Our First Session With Junior (skit)

Ah, Fluke, come on in. Take a seat. No not there, sit  on the couch. In fact lie down. Take a load off. Relax… and let’s see if we can’t get to the route of this anger you have.

I gotta be honest, it usually stems back to our mothers. Freud thought so.

So how is your relationship with your mom? Good? That’s good, not too close I hope, you’re not a mamma’s boy, are you? Sorry, but that could be destructive under the right circumstances.  Let’s move on.

Looking in my notes I see something happened in 1996 that might have had some strain on this relationship.

Seems your mom had an affair with one of the neighbors. How did that betrayal effect you? It must have been rough,  a momma’s boy like you.

What about your father? It must have been really bad on him. He must have hated your mom.  And those around him pointing and whispering. It had to be pretty unbearable. I mean here’s this happy little community rocked with scandal and your family was at the brunt of it all. Just devastating.

It says here in my notes, that the families were all pretty close up to this point. (we know now some were closer than others of course) This must have really been hard on the whole family. All the rumors. Something was said about  your sister, right? Must have been difficult to deal with. Is this where you first started to hate your neighbors?

Life was good up to then, right? I mean all the neighbors all got along really well, no one was trying to “run” any one off at this point, right? Just a nice place to grow up?

Or is there more to it then that. Some of those rumors that went beyond your mom and sister.

Did someone do something to you when you were younger? Took advantage of your innocence? Is there something you have kept bottled up inside till it wanted to explode. You can talk about it now if you wish. It wasn’t your fault you must know that. And keeping things like that inside not only hurts you, but any one else that is misused by an adult the way you might have been, we must speak up to end these acts of disturbed individuals .

I’m sorry times up, Junior. We’ll have to get into that  next time.  That and so much more. We need to get to the root of this anger problem of yours. So much here in my notes to discus. Fires, anti social behavior, the need to buy love.  Yes much to cover, so until then, try to relax. I promise we will get to the bottom of this together.

120 thoughts on “Our First Session With Junior (skit)

  1. Fires, interesting. Explosive temper, yet appears charming and affable at first…yes, some call it “the mask of sanity”…
    Any bed-wetting or cruelty to animals?
    Interesting indeed

  2. well, there was the incident with olga where she was arrested for assaulting him because he was hurting her animals. not sure of the details…..ps149??? you told us about this….can you elaborate?

  3. Hurting animals…..give me a break…the only person hurting animals in oak beach was C plaissay who would catch cats, and shoot or drown them, you can also check out Gus C pet store that was shut down for cruelty to animals. Man is a true psychopath, he only stayed with his wife cause he’s to hung up on money and didnt want to part with half…….getting off point, these men were hunting women. CP is the most racist individual you’d ever met, be interesting to see if the incident with the black woman escaping from oak beach corresponded to a time he was in town

    • Again, just mudslinging..no details or facts. big on shock value.
      Jmo, but tell me JS isnt racist at heart…feel it??

    • All this but NOTHING about the most important issue…serial murder.
      You’ll NEVER hear details about that..NEVER…therefore he resorts to all he has: gossip and jealousy..Very judgmental…i wonder how he really feels about prostitutes and their families…yeah i wonder.
      Think about how many people who do drugs, or have had affairs?? Should they all end up on Js and DPH’s ‘killing club’ list??

    • How bout you spare us any more gossip and shit about your neighbors..nobody gives a shit…UNLESS IT DIRECTLY RELATES TO SERIAL MURDER…A topic you’ve yet to address or prove for nearly 4 years?? Sound reasonable!! Shit…

      Tell us about the KILLING CLUB? You’re buddy fill you in on that too.?.How long did you know, as knowing makes you just as culpable if you did nothing..
      !0th time ive asked..Last time for this question too, what did your ‘buddy’ tell you happened the night Shannon went missing, Don’t you think it an OBVIOUS follow up to your thus far UNPROVABLE, FACT LESS BS?? HELLO??

