Remember Mysterymom7’s friend MandamusSeven? She has come to Mysterymom7’s defense on both and my blogs. She once accused me of being obsessed with MM7. What you don’t know is Mandamus contacted me via text message on my phone a while back. She said that it was her that helped Mysterymom7 find my personal info. She sent me texts and emails, all of which I still have. We also shared a few phone calls, and it was because of her that I laid off MM7 and the Catching LISK blog. Well also because MM7 came out against Dorothy on my Facebook page, but Mandamus said that it was her idea for MM7 to do that as well. In fact my emails and conversations with Mandamus have always been how she is such a great friend to MM7 and has helped her in every good thing she has done. It was Mandamus who told me MM7 had wanted to make a fake blog about me and my family (something MM7 has now admitted to) but according to Mandamus she talked her out of it. She says MM7 is dumb and understands how she brings this all on herself, but that she was a true friend and wants to help her.

I admit it, I believed her. I thought, wow, what a great friend MM7 has. There is a lot more to all of this, and I will get to it all, everything MandamusSeven has said, but first I must explain why I no longer buy anything Mandamus says. It started with an email Mandamus sent me last month:


Just a few things to add here, first, I left off the beginning of this email because it has some personal stuff about Mysterymom7, but there are things there I question, I just can’t bring myself to mention them at this time. I also want to explain the reason Mandamus wrote this was because of me telling Linda and Too Close, MM7 thought they knew each other and were playing me. Totally untrue, and Linda had a right to react to it. It again shows just how wrong MM7 has been about all of this, and again why she should just stay out of it. But what she was already a part of can not be undone… and I explained this in my reply to Mandamus:


She thanked me and that was that.

I have to admit I didn’t like being told what I should or shouldn’t let through, but I am not a monster and do not want to mess with people’s lives. So I let it all go. Then the Flukeyou comments coming from Key Largo… right after Hmmm…. commented (also in Florida) asking about someone called Imput_Required. I don’t know about any of them, and it may not be connected… new commenter on my blog from new york now in Miami, used to frequent chat site, mentions only 2 screen names, Imput_Required and Flukeyou (in an email to me), then a few days later some comments from Flukeyou coming from Key Largo mixing up the + and =, but bringing up CPH, hmmm, exactly.  Are these coincidences? Maybe, but I have to question every comment that comes in don’t I. And when I did, Mandamus wanted to quickly clear things up and sent me this email:


First off, I don’t think anyone thought MM7 was behind the new Flukeyou comments, I didn’t, but someone in Florida made them, yes Florida is big, but the people who read my blog are part of a small group. Again, I was not implying that the Key Largo comments came from either of the MM7 girls, but now I get this email and I have to wonder. I mean Mandamus comes straight out with how she was in Key Largo and reading my blog from there. So I wonder, did you talk about it with friends or family why you were there? Did you show them my blog? I don’t think it’s wrong of me to wonder about such things. So I wrote back:



This is part of the email I sent MandamousSeven, as you can see I was a little tired of being told I’m wrong or that I can’t post certain things. So I let her know. I then thought more about it and wrote this:



And even though I have been more than fair to both the MM7’s, I received this email a little while ago:



SERIOUSLY?!? Listen, I was not threatening anything here, just doing what I always do,  I put out there what I have been told, and now it seems Mandamus wants me to put out there what she has told me… so I guess I should start with her texts… and I will in another post, but real life is calling so I have to finish this post for now.

I wrote one more email to MandamusSeven:

a threat?!? you are the one making threats, much like your friend cristin. I suggest you stop emailing me, tell your husband i said that.

With which she replied:


WTF?!? Do they love repeating each other or what?

I know I was gonna get into the phone call with Nancy and send her on her way, and then I have so much more I wanted to say about Dorothy and Joey… but I am tired of people threatening to sue me for the things they have said.

So let’s go into all MandamusSeven has added to this, and don’t worry Manda, I’ll keep it all real.










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  1. Maybe you do not understand how privacy law works. “Reasonable expectation of privacy”. I am insisting that you cease and desist. Based on privacy this is more than enough grounds.

    I am commenting here in my own defense from your absolutely irrational actions. I asked of you and pleaded with you on Cristin’s behalf to please stop. To please leave her alone. TO please stop commenting about her. You had once told me you would not make a post about me. You said you understood. You are two faced. Atleast Cristin knew that I thought she was at times dumb. You say one thing and do another. You are a sensationalist. I spoke with LE in Long Island today to alert them that you were causing a mock in this cause by throwing random commentors into a serial killer case, and the officer I spoke with said you were a crazy that was getting his rocks on his 2 min of fame. His words. Not mine. You have turned into everything you hated about Cristin.

    If I were as irresponsible as you, I could post your responses or repeat the private conversations we have had. But that would leave me liable. Cristin knows about all of the emails between us both and she knows that it all helped to cool things down between you too.

    You are now bored of your other conquests. I am Telling you that you need to think twice about what you have done here. It is wrong.

    Hell yes, I am sending a cease and decist and will sue the heck out anybody who pushes this any further. This bullshit needs to end

    • I have spoken to a lawyer, I can post anything you send me in emails, you are threatening to sue me if i do so… this against the law… please i have looked into all this back when your friend threatened to sue me… so stop already, lol. and i wasn’t bored, you sent me an email, blame the Flukeyou from florida or blame yourself for not being able to saty out of it, but please don’t blame me.

      • You are a giant internet Bully. I stayed out of IT meaning the god damn serial killer case. What I didnt stay out of what the constant bashing of someone I know IN REAL LIFE. Because I dont agree with you, you back track and bash the shit out of me and threaten to “expose” me.

        You told me and Cristin many times that I was a good friend to her and ‘helped” so now its different, huh? Your lawyer sucks. Get a new one. You don’t know crap about Privacy laws apparently.

        You have the most delicate ego I have ever seen on a man and the most flagrant disregard for human decency. I was nothing but kind to you up until you threatened to “expose” me just because I was defending Cristin. You are an asshole. Peace out. This place now becomes screen shot heaven.

    • TEXT FROM MandamusSeven on Jan. 16: “But I won’t text or email. Not my style.”
      You should have stayed true to this text, but when i didn’t answer you wrote me emails instead… lol. Shoulda just stayed out of it and off my blog. YOU SENT ME THE TEXTS…. YOU SENT ME EMAIL… YOU HELPED CRISTIN DIG UP MY PERSONAL INFO… I have left you out of it all… blame me though… make the same mistake your friend did.

      • That doesn’t justify what you are doing!

        Every person that emails, comments and visits your site should take this as a lesson. This guy does NOT keep his word. He will open his mouth at a moments whim. He has no compassion for people and sees everything as PUBLIC information. Run away people, no one is safe from the wrath of Zero! Agree or be damned.

      • But YOU’RE THE STAlKER, yet again…Hysterical…and beyond ignorant.
        Everything in writing is fair game, and I personally will sue for LIBEL for every word ever spoken about me that was complete Bullshit…Like the one you made insinuating i made a LIFE threatening call…hee hee…bring it, PLEASE?? I AM BORED…but VERY INJURED by this slanderous Libel…I mean it!! I’m fuckin injured by this!!
        Im older, more experienced, smarter, and VERY familiar with the court system…Now buckle down for a looooong expensive battle…yes a cease and desist?? yeah i can download one of those…but 5,000 just to retain a lawyer? If they even entertain the case?? and it is YOU who has made ALL contact…

      • This guy does NOT keep his word.

        Never broke his word to me, and he didn’t even believe me at first…Anyone else feel betrayed by Zero?? Nooo…see they all went bye bye…why do u think that is??…but here YOU are going on and on and on and on…
        Obviously she has no clue how many GOOD people you, ‘we’ are actually in touch with..hee
        I would advise your husband to pick up some OT…lol

      • Dont defend yourself, they all see it as you asking for it.

        Talking about yourself there Ms. Uninvolved…way to stay out of it…lol

      • Hey Linda

        Insinuated? Good luck getting a lawyer to hear that. I remember my exact words. What a joke.

