Who Is Dorothy Price Hill?

So I removed the ban on Dorothy on Zero’s World Facebook (located at the right in “My Stuff”) so that I could get a copy of the whole thread that ended in her ban. Here was the exact comment that did it:

dph richie kids

I cringe just reading it. I’ll say it again, jealous much?

So, just to jump off of Dorothy for a second,  we seem to have some rules in zero’s world, first is one we all are working on, no last names please, that’s a hard one I know, so many do it, I do it myself, but we should really try not to, rule number 2, don’t use my children in some mocking way, that’s just creepy. Oh and #3, the most important one, don’t call me Richie. Other wise, your comments are just for me to read I guess, because they probably won’t get posted. Again, nan nan, no joke there about how it’s “all just for me to read… and write… and read again.” I did the joke for you, move on. As I will, back to Dorothy.

I started this post the other day, and that’s as far as I got. I woke up with a new friend on my Facebook  and I decided to blog about  mark and his feelings he is fighting with instead. And then the next day I saw Dorothy decided to put my real full name out there. I almost missed it because of my block, but my unblocking her paid off and I din’t miss Dorothy’s little warning posted on the “Praying For Shannan Maria Gilbert” Facebook page.  So, now this post is gonna be finished… but I’m gonna take my time, make it a good one.

So for now I’ll leave you with some reading material from another very controversial case, one that Anonymous got involved with as did our good friend Dorothy Price Hill (you don’t need to read the whole thing, just skip down to July 10th 2012):


The case that starts with the divorce of Lori Handrahan and Igor Malenko. It also has to do with Igor’s attorney, Michael Waxman, who we all know made a first time Screen Name appearance here. I don’t know who was really behind that screen name, but since they ran off, I have my ideas, and it isn’t Mr. Waxman. Regardless, it led me to some interesting reading, and I thank you for it. I’m not gonna comment on the case itself, though I did a ton of reading on it, both sides have blogs and commenters who say the other is the one at fault, and if you know the case you know that’s an understatement. But the link above, was the only one that I found that mentioned Dorothy and talked of the type of bully  techniques  Dorothy uses.  Smearing and slandering people on social media is what Dorothy spends most of her time doing from what I see. According to Dorothy’s ex husband, she has done this with many of his friends names just to get at him. He say’s she links him and his friends to crimes and that none of it is true. Here in this link we see an attorney had a much similar experience with her. And lately she has used these same tactics against me, trying to link me to her ex or Doctor Hackett, saying I was abused by my mom, that I have made snuff films and  torture movies as well as child porn… yes all things about me I know aren’t true, things Dorothy, who I admit doesn’t know me, but I still would say she knows these things are not true. No one told her those things about me, and she didn’t read anything like that about me, she just took her normal slander shtick and added my name to it. Something that happens again and again, and no one is surprised to see her try to do it with my name.

All crap, and there are loads and loads of it out there that you (Dorothy) wrote about lots of people. Things about working with LE and FBI, though I have been informed that this is not true, and no LE is in contact with you Dorothy. I have been informed that some people who really are involved with this case don’t even know if Dorothy is real. They know just how many fake accounts were made out there by the likes of people like Joey Junior and Susie S. And I will get to Susie eventually, so if you are out there reading Susie, send me an IM or something, would love to know if you are still a part of these evil shenanigans or secretly really someone else.

Ok… so “Who Is Dorothy Price Hill Part 2“, coming soon, gonna really dig in here. Who all did you influence with your made up crap, Dorothy? Better question, who wants to be connected to Dorothy? I already know the answer to that one.

In the meantime Dorothy keep saying my name. Accuse me of being a criminal. Make up terrible things about me and my friends and family, keep me motivated!

28 thoughts on “Who Is Dorothy Price Hill?

  1. Sickening. Again, i can only imagine the damaging environment her young twins are in. Myself and ‘others’ became literally ill, when it was discovered she actually uses her children in her twisted games (drone expert!! put the kid on the damn phone??!!) The burden her sickness has put upon them, the effect of her hatred, jealousy and OBSESSION must have!! In fact one has to wonder how she’s even able to raise children, while obsessively commenting, spewing her poison seemingly all day long…for years!! Does she use her PC at work for such activities!!?? No wonder her life is in shambles…If it were only herself she was destroying!! She’s decaying from the inside out!! UNFIT and evil. BITTERNESS WILL EAT HER ALIVE, and all that depend on her. Bitter shrew, that will undoubtedly grow old alone. KARMA!

  2. Wow. I’ve also been on the receiving end of her drivel… I just assumed she was another bitter divorcee who lost custody and blamed the “corrupt courts” instead oh her shitty parenting. Disturbing to hear children reside with her. She is clearly insane.

    • with crazies like these, those of us who read and got involved in some way have to assume a lot because these crazies make so much stuff up and have been doing it for years. In most cases people say you shouldn’t assume things… but I disagree, because sometimes that’s all you can do. And with all that being said… I’d say your assumption is pretty accurate

  3. i like to think that Dorothy has a saved document that she just c/p’s all over the place. the alternative is her manically babbling constantly…incessantly…obsessively..and everywhere.

    in which caseshe is a very ill woman. i truly think they all met in the looney bin

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      • they have tried mentioning anyone they think connected to Linda or I, funny since when I started out, I was kind of against the comments of Linda and others, we all make mistakes though. Mine was quickly corrected and from then on I was public enemy #1 right along side the likes of Linda and TCTH. But through it all I have said I am on no ones side. I think we all know that has changed. there are definately sides here. One of truth and one of lies and games… If you haven’t figured out who’s on which side by now… stay tooned… I’m gonna try to help with that.

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