The Following, The Walking Dead, & Motley Crue

Alright, a little breather from the DPH madhouse. For those of you who do not watch the show The Following, I just gotta say, the last 2 episodes were 2 of the best. The show is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I know there is a lot of criticism about it but I am enjoying where it is going, religious cults clashing with serial killers… (sorry for the spoil there) well I’m enjoying it.

It’s not my favorite show on right now, but it’s definitely growing on me, my favorite show on right now would be The Walking Dead. I wish it was on every night (ok I would never be able to keep up, so no I don’t). I’m a fan of both the show and the comic, and I love how both have similar storylines at times, while total different ones others. Characters who die in the comic, don’t always die in the show, and vice versa. Plus there are characters in each that are not in the other, which leads to never being sure what will happen, even if you think you know. Like with TERMINUS, (SPOILER ALERT) I have an educated guess on what is going on in TERMINUS and whether it is truly a sanctuary. those who read they comic know the group is chased by cannibals after they leave the prison. Also that they come to a church at some point. My guess is these 2 plots have been mashed together and the outcome is TERMINUS… makes you wonder about that Bar-B-Q Mary is cooking.

I could be right, but maybe not, I guess will see next week on the season finale. What ever happens I’m sure it will not disappoint!

And one last thing, I got MOTLEY CRUE tickets! Motley Crue and Alice Cooper!!! Final Crue tour, here I come.


11 thoughts on “The Following, The Walking Dead, & Motley Crue

  1. Well, good for you Zero!! Bigtime congrats on the Crew tickets!! haha!!

    i tried ‘the following’ a few times, but…ok. maybe one more chance…
    I have a feeling you might enjoy ‘The Killing” as well..
    Both on Netflix peeps 🙂
    Peace…Share ❤

    • I watched the first few episodes, i loved it, it was a sedriou twin peaks… I need to go back and finish it. as for the following, if you could have watched the last 2 episode, you would love it. But yes it has some bad episodes, slow or unrealistic, but over all it is good, and the second season is better than the first in my opinion

      • Ok then, but im far from being there, so no more spoilers..k?
        If you like 1st season of The Killing, you will freakin love second season…All here touched by the lISK case, or any of the other states with unsolved serial murders, will find it very timely..
        again, thanks all for sharing!!

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  3. The walking dead is also my favorite show. I didnt get into the show until last year. I had watched a few episodes from thr beginning on netflix and bam became hooked on the show. I wonder if that is true zero with some of the show following the comic. Terminus I’m sure seems like a lure to get people there. For what? I am not sure but I am sure that the shows producer and writer will not end the season without something big to look forward to in the next season. I can’t wait for Sunday.

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