& Catching LISK was taken down right around the time I started this blog. Catching LISK  followed suit a little over 3 months later. I have written about my experience since I started reading at both of these sites. Though this blog covered much more than what was found on the virtual pages of these two sites, it was definitely reading at these places that motivated me to write this blog. So I can not end this blog without giving my final thoughts on both of these places.

When I returned a third time to this blog, I was very much interested in who it was that created I thought they must have some info since they had behind the scenes views of who was behind all the comments on the site. I quickly found out who was the creator of the site and as it turned out it was not such a secret. The sites admin had been very cooperative with families of the victims from what I’ve been told. And as I spoke to more and more of the different people who commented there in the beginning I realized went down but most of its secrets were already known.

So as I had discovered myself by reading as many old posts and comments as I could find out there in the internet junkyard, something many commenters from the site that I spoke with, and from what I read in Robert Kolker’s “Lost Girls”, the echos of accusations of Dr. Hackett start with Flukeyou. The echos of people having damaging info against the Doc lead back to Flukeyou. Anyone who read at knows Flukeyou not only tried to put blame onto the Doc, but many of the other neighbors at Oak Beach. But since Flukeyou is Joey Scalise Jr. as it is pointed out in Mr. Kolker’s book (though had been known by many readers at and some had already pointed this out numerous times there) and is also lives in the same neighborhood as the Doctor, and it is known that there is a feud between the Scalise’s and some of their neighbors. Once all this is understood, then all the comments left by Flukeyou accusing the Doc of murder and his neighbors of covering it up become a little suspect. Most of the stuff I read in the comments of Flukeyou did not seem to hold truth. No where has it been said that any of the neighbors were at Brewer’s house that night, but we all know this has been put out there again and again by Flukeyou. There are also places Flukeyou accused some of these neighbors of more than just covering things for the Doc. From helping the Doc bury bodies to withholding evidence. Some of the things Flukeyou wrote about his great knowledge of what happened that night are so bad I can’t understand why someone would write them. I’m guessing at the time he didn’t realise everyone would know for sure who Flukeyou was one day. In fact in a phone call that MM7 recorded between her and Joey (it’s amazing how much stuff was passed around, why were these taped phone calls given to anyone? simple answer, because they didn’t trust each other) Cristin asks Joey  why he didn’t come to his mom’s defense when other’s were talking about her on he replied that he didn’t want people to know he was Flukeyou. She told him, I think everyone has that figured out, but he obviously did not want that known. Because now he can be held responsible for all the BS Flukeyou wrote. And I’m sure one day he will.


NOTE: This was written back in February  and was gonna be one of the last posts on my LISK blog, (probably right before or after my “Lost Girls” post) but I never finished it, parts of it ended up in the other posts, but here it is, unfinished, yes, but still part of my whole process, so some of you might have enjoyed reading it.

123 thoughts on “ & Catching LISK

  1. Cristin asks Joey why he didn’t come to his mom’s defense when other’s were talking about her on he replied that he didn’t want people to know he was Flukeyou. She told him, I think everyone has that figured out, but he obviously did not want that known. Because now he can be held responsible for all the BS Flukeyou wrote. And I’m sure one day he will.

    At least she knew when to bail..i never saw those comment/emails, but im glad you shared them…Even those JOE knew were ‘easy”, his most devoted, simply couldn’t understand his OBSESSION…

    What can i say about Mari…NOTHING…JOE knows what im thinkin anyway, and my gut is, he’s NERVOUS as hell..
    No disrespect intended…whatever anyway,,i know WHy im here, and why ill NEVER leave…NEVER

    Good people made the like of JS VERY agitated…his comments, and true self, can NEVER be hidden for long..Now you saw what we have for years…

    We were pretty accurate right z?
    You’re a GOOD man…we’re your GOOD peeps

    • they are in a phone conversation… one that has been passed around on the internet, I’m surprised you haven’t heard it yet. Hey joey, did you know your phone conversations were taped?

  2. Linda just loves giving zero rim jobs…’re on the wrong side of justice in this case… ain’t slander if it’s true…. I encourage CPH to come after me whenever he wants, but he can’t. The truth is the truth…he’s a pussy that only picks on defenseless women….

    • oh and this one… lmfao… Joey, you are so transparrent… before i go, (still more comments from the little fish, but i really gotta get my day going) I leave Joey with a song dedication:

      • yes, fluke was on a 4/20 roll yesterday, lmao. Good thing the family was away, momma Scalice would have had to tell him to calm down… listen i don’t know Joey like some of the rest of you… but he gives me the Norman Bates creeps!

