to Dorothy, cry baby Joey was locked up for doing the type of things Dorothy does everyday. damn, wouldn’t that be great!

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