        And btw I was not the only one to initiate phone contact. Phone records? Zero, your friends just love to muck it up even more. OT? Really Linda? You put an lol at the end of that. Occupational therapy to those that don’t know. Linda is a real sweetheart. $5,000 to retain? Ha! Wrong it’s $5,000 to go all the way to court. Including PI services and filing fees. This is all pretty cut and dry. No, you can not publish anything in print genius. Especially seeing that I said a week or back that I do not give permission for anything to be shared on the blog. And yeah, that’s for discussing my very personal family situation with one of your resident nut jobs Mr. I keep my word.

      • what? Sue me then… I have done nothing to you, but you have admited helping dig up my personal info for cristin, which now has been passed on to dorothy and nancy. Yes, but who dug it up first… you… and as for phone calls, I didn’t have your number tell you text me, remember those texts? again, I didn’t contact you, you contacted me. And you can ask me not to print things, but i made it very clear on my blogs that if you sent me email it can and will be used on my blog if I want to. this is my world, and no one is telling me what i can and cant write here.

      • “Thanks” for not “thats” for. I wouldn’t want one word to get me linked to some other freaking conspiracy.

      • I can’t comment publicly and I won’t for obvious reasons. But you seem like a nice person and this is unconscionable so I had to voice my support. I am outraged by that lunatic and what she said, as I am sure everyone is. I will continue to read silently and root for you. I know you are not religious and I hope I do not offend, but I will pray that, Dorothy Price ends up institutionalized or heavily medicated for her obvious disorder and that nothing she does or says affects you in any way.

        who was it that wrote this to me? oh yea, you. Everyone stands beside me from the private emails… thing is i have never said a bad word about you, but you attack me now because your friend once wrote a bad blog…
        remember you just wrote this in your email to me: What Dorothy did to you. What Cristin did to CPH.
        I have done nothing like that to you. I have not looked into your private information like you have mine, i do not think you have any thing to do with any of this, but if you come here to defend dorothy or joey or cristin, I can react to it. Same goes for emails… if you send me emails i can react to them, and that goes for texts and phone calls. But if you feel you can sue me stop waisting your time here and do so.

      • Everyone stands beside me from the private emails…
        Not everyone of course, those like Linda and TCTH have no need to go back n forth with me like that… in fact the people who go back n forth with me can be seen for what they really are…

      • Hey Linda
        No need to remember your viscous words…got a ‘screen shot’…fla people sound sooo ignorant…hahahahaha!! bring it mom 🙂
        maybe an exta job at the Quikie mart…sure you have nothing better to do with your time and money….wait till u see what college costs..Rookie dope…your husband must be so proud he works for the likes of cristen…yeah, you’re some catch!!
        A true genious with her priorities in full order…god help you if you wre on your own..hee hee ROOKIE
        STFU and BRING IT!!! PLEASE??

      • I remember my exact words. What a joke.
        Id love to hear how YOU remember your exact words, knowing of course i have the screen shot…come on momma…whats 5,000 to your kids anyway…this is worth it right sugar?? what a fuckin loser..
        jeezuz…what a disgrace…and you ‘never wanted to get inovled’…too late! haha

      • Insinuated? Good luck getting a lawyer to hear that. I remember my exact words. What a joke.

        My attorney loves me, we make beautiful money together…yum yum ;)…me and him will discuss it in mexico in may..sound good??, little girl??..haha

      • $5,000 to retain? Ha! Wrong it’s $5,000 to go all the way to court. Including PI services and filing fees.

        PI services?? WTF?? hysterical…have you a clue what those sharks charge???? Maybe Fla can be your PI….lol
        And if the case drags on and on, becomes more complicated, you don’t think that 5,000 will be used up in a half a second..or are you hoping to be your own attorney??
        Don’t have much experience with lawyers, do ya mommy?? They LOVE ignoramuses like you, yes indeedy..
        Wait till u see what it cost to talk on the phone with an attorney, send letters for you, obtain phone records, bring in witnesses, all out of state no less??…shit zero wouldnt have to pay me to be a material witness, or TC or ‘others’…yeah, you’re husband must be thrilled!!
        Cause in todays economy, im sure he’d love to lay out this money….Good God!! If i had a spare five grand when i was raising mine, id feel blessed and NEVER waste it on the likes of CKB, who has done NOTHING to remove herself from her internet “situation”…yeah you”re fuckin brilliant…sounds like a slam dunk

      • Insinuated? Good luck getting a lawyer to hear that. I remember my exact words. What a joke.

        What it DOES show however, is that you BROUGHT THIS ALL ON YOURSELF, and have consistently stayed involved…Right?? Nah…your a geniuos

      • Occupational therapy to those that don’t know. Linda is a real sweetheart. $5,000 to retain? Ha!

        OOOhhhh!! guess who else is a therapist?? Except i live on LI, and did it ALONE, no WHINING…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would make my Third degree?? Who u tryin educate baby girl..lo freakin L!! YEP…
        But his bitch right here just got a juicy load of FU money…what idiots

        Ps DOPE: I have consistently (almost two yrs), done NOTHING but support your dopey friend….let her PROVE different…and she humiliated me EVERY tIME….Just bring it….cease and desist your fuckin ass….Just because of you’re disrespect, ill make sure i sue the fuck out of her, if you DARE fuck with zero, the man who begged her to just stay out of it…do you really think we havent consulted my attorney…like a “real” one..haha.. we’ll roll up in a white limo with the press behind us…ooops did i just say too much..??

        And why the fuck would you contact a STRANGER from a blog, instead of calling Fla’s family, and spill all your PRIVATE business to him?? If im askin, make NO MISTAKE, an attorney will be MUCH harder on you…Now tell your husband to get some more clients, just for your friend..cause you’re kids couldn’t use the money…nah

        i ask all this for shits and giggles…the IGNORANCE and lack of priorities is STAGGERING…inexperience shows with each word spoken…

        fuck me man…what a disgrace

      • I don’t know why I trusted a stranger from a blog and spilled all of my private business Linda. Good question. Why did you? Knowing an identity of a person makes them a bit more human. Relatable. It is said all over the place, I just want truth. Give the truth and this can stop. Okay, so I gave truth. Now its too much truth. Now its why did I contact him. Well, to make it stop. That is what wordpress suggests. Contact the author. Work out your differences. Why are you so angry?

      • again, stop it, you can’t have it both ways, you have no knowledge to the LISK case nor understand who the people are that are involved in this, in fact you claim not to care about any of this except helping your friend cristin… and yet you also wnat to be like the people here trying to get to the truth about the things going on here. Are you here to help with LISK games or here to help Cristin, if your here to help cristin, there is no reason for you to get involved, noone here is trying to help cristin any more. If you are here to help get to the truth, then you still have nothing to worry about when it comes to what we talked about… so which is it mandamus?

      • . Good question. Why did you?

        I did NO such thing you idiot…once i proved who i was, our friendship EVENTUALLY grew…WTF are talking about??…The sharing of our personal lives was an outgrowth of on going, proven trust..This occurred over months and months, not a few emails..
        NEVER compare me to you…Dont even try..
        I have never acted as you or any of the other judgmental know it alls who can dish it out, but can never stand getting back..
        Talk to Zero, if he’ll have you..
        But try to judge me, and ill give it right back…sound fair?? You exhaust, sicken and drain me..

      • Linda was one of the hardes people for me to prove to myself who she was, she didn’t even have a Facebook at first, lol. I have just recently gotten to where I know exactly who she is, and it came from us first trusting each other, hell at the begining i thought she was being mean to MM7, lol, but i didn’t know either of them at the time, funny how the mpore i got to know people, things changed. But still Linda has been thye least forward about who she is (at least in the ones who have come to me with their real names) but I do now fully trust her and know quite a bit about her ad i do a lot of you. But, as you do just like your friend Cristin and give me all this info i didn’t ask from you and then get mad when I don’t stand by what i’m told… everything Mandamus told me about Cristin only made her look more like a liar and game player (oh I bet you hate that Cristin, lol, I’m such a mean guy caling people who lie liars) But don’t worry, posts are coming to put our little know nothing Nancy and Mandamus in their place and hopfully shut them both up once and for all, because friends of Dorothy and Cristin are no friends of mine…lmao!

