I know most of my readers have come to read here because of my look into a site called Longislandserilakiller.com and the many screen names that use to post there. A lot of those screen names became readers of my LISK Blog. Some became commenters there. And yes some even followed here, wanting to see what I would say next. I’ve been praised for seeing exactly what was going on in all those comments and accusations, but I’ve also been labeled the Devil and the one who has really misrepresented things here. I doubt most of those who think the latter have actually read what I have written. I suggest you go back and actually read my LISK blog.

The “Red & Black” was my attempt to make the internet a better place. This Zero’s World blog is my way of saying that ain’t happening any time soon.

But my LISK blog was a real look at someones search for the truth in a situation very out of control. From beginning to end it is a year-long look into someone (me), who came across all of you and tried to understand what you all were doing. It’s what I  got out of all your comments and accusations.  And I think we all know, I pegged most of you, eventually at least. Problem is, it is indeed an onion with many layers of people willing to lie and play screen name games.

I thought I was done. And that blog is done. But it seems more is needed. So here we go, an epilogue, if you will:

Those who were not involved in games but just were wrapped up in them to stop them, like Linda and To Close To Home, were shown at least to me for who they truly are, and the things they have said never was part of the lies and games, but screams of outrage at those who continued to play the games. Lots of others involved like MDRice and Fascinated  were just readers brought into the confusion.. also not part of the games and agendas… those who I believe who were really part of the games and agendas come in 2 sides from what I can see, ( I can hardly believe I’m going through all this again, but I am…) We have the agenda… started by the screen name Flukeyou which everyone now knows (though Flukeyou denied it many times) is Joey Scalise Jr. an Oak Beach neighbor with an obvious agenda, lie about his neighbors enough till others started in on those lies. And who fell in line? Well there was Truthspider, a sleuth with some good questions at least about one of Joey’s neighbors, Dr. Hackett. But with out Truthspiders input in all this (and I have not had any, that I know of) it is hard to tell how much he was involved in the LISK.com comments that made him and Flukeyou look like they might be collaborating. Then there is Mysterymom7 who used both Flukeyou and Truthspider information mixed with her own ideas and created the Blog Catching LISK. So much went wrong from here, a whole collection of people “helping” each other. Mysterymom7 had emails and phone calls with Joey, Dorothy, and Jen. Jen had been to both Joey’s and Dorothy’s house. All of them at some point worked together. They may try to deny this, but they can’t, because they have all admitted to it at one point or another. So Joey had these 3 ladies, now with agendas of their own, (in the case of Dorothy, she had her own agenda from the beginning and it was to become part of this case and write a book about it, MM7 got caught up in it all and I think still doesn’t see the dynamics of all these people getting evolved in this and what it has done, and Jen, well her agenda or reason for bring involved is still not clear to me, is she just  “a typical Long Island know it all who feels compelled to inject her self into the situation, with little to no regard for the people who matter” as I have been told by quite a few, or has her constant insert of herself into this case and everyone involved really given her some information that can be used? Highly doubtful if it hasn’t yet. That’s more Dorothy type stuff, isn’t it? But I’ll give JJJ the one ups on Dorothy there. Everyone seems to have met Jen, Dorothy can’t get anyone to listen to her) Wow, long parentheses, and all just my opinion from what I have witnessed, why these 3 ladies got involved and stayed involved is on them. But Like I said,  Joey’s agenda is known by all. Even in the book Lost Girls by Robert Kolker, you can see Joey’s obsession with proving things he can’t honestly prove. And the stuff he’s posted under the screen name Flukeyou over the years about his neighbors was just lies and misinformation to get help with his agenda.

Before we get into the game part we have to go to a gray area… PS149. And I mean who ever commented as PS149 on the final days of LISK.com. Although not knowing who they are can mean they can be any part of the games or agendas,  as far as all the posts on  LISK.com, they were all true, from what I remember. I wrote a little bit about Ps149 in the blog, but I think I misunderstood them at first. Not knowing where people fit in can do that, and it did to me throughout the year. Point is, though PS149 is a controversal subject in a way when we talk about the games and agendas of some of these screen names, looking back, I can see them as just someone wanting to expose lies themselves could see. Again not knowing who they are makes it hard to know. And also again, I’m talking about the Ps149 on LISK.com.

Agenda really became game once Catching LISK was made and the  69 IP , under the screen name C Peter Hackett made the very first comment there and the first of many commnets from this IP address.. This IP address would use many other screen names on the Catching LISK blog as well as my own blogs. Mostly using the screen name NERD but also connected to the screen name AMD which brings in a couple other IP addresses. But there were even more screen names being used out there, some by NERD or AMD, some by Jen or Dorothy, a few by Joey himself. And a lot of others who seem to be hit and runners.  Agenda became game. And though most of it has been exposed people still want to keep it going. Like Nancy. Who seems to know nothing about the real LISK case, other than what she got from Dorothy. But Nancy brings in a whole new can of worms to all this. Centereach and NERD are now somewhat trying to be explained with the “Figat Connection”.  More games if you ask me. I know who asked me? Trust me, I have tried to stop giving my opinion on all this many times, but then that onion is peeled back a little more.  Like the new Flukeyou comments on my LISK Blog:

fluke key largo2

They have the same email address that has been on other comments I believe to really be Flukeyou, the same Gmail account I have received 2 emails from that I believe are from the real Flukeyou, meaning Joey. But these 3 new comments have some weirdness to them, first off, the IP addresses seem to imply they come from Florida, second we have the use of the plus sign (+) sign instead of the usual equal sign (=). Both are on the same key so could just be a mistake. But who made it? A vacationing Joey making a “key” mistake from the actual Keys? Or someone else in the Keys hitting the wrong key while pretending to be Flukeyou… or a third choice, someone wanting me to think someone in Florida was writing as Fluke.  Confused? Me too. Is this Key Largo Fluke really Joey? Or someone else who is foolish enough to want to still play?