      • but he gives me the Norman Bates creeps!

        Fucking Bigtime!! Angry freakin pubescent kid? How does this shit happen?? I need a break from all this evil, tasteless BS..and this just a glimpse into his head

    • Linda just loves giving zero rim jobs

      Is this guy the easiest or what? I thought he’d have a slightly thicker skin…
      But you gave us all we expected and more…

      One more thing id love, and i’ll consider it a home-run…patience

      If its helped one person, directly or indirectly in any way, its all been worth it..

      BTW, that DPH who hangs on every word you say…She’s a hottie Joe, impressive catch.. How pathetic

    • Or its possible, he could give too shits about what you say??..FACTS about murder…convince us?? Everything you say can be countered, and thats not gonna fly in court..RIGHT JS??

      • Joey and Dorothy will keep putting these lies out there no matter how many times they are proven wrong… if my blog was to disapere today, they would still be putting there lies out there… but at least here, they get put in their place… at least here they do not go unchallenged.

  3. TC is the one shitting in his paints…he’s and his redhead dirtbag kid are on the hook for murder! The bigger they are the harder they fall….both his kids are gaukey, socially inept losers…..and very sucessful in life! Between the three of them besides selling drugs have made less than 5k combined in the last ten years……they’ve been living of the hog

    • Do you suspect TC reads here or that I am TC or something… I know they are one of your favorite go to neighbors, but come on… over and over… foolish little fish

    • have made less than 5k combined in the last ten years……

      This is what JS judges people on, along with every bit of dirt he can dig up…word to the wise i guess. he looks down on just about everyone, but is tryin to ‘sell” the vulnerable, this games he cares about the like of these women…
      We aint buying.

      • Joey and dorothy look down their noses at people, which is fine, be judgemental, join the teaparty or some other dumb group with big mouths… put your crap out on social media and get your asses handed to you by smart asses like me who like to poke at dumb people… all understandable… it happens all the time in RL and IL, for those paying attention you know that is my whole point with this “Zero’s World”, but when it comes to the LISK stuff and joey and dorothy’s groups of connected misdirection there’s something more than just blindly judging others… these 2 claim to know who a serial killer is and drop names all over social media even though most people really involved in this case do not take them serious. They continue to do it even though nothing and noone that they have been putting out there for the last 4 years ever leads anyone anywhere. What i am trying to say is they are not your usual internet big mouths, they are sick and twisted in the way they continue to lie about people.

  4. CPH = LISK. CPH sedated SG causing her death. Do some research about Charlie jr…..even more fucked up than CPH……Bye bye barbs. We hate to see you go!!! Mortgage fraud??? Did you has TC inflate the aprasel on ur shack and suck as many greenbacks as you could? Karma baby!

    • well, then why can’t you, Dorothy and that great team of hers get your head out of the internet and get out there and solve this thing… go to the media, LE, victims families… oh yea, you’ve all done that and no one wants to hear your crap anymore… but i love how now all the ladies have left and you are the one obsessing in the comments… you all take your turns with me dontcha? But you all end up running away crying about what i say about each of you, lol. All so transparent… And even if it was only me that could see through all of you, that would be enough, for me at least, this is my world after all… but i get the feeling, a lot of people can see through you and the crazy hen house…

    • drugged? or she had no trace of drugs??…can’t have it both ways..
      certainly not in court..
      Fuck it…he knows this..but how long must we endure his rants, if he has nothing??
      Make NO mistake, he has no compassion for the suffering of others. he has done nothing to help the victims cause in any way in any comment..Do you really want this guy to be the voice of your daughters, would they??

    • yea, you all keep saying this… more crybaby stuff… nothing to help anyone… I don’t even know who Steve is or what your towns politics are… I just know about Joey and the gang and the stuff they have put out there… and I would tell you the same thing Joey, enjoy ur time left… because that ship that is sinking… well you are the captain right?

  5. Zero…mr investigator. Can u check out if Richard Schaffer was a police officer removed from the force for his penchant for little boys ???

    • My investigations into all you are pretty much done, my LISK blog was concluded. This place is for me to say Fuck You to the world in general and people like you who just can’t get it right. And i shall continue to do that… stick around!

      • Crazy or what?? talks about everything under the sun but the actual murders, and the FACTS to prove it??
        Meanwhile, let him memorialize what he’s about..