      • she didn’t even have a Facebook at first, lol.

        LOL yourself Zero 🙂 Like i dont have enough problems…haha..brat!!

    • Hell yes, I am sending a cease and decist and will sue the heck out anybody who pushes this any further. This bullshit needs to end

      Hee…explain to you’re attorney how you’ve stayed out of it for almost two years…lol
      Explain how you helped find Zero’s info so that he could be publicly slandered, how would you like it if someone did a backround check on you or yours??? hmmm, so your kids and family and the entire web could harass you??…how grossly ignorant…yeah, explain it

      • I’m sorry Linda. But are you saying that commenting a few times a while back is somehow asking for something? Are you saying that I have been communicating with Zero for two years? Are you just throwing any old bull at the wall to see what sticks? I am sorry Linda, but did you not see where I told you all very clearly that I never found info to slander anyone but instead as a point of contact? Are you saying I did a background check on Zero? Complete fabrication. I have never done a background check on anyone.

        You really need to be more careful when confusing two people’s identies, motivations and actions. Grouping people together is careless. I won’t be lied about. You don’t like it done to you. Don’t do it to me.

      • just stop, you look silly, you told me you helped Cristin find out who i was… plain and simple. Why? Because you wanted to help your friend. Why did you text me asking me to call you, and when i didn’t sent me 2 long emails? to help you friend (though you told me you would never be friends again, which by the way I kepet telling both of you not to throw your friendship away and was a key part in you 2 talking again and to thank me, you both trash me again because you don’t want me bringing up Cristin in all this, which I explained, it is not my fault cristin wrote a blog saying she was being stalked by someone who was being said by Joey as being a serila killer, i was no where’s around when all that started, i just helped defunk it)
        so you are doing this to help your friend, not me or anyone here, so just go away. No one here is looking to listen to people wanting to help Cristin, Dorothy, or Joey. you bring yourself into this, not me, remeber that please, i brought no one in to this, i didn’t know anything about it till feb. of last year… how long have all of you been a part of this?

      • and as i told you on the phone in our first conversation, this place is satire of what i am going through in real life and life on the intenet… yes, grouping people will be done here, that’s just the nature of this blog. and as i said, you admited to helping to look up my info, close enough, right?

      • Are you just throwing any old bull at the wall to see what sticks? I am sorry Linda, but did you not see where I told you all very clearly that I never found info to slander anyone but instead as a point of contact? Are you saying I did a background check on Zero? Complete fabrication. I have never done a background check on anyone.

        I’ve repeatedly said three background checks where done on me, i didnt say by who, solely based on the lies your friend conjured up…I deserved none of it.

        I simply want to throw up every time you address me…talk to zero, im done with you. Sue him and I will make every possible attempt to support him, and i have the means and connections to do it..

        Until then, dont even speak to me, you’re as mean spirited and ignorant as they come…people like you make me physically and emotionally sick..just vipers, immature ones at that…disgusts me, the phony way you all conduct yourselves.
        true DIGUST….

        I could literally spend all day proving all you accuse us of pertains to you ,Fla and every other gamer…talk about throwing shit to see what sticks??

        Im gonna puke

      • yes, mandamus is as bad as the rest of them, losy from reality, they think they are the heros her, when they are all evil game players even her, who says she wants nothing to do with the LISK case but we all have seen her serial killer screen name many times… what a joke.

  2. April 8, 2014 at 12:00 pm
    ha…comments galore today, im sry…

    I will be HAPPY (probably embarrassed too), to reveal all my responses to Fla emails, leave out her responses and her email addy. I even shared some personal challenges ive had in order to give her some hope, ALL TRUE. Also told her ALL was forgiven as far as im concerned!! ..Less than two weeks after showing her Major support, she’s linking me PUBLICLY to working with TCTH and Jen…So u tell me, friend of Fla, how does that show your girl has ‘moved on’.??…yes lets analyze it all, shall we?? and see the TRUTH..

    fact is THEY LOVE to keep their names in it…like twins…shit maybe triplets if you include one of our other ‘ladies’..and i use the term LOOSELY…

    Guess how you become a trusted friend of zero?? Stop the games. because of your ‘friend’ i had to endure endless speculation that continues today…but i was willing to let it go. Wont even use a SN that she’s known by…but I COULD, LEGALLY

    If you were actually smart, you would all STFU, but you just cant…can u 🙂

    Last one peeps…

  3. WTF is wrong with you? Obviously you didn’t like when she told you that you were OBSESSED with me. Here we are, almost an entire YEAR after I DELETED my blog- at my friend’s suggestion- so all the chaos of my ACTUAL LIFE could be dealt with, and you STILL can’t keep my name off your blog. You are so OBSESSED that you drag my friend into a SERIAL KILLER CASE for the simple fact that she came to her REAL LIFE friend’s defense. It was that very reason that I had legal grounds for a lawsuit- that my REAL LIFE friend suggested I NOT SUE and that she thought you were rational enough that her plea to leave me out would be sufficient to ACTUALLY leave me out. Obviously she, like myself, was WRONG. I came to your defense with Dorothy. Do you remember? You’re not my friend and I don’t know you, but I did the RIGHT thing. I told you I wasn’t involving myself in this case any longer and I needed to move on with my REAL LIFE. YOU ARE WRONG about privacy laws and apparently you’ll only learn the hard way- by being sued.

    So I’m wrong about every single opinion or person in this case? You know this because? You found the serial killer? Because that’s the ONLY way you would know for SURE that I’m wrong. I was WRONG about you. I thought you could maybe have some compassion and understanding that I got into something way over my head that was not my intention. So could I be wrong about everything else? Sure. Who fucking cares? Get over yourself and leave my friend and me alone.

    • jesus christ… i haven’t brought you up in a long time, and i don’t ever bring your friend M7 up at all, though she sent me text, and many emails, and again, she wrote me last night, I didn’t write her, in fact i nevr gavew her my phone number and yet she text my phone…. go away both of you, I’m not a bully, but you 2 are borderline stalkers, not in the dorothy/Nancy clas, but you have your ways… I’ve been nice to both of you and don’t deserve this at all…. just go away, like for reals this time.

      • Holy shit..this one thinks shes the only one with monumental personal problems?? grow the fuch up?? are you fuckin’re a fuckin ROOKIE, and Thank YOU GOD FOR THAT!!!

      • I personally couldn’t be happier than to hear that cristin has personal problems. just like daddy fish’s cancer…brought on by karma. how sad that beautiful young women with beautiful souls were murdered and you with a soul of dog shit, lives to continue the pain. low class c@nt! but karma isn’t finished with you.. that wheel will stay turned for awhile…..

      • Oh it’s comming for her… it’s coming for all of them… here’s the first of many emails I will be using to show exatly how close all these people have been and what they have been saying about eacc other… this one is from Cristin back a year ago May of 2013. It was email she sent Jen a month earlier in April of 2013. It started with:
        This was one of the last emails I sent her. I’ll forward the last one so you can get a little perspective on Jennifer.

        And then the email itself… it shows just how much these people were working together and how they turned on each other…

        I’m copying Dorothy and Joe on this so they are well aware of what I tell you and ther is NO question as to what I have to say to you.

        I tried to call you to confront you on the phone, but maybe this is better.

        Why the hell are you going around trying to discredit me and call me a LIAR? Have you not learned from EVERYTHING I’ve told you about how much I HATE being called a LIAR? I would rather you call me a “whore” or “4 eyes” or “horse teeth” like how this whole cyberstalking thing started. I do NOT take kindly to being called a liar. Don’t try to tell me that I did it to myself. No. I didn’t. YOU DID. From the SECOND I started talking to you, you played the victim of SUSIE SAMPIERRE. Is she a friend of yours? Were you bullshitting me? You told me that your “job” was to find out who Dorothy was and who I was and “report back to Mari”.

        Apparently, what you went back to Mari with is that Dorothy was “crazy”. That is what YOU told ME about Dorothy. You told me how Dorothy talked about Illuminati and was very disheveled with her paper work and that she was out to get her ex husband and would be of no help. Your only reason for continuing to keep her on your Facebook (per what you told me) was to “keep an eye on her”.

