Going For Checkmate (Lost LISK Post)


** The following information and my written request** is NOT to be printed on your blog or anywhere else online, or to be shared with my soon to be ex husband (you know who he is based on the LISK blog), Joseph , “Dr” Charles , Barbara , Tom , Gustav , Michael , Agim , Allen/Alan , Connie, Stephen , Adam or anyone else.

You are correct that this is a highly organized and dangerous crime ring from Long Island to FL. There are those who preyed on and murdered many innocent people, and those who are accessories after the fact and assist these criminals and/or WILLINGLY refuse to report these criminals to Law Enforcement authorities with evidence.

This was my first e-mail from DPH. The last names of all those people were there but I removed them before posting it here.  Some of the names I recognize others I have no idea who they are.

NOTE: Some of you probably know right where this post would have been. Catching LISK was down but Cristin was still making posts about things on her Facebook page and had made a post comparing her moves in all this to that of a chess game… and I hinted at going for “check mate”. My problem was, no body wants me to put their emails up, and I get that, but some of these emails need to be known. Plus there was the name thing… Dorothy, Joey and others had no problem putting people’s real names out there in everything they wrote… even though I know who most of these names are now, i didn’t know who most of them were back then and I was not trying to help with the game. So instead of finishing this post where I planned to put quite a bit of emails up… I ended the blog… and it was down for a while… but that didn’t stop anything… I got emails, people still got put up in rants by Dorothy on Facebook, and more importantly, people were still contacting behind the scenes and coming up with more outrageous connections to throw into the “game” (like the whole Figat thing). So I eventually started up the blog again, where I got in touch with a lot more insiders and realized yes, these people were playing games and no one was listening anymore, and I ended the blog once and for all. But now it continues here, in a way that is getting me seen in a bad light by some… and that ain’t ever gonna change. But I say again, this blog is not about LISK, that blog is done, but it was my blog and therefore will be discussed here when I feel it needs to be. Especially when others still contact me or comment here. There are other things I want to blog about here, but that’s not how the readers want it, you keep pushing to the front of my world. As with the LISK Blog, I can’t even finish a post without having to do 5 other posts first due to emails and comments… in fact for 2 weeks now there has been a post  titled: Anonymous Vs. The Illuminati, which among other things deals with missing flight MH370,  sitting in my edit page. But I have not got back to it.  Will I? Now that so many want to blame me for the crap they were part of… well who know’s what I’ll blog about next.

30 thoughts on “Going For Checkmate (Lost LISK Post)

  1. Are you fucking kidding me??? So I get another message from jen… and i guess because she sends them through websleauth I can’t repeat them… well let’s test that theory. She keeps writing things i just don’t know how to take… she told me her cable was hacked and a disturbing image was on her TV screne??? Why tell me of all people this, I hope you went to LE about this Jen, because that is severyly scary stuff you are saying, and you have writen all sorts of cryptic scary stuff, so saying this is the most outrageous and disturbing, that you know I can’t sit on it. Also I want to cover what you have writen to me many times in emails and private messages:

    And again I ask, as 5 other “readers” I’m in contact with(2 of whom are posters) have raised the same question, why am I the only one you’ve chosen to NOT call? You have posted the name of each person you called on the phone & wondering minds question “why not Jen”? That is quite telling of your motive, “Zero”.

    so my not calling you on the phone makes me suspicious, lmao… she writes this to me all the time, so butt hurt that I won’t call her… says 5 readers of mine wonder “why not jen”. You talk about spoof calls all the time, and people all tell me you will never let me off the phone or stop calling me… so yes i chose not to… you are a little scary jen, i ain’t gonna lie. Come out from the cloak and dagger, because your latest claims have put me in a weird place with you…

    • I have never wondered that. TCTH??..It is my belief Zero does not want to involve himself in EXTREMELY lengthy, convoluted calls or relationships? Although i can not, to this day, see ANY evil intent by you, you need to be CLEAR and precise. it should not take months and months to get to the point with any of his readers?

      THERE is and NEVER has been, an agenda. BE CLEAR AND TO THE POINT.

      • I ain’t complaining, just given the bitchen back at the bitchers… I stand by all I have writen, and I have nothing but respect for both you, Too Close and Linda. Others I have spoken with off blog also , highest amount of respect. And I appreciate the kind words from those who speak them. I did what i did because that’s where my search for truth and understanding led me. Beside’s zero’s world ain’t that bad and someday i’m sure i’ll return to the Prophet Blog… again, i have no complaints… well… some… lol… but never to you or Linda

  2. Can anyone understand why ‘this guy from Vegas’ continues? we wont let him go!! how much more time and effort should he continue to give, particularly as you all steadily try to demonize him..??!! Show a little gratitude and use some common sense!
    For some of us, he gave us a fucking voice, and im personaly not gonna stand by while he and his family have OTHER SHIT TO DO, and we take up so much of his damn time and creativity!