        Any women that could stand beside this man proudly in regards to this case, clearly MUST see who you’re dealing with!! He doesn’t care about you at all…He’s using you to get back at “those that wronged HIM’..thats it…its clear. He’s using these crimes for HIS agenda, not your children. He would NEVER care about the likes of you, me or our kids under ANY other circumstance. NEVER

        This is his chance to prove whatever the hell he thinks he can, but is he really acting as an advocate?? I want to hear FACTS about serial murder..Who cares about peoples personal shit…who isn’t guilty in this world by JS ‘standards’??..He couldn’t care less..Thats a FACT
        KARMA..think it every time you comment about JS

    • No wonder the kids he taught, commented on his cruel joking and immaturity.
      How sick and evil..couldn’t hold it together, even with children. Then again, if this isnt a textbook example of arrested development, WTF is??

    • Zero…mr investigator…cocaine canning, ect
      Its plain to see where Dorothy price Hill get all her Jr High nick
      Hamburger helper, leopard dress…Its just..
      The level of stupidity and nonsense is RIDICULOUS..


      She doesn’t talk about the jewelry being hers anymore, since it was revealed to be children’s jewelry…What kind of SICK mind plays games like this? How disrespectful to that VICTIM, an infant, her loved ones, and the case in general..MIS INFORMATION..YOU EVIL CUNT 🙂

      • DPH is the SICKEST woman of all of the gamers…How selfish to INSERT yourself into this case to get attention. She has literally tried to make this case about herself.
        Selfishness personified, NOT A VICTIM OF ANY THING OR ANYONE. Torn apart and driven to insanity by divorce. Sinks deeper and deeper into delusion, and JS loves it. He’s even trying to distance himself from her publicly..But privately, she suits HIS NEEDS perfectly…Yeah, JS’s ladies ALL FIT THE SAME PROFILE…Excluding Massapequa (JMO). She a thousand times more street smart, savvy, than js and gang. Stronger too. HAHA..Ill give her that..easy Massapequa, thats an actual compliment

      • well, if you saw what she wrote to me lately… it’s very cryptic and scary… i don’t know if it really happened or if she is making it up, but if it did, it needs to be told to everyone… again, though it’s so hard to believe it really happened… JEN! you put me in a very messed up place… again why do some of these people tell me things they don’t want out there…. I’m sorry to keep going on about it, but I just read it and I can’t stop thinking about it… Jen… time to piss or get off the pot.

      • Not to mention JS has NEVER once helped, or backed, or even mentioned, her accusation that Chris W is LISK?? No never helped Has NO CLUE how quickly he’ll cut her off. He certainly cant marry himself to this train wreck? She single highhandedly shred his last ounce of ‘credibility’, as NO ONE, on any ‘side’ of this, thinks she’s anything but a sick, tormented, useless being..Yes, finally something everyone agrees, but actually sad and evil. The victims must be screaming for justice. they’d have been sickened by the likes of these two. Clearly, these sensitive, loving women, by all accounts (Gilgo four and Shannon), were not judgmental, elitist, FAKE women.. . No, these five women would be TURNED OFF by such selfish arrogance…IMO! Would never be able to relate to the likes of them..not to mention how JS throws the words whore and slut around, showing BLATANT disrespect and insensitivity in regards to these PARTICULAR women, the case, and all women in general. PIGS

        What will she be, when she’s yesterdays garbage to him? Yet another man who will abandon her. JS could give a fuck..She’s knows it deep down. So lost in delusion, she’ll still attempts to name, support, Email (though they go unanswered,SEEN PROOF) and include those who CLEARLY want her OUT OF THEIR LIFE..
        DESPERATION..and insignificant…Yes, powerless, obsessed and A help to NO ONE, including Mari..
        She’ll be gone as soon as JS can either find a replacement, or dies of embarrassment!!

      • yes, massapequa…She’s know how to get support if she truly wants it. end the games, silence, fear and harassment!! free yourself of this burden, you know you can!! worry NOT whose feathers get ruffled, as in the end the TRUTH is best for ALL INVOLVED..and one day that will be seen by all.

      • I’m sorry to keep going on about it, but I just read it and I can’t stop thinking about it… Jen… time to piss or get off the pot.
        VERY TRUE, you get people all worried about you and expect us to do what?? To react how? To feel how?? fucking powerless, thats all we can feel. NOT COOL. This is precisely what i mean about appearing gamey..want help, real help? get real..please.