        The FIRST THING you told Mari about ME is that I was writing a book. Apparently you need a lesson. There is about a 400 PAGE difference in writing a book and writing an ARTICLE. I wrote an ARTICLE that I submitted to Ft. Myers about Hackett in Florida. I wrote an ARTICLE to Orlando about the cyberstalking. How can you confuse the two? You can’t. You just LIED.

        For someone who claims to be a “Godly” woman, you sure don’t ACT like it. What is your purpose? What are you doing? Why are you keeping tabs on Mari? Why are you keeping tabs on Joe? Why are you keeping tabs on Dorothy? Why are you keeping tabs on ME? Are you indebted to this crime ring? If so, get the hell out of there and get to a shelter, because I WON’T STOP UNTIL THESE SICK BASTARDS ARE IN JAIL.

        Why would I MAKE THIS SHIT UP? I DID get threatening phone calls. I DID get stalked online (and still am, you’re just not SEEING it). I DID have my calls tapped. I DID have a DRONE. Yes. A fucking DRONE. Not a fucking SPRINKLER. I DID meet John Ray. I DID give him evidence. I DID record a phone conversation with Joe, and yes, he knows now. I DID talk to the FBI and still AM.

        It really pisses me off that we had a conversation about trust, and here you are, the WORST CULPRIT… because you PRETEND to be a Godly woman. SICK!

        I won’t give you A DAMN BIT of information that I haven’t written. Funny, you should have read my latest post before texting Joe that I’m setting HIM up to be the LISK. I HAVE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AGENDA. WHAT IS YOURS??????????

      • I have tons of stuff like that, where they each sent me email conversations hoping to convince me the other was bad, but it only shoewd how deep each of them were in this… everyone can thank mandamusseven for me finally deciding that all of these needed to be made public.
        Don’t wory, if you aren’t part of this little group, I have no reason to expose your emails… but for those who sent me emails like this one, showing me how the person you once worked with betrayed you, while that person sent me simular emails to show me how you betrayed them… I think you get the picture… reaping time is here.

      • here’s one from Jen back in December explaining how Cristin is misleading me… they all want to show me how the others mislead me:

        If you persist in allowing posts accusing me of all sorts of crap, I intend to shed light & bring truth in an email to you. If you fault me for doing so, then it leaves me wondering why?

        CKB on December 2, 2013 at 2:52 pm
        Now, see, I was told she was friends with MD… by Jen. So this is the same dilemma I had. Frustrating now even more so.

        The reference to “she”, meaning Candyce Brookes (correct sp).
        I never told CKB that CB (ironically, same initials?) is friends w/MD. The vile msg to Mari was AFTER CKB & I stopped our interaction.

        It was Mari who told ME that Candyce was friends w/MD. And how could I tell CKB if we were no longer communicating? She must have heard that DIRECTLY from Mari cause Mari DIDN’T post it!

        CKB keeps yanking your chain!

        You ought to be asking yourself: WHY

      • that one’s gotta sting a little… but i’m telling you, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Who’s ready for a new blog? Discusion of these ladies emails. I think the time has finally come.

      • hey, mandamus, do you get what i mean by expose now? I mean exposing what was said. I’m not into doxing people, that’s your side of things, you, Dorothy, and Cristin like to dig up stuff on me though I am not a part of any of this, i’m just the honest one not playing games so I’m easier to get info on, why not go after the 69 IP or who ever was behind the most messed up comments on Cristin’s blog, oh yea those are gamers who you can’t figure out, so go after the guy who is not hiding or making up lies in comments… go after me. That’s fine, threaten me with all you got, what do i got, just a bunch of emails…
        again, let’s dance people!

      • oh and i just have to point out my lattest IM from Nancy, it says: Do not cluster me with anyone. My truth is something that I would be proud to be anyone
        lmfao, none of you want to be “clustered” together, but you all are together, same crap different crazy ladies. And we know you all are connected in some way… my next blog will show it all people!

      • I never exposed anything about you. To anyone. The problem here is the group mentality. You are in a group and grouping people into teams. It can not be reasoned with. Your commenters are rabid and you are encouraging them. I am faced with a dilemma here. During our phone conversations I disclosed a lot and you seemed sincerely interested in wanted “games” to end. I told you that I would do my part. My original message the other day was the help give you the heads up from where I’m from and where I’ve read from. So that you could narrow down your I hits. You get so riled up so fast. You jump to so many conclusions. I never wanted to comment here for this exact reason.

        You told me on the phone that I did not seem like ANY of the people you had spoken to thus far. I told you I was contacting a lawyer because you were threatening to “expose” me. This partially means emails. Because there is personal info there. I gave you that because I was being honest with you, to give you a complete picture. You said you appreciated it and that it helped. And it did help for a while. Until that is I over stepped by asking yet again that you go easy. Look, I don’t know why you people are so angry and I have no clue what the heck you people are hoping to accomplish here. But I am not alone in my confusion. Because to me it looks like a bunch of speculation and private information getting posted needlessly. I have never dozed you to expose you Zero. You sent mm7 a photo that made it easy to find out who you were when she was looking to consult with a lawyer. Yes, she had thoughts of “exposing” you. There’s a big difference between thinking it and doing it.

        Because it will be asked by your commentors and you, why I am continuing to defend myself it is because this is what wordpress suggests. They suggest trying to communicate with the author, which I did and then you posted our private communications. I can not help MM7 against everything posted about her on this site. But I do not want private communications between myself and you, Zero posted. There is a certain amount of privacy one should expect when speaking to a person. You are not the press and I was not giving a scoop. You wanted to know why MM7 was caught up in this and I told you because I thought it would calm the situation and it did for a hot minute. I never would have contacted you in a million years if I thought that you would then “expose” me. Justify this all you want to, but it’s still wrong all around. I’m wrong for getting involved to try to help mm7 from the get go. She was wrong to go hard about her theories without proof and to publish them. You are wrong for your tactics and publishing private communications. Dorothy was wrong for saying things about you. There are many people wrong here. And continue to be. But none of it is justifiable.

      • yea, remember back when you commented that this blog was shit… then you text me, then we shared phone calss, you agreed with almost all i said, and i kept everything quiet, then you kept comming to me when Cristin’s name was mentioned, and then when I said that I would do my best and you said thank you (even though you called me names before i knew who you were and called my blog shit and you looked into my private information and then text my phone even though I had never given you my number, I still treated you with respect) and then when I tell you that i am not gonna be told what to post, that if you want to stand on the side of misinformaton and contiue to question my commenters as you do then you woulod be exposed with the reast of them, then you snapped and came at me, all of a suden all those bad things you once said about me, you were saying them again. And you think you can email them to me and i can’t talk about them in my blog, though that is exactly what i always do on this blog, so don’t think you are above anyone else here. Sue me if you want, though that’s redicules, I’ve never even wrote your name down, I didn’t look into your family like you and cristin did to mine… please everyone who thinks about sueing me, make sure i don’t have a good counter suit before you do. Part of me want’s to tell you to fuck off. Let you wory about what i might say. But your personal info will never be put out there by me, though you are part of my info being out there. The stuff you are worried about me saying i would never bring up, they have nothing to do with any of this, other than how you told me Cristin called someone a liar and cristin told me that wasn’t true… It fits in because this is why you told me you 2 were no longer friends and why you contacted me. But Even that does not need to be gone into, that’s betweeen you 2, I have no reason to believe either of you any more so which ever of you is tellingt the truth dosen’t matter to me. So there you go, get a lawyer, but be ready, you looked up stuff all about me before I even knew who you were, and then contacted me and now want to try to stop me from talking about it all, you can’t, you ca only hope i won’t, but then I just did. Be glad i don’t listen to my lawyer friend and sue you 2 for harasement and a few other things, because acording to the law, you can not dig up info about people and then contact them and harrase them, and you have done that. But i don’t care about all that, I am here for answers, and i’m getting to them wether some of you like it or not.