      Why did you resort to using sockpuppets (talking to yourself), why manufacture FAKE support, UNLESS YOUR DESPERATE AND CRUEL??..HA, what a joke

      Dont respond with another repetitive question about the phone call…Asking questions (that we have repeatedly answered), is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE…you dont HAVE to answer here ( in fact, I KNOW YOU WONT), but ill do everything i can to make sure you tell LE..PROMISE 🙂
      What a colossal waste of time…nothing new is gleaned from this visit, All BS. Might as well have copy/pasted any of his comments from LISK.com…YOU KNOW NOTHING, and hanging your hat on the ‘phone call’ is an obvious attempt at avoiding any REAL INFO. Nor will it EVER solve this case, BUT YOU KNOW THAT TOO.
      Right JOEY?? Yeah…

      At the very least, we’ve proven to zero what we stated about you is true, his knowledge of your internet games was the icing on the cake…HOT AIR AND NO SUBSTANCE…Which means you’re done here..YET AGAIN

  4. 1996 was the beginning of the end for CP…. His gig was up as far as his affairs and the membership was finally understanding how much money was disappearing. Get your facts straight

  5. Speaking of affairs …. Let’s look at the oldest max child….he’s not a max but an Arnold…poor buzzy! Peggy’s wife was doing more than just taking notes as CP’s secretary. And our current president was banging suzie Abrahams down the road while his handicapped wife and daughter sat inncently down the road… I guess arnie didn’t want to deal with a woman in a wheel chair, he’s since married suzie and living happily ever…his wheelchair bound wife even gave him the money to start his current business….a real honorable man…. He was also responsible for turning tune first responding officers away the morning of the SG incident and continually removed SG missing flyers from the local community billboard. A perfect example of why we need term limits

    • again, you mistake, that just because i don’t like you Fluke, that i am trying to defend your neighbors, this is just not true… lot of weird goings on in your little community, I’ve said that before, lots of strange characters, you, the Doc, JB, and so on… and who was sleeping with who is great dirt on all of you, but still after all i have read and been told… YOU, Joey are still the one who I don’t like… you are the one who can’t stop lieing and accusing, much like your female alter ego Dorothy (and please people I am not saying Joey is Dorothy… just 2 peas of a pod) And remember, i knew nothing about you when i first looked into all this, so thank you for helping me to see things clearer!

  6. Oak beach. A community with a combined net worth of a billion dollars if not more….and what has it done to help solve the LISK case …… ZERO! With the exception of a few families.

  7. CPH = LISK
    JB= CA, LIAR
    You should start doing so digging into H KANE. JB neighbor who till this point has flown under the radar

    • mabye JS…Linda died two years ago. I let his briothers know how feel??
      jealous…read all those comments…that’ll NEVER be you

    • Notice how JS has no empathy for this family, who lost two children in the last two years….then try to envision how he feels about these murdered women and their families..
      Yes these are very telling comments..

    • Ok, i got a couple minutes, let’s see if i can’t get back to some of these Flukey comments… as for this one, typical Joey attack, no care for someones loss or any sign of empathy at all… yes joey, I have you pegged.

      • Forget about empathy, this IS how JS gets off…
        Man that KARMA’s gonna get you…Bank on it
        Think about the TYPE of person who speaks and feels this way..
        Yes, the experiment is a success…bittersweet though, and extremely sick

    • TC, I hope you know, I learned so much from you. lets see if I can put it to use.
      And Thank You, you’re a million times stronger than me!

      • ok, people may get really confused here, with TC from us meaning To Close To Home and Joey meaning Canning, who i don’t know and doubt that he reads here and therefore can not defend himself and his family against Joey’s toxic comments. But Joey may think TC is canning, hell, I bet Joey has a trip like his hens… Nancy thinks everyone is Mike, Dorothy thinks everyone is Chris, Cristin thinks everyone is CPH… I bet Joey thinks everyone is Canning… wait, i don’t think i helped clear anything up here… lol

  8. Great man – “From the fact that somebody is “a big man” we cannot infer that he is a man; perhaps merely a boy, or a chameleon of all ages of life, or a bewitched little female” sounds like the oak beach trio … three little bitches! Real men don’t harm and abuse women…

    • you might be on to something there Joey… but the flag is for Zero’s World… it’s a little different from the world you live in, I know that. and getting into the whole patriotic thing, well i don’t have time for it right now, in fact, i can’t even get through all you comments right now… RL is waiting. So until later, I guess…

