Marky Mark and the Willy Racist Bunch

So, remember my good friend Willy from Missouri? He thought it would be a good idea to come to my Facebook and call me names because he thought I was gay and against “white pride”. When the truth is I’m straight and against ignorant people who spread hate from their tiny little minds that probably are stored in their tiny little pricks (that should go off well). He left pretty quickly even though he promised he would have my page flooded with people  to make me pay for having my own thoughts on the types of thoughts he and others put out there for everyone to have thoughts on:

willy flooded

And there was his friend from Missouri who stopped by to and tell me how wrong I was. But then wrote me private messages that I was right and little willy was “way” into “white power” crap, exact words were: “He feeds into the white power shit way too much“. They also went on for  some unknown reason to let me know he was an ex con,”Will went away to prison, thievery and drugs, and came back practicing that Asatru shit. Before that he was just a godless, lawless man

And let’s not forget some of the nice things Willy commented on my Facebook himself:

willy dad3

willy dad

Yea, that willy is a great guy. I ask again, why do they have to always go to the molestation thing?  It’s a deep underlining theme with some of them. Makes you wonder.

So I made a little poster for my new racist friend:

Willy poster

Was that wrong of me to post this on my Facebook? I’m still unsure of what kinds of crap are ok for social media. Well I guess someone didn’t like it. Today (almost a month after I posted it) there is a comment from mark. Mark is also from Missouri, so I’m assuming it is another friend of willy boy. And what did mark have to say?

mark fb1

Um, I’m not totally sure what mark had to say here, lol, but I think he tried to dis me. Oh no he didn’t? Right?  Did he? Or maybe he didn’t? I’m still not sure. I think he thinks I’m  gay just because I stand up for all human rights. And then wants to say some dumb thing like I support STDs because of this, or that homosexuality is what is spreading aids. Damn talk about getting into a DeLorean and heading back to the ’80s. Mark’s next comment is a little easier to decipher, it was on another poster I made about a commenter in a anti homosexuality Facebook group. This guy felt the need to explain to me why God was hurt by homosexuality. So I took his words and his Facebook pic, just as I did willy’s and made a cute little poster:

george poster

Again, was this wrong, maybe a little, but if you put your judgements out there, you have to expect some back, right? And our Marky Mark decided to give some back:

mark fb2

Yes, that is what he wrote. My god is Gay… well, duh!  Anyways, I thought I’d keep the judgements going back n forth and decided to make a couple of posters for him, judging his words , and him a little, maybe, but all in good fun, right? Or is this a more serious subject? I’m afraid some of these experiences are starting to take its toll, and I’m starting to confuse my right from wrong… fitting in finally!

mark poster2

He’s a cutie!

mark poster1

Come on, that’s funny. Right?

Anyways, when willy promised a flood of people on my Facebook, I believed him, I just didn’t know it would trickle in one every month.

30 thoughts on “Marky Mark and the Willy Racist Bunch

  1. Ok…please…this little Justin timberlake was definitely wearing lipstick in the joint…This isn’t fake rite? Swear on it!!

    He’s a cutie!

    so is my ten yr old niece??

    if there were a picture under the definition of STD: It would be this guy…wow…every woman’s fantasy..
    Are you guys punckin me???

  2. I think the Prez and his Wife are hot??
    George Bush did coke and booze?? Kathleen rice too…well, she said she wasnt into coke, she just liked the way it smelt..little joke KR!! but you DID say you tried coke..just once, im sure.

    Gotta love those Hypocrites…SO RIGHTEOUS!!

    • dinosaurs and ignorance will eventually die, our great grand children will have a much better handel on these hypocracies than all the other generations put together in my beliefs… some Crue to sing it us into that future:

      • Hey Zero!! aren’t those sweet words?? i pray they’re true. i believe, still.

        is that “new crue’??

      • no, from the Dr. Feelgood album, 1989. but each generation weeds out more and more hatred, our pope actually says there isn’t a hell and that homosexuality isn’t a sin (atleast he hints at these things, right?) a new day is coming, stupid people are a dying breed… I hope.

  3. 1989?? That was like ten years ago…Lol
    very current and appropriate!!
    hope you have a great time!!

    Re: The Pope, IM NOT WITH YA THERE…at least not yet…But yeah, Z, HUGE for the Catholic church..I just feel like its about the huge drop in congregation, MONEY.

    I RESPECTFULLY disagree at this point.
    It feels good to be able to disagree without being attacked…Real Good. 🙂

    @TCTH..Im enjoying Wookie to say the Least. They’re quite unique, in an awesome way..
    thanks 🙂

    • I hear ya. and unfortunately, not much of anything is done for other than money… sad really. But as bad as it all is, I have faith in the future, I truly do. Our songs, our books, our movies, they cry out for what we really believe and really want… some real “red & black” stuff being discused here, lol.

      • Don’t get me wrong boss…believe it or not, EVEN i have hope 🙂

        BTW?? you’re not making any money off this, feel me??

      • money doesn’t motivate me, I’m not a socialist, but i do like the whole Jesus/Socialist Utopia idea… but I’m a realist and know that greed isn’t going anywhere and niether is money. Thought the end of ‘Fight Club” comes to mind and does make me smile… still I put the future where it belongs, in the “hands of the youth” in our youth we were like them, in our parents youth they were them, the youth is our future… always is, it’s how we live for ever, how our life is eternal.

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