      • Ohh, and it is not wrong for me to expose communications, i have been doing it from the beginning, it’s what my blogs are all about, you were threatening lawsuits if i wrote what you didn’t want me to… you are the bully, Cristin did the same thing to me. Cristin has brought up my childrens names, so i know how far you all dug on me, I have never mentioned childrens names, because i have no reaso to get into any of your personal lives, yes, my lawyer thought that was also wrong of you to do, bring up my kids name, remember doing that cristin? you said you had plans for the info you had on me. trust me, I’m the last one any of you want to see in a court room. i have to much emails from ya that say some messed up things.

      • Yes, I have been heated with you and changed my mind. And then back to heated. So is life. But I never dug up anything on your family. So that you understand, this is for you as much for your readers that are apparently in the know.. Pertaining to the discrepancy between MM7 and I, I took what she said one way. She took it another. It really doesn’t have to be much more complicated than that and neither of us are lying about it. People can have disagreements and it doesn’t always have to come down to someone is lying. I am only addressing it because its been brought up publicly a couple of times and now. It is what it is. No one is perfect. It got heated. We yelled. Screamed. Hugged it out. Moved on and you know all that. We call each other on our BS. I’m not mad at her now for seeing it differently and you’re right. It has no place here.

        I am hoping you will hold to your word and not repeat my name to anyone on here or post. And I thank you for stating that publicly. So, yes. Thank you for that reassurance. That’s all. Good luck in your pursuit of the Truth Zero. Do what ever it is you were trying to do before I let you know I visit the keys and the shit hit the fan.

      • no, iether she called someone a liar or she didn’t, but again, i’ll let it go, if there wasn’t such a repeating thing here, i mean Jen calls Cristin a liar and Cristin calls jen a liar, jen calls dph a liar and dph calls jen a liar, so see then a text you sent me telling me you would never be friends with Cristin again because she called someone a liar and now it’s just a disagreement… fine but it happened or it didn’t simple as that. same goes for a lot of other stuff envolving Cristin, ahh, but hey we see things differntly, I still don’t see how i deserve the kinds of things you and cristin throw at me, but hey, i’m no victim here and i know it. And I mean it… your name will never come from me, nor any info about your family (and i don’t know much, but understand your concern there) but again, you called my blog shit, and continue to come here and make me out to be something I’m not. so don’t be surprised that some things get posted… or people commenting about you, but it will be Mandamus7, which by the way, i could question such a name being used here as would my lawyer, just makes you look like any other person posting in serial killer sites, but I like you went with zodiac. 😉

      • It was Mari who told ME that Candyce was friends w/MD.

        And why would Mari care WHO is friends with MD?? Very telling, as they were once friends as well…Thats all public knowledge…Witnessed by many..
        I expect NO answers (nor need them…Ive asked over and over and over…only to be ignored and MODERATED…
        YES…very telling
        Is this High School or a seriously disgusting serial killer investigation?? No one need answer, as its ALL sickeningly clear as day..If one has half a brain cell that is..

      • And jen wonders why I have a hard time understanding her. They all like to send around each others email, reason why i don’t feel to bad when i post it, but that email from Jen taked the cake, I guess it was supposed to be a email from Cristin to mari that mari sent to jen and then jen sent to me to show that cristin lies, but cristin told me jen changes them sometimes before she sends out other peoples emails and IMs… just like some people said Cristin changed their comments on her blog. I swear, dealing with cristin and jen back when they both were sending me emails about each other was like dealing with your kids. Both kids telling you the other is lieing and both get upset when you don’t pick either side. As far as I can see (and this is only opinion, but if Cristin or jen want to speak up and say I’m wrong, I’ll try to find examples) they both have told lies in this, so why would i believe either one. In fact their emails to me showing each others emails only made me see each of them were untrustworthy, again say i’m wrong if you want some examples.

      • But I never dug up anything on your family.

        And what did you think fla was going to do with the info you provided her?? With her current unstable condition, did you not think the info could be used to damage?? Do you not seethe GROSS negligence in this?? How someone in her condition could easily misunderstand your ‘pure’ intentions??…This is shocking info to you?? GROSS!!
        Please…the more i actually read these comments, the angrier i become..

        I know: Zero made it easy with the pic he posted..if it was soooo easy, why didnt you let your brilliant, PI in training, figure it out for herself??..Yeah, you’ve been a HUGE help to all involved…Thank goodness for all the saints involved with each other…
        yeah, go on, keep judging us, and again thank you soo much for the morality lessons you assholes all spew, how did we ever get along without you..

      • They all like to send around each others email, reason why i don’t feel to bad when i post it, but that email from Jen taked the cake,

        Zero, you continually surprise me in a most pleasant way. I will therefore REFRAIN from commenting anymore on this topic…lol

        I will say this, and it aint gonna be popular (JMO), Fla actually displays more of a filter, if u will, than ‘other’ members of the

        Its purely an FYI, and i should know,,,NOBODY however, should take that as a compliment!!

        Zero, you rock…lol

      • but cristin told me jen changes them sometimes before she sends out other peoples emails and IMs…

        Realllly?? Ya think?? I owe you Zman…lol
        Now..on to Dorothy Price Hill

      • but if Cristin or jen want to speak up and say I’m wrong, I’ll try to find examples)

        My friend, you aint the only one with emails…Even this Nobody knows how to save stuff…Duh. Im sooo glad ive been underestimated…

        You’re a TRIP Z

      • goonies never say die

        haha…I hope to meet this spicey, Sassy, on point spitfire one day!!
        Till then give her a sista to sista hug for me!!

      • just tell me when your coming!

        Id leave tonight if possible!!! But oct sounds like it would be so much fun…We shall discuss all ‘off blog’


    • Where’s my love?? phoney…you aint going nowhere…havent grown a bit, and i showed you NOTHING but kindness…puke
      Since when are you out of it??…two weeks ago, when you made yet another ridiculous accusation?? when u joined Webslueths?? please STOP!! you’lll never be out of it…give up hope

      And your friend DRAGGED herself here…over and over and over

  4. Do you think you saying my friend called me dumb is going to hurt? Do you think I’m not aware of what she’s said to you? You don’t have the first clue of what integrity and honesty means between us. I’ll give you a clue, it means we can accept our faults pointed out because it comes with RESPECT and free from JUDGMENT. She would never say something to YOU that she didn’t or couldn’t say to ME. She’s not two-faced like you. She can tell me when I’m wrong and I can face REALITY- that I’m HUMAN and make mistakes/wrong choices. But you won’t let it go, until you are FORCED to. You need another job or hobby or something to pass the time until next Halloween- other than THIS. You create chaos when a simple ignore would suffice. You chase off any SANE people from commenting with threats of exposing anyone who comments in disagreement of YOUR opinions- or those of Linda, tooclose, or MC. You connect people like Dorothy. You consider the mere fact of the exchange of phone calls and emails a connection. Under that assumption, YOU and Dorothy are connected to Nancy. Get with the friggen program and realize just how delusional YOU sound.

    • the first email you sent me said “I’m working with some one name dorothy, but i don’t want anyone to know about it” should i post that email? Go away, seriously, lert me get back to Nancy and Dorothy, more threats and attacks on my blog or in email will only mean I have to continue to blog about it… i thought you 2 understood how this worked… last time… go away!

      • ok, it is official, i am sharing emails with all 3 of our newbies, this is great because most screen names use fake emails that lead to no where (NERD!) But I got replies from all 3 of these emails. So, HMMM… Michael, and Misery, understand that I don’t wish to expose your idenities or your intire emails… but understand if you are here to shed light on anything, I will disclose things, I have done that from day 1, but if you are not part of the games that shouldn’t matter. i am very interested in these other 2 ladies, Candyce and Sussie, i know I’m just asking for more name calling and lawsuit threats, but again, if crazies, gamers, and those with personal agenda are still out there, just not letting their presence be known, well i want to know about them. I want to know all my comenters, i obviously am obssesed with all of you. (now that makes more sense than me being obbssed with just one or 2 of you, yes i must be obsessed with all of you, what can i say, the comments and emails I have read has hooked me)

    • You chase off any SANE people from commenting

      Yes…JG, JS, DPH, YOU…all the sane people….but many are involved now…get ready

      • where they just waiting to get back involved? I didn’t even mention them, i kept mandamus out of it even though she TEXT my phone! I was more than fair. In fact if it wasn’t for the lawsuit crack, I wouldn’t have even mentioned her know nothing self, had enough of no nothings from Nancy.

