Nancy & “The Figat Connection”

Nancy Evans Figat is on of the newer players to come to my attention, but I will begin with her because she has been there from the beginning. What screen names she might have used is unknown because Nancy herself can’t remember them. But she was there. I also start with Nancy, because her only connection to any of this seems to be Dorothy Price Hill. Though they have not met, they have spoken on the phone and shared all sorts of Facebook posts which I have blogged about before. But Nancy seems to have no connection to Jen or Joey or any body else here. Unless you look at “Figat Connection”, which we will in just a moment. But I want to clarify that other than Dorothy, Nancy seems to have no connection to any of this, yet has been involved in some way. We may never know entirely how, because Nancy probably doesn’t remember it all to good.  But as I posted before, Dorothy tweeted in December of 2012 that her and Nancy had evidence:

DPH tweet nancy

Hmmm… someone else was working with Dorothy at that time (or shortly after) and they too had evidence according to Dorothy, that is also, yet to be seen. But this post is about Nancy. The problem is Nancy is no help to anyone except to Dorothy and those who like the confusion messing with Nancy has brought. Her knowledge in all this can never get much past her obsession with her ex husband Mike Figat. Yes, “The Figat Connection”. Let’s talk about it a little bit.

There are places over the past year where Dorothy or Nancy have mentioned a connection between Nancy’s ex husband Mike and the 69 IP that was all over MM7’s Catching LISK blog. There are references to him being her “stalker”. I missed them at the time, because I had no idea of the name Figat back then, plus no one ran with it, so it never went anywhere. But once Nancy started commenting on both this blog and Zero’s World Facebook and a few comments made by the NERD screen name I was sent into all the crazy world of the Evans/Figats. I’ve posted quite enough about all of it, but I just want to point out once again, that Mike’s Facebook does say he is in Coram and the 69 IP does seem to come from Coram. So there is something there, a set up, or another player from the Figat camp. Don’t know, and not sure that it matters any more. And with the “LIKE” on Zero’s World Facebook Page by Brandon Figat, another Figat comes out of the woodwork to make themselves known to me. But unless another Figat or Evans other than Nancy comes out and actually explains anything I’m not aware of (and again, I have reached out to them with no answers) I only got the Dorothy and Nancy connection to really go by… which means we should just move on to Dorothy, she links us to many more people than Nancy does, and Nancy, like I say has nothing really to add to this any more. I see her connections, and must follow them…

Oh wait… our phone call, yes I should discuss that before moving on…

Let’s do that…

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