      • I love when js tells people what they should or shouldnt think or believe..
        Its so joe.
        he dont get it

    • This comment from a guy who buys wive from Russia…Whats wrong with American women Joe, too challenging for you? What is the difference between prostitution and buying a wife? Im a huge proponent of legalization!! It would certainly help these women come here and make it on their own, instead of being indentured servants.. Bet mommy keeps a close eye on this one for ya…wouldn’t want Joey to have a meltdown…Must keep baby safe, must keep joey happy…

      or else…

      • So creat a zeroflag ……… Things heating up at the canning residents. Tension boiling over – eleanor to split. another dot connected. There’s more of a connection to bb and Hackett than meets the eye… Let’s see how good you are zero. What is it?

      • damn, still woried about the flag… it’s a skateboard logo, get over it. And I’m no loger digging up LISK info, that blog is done. But if something happens I’m sure I’ll read about it. I’m gonna tell you Fluke what I have told just about everyone I have talked to who are involved with or have involved themselves with all of this… you shouldn’t try to prove things to me that have to do with criminal activity, go to LE, go to the media, go to the families of the victims, they are the ones you need to make sure know of all you have to say about these alleged criminals fleeing your neighborhood. I’m just made a blog to expose some stupid people… I did so… now I’m just fucking with stupid people… blunt, I know, and stupid people might not want to comment or read here… but we know that ain’t gonna happen. You’ll leave and another will come back or some new nut will try to tell me what an evil person i am… yea, yea, yea… read the blog, I have covered it all many times…

    • so this was the last one? LOL, didn’t like being on the couch, did ya Junior? “Zero, you are not very pariotic” lmao. I’m guessing a debate with you on such subjects as patrotism would be a waist (misspelled for nan nan) of both our times… but heres another song for ya: http://youtu.be/8AZzl579Jic

      • The best, and TCTH knows it too..what happens to turn someone this way?? I guess that’s one of the reasons we’re here..
        perfect, and just what i was hearing in my head!!!

      • BTW..Pat was definitely a lover, NOT a fighter. I can’t remember him ever showing a negative emotion…simply oozed generosity, laughter, humility and peace 🙂
        And he sure as hell never had to buy women, he loved them and we loved him!!

      • Let’s see how good you are zero. What is it?

        He deludes himself still, he actually thinks this is DPH time. Ohhh how wrong you are, HOW wrong you’ve all been to trust me if you caused pain…Thats right..I PLAYED YOU. All of you.

        Tsk tsk

  9. And i swear on all i have, PATRICK loved this song..heart musician too!! He was famous for making tapes for all his friends, hysterical as well, lol…Too painful to post now, you woulda loved him…everyone does…He’s smiling now..im positive
    Peace baby, peace

  10. I been trying to remember a song called Circle, I thought it was by toad the Wet Sprocket, but i cant find it 😦
    It was one of his favorites, and fits in so perfectly to this blogs theme and intention..
    Help me out peeps..
    And thank you all

    • Funny how no one bitches about the other places where dorothy and Fluke post their crap… it’s fine for dorothy’s lies to be left up on Facebook pages etc… but I’m playing a game… lmfao… 1996, you are in my world, this is my blog, and you are correct, it’s all about games and those who play them. Funny how you use a proxy IP to comment here… I wonder what people have said about this IP?

      • Let the feds wonder..Im very persistent..
        Zero, you did soo GOOD, what more can i say but Thank you…Now its time to end this shit…Yes.

    • Break in attempts to admin area of a few websites – 2013-01-07
      Being used for Hack Attempts at PTC sites – 2013-05-26
      This Tor node may be a spy.. – 2013-06-09
      This is a TOR Exit Node – 2013-07-18
      This is a troll attract node. – 2013-07-19
      Something fishy about this node. check.torproject.org said it wasn’t a tor node. – 2013-10-13
      Being used to launch bandwidth consumption attack. – 2013-10-27
      breakin to github – 2013-11-19
      This is from Mars. – 2014-02-11
      this ip is from tor server. – 2014-02-16
      This IP is from Mars Tor Server. – 2014-03-21