    • You cristin involved yourself. YOU. you were asked, told, practically begged to stop but I guess it was just too much fun for you. how do you sleep at night? what if it were your father, brother husband or son. what if your daughter, or mother or sister was one of the victims. oh im sure you just howled with laughter pretending to “see the light” you may have fooled linda, but I know you are an evil bitch. you deserve everything that happens to you and yours. life problems? yea, that would be karma sweety. your karma, that you made. your soul really truly is dog shit. get ready, casue I think that karma is just getting started.

      • the thing is I left her alone… but yes, the last time i talked to her, she tried to convince me that I was letting you , jen, and TCTH influence me with lies, she said she believed all 3 of you have known each other before all this. But trying to explaine to her how wrong she is is not an easy task… she is still convinced she is being stalked by CPH. (last time I talked to her) all her ideas are wrong, since she is the one influenced by the real liars, Joey and Dorothy… but that’s ok… it was hard discussing this without showing all the things cristin had to do with it… now i don’t have to skate around anything, i can just call it as I see it.

    • CKB says:
      April 8, 2014 at 1:28 pm
      Do you think you saying my friend called me dumb is going to hurt?

      She called you much worse than dumb, and I TRIED to communicate this to you in my comments, your light bulb goes on a bit slowly, but you finally saw what i was trying to tell you, RIGHT??!!…and you were PISSED…have myself or Zero EVER done that to you??
      You ingrate..

      • Linda

        MM7 knows what I have said because I forwarded to her what I sent Zero . I thought she should know what he would know. I have to thank Dharma for forcing us to talk that one out. The only thing I didn’t forward was Zero’s replies. Because..that is wrong and all. You, know. Sharing emails of what other people have said. I told her what I have said. Zero has told her what I have said. No conspiracy here either lady. I have told Cristin what I have thought of her blogging over and over again, to her face, on the phone, and in heated emails. She KNOWS this, don’t you get it? Why do you constantly try to heat things up? Zero has told MM7 that I was a good friend to her, he has written me that as well. What is your purpose for trying to keep paranoia and anxiety going? Why?

      • Linda is just looking for truth like some of us, Cristin was part of a group of people that tried to muddy the truth, again, i don’t care if you or cristin see this or not, but it is the truth, and i can prove it, if the things I have already writen do not do so well enough. If you want no part of this then go away, no one dragged you here, but insisting i shouldn’t post what some one has written me… damn, do you know how many emails Cristin has sent me that she got from someone else? I have wrote time and time again how all our emails are being passed around, but oh I’m the devil if I do it, right? My info is not sacred like yours, right, you can dig up stuff about me and it can be used to try to sue me or just hold above my head so i don’t post what someone doesn’t want me to. You few emails are nothing compared to the phone conversations, and you know i am not the asshloe you are now trying to make me out to be. I am not the badguy here, but i don’t like being bullied or threatened. And you all have done it, Cristin, Dorothy, Jen, Nancy, and now you, making me the bad guy when you know I am not. You have said some messed up things about me, i will not forget them, but i have no desire to bring up your personal stuff you told me. that does not mean i don’t have plenty of things to talk about…

      • What is your purpose for trying to keep paranoia and anxiety going? Why?

        Do you realize what you did to zero?? any fucking clue what the info you gave your friend did to upset his life..paranoid?? You’re a complete IDIOT, off blog I have expressed the same feeling about your support of fla, regardless of the ridiculous statement you made regarding the life threatening call she received?? but i have NEVER been able to understand how people can throw all there most personal shit out there to complete strangers…
        You have NO CLUE the countless conversations i’ve had with zero before we grew to trust each other…AND WE DO..100 percent…just something more to hate about me, i know…hee

        My purpose is as clear as day you witch!! you didnt even know a thing about me, yet you had to add a jab at me to on LISK, all the while knowing you’re friend was accusing me of being are the cruel one…YES wit

        You and yours HATE me because IM 100 percent HONEST, including about myself, my flaws, weaknesses and mistakes ive made in life. i share my own experiences on and off blog, particularly on black and red, with the hopes it may help others, maybe spare someone a bit of pain. I have nothing to hide or LOSE…NOTHING

        People like you will always HATE me. Thats how I know im doing the right thing. get it?? you’re a hater 🙂

        Little deep, i know.

        Now get to suing you idiot

      • again, all true, but these nuts will never see truth, what they do is not the same as the other crazies. I got an email that mandamus will not read here anymore, lmfao, let’s put that to test shall we? It may take a moment… I have a lot going on in RL at the moment, but I have some doozies coming…

      • What is your purpose for trying to keep paranoia and anxiety going? Why?

        You’re friend continues to add my name to that of absurd conspiracies…she outright lies, yet you continue to say she’s moving forward?? She’s now joined Wbs, yet another LISK related site, and has even asked me to join..I decline. She’s right back with the same people who would LOVE to fry her…They watch her every move, trust me, and she knows she playin with the same fire that almost drove her crazy…ahhhh, what a waste of my empathy!!

        Im done wasting time on this…you have not helped you’re friend at all,her “addiction” and own Paranoia continue…

        No ones obsessed with her, and imo, thats the problem…who fucking cares anymore…makes my stomach turn!!

        Dont even bother to address me further…I could care less of you or your friends opinion of me..She’s gonna hit rock bottom, and unfortunately bottoms are endless…they get progressively worse and worse, as you lose all thats important in life…

        The people that matter to me know exactly where my heads at…i find you pathetic, and your threats to sue?? It would be an honor to defend Zero and his family, so just bring it or go away…but if your gonna threaten, best be ready for what you begged for..See sometimes in life just because ONE could, doesn’t mean one should..its you’re life and your families money…knock your fuckin self out!!

        Im done with this disgraceful display and waste of our time..

        Get a life

      • well according to Mandamus’ latest email she won’t be back (man i heart that a lot) so you don’t have to wory about her, but trust me, this was far from a waist (mispelled for nan nan) of time. I will explaine why in email, but no this has not been a waste of time, Mandamusseven and her crazier counter piece nancy both have nothing to do with this other than listening to 2 very WRONG people, Dorothy and Cristin, but i learning what peopl have nothing to do with things helps deal beter with the ones who do.

  5. Nothing changes if nothing changes..
    Nothing changed. Imagine the balls to say ur OBSESSED with her?? maybe she’s lonely, like nan and DPH…you’re obsessed with them too, so they claim, but RETURN every freakin time…PLEASE

  6. yes, joey jr winters in the keys. I believe ps149 mentioned his location on mm7’s blog.
    oh and mandamus, you inserted yourself into this. you, nobody else. and helping cristin will bite your ass. she is an ass dribble.

    • so the comment probably is from Joey, it does have the same email address he has used to email me, but in all honesty, i told that email adress to MM7, still, I didn’t and don’t think MM7 or M7 wrote this, and was not implying it, M7, sent me an email and i responded to it, she then threatens laesuit, so, I put it all out there like I do. The Key Largo Fluke probably is Fluke… to bad he don’t speak up again to clairify it. Coward. Again though, my mentioning M7 now has to do with the way she turned 180 on me when i have never wrote anything about her, and still won’t put her personal stuff up here, that’s not what i’m about, and both these ladies know it, so to carry on this way is no better than nancy and dorothy and their lies about me. I’m obbsssed with all these crazy ladies… please.

      • TCTH, It aint workin EVER AGAIN!! Cristen and JG were my BEST teachers…thanks hypocrites..yeah, see whats comin at ya next!! mari aint gonna be happy Nor look Too smart either, HOW FREAKIN SAD!!

        nan said it best: let the shit FALL where it may 🙂
        READY B’S???

