I believe this blog has been hacked!

I have reasons to believe this blog has been hacked. I have contacted WordPress and this is the email I received from them:

We have looked into you’re WordPress account as per your request. It does seem that your account has compromised. We suggest that you delete this account and start a new one.

There was more but this was the gist of it.Ā  So as of today… this blog will be gone.Ā  Nice try, but only I get to control my world!

Click HERE for more info!

19 thoughts on “I believe this blog has been hacked!

    • I’m sorry… but it was much nicer than my fuul blown idea with no quick reveal, but a whole day of fake hacker stuff…lol it would have been fun, but oh so mean, I thought this was nicer, I mean come on, if i had something from WordPress I think we all know the whole thing would have been snipped and put on here… it was unbelievable and even had the quick april fool link… so not to bad, right? Ok… nw let’s look at all the Nancy comments leading up to her thinking I lied about what WordPress wrote me… lol. I know it’s wrong, but it makes me giggle, that she commented on it.

  1. ZERO I smell smoke. Check your pants. I think they are on fire. Liar!
    Wordpress never said that. Admit it for once tell the truth. Come out of the little artificial world you live in.

    • LMFAO… you got me nancy… but my pants aren’t on fire… it was an april fool joke… if you had clicked on the link you would know that, but i bet most people knew it even without clicking on the link.
      But you, once again, took sarcasm as something else, sometimes you think it is admitance to your backwards thoughts being right, others like this time, you think proves someone is being dishonest (well i guess both ways proves dishonesty in a way… confused yet nancy?… go ask dorothy to explain it) But I was not lying here because the LINK clearly shows it is an April Fools Joke… childish, yes… but then look who it was really aimed at… (I swear i’m not this mean in real life, there’s just something about the internet crazies that hav brought it all out of me…lol)

      • Hey JG, as you can see, no spin?? It relates to LISK GAMES how?? Think deeply on how your legacy/Impact in regards to LISK will look. The inevitable has arrived, different as it once appeared to have been…VERY.
        I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. Nothing/?? haha

    • and back to to the liar comment… this one is 69 nan nan (the more dorothy like) which ever one made this comment… thanks forb my only april fools day laugh!

    • that sure was a lot of comments for someone who was leaving… even if you were tag teaming me with Dorothy (in their dreams) it was a lot of comments. Thanks for all the usefull info (sarcasm, you really need to look that word up) see you tommorrow… or you could just go away… yea, april fools on me, right?

    • I know, I’m sorry. lol, I can’t not let them through though, it’s the responding i need to stop though, I’m done repeating in the comments. It is way to time consuming, and we both know that others love that i waste my time in the comments of an old post.

  2. HEY DOROTHY, before life as you know it changes DRASTICAL, PUBLICALY, for the worse (and you cant get mush lower), help us fry the fish…You CAN get US off your back, YES!! However the time is NOW..Id ask you to think about this, yes. See NO ONE NEEDS your HELP NOPE, not at all…But the shit has most definetly het the fan, NO TURING BACK FOR ANY GAMERS…NO, too late, on this I SWEAR…

    Think Ms Hill…yes, ponder it. i WILL COME AT ALL OF U FULL FORCE, LEGALLY AND PUBLICLY…make no mistake..which end do you want to end up on?? THE PAIN YOU ALL HAVE CAUSED IS GOING PUBLIC!! Somebody BEST THINK…EVERY LAST LIE GOES PUBLIC…Every game EXPOSED. EVERYONE, EXCLUDING FLA, who had THE BALLS TO BE HONEST, GET ready for the wrath OF TRUTH!!
    Hear me?? Its all coming out. EVERYTHING…everything..EVERY LAST EMAIL, EVERY GAME, EVERY COPY/PASTE…EVERYTHING…You animals šŸ™‚
    You freakin pigs…HEAR US. Time to make some difficult choices!! you pigs

  3. Hey Massapequa!! that goes out to you TOO!! How dare you… yes, how DARE you…Im talkin ESPECIALLY to you..think… THINK..are YOU smarter than DPH??? Better get to typing…hear me?? FEEL US?? Much rather spare you than DPH, but im an EQUAL opportunity HATER..its OVER.

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