  6. Linda. The fact that CPH called Mari G from his cell wife’s number…..why did he call then lie about it to law enforcement, his wife, and the community until he was about to be exposed on 48 hrs? You’re full of shit don’t know Steve Bellone ??

    • no I don’t… sorry to disapoint you… and as for the phone call, why not just let that kind of stuff be answered in court by those who can? But I’ve read the question somewhat answered many times, maybe you should have finnished reading Lost Girls…

    • All of you need to be looked at. Wont repeat myself again. What about the second call Mari received and the content…All must be looked at. It aint about you here. never will be.
      Bye Joe

    • And they will sit there unquestioned, unreported… no one complaining there… well i did, and i know others have in the past,in fact lots of people have just blocked Dorothy on Facebook so they don’t even see the stuff she posts (or in the case of my wife, Dorothy blocked her, lol, scared of someone real standing up to her) but her stuff is there, totally messed up, totally wrong.
      if people likie Dorothy were not allowed to post stuff like this, people like me would never read it and respond… but “the beat goes on…”

    • He cut off my breathing and I did report it to the police but only after I had an Order of Protection in my hand.

      Love this one..she obtained an OOP without a police report..IMPOSSIBLE
      Fuckin lyin cunt..gross

    • The person running that page should be ashamed…look at what you allow this asshole to spew…this is what the victims would want??
      Yeah, think about that

    • w 8 more comments

      Dorothy Price Hill I started to shake and almost threw up. The man who portrayed the LISK looks like my ex, right down to the eye color.Controlling. Enjoys taunting and hurting people including family members. Likes to “prolong” his crimes.
      9 hours ago · Edited · Like

      And in usual cunt form, she finds a way to make last night episode about HER.

      • why does noone report her?

        Thats the most SICKENING part..its obvious she’s being ignored as practilay no one even respond to her rants. But i have a feeling I know why they’re not being pulled, and thats is JUST AS DISGUSTING..
        Whatever, this is the voice you want dominating an otherwise respectful tribute to Shannon?? Thats on admin and any commenters that KNOW SHE’S FULL OF SHIT.

      • by the way, i removed my reply to dorothy’s comment on the SMG memory page… that is not the place for me to gripe about Dorothy, but again, I urge anyone who dosen’t like what she is posting there to report her comments and get them removed…

      • i removed my comments as well. as long as im not slandered or our children arent being put in danger, i have no problem with the page. let them deal with DPH if she tries it again, but next time the ramifications will be more severe, something i would regrettably have to do…thats right, i want no further problems, but its out of MY hands

  7. Anyone care to do some research pro bono?

    How bout your team??
    lol..yeah, pro bono…, that’ll get em…How bout JS?? he such a good Samaritan and all, he certainly claims to be wealthy, in every statement he can fit it into?? surely he can help??

      • i feel the new ‘one killer theory’ is pretty plausible, considering the way people connect with escorts has changed accordingly.
        I was also stuck by how many more questions i have looking back over the last few years. It seems now more than ever, FACTS only will solve this case. So much has been forensically ‘kept close to the vest’, as it should… therefore all any of us can do is theorize…Which isnt all that much..

      • I’m not a fan of Dark Minds… and this episode didn’t change that…

        lol…15min of content, 45 min advertising..

    • Yes, and in the post I am writing about it, or going to write I should say… I was gonna say just that… and show that looks into unsolved cases and keeps them in the publics eye is good, and Dark Minds is good, they just always act like they are gonna solve the case… and with this case we see that just way to much, you know what i mean… plus the whole talking to a serial killer thing seems like hollywood shtick.. but again, shows like this give exposure of open cases to the public so I ain’t knocking it…

    • again, i don’t like to sleuth… I think it is one killer, but I’m not sure… I also think Atlantic city is connected, but i’m not sure, I also find it hard to believe Shannan accidently drowned, but I’m not sure… the case as i have said from the beginning has many questions and many suspicious people, that when you throw all the stuff i blogged about (the gamers, sock-puppets, trolls, or what ever you want to call them) it only nade things that much harder to understand, remember my early comments on this was very much in thinking that Fluke and Truthspider had some good questions about the Doc that made his suspicious in my mind, I also thoght people were bulling Mysterymom7 and that a serial killer was probably not only reading these sites but maybe involved in the confusion. Today I don’t think any of those things anymore… which is why i try to stay off sleuthing the case or catching LISK, and more about trying to understand the whos and whys of people getting involved to the point they are making things up… but simple answer… um I think it could be just one killer, but it’s hard to be sure. That would mean this has been going on for a very long time…

  8. Of course, i understand. all any one can do is guess. More questions than answers.. i just thought maybe people wanted to kick stuff around while we wait for more news..