  7. I DID leave you alone. You’ve continued writing posts about me and comments about me and I didn’t come back to defend myself. You’re telling me and my friend to leave you alone or you’ll “expose” us and our PRIVATE emails. But you can continue to bring me (and now my friend) into some psychotic connection to these people because I’m wrong? I didn’t say I still think CPH is stalking me. I don’t talk to ANYONE involved in this case, not Jen, not Dorothy, not Fluke, not Mari, not ANYONE!

    What you have isn’t games… it’s shit talking. I talked shit about CPH, Linda, Jen, MD, Dorothy… Linda’s talked shit on me, my friend, Jen, Dorothy, you… You’ve talked shit, too, zero. It’s all gossip. That’s ALL you’re reposting. You caught me… I shit talked… sometimes I give an opinion before I have all the other perspectives… or I flat out change my mind. Crucify me for it. Everyone here is anyway.

    I’m publicly saying I don’t think CPH is my stalker or LISK. I’m backing your team of fluke is suspect so says this handful of your commenters. This is apparently the ONLY WAY to calm you all down from this constant bashing. You all are better than me, smarter than me, better mothers, better survivors of domestic violence, better judges of character, better investigators, better Long Islanders, better looking, better writers, and better human beings than I. I basically suck at life because karma will get me probably tomorrow when I get hit by a bus.

    The blog I had for a whopping 4 months a year ago has OBVIOUSLY affected all of these people’s lives so greatly that I am forced atonement for it here almost daily- ESPECIALLY if I come to my defense. You have all given me FAR TOO MUCH credit with my blog. Either it’s crap and lies or it’s so damaging to innocent people which EITHER WAY means it needed to GO. Get the fuck over it! It’s GONE. It’s not doing any more damage without YOUR INPUT! Stop kicking the dead horse and leave me the fuck out of this insanity!

    Every time you link me to ANY of these people you accuse of thwarting an investigation, you implicate ME into a CRIMINAL conspiracy to thwart a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. If I’m guilty of something like that then LE would investigate me- NOT YOU or ANYONE HERE.

    • first off, in our last phone call when we hashed everything out, you said you still believed it was CPH that had stalked you and was probably behind the 69IP comments, and i said we would have to agree to disagree… in fact we got into the Dr quite a bit because i said I didn’t think he could have done all of the things you thought because of his age and leg, and you went into detail how i was wrong. You also went into the malpratice suits saying he was responsible for the deaths of 2 infants. I tried to explain that doctors and surgeons get lots of malpratice suits because of the nature of what they do. You kept coming back with arguments why you thought CPH was behind it all. This was our last conversation not to long ago, but since youn want to act like i am a bully and you must agree with me or what, be labeled crazy like Dorothy or Nancy? Man, who can’t see right through Cristin? Nobody, that’s why your blog had so many able to mess with you… man why am i even writing all this, no one is bashing you, no one thinks you or manda is part of any conspiracy… just people who got into things they shouldn’t, and now want to blame me because it all ened badly and the people you put your trust in were not trustworthy… you can say your blog wasn’t that bad, but I read it all, and it was so bad that you don’t want anyone to read it. I get that, but you can’t shut me up for pointing out the truth, and yes I have a handfull of commenters, so why do you 2 even care?

      • no one thinks you or manda is part of any conspiracy


        MIND FUCKING BOGGLING…not for nothin, you’re stupid friend actually turned the whole direction this blog was heading…How useless this was…and how irresponsible of you’re phony, backstabbing friend. Who in my opinion is NO one to judge you, as she trusted herself and her whole life to a COMPLETE stranger, a stranger she called an asshole from the jump..PLEASE..How fucking irresponsible, and now wants sympathy…???

        What a fuckin JOKE

      • everything happens for a reason… and in zero’s world, that goes double! Nothing that happens here is useless… trust me, and I know you do, and i haven’t put this out there but you know I also trust you Linda, your honesty in all this and your willing to be patient with everyone will pay off eventually!

    • Linda’s talked shit on me, my friend

      I have protected and respected you from the time you begged for help on LISK. Your thanks?? called me a killer, mocked me on your blog, teamed up against me with Zero AND brought up painful memories of the ex i divorced almost twenty years ago…All BS by the way!! You NEVER saw me as a victim, it was an attempt to BULLY me and shut me up. Furthermore, I PUBLICLY showed outrage when your secret blog was exposed, and wouldn’t even read it, NEVER HAVE. THANKED you for exposing the games created by your blog!! Again, my thanks?? To be VERY recently added to another one of your conspiracies…You’re friend, who I NEVER mentioned ONCE before yesterday blamed me for making that disgusting call to you?? DO I LIE?? And BTW, the shit i talked about JG is public, she knows it all, yet I still defended her right to privacy…

      So once again Fla, I say keep talking…and you’ll never disappoint…NEVER

      • Oh, may I also add, that even though i KNEW you were just completely phony with me, and YET again linking me to games…I havent used any SN that could remotely be linked to you..And not that i owe you this, but I personally have questions (regarding POIs) about quite a few different people. So dont speak for me!! JS completely deserves to be looked at VERY closely IMO, but he ain’t the only one.

        I have continually, on and off blog, wished you could just get it together because you’re young enough to turn it around, and i EMPATHIZED with the challenges you face…you know its ALL true. You simply used me, and like an asshole on and off blog i truly believed you had turned a corner!! yeah, thought the person i was communicating with was the REAL you…but you FUCKED me. NEVER AGAIN.

        That is not the way to invite good karma..but continue…yes. Enjoy

    • yes, cristin, you are guilty of thwarting a criminal investigation. you did this. and if you get hit by a bus, well that would be the karma bus. you cannot undo this. you just can’t. you didn’t answer my question…how do you sleep at night?

      I told you I was relentless. you played the tune, now pay the piper.

      • everyone told her, and she said we would all be proven wrong and that she stood by her blog, and yet it’s gone, lol, way to stand by that blog cristin!

      • It ain’t gonna be a bus…its gonna be bottom, after bottom, after bottom….living life this way will takes its toll..mentally and physically…
        Drama after drama, chaos after chaos…yes it will take a slow and steady toll.
        very tiring way to live, ages you quickly… but continue to do it your way..
        I could care LESS

      • yes, cristin, mandamus, nancy, i’m bored with them… I want to know more about this candyce person. jen had a lot to say about her once… I need to didg into emails, but it’s so difficult, there are so many and i tend to get lost in them, and as i had said rereading old emails with todays hindsight, new things jump out at me. Oh and Joey, can’t forget him, I havent posted about him much lately because the little coward likes to post and run… how’s the Keys Joey?

      • fact is she looked us up and found nothing she could use. Man I want to ignore her and move on, but she has sent me emails with all sorts of things that others wrote her, she gave me Joey’s phone number and i didn’t ask for it… so her always being above everyone gets to me, when she has no problem doing the same things she condems others for… I’ll come back to you MM7… I promise.

      • I told you I was relentless. you played the tune, now pay the piper.

        freakin right you are, and i would be too…YOU ALONE, gave me the support i needed to continue…So if we are lumped together as a ‘posse’, it an HONOR!!

  8. JB sure as heck knew how to give his unsuspecting buddies items from his Oak Beach house that he was emptying out after May 1, 2010: Duraflame firestarter box (which CKB researched and found out last year manufactured), and other items seen in those photos.

    I dont exactly know why, but this comment in particular just shows how LONG Fla was working with DPH…WOW

    Of course, Fla did NO research on this, it was given to her by massapequa, just to “check out”…of course she wouldnt have been fueling Fla’s flame….nah…ALL SAINTS

      • Zero?? What does the length or time her blog was up or down, have to do with anything?? Lies, games..that shit sticks like glue, no matter how many times you defend against it, people still BELIEVE IT??

        How/why doesnt she see the shit she spewed, the painful lies and games, still have a lasting residual effect…I keep hearing how these two would fiercly defend their own, yet are clueless to the pain its caused others, the fuckin snowball effect? The fact that we STILL have people out there believing that disgusting crap…Especially the shit DPH did to you…Not to mention TCTH, who she has never once acknowledged or considered. It could have been handled off blog, discretely. NEVER ONCE!! Unconscionable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Back in the day (and probably STILL), if she EVER got a hold of a “secret blog” of ours, a personal painful one, she’d use it in a second to destroy…what if you or i did have a felony in our background?? could you imagine how she would have buried us?? Shit she was downright gleeful to have found out about my ex…actually got a kick out of it…I’m outraged at this bs…Its the phoniest shit she’s ever spewed..