      • I really like that someone called it Fishy…lol. did you want to play 1996? some of you go through alot of trouble to not be known… why don’t you just not comment? Then no one will question you or wonder who you are. Yes… “end the games.. my ass” I exposed them, only those playing them can truely end them. I could take a guess at who you are, because this sounds like an email i recieved recently… I said it before and I’ll keep saying it, using proxy IP’s not willing to talk on Facebook or tell me who you are only makes me question you, and that goes for anyone who still wants to comment and send me emails but not come clean with who you are and why you. damn, I’m tired of repeating myself… aren’t any of you tired of me repeating myself…

      • I’m only guessing, and I could be wrong, but this is probably the same person who wrote as Michaell connecting Hmmm… to candyce. Again i could be wrong but it goes along with the email they last sent me. Probably not Joey, but i can’t believe it’s just a reader, like they wanted me to believe… I just love how I keep getting blamed for the games continuing… I have really gotten under some skins…

      • although it could be Joey… or nancy or dorothy or NERD or any of those who hide in proxy IPs still. Again, I have someone else in mind… but who knows? who cares?

      • nothing to fear now. Its ALL gonna be in the FEDS hands now…anyone want to come?? Im keepin my word…Till its over..

      • but this is probably the same person who wrote as Michaell connecting Hmmm… to candyce.
        They certainly have IDENTICAL complaints..so why stay?? why read, and comment, email and hide behind a proxy?? lotta work for someone who couldn’t care less.. yeah…

        How come i had no problem, once i trusted you, to out myself?? Not only to you…met massapequa and others off blog to identify me, Fla, shit even post shit under my real full name? What up gamer? Go solve the crime, cause you’re putting an awful amount of effort in a place you claim to have no respect for

    • Your jokes will come to a crashing end soon, you’ve ensnared yourself in a TRAP, that cant be reversed, and CAN BE PROVEN.


    • I love that some of you want to complain about my blogs, I’m just someone who reads what he reads and then calls people out on what they write, if my blog wasn’t here these people would still be writing their stuff… why not complain about how dorothy is allowed to keep posting lies about people in sites that are actually connected to the case: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Praying-for-Shannan-Maria-Gilbert/168485149857128?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser I see in dorothy’s newest comments (which get this Jen has writen me asking me not to repost comments Dorothy leaves other places, and get the reason why: “Once you repost them they disapere and I can’t get them to use in court when she says things about me” I’m paraphrasing because this comes from Websleuth where she constantly tells me I can’t use anything she writes me there, well I just did, anyways the whole thing is ludacris, because I know first hand that jen has all these sites on constant watch, she get’s messages when commenst are made etc. so she sees these comments long before I do, it takes me days to see them because i do not look up all these sites daily, and besides if i have copied them and put them up here Jen could just get them here, plus jen once told me I was wrong and Dorothy dosen’t delete them just blocks me from seeing them, because she (jen) can see them all still. so this is just more confusion jen is throwing at me, in fact she had quite a bit of confusion to throw at me lately, people messing with her TV, stuff being stollen,and something about her car being crashed into… I can’t get into it I guess because she wrote it to me on websleauth and she writes again and again how I can’t repeat anything she tells me there, which really means nothing to me, makes me want to go through her emails that did not come from websleuth and…) I hate when I spend so much time in parentheses but jens latest unbelieveble stuff she has writen me reminds me of a story M7 told me about MM7’s cat and how she believed her “stalker” killed it to get at her. I know I’m gonna get in trouble for writing all this but I want to make a couple points here, one I can write about anything i want, just because some of you tell me things and then say “Don’t put thta in your blog” does not mean you can sue me if i do, once you tell it to me or write it in public form or in emails, I can do what I want with it, and if i feel it needs to be brought up, you all see that i do, so stop bitchen at me! Next thing is that I wanted to show here that some of these people involved are very paranoid and think every time something happens, it must be the LISK… I mean if i told you what Jen said popped on her TV screen… hell we know i will eventually, but Jen I’d rather you came clean and do it, I mean you keep saying you are working with a lawyewr now (damn she is gonna hate me) make your lawyer do something about it, the nmedia would love to know about the things you wrote me the other day, LE too. If it’s real that is.
      So back to Dorothy… I notice she is now using the phrase Killing Club: “Oak Beach criminals. Killing Club. They carefully selected their “prey”: young vulnerable women, escorts, prostitutes and some single mothers like Molly Jean Dilts from Pennsylvania (one of the NJ / Egg Harbor Township victims).”
      she also brought us up Linda, lol: “HUGE campaign of DISinformation against the Scalise family, Cristin Kennedy Borders, Nancy Evans Figat and me by two men calling themselves “linda” and “zero”,
      who believe were “ps149″ on the former LISK blog started by Adam Steinhauser who runs a Web site design co in Huntington Station (Suffolk County).”
      damn… so much to say to that, lol! First off no campaign of disinformation against any of these people mentioned… just point out everytiume they decide to confuse the real facts… that’s what i have done right? and I do not think you are all PS149, that’s how you guys work… Mike, CPH, Chris… shall I go on with how many people have been accused of being people they are not? I don’t know who PS149 on LISK.com was, but they also put each of you on blast when you put out misinformation or out right lies, PS149 mainly called out Joey and Cristin, so why would I think they were one of you… All of you let this blogger from Vegas be come so important in what my thoughts are on each of you… lmafao… trans-fucking-parent, all of you!

