Who Is Flukeyou?

Back on LISK.com there were those who realized just who Flukeyou really was early on. But Flukeyou would deny it all the way till LISK.com was gone. Though there were those who could see the rumors on the site about who Flukeyou really was were more than rumors, and Cristin did come out and finaly admit who Flukeyou was… Joey Scalise Jr. just as some people on LISK.com like To Close To Home and PS149 were saying. The neighbor whose family has had a feud with other Oak Beach residents for quite a while. I don’t know if Flukeyou has admitted to who he is, other than in the book Lost Girls, but that definitely solidified it… Flukeyou is definitely Joey. And for those who read all the misleading comments of Flukeyou over the years it came as no big surprise I’m sure. I’ve covered some of the many things Flukeyou has posted over the years, most of it seeming to be lies and things he couldn’t possibly know, but some of it also has been quite accurate.

So who is Flukeyou aka Joey? The following is something I put together using things people have written about Fluke/Joey. I have put it together as it is one statement, but it is from many. Putting it together this way will hopefully keep Joey guessing where each statement came from and also will show what  people think about him, shining a clearer light on our little fisherman:

 Fluke is passionate, and sometimes scatter-brained. It can come across as some nefarious agenda.  ive known him all of his life. he was a great kid and then the mental problems began… There is a condition from which people suffer where there is no “off-switch” and certain maturity development ceases at 14.
They can never change – or go away. It’s an illness. when i saw flukeyou’s ‘facts’ i was like…what? that is a lie… He is at the top of my list of confusing and shady characters. I can’t even say Fluke is covering for anyone; just seized an opportunity to publicly embarrass neighbors and board members with long, disgusting, unfounded rants and accusations; and the only reason no one has bothered to sue him, is because no one takes him seriously. He may very well be on to something, but as i said, when you state FACTS and ABSOLUTES, you must be prepared to answer simple questions..it the natural follow up?? i’m just not hearing those answers.. i know Fluke has an axe to grind..  Still it takes a very dark mind to obsess to that magnitude. he harrasses every one of the neighbors he mentioned.… worse than a sissy 2nd grader complaining to the school principal that he lost his place in the lunch line. what creates such a soulless, bitter man…money..too much of it..the easy way.??.how long has he hated his community?? Fluke is constantly on the hunt for any situation in his community that can be used to launch an attack on neighbors, board members and politicians. nothing more than a jealous man on a mission to get even for all the hurt you and your mommy and daddy received from those people for all of those years  definate mental problems, he is hurting the families of the victims. using them, lying to them. how cruel. misleading the weak impressionable minded people along with the vulnerable people desperate for answers. Fluke just kept incriminating himself. He was/is powerless to stop himself …used to be married to another russian mail order bride. her name was olga. I am all too well aware and this guy is a sick twisted individual, knows plenty about the internet, Spoof calls of phone & internet, so don’t hold your breath thinking you will find him out for sure.  He has several locations where he could be at any time.  you have a chemical imbalance joey (flukeyou) borderline personality disorder. please resume your meds. you would probably also benefit from some inpatient treatment The way you’ve fed your desire to fulfill your personal vendetta against that man and disguised yourself as a concerned resident looking to assist the families is beyond disgraceful. You played so many people. Used them as your pawns. Your game of lies and deceit are over.

13 thoughts on “Who Is Flukeyou?

  1. I am all too well aware and this guy is a sick twisted individual, knows plenty about the internet, Spoof calls of phone & internet, so don’t hold your breath thinking you will find him out for sure.

    Not much to add to that summation…can anyone see now, why we question the calls from CPH and their content..YET??!! hello??
    See you sept 🙂

  2. Why?? only two answers, JMO…he’s mentally ill, for reals…or…Houston, we got a problem…both viable answers with much different consequences…even his students felt how ‘off’ he is..you know this TC…So do others. others who support you.

    Perhaps, and ALWAYS your call, it may be time to collaborate..No worries if you’re not feelin that, ok?? Anything, all of it, i’ve shared with zero, is yours for the asking. use me girl…please

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  4. Pingback: A Couple Other Things I’d Love For Flukeyou To Comment On | Zero's World

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