Let us know Key Largo Fluke. Are you the real Fluke, still the coward, posting Fluke equations based on lies and Joey agenda, or are you another pretender, hoping to keep the game going? Either way, man up, or woman up. But come up out of the games and agendas. No ones buying them.

There did I cover enough? It’s never enough is it?  My  LISK Blog was done but some of you want me to continue. And thanks to those like Dorothy who want to throw my name around, I continue to continue. And continue I shall…


10 thoughts on “Longislandserialkiller.com

  1. The “Red & Black” was my attempt to make the internet a better place. This Zero’s World blog is my way of saying that ain’t happening any time soon.

    Don’t be so sure, if you enlihgten just one person…well you know, u plant seeds and sometimes they take a while to grow..

    alike to HeretCTHs input on key Largo..we all know fluke fishe s in FLA, but could he be making a special visit, to visit a ‘special’ someone…ha…all will be revealed…You keep plugging away Z, and so will we..

    Doesn’t change whats coming down the pike for the ‘gamers’ much now does it.??.hee

  2. alike to HearetCTHs input on key Largo

    Ok..lol..i meant, id like to hear TCTHs input on key largo…

    Although theres plenty of fishing in FLA…wonder if Fluke is there for ‘other reasons’…nah…couldn’t be..no way right??

    • I think nancy has left now as well, I guess someone told her to shhh, so I’ll just move on… But i already started again… hmmm…. what to do? Oh by the way, do any of you remember a hmmmm… screen name on the the LISK chat room?

  3. And also again, I’m talking about the Ps149 on LISK.com.

    And just to reiterate, there were a ‘few’ PS149 on LISK!! Distinct personas, even different genders? (one ps149 claimed to be a LI grandmother??). It was the SN PS149 who led ME in particular, to JG FB, so i could read what Dorothy price Hill was sayin about myself and MD Rice. This has always bugged me? I was a complete newbie and nobody…?? I never even discussed a POI?? But its clear someone wanted ME to see what was being said. It wasn’t till Fla showed up, that anyone payed much attn to me. i just kicked things around with Cheryl and MD Rice. Of course Fluke called me a CPH supporter from day one, but that was BS. I must admit, when I began, I even called him the dirty Doc…but yeah, JS went at me pretty hard back then, guess thats how my name landed on the ‘gamers’ list..lol.. I had NO CLUE who any of these people where (JG and DPH). The only thing ‘all’ the PS149’s had in common, was that they were being harassed by FLA??
    Games indeed…its so surreal looking back.

    BTW, Im SURE Nan is being told to shhhh. i honestly hope they dont mess her up real bad. But hey, she doesnt seem to want, or be able to budge from her delusional beliefs, and is asking for those vipers to take advantage of that. AND THEY WILL. Hey, whatever, she cant help them either, but i bet she could sure hurt them…feel me??

      • Well they’re gonna have to sue WBs, Topix ect as well….The Fla connection is very alive and well….With all the destructive games, how can one NOT analyze a Fluke comment from Fla??
        For someone that calls your blog shit (and a few do)…they cant seem to stay away, stop reading, emailing..I find that, well….Never mind
        Shall i sue as well?? Lets see, Fla girl called me a serial killer, the rumor still persists today through DPH…then Fla friend says PUBLICLY that my voice has the same “cadence” as the life threatening call made to MM7?? We need not pull up THOSE comments, or should we?? Yes remember all the disgusting connect the dots?? Short memory?? Good thing its ALL in writing. Yes

        Meanwhile its all about the IPs?? Never once have you dropped ONE REAL NAME that wasnt out there already….When i had small kids, i could never imagine having this much free time and effort to put into anything else…guess times really have changed

        So easy to fling the dirt!! But heavens forbid we defend ourselves. Yes sounds like a great way to spend the kids tuition money

  4. Best part is, if we discover who Fla Fluke is, it exonerates anyone whose not involved in this disgrace??

    Ill say it again, NO GAMES, NO WORRIES…

  5. THE BEST PART IS: WE publicly give Fla kudos for doing the right thing, not to mention behind the scenes ive done nothing but commend her and wished her well..FACT..lol, and BAM, she’s back to involving ME in yet another conspiracy…
    I just LOVE it all so very much!!
    Such innocent saints…ahhh yes. SUE AWAY

  6. ha…comments galore today, im sry…

    I will be HAPPY (probably embarrassed too), to reveal all my responses to Fla emails, leave out her responses and her email addy. I even shared some personal challenges ive had in order to give her some hope, ALL TRUE.Also told her ALL was forgiven as far as im concerned!! ..Less than two weeks after showing her Major support, she’s linking me PUBLICLY to working with TCTH and Jen…So u tell me, friend of Fla, how does that show your girl has ‘moved on’.??…yes lets analyze it all, shall we?? and see the TRUTH..

    Last one peeps 😦

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