      • by the way, i started to bring up “Killing Club” now being thrown around by Joey and Dorothy… yes, blame the guy from Vegas…lol. If any of you want to do something, do it. Again go read all that Dorothy has put up on Shannan’s memorial page lately… with out me, the only thing different about it is the name zero wouldn’t be in it. But i can take the heat, sue me, report me to LE, blame the guy who is reading all the crap ALL of you have been a part of one way or another!

      • yes, her latest crap she sent me has pushed me over the edge, and now this bitcher wants to use multiple sceen names to tell me who muchy my blog sucks… wel, it’s about to get worse…

      • and when i say she… it goes for all the ladies who have recently been up my ass with “you can’t post what i tell you”….I would stpp telling me things, because if you all want me to be the bad guy, you know I don’t mind delevering….

      • DPH is so misinformed. literally no clue as too how many people have been calling joe out for years. STUUUPID DUMB

      • We are either an ‘insignificant handful of commenters’…OR HUGE misinformers..
        LMFAO…Stick to at least one incoherent belief at at time…

        Fla must LOVE that this freak still mentions and defends her, after she was publicly spanked for doing so by Fla..She wants nothing to DO with DPH, especially after putting Fla’s career on blast.See thats what you call DAMAGES..stalker or what??

        Yet still, no facts or info on LISK or KILLING club ect…and you’ll never see um

      • I can’t remember all the shit ive been called, by DPH alone…am I chris W, who is LISK, am I cpH again?? Mike F?? mike D?? who the fuck gives a shit..
        Mental fuckin case

      • yes, and dorothy is still doing it… she stopped putting it in here because she got to much back… again something 1996/2000 dosen’t see. They put stuff here for a while, but they are called out and they eventually leave… but regardless of my blog there are other places that they do not get called out and dorothy will continue to post her crap there. And believe it or not, there are people out there who still listen to the likes of Flukeyou. So no matter what I move on to… I will always have room in my world for these messed up people who have had their part in this.

      • I will always have room in my world for these messed up people who have had their part in this.
        SAY THANK YOU B’S!!

  11. “Who knows. Who cares?” Surely the feds couldn’t care less. So feds hands.. Tell it to the feds.. Karma? Fuck the feds lol. What’s the purpose of this zero dinh? To lure people into joining yet another platform for pathetic games and then collect IPs to later expose everyone? Counter-Trolling? What or who are you doing it for, taking on flukeyou and the rest of those delusional idiots? And yea lol, I’m in “your world, your blog”, your little arena and no I’m not really a “player” myself. Just don’t really see any difference between any of you all. So excuse me for having interrupted your little quest, just going to sit back and enjoy how Joey in yet another place gets to have people follow his ass around on the internet and giving him space to spread his delusions and get attention that he probably gets off on. Too bad you started all of this just a little too late, maybe you would have been on some pages in Lost Girls as well zero dinh, just like Joey.. A little moment of fame. Who knows, Lost Girls II.