  3. Heres DOROTHY PRICE HILLS newest delusion:

    The SOBs in Oak Beach reading this — Zero, “linda”. Hackett. Pak. Brewer. Canning son. Max. Doherty (psychopath extraordinaire). Joseph. “W” and your other evil friends.

    Do NOT try to interfere with the wheels of justice. Warning.
    You screwed with Shannan and with me as well as others.

    Well, you have never KNOWN true female power. Shannan was very brave to RUN FROM YOU MONSTERS and now we will attain justice for her, and all the other innocent women.

    Me and you come from oak beach z!! And MD is in with us too…Guy seemed cool and friendly to me 🙂 is she obsessed with me or what??, does’t she know she can never be me ?? ever? 🙂

    ohh my Dopey lyin bottom feeder, may this result in you being institutionalized, and the loss of your children..CpS MUST BE CALLED. THEY WILL BE.

    Best part is , Mari did a backround check on me, but has no problem letting this PSYCHO post this shit, quite confusing to say the LEAST, the very least.. LOVE IT..

    Ohhh baby

  4. Either way i believe Shannon is watching, and will reign KARMA against ALL who have convoluted and perverted this case..
    YEP. KARMA.The victims know the truth and will haunt you.

    • well if so, you would be one of the 2 who comment… lol. But I’ll answer Jen and the 5 again… I haven’t called Joey, Dorothy, or Jen, though i have all their numbers. I called Linda who i trust. I called Mysterymom7 because she asked me to and I felt we needed to talk to understand each other beter, and I think those phone calls did help, just as the ones to Mandomus7 helped. Again she asked me to call her and I did. Joey did not give me his number and the number I have may not be his anymore for all i know, he also did not aske me to call him, so, of course i have not. and doubt i would. when people bring up spoof phone calls, Joey comes up… and I am not trying to get involved in spoof phone calls. Dorothy puts her phone number out there everywhere and it has also been given to me, but she has asked me to call her (actulaly she might of before, I can’t remember… but I can see no point in a phone call between me and Dorothy… I have explained my phone call to nancy, (who is now commenting on my Zeros’ World Facebook again saying i am Flukeyou, lmao) But why not Jen? who has given me her number a few times and asked me to call her a few more times than any one else? Well the person who talks of spoof phone calls the most is Jen, and again, i don’t want to be in any spoof phone calls, but also people have said she is quite the phone person, I am not. I do not wnat to get into a bunch of long phone calls. but more than all that, as i have said before, i don’t get you jen… you are very cloak and dagger all the time… things you say do not add up… and other things are top secret that you tell to everyone… i have thought about calling you Jen… I’d like to… but so far i haven’t and if that makes me suspicious, so be it. Let me leave you with something else… I started getting these weird phone calls all the time now…. I don’t answer them, they come from werid numbers… and they don’t leave messages… I even think my phone was hacked at some point… I’m learning, that isn’t that hard to do. So I actually ain’t looking to make any phone calls soon, in fact… that old phone that I used to contact everyone… well I got rid of it.

    • so dorothy has been on a rant for the last couple days on Facebook… both on my zero’s world page and the SMG page… but she just added you native to her list: LINative and LIsteve should be next to sing to the Feds. All your buddies crumbling. Blood oaths not worth their weight in Federal crmiminal arrest warrant paper.

  5. TCTH…Ive been here for ya..im in deep now, which is waaayyy fine..let’s end THIS chapter together, shall we ? ❤

  6. lets do this..for ALL the victims, zero and family, and anyone else that’s been devastated by the ensuing games..In the end friends, what more can we do?? THINK..We will save our own, and pray for the best concerning this case…we can’t do more, considering the games allowed by some of the victims own families (SOME, not all), if we don’t admit this, we are also liars to some degree…WE have NOTHING to hide.

    We will do the BEST we can, in our power, and leave the GAMES to the GAMERS..ALL THE GAMERS…and the case to the Feds

    promising ANYTHING else makes us JOE, DOROTHY, and well…ect.


  7. thank you linda. it is very appreciated 🙂

    I am actually speechless that shannans family allows DPH and her rantings on that page. so I am going to assume here that they believe the bs (cmon now) all of it. all of dotties fabrications, nancy’s delusions, cristins paranoia, and joeys flukes. that’s fucked up. just wow.

  8. Dorothy price Hill now contacting my friends…no too smart. screenshot taken, and off to the cops..DOPE

    • I can only assume that in their grief, they are susceptible to so many fuckin idiots…Been thinking about it for days, and all i can say is JS is pure evil..

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