Other Unpublished LISK Blog Posts

So the last post on here came from my LISK blog. Some of you probably read it when it was first posted back in November of last year. Some thought I had gone to far with the post, and i agreed, but it got Joey’s attention, I received my first Flukeyou email (one of only two) shortly after I posted it. I took it down not for Joey’s sake, he’s a coward, and most of what I wrote was based on credible info, more credible than the crap Joey puts out there about his neighbors, no I took it down because I wanted the LISK blog to be looked at as a real attempt to see through the BS and games, and the skit might have made it look like more mud-slinging. But it was when I first started thinking about creating this blog Zero’s World, a place where I didn’t have to be careful or apologise for anything on it. I even did a couch skit for myself, one of my favorite posts!

So now thanks to our new Flukeyou comments I decided to put the Fluke Skit back up, and it fits here much better. In fact, I realized there are about 10 posts, from my LISK Blog, that I either removed or didn’t finish for some reason. maybe I should post them here before moving on again. Am I moving on? I really want to do some posts on some other things so yes, I am, sort of. I mean, no one would let me move on even if I really wanted to, and truth is I don’t want to. So no matter what I move onto, I’m sure it will always lead me back to my LISK blog, after all a good blog has to know its readers.

So what were the titles of these “LOST POSTS”?

LISK.com & Catching LISK

Going For Check Mate

Blog Down

Missing Comments

Email Threats

Harassed, Slandered, Defamed, and Stalked

There is also one with no title and not much or a post either, one I still am leaving unmentioned and the 2 Joey Couch Skits. the one I posted and the one I didn’t finnish, yes there was a second Joey Couch Skit.

Most of these came down to appease Mysterymom7 so you might remember reading them when they were up, but a couple were never finished, the blog moved on before I could finish the post.

So maybe these will be poping up again, here. Ok not maybe, they will be.



One thought on “Other Unpublished LISK Blog Posts

  1. Stick and stones zero……you’re the little pussy that took you’re blog down because you were afraid of a lawsuit by mm……until justice is served this will never end

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