    • again, read my blogs in whole before you judge what I have done or wrote about… the reason i got in so late, is because i wrote from when I discovered these things… if you don’t get my blog, that’s fine, it’s very complicated, but it is not me who continues to make it about people from LISK.com you all are my readers, and I must keep the readers happy. Again, how come no one complaines about the Facebook memorials wher Dorothy puts down every name she can think of… and yet you all hide behind proxy IPs… just don’t read here if you don’t like it, I promise, i have all sorts of other things to blog about other than people who swear they don’t want to be involved in games, but…

      • and please people, don’t think i don’t get that some of these new comments are because i have reached out to some of you at websleuth… how can you even think about complaining about my blog, but are part of the websleuth group that writes their opinions on the internet. Again websleuths over all is a good site… but please, some of the game players are right there so don’t blame me, for all your continued medling!

      • Angry at what? Dont go to feds..?? Then sit and do nothing?? Solve the case yourself, just do it already. Nothing is ever good enough anyway. Yes, please solve the case, ALL OF YOU

    • by the way, everyone claims not to be a “player”. Cristin, Nancy, Dorothy, Jen, Joey, Sussie, Candyce. None of them think they are players in what i call a “game” but to this outsider they all looked like it, and now it seems most believe all these peope have played games in all this… so, forgive me if i don’t take your word… first you come on with the name Micheall but tell me that is not your name and you only were part of the chat, you use proxy IPs to hide where you are commenting from… you change your screen name a few times… yes not a player at all…hmmm…

    • 1996, 2000, micheall, who ever you are… the IPs you use have others upset about the games this IP plays…
      Well come to freedom island – 2012-09-13
      works good – 2012-10-07
      awesome – 2013-07-07
      Hacker – 2013-07-08
      I’ve been hacked and can’t get rid of these hackers they have taken over 2 computers – 2013-12-14
      Thank you… I’ve been hacked and these people are smart.. I have many different IP hacking into web site, blog sites, etc:. They have compromised 2 computers and I am having a hard time getting rid of them. – 2013-12-14
      hacker – 2014-03-01

      • lol… hackers and call spoofs… not to mention Jen says someone put an image on her TV screen that was very disturbing… and yet it’s the guy from vegas still using the same IP, everyone knows right where i work every October, most of you have seen my real facebook and pics of me… I’m a nobody, a zero. The only part of this I’m in, is the part you all put me in, shit, if none of you talked to me or payed any attention, I’d still be posting good stuff on the “red & black” blog and not this crazy rollercoaster of a blog. Blame me! the bad guy! The one who reads the internet and speaks up about it… lmfao… how many times can one person tell so many to “fuck off” and yet more just keep pileing up to be told to fuck off?

    • To lure people into joining

      LURED!!??..you came here, no one sought you out..lol, same old same old…someone forcing you to pay such close attention?? really? What been you’re great contribution?? Yes, i see…this shit is so old.

      Guess not, since you’re here, 1st in a while as well, BUT HERE YOU ARE…musta hit a nerve, big time, yeah…
      . A little moment of fame. Who knows, Lost Girls II.
      feel it? smell it?? now we’re Kolker collaborators, lol…thanks for stoppin by, thanks for the insight and unsolicited advise, cant get enough of that!!…You’ll be stayin, thats for sure, you aint never gonna leave..you love/hate us., dontcha?? yes…you do

      And don’t these IPs tell a story?? nah..all irrelevant, or does it make you nervous?

    • A little moment of fame.

      yeah…and what are you lookin for, with your fishy little comment and run?? wild…..But you’ll be staying..wont you. YOU WILL 🙂
      GO ON NOW, SOLVE THE CASE…leave us nobodys alone…neva gonna happen, you got no where else to go.

    • 1996, 2000, micheall, who ever you are… the IPs you use have others upset about the games this IP plays…

      Yet another long time gamer…exposed by zero.

    • Surely the feds couldn’t care less. So feds hands.. Tell it to the feds
      And yet nO SUGGESTIONS as to what we should be focusing on…YAWN…What would YOU like to discuss, please?? lets see if we can tailor the blog to suit YOUR interest..
      gamers and haters..jealous little fuckers, aint they??

  12. I can’t stop thinking about flukeyou statement about being lonely at the beach. scares the shit out of me. won’t be long til another girl goes missing. hope he slips up. joey,you psycho creep

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