    • I do, just busy in the RL… and now Dorothy’s return to the FB… will have some time soon, but my main observation on the show other than the end where the “time out dolls” were talked about, and if that was a tactic to throw that info out now. Who was that “informer” and is the POI someone that LE is looking at or another uncolaborated “conection”. also the talk of the killer being a regular or at least a repeat customer of some of the girls i think is important, it makes sense that that is how some of them might have been taken off guard… I doubt I’ll make a post about this, so, feel free to discus it here.

      • Had the same feeling about ‘the informer…How is it she took notice of the markers the night before and the morning after?? sounds strange, and although creepy sounding, doesnt really amount to much..i wouldn’t doubt it if this was a repeat client, perfect way to build trust, maybe offered a ‘good’ drug supply?? all just guesses

        As for Dorothy price Hill: She handed me all ive needed on a silver platter..
        thanks you stalking cunt..Your obsession with me has crossed the line. i will not be commenting on any further action…DOPE

        As always, Thanks zero 🙂

      • Dorothy removed all her comments from Zero’s World’s Facebook… why? Because I don’t let her comments go unchallenged, like in other places. Most of them who posted on my Facebook remove their comments due to not wanting others to see what? me questioning their comments? well they remove them for some reason… and none of them comment for to long here without disapering aventually (nancy is the acception, she truely has no idea that everyone is real… but let’s not get her started) So again, those who complain about what i am doing… at least there is a place that keeps the lies and games in perspective… and keeps the players running away…

      • Maureen had a client that lived in oak beach that liked to have is stump rubbed….who could that be??????

      • I’m all for getting the goods on the Doc… but if this were true… why hasn’t the proper authorities “connected the dots” (using your girl Dorothy’s words) and made the arrests yet? Sounds like more lies… I’ll wait for colaboration from anyone who isn’t on the Flukeyou team, or is it Team Dorothy?

    • He’s a COCKSUCKER pussy, just like his wife DOROTHY PRICE HILL..
      but justice is a commn..Smell it cunts??..Hee…BOO!!
      Big fuck up…
      Blame it on DOROTHY..thanks CUNT M<3

      • It is sad what they will all do just to keep the lies and games spinning… maybe i should just totally step away from it all… I never wanted to make it worse…

      • the comment joey left is a complete frabrication from what i can tell, I removed it but it again shows how each of these leaches will say anything. They don’t care who it hurts or who they lie about.

      • maybe i should just totally step away from it all…

        Thats always an option Z, and we’d remain just as grateful, HOWEVER, i guarantee thats exactly what JS wants..

      • still it’s something to think about… these people have no morals when it comes to posting peoples info or bringing in innocent people that their google showed them. So steeping away from lunatics may be the smartest move…

    • Not for nothin peeps, BUT she has been claiming the jewelry found on the child victim belonged to her???? WTF?? and JS has NEVER countered THIS?? WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

  9. or is this your way of taunting the victims families? huh joey? I think in the big picture that is really your agenda and taking out your neighbors is just a fortunate plus for you.

    anyone ever think of that?

    • f taunting the victims families?

      light bulb moment…I just realized the gravity of your comment.
      Perhaps Js should be the first person blocked from this blog..its been two answers, and only filth in his comments.

      • 2 weeks… it’s been years. but blocking Joey from here means nothing, this blog is only a couple months old… they have been doing this for years and will continue… but still, I hear you… let’s see where this blog goes next…

      • light bulb moment indeed. what I still have trouble understanding is how mari doesn’t see through this. or maybe she does and she is just keeping it going until he fucks up. well im hoping that’s it and she is smart like that, because if its not the case. she is a flat out idiot, who regardless, does not deserve the cruelty that she is blind too. and I will never stop pointing out the lies. what joey and Dorothy and cristin and jen and whoever else did on the lisk site the catching lisk and zero’s wrong cruel and evil. and I cannot let them continue.
        oh and should I point out again, you cannot undo the damage.