        TCTH was right all along, and i must say once again how sorry i am. you must have thought I was so stupid..I really appreciate the patience you’ve shown me.

        Absolutely clueless, to the passes she’s received by us…its BEYOND ungrateful and hypocritical…

        And with that, have yourself an awesome life lady…you’re far from “getting it”, and that is truly sad.

      • I agree with all of this, except you being stupid, trying to help cristin because we felt sorry for her, we both no more about her than most here, again showing we are not the people they want to pretend we are since we don’t throw her life out on blast. and yes i do believe she wish she could have found crap on us when she looked into our backgrounds… in fact because she didn’t she actually thought about making stuff up about me. I have no doubt that if she found bad stuff on us she would have thrown it out there. Hyper-crites never know they are hyper-crites!

      • I could’ve EASILY given Dorothy every personal detail about BOTH of you a long time ago, but I didn’t because two wrongs don’t make a right. I had a fleeting THOUGHT that I voiced aloud to a friend on the phone. It wasn’t going to be fake. I was going to put up screen shots of your Facebook and leave it up to the commenters to manipulate the TRUTH- like had been done to me. I tried to explain privately to you that you may have a handful of readers NOW, but down the road random commenters (trolls) may come around trying to stir the pot and send you in a tail spin that I’m involved (after reading post after post that I’m involved in a criminal conspiracy)- like you KEEP DOING! I told Dorothy privately and copied the people she was informing of that “evidence” that she’s WRONG. I can’t control what people say. I came to your defense with Dorothy even though I hate the shit you write about me because it’s also WRONG.

        Yeah, I said I thought CPH could be the 69 IP because I can’t rule out the possibility that it’s not. Other than that, could all the other comments be trolls? Sure. But those trolls talked about gutting my kids and THAT is taken SERIOUSLY- YOU would take it seriously, too. I only have the same info about this case as anyone else who has access to the damn internet does that formed an opinion on it. Did I say I had evidence? Absolutely! I was trying to get MORE info. It’s an investigative tactic. But I’m DONE. I have real life that needs my attention and I’ll give you what you want and stop coming here AGAIN. I came back to defend my friend. Stop bringing up my name in posts and COMMENTS. I’ve seen them. I see the reference to me. I see you letting comments through about me and with my name. STOP. If I had any info about criminal involvement of a serial killer, I would’ve given it to LE, but I DON’T and I won’t make shit up to you or anyone else just to please your posse- Linda and tooclose.

      • again, i just want to throw these names out there, Joey, Dorothy, Nancy, Sussie, Candyce, there are some of your trolls… Your blog allowde all of you to play back n forth, not CPH you stupid, stupid girl. And as for trolls, you allowed it, my blog chases the trolls off, they all ran away once i started playing. so keep having all of this wrong… you do it so well.

      • I could’ve EASILY given Dorothy every personal detail about BOTH of you a long time ago

        And we couldve been just as harsh with you and yours…Damage is done.
        This comin from a person who never involved you in shit..
        fuckin backstabbers…you have NO CLUE who to trust..

        Later…im outtie…waste of time. talk to yourself or zero

      • again, point is we did not did information on her, just used what she put out there, but she, like some of the others, is sneaky and wanted to dig up stuff on us, in our last phone conversation, she named several of my kids?!? Why would she need to know about my kids, I have never brought up or looked into her kids, even though she once accidently (man she makes a lot of stupid mistakes) sent me a message on facebook from her dughters Facebook account!?!
        She can keep calling me the bad guy, while she continues to say and do bad things. Yes, i’ll get back to you one day MM7!

      • but down the road random commenters (trolls) may come around

        The trolls ONLY come when you or DPH appear…so again, you continue to put yourself in harms way..

        i can’t anymore…just do you Fla, like you always do

      • yep, the trolls love to mess with them, not me, lol. In fact I put a question to all of those of you who did read and/or comment on, do you know of any troll like activity that dosen’t come back to Joey, Dorothy, Cristin, Jen, Sussie, Candyce, or Nancy? I mean am i leaving any one out, yes, but I bet they come back to one of the names i just mentioned.

      • I won’t make shit up to you or anyone else just to please your posse-

        Look at you’re posse…you’re so disrespectful…when zero was on my case, you jumped right in. When JS was on my case, you were getting off too. you’re phony as shit, all of you are. worst display of backstabbing ever….Id FREAK if my ‘secret’ group included your posse.

        keep taking jabs at us, thats a sure fire way to ‘stay out of it’…

        ughhhhh, how nasty

      • Did I say I had evidence? Absolutely! I was trying to get MORE info. It’s an investigative tactic.

        Yeah if you’re a seasoned detective..otherwise its called BULLSHIT…wow,,,excuse after excuse after excuse, how come none of the non gamers have to explain their actions or comments for years on end?? Who caused the most pain again? to innocent people, with LIES and made up shit?? who accused who of criminal involvement? yeah…how bout this?? Leave the investigation tactics to the cops?? sound plausible?? probably fuckin not..wowzer!!
        You’re in Excusable..hee hee!! i just cant…its so….fucking…..fucked up..
        and weak as shit!!

  9. I have no sympathy for cristin and thank
    you for the apology linda, I say throw her shit on blast! shall we forget the ‘sock puppet linda?” the full bio on dr. Hackett? no, not forgetting and not forgiving. and never relenting. you are forever connected to this, because you connected yourself. end of story. forever….forever….

    • ‘sock puppet linda?
      Yes i was humiliated by that, all the while emailing my concern for her. She’ll never have my respect again…NEVER..I couldnt bring myself to read her secret blog, because i felt it would be so painful to her…i was an idiot…bigtime…She’s always hated me, i get that now…all gamers hate me, and its a badge of HONOR now 🙂
      I was so new TC, i actually thought she was in danger…im not that person anymore.

      • and that whole phone call thing… they never thought it would all be shown for what it was and it would all come back to bite them. and Joey stayed just far enough out of it so the others look like the crazies (which they are) but i can’t keep neglecting him.

    • thank you for the apology linda,

      You’ve had to deal with so many aholes and ignorant people…i never meant to add to it, quite the opposite…honestly

    • throw her shit on blast

      TCTH…very tempting, Believe..Not to mention she’s associated with enough backstabbing bitches that have done it to her anyway?? can you spell BLIND??…But its not LISK related…Not to mention, Im not like them at all. She wants me and Zero to feel like she’s done us a favor by not giving our personal info to a sick stalker??? For real?? You want a thank you for that??!! Doesnt matter anyway, you’re saint of a friend put Zero and family in potential danger anyway. Then she’s communicating with him like they’ve been buddies for!!..Not involved my ass. Disgraceful bunch of Bigmouths.
      Grow the fuck up. And BTW, i cant WAIT to tangle with DPH legally..I actually get off thinkin about it…lol!!
      ooohh baby

      • Again, so everyone is on the same page, Hmmm…’s IP is a normal one, but both Michael and Misery have some sort of proxy IP, so i don’t know where they are. I am waiting to see where each of them are going, none of them have told me who they are. As far as i know, they all were people from because they know things from there, Misery obviosly does not like MM7, the other 2 have some things to say about candyce, (man i can’t believe i’m going there, sorry to those who just want it all to go away, I really am)

      • (man i can’t believe i’m going there, sorry to those who just want it all to go away, I really am)

        You dont have ONE thing to apologize about?? Most everyone here is on the same page, and knows each layer peeled brings us one step closer to ending the GAMES…once thats over, at least we have a clearer idea of whats been fabrication vs. what is relevant…
        Nobody forces anyone to visit, read or comment here..

        ONCE again for anyone new, WELCOME and PLEASE read the disclaimer. This is not, nor has it ever been a sleuthing blog
        Peace 🙂

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