    • naw… she did it last time as well… she posts till she looks too bad and then she removes them. She dosn’t like the things said back at her… that’s why she went out against Linda on the SMG page… she wants to just write her lies and no one call her on it, or she’ll remove it all. lol… I don’t know who the nuttiest one is in all this…

  10. Oh shit!! now all my family and ‘friends’ are pissed at DOROTHY PRICE HILL!! What should we do?? WE”RE ALL BEING HARASSED BY HER????

    • What Dorothy has now done on the SMG FB page is just beyond twisted!!! No wonder on one wants to deal with her. Sorry Linda that FB is no help, they really should remove her comments! Tell your whole family to report it and complain to FB. Hopefully someone will do the right thing and remove the comments. But once again it shows how they all work… all of them, Dorothy and Joey are just the cruelest with their lies.

      • LOl…my whole family, job and ALL my mother fuckin ‘friends”…NO PROB..JS TOO…lol

      • and now we are the one’s threatened to be blocked?!? Damn… I haven’t even begun to put my villan hat on… but if the liars and gamers want to keep making me out to be one, well…

      • I made my point…Anyone that lets her spew her filth has to live with themselves. tHEY all know im right.

    • I think your friends and family should blow the fuck out of her fb page and pm the shit out of her. relentlessly. 24/7. for the rest of her life. be redundant. show her what harassed can be. lol. if fact linda I think some of your family should pay her a couple of visits. btw. you are very pretty 🙂
      (I looked at your fb- I was just curious)

      • Im working on it, but im trying to be respectful. Its up to Shannon’s family at this point. No worries. trust me…and your welcome on my FB at any

  11. And THAT Shannon Page? how dare you all sleep well while these lies are being perpetrated..who do you think you’re helping..?? Im sure that’ll get moderated, BUT WHY?? ASK YOURSELVES

  12. LInkdin just sent me notification that Dorothy Price Hill is snoopin around. Guess its time to flood the page with complaints..

    • both Too Close and i have reported the comments… so far Dorothy keeps them up, FB keeps them up, and the SMG page owner keeps them up!?! So who in the long run is responsible for the games continuing??? those who dis not stand up to them… remember that in the time that follows us all from here on out!

  13. those who dis not stand up to them… remember that in the time that follows us all from here on out!
    You said a VERY SAD and painful mouthful. It is what it is. Karma.
    Soon many will see what we have known for quite some time.

  14. The police have requested i contact Dorothy, which i did..which is what mari asked. If the comment stays up, well then, we have something a bit more serious.

  15. TC (TCTH) would probably know. Someone should ask him if Hackett used 69 proxy server or was that done out of Lindenhurst from the other guy’s basement. IP address and if Barbara knows about her husband’s cybercrimes as well as filing false CPS reports against a mom in Oak Beach and possibly against C’s ex wife in Wantagh in Jan 2007. By then, the parties were going strong. She was so upset when she told me in 2011 that she NEVER tried to take her life!! She was so scared of the Nassau County Police and told other women not to report crimes to them (staying, “The Police will not help you.” This is not gulag Soviet Union. This is the United States of America! It is a FELONY to file a false report! NY State Criminal Law, Subsection 240.50

    And now TCTH gets thrown in the mix..what a cunt

    • yes, she removed your personal info, but replaced it with this crap… I have the whole comment saved where she also goes on about a text from JB talking about a female dominitrix??? She doesn’t stop… hey TCTH, did Hackett use the 69 proxy server? LMAO,Just kidding Too Close. Dorothy get’s almost everything mixed up, and all those who know her or worked with her know this is true… Nancy is the only one still listening to her I hope… the 69 IP that both me and MM7 know of and therefore Dorothy brings it up and acts like she knows what she is talking about… but it wasn’t a proxy IP… and just to put this out there, there are many IP’s that start with the number 69… but when I refer to it I mean a specific one… we all get that right? Dorothy though, wants to take some info, mix it with some other info and then throw it out there in a question for someone to ask To Close??? LOL damn these bitches be crazy.

    • In rereading this I think Dorothy is trying to confuse TC and TCTH, remember I commented about this before… LMAO… Dorothy, are you always this wrong about everything??? And Nancy, lol, keep getting all your info from Dorothy… you 2 are a inspiration to mothers everywhere!

      • Yeah probably, plus Joe prob told her to do it, cause he thinks its irritating to us…he’s playing her so bad..
        But we’re playing Its almost been too easy.

    • I often wonder if these families even know what JS is saying…Its seems like Joe has no ONE to defend his crap but dorothy…That cant be good…BTW she call LEs all the time. Nuff said